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Thinking Aloud in Church.
| Under
head we will be pleased to give
li to rial reviews of all
all books
ana tracts of inter*
----- --------
est that may be sent to this office.]
One of our churches has a some­
what eccentric parishioner, who
often affords the congregation much
amusement. He lias a habit of ex­
pressing his thoughts aloud w’hen
very much in earnest, never mind
where he may be. His entire
unconsciousness of having thought
aloud is irresistibly funny. Last
Sunday a late comer at church—a
young lady with voluminous skirts
—sought to pass him to get a seat.
As she did so she carried the gen­
tleman’s hat, which was on the
floor, some distance. It happened
during a pause in the service, when
there came, slowly and distinctly,
and with an earnestness worthy of
the preacher, that unconscious ejac­
ulation : “ Now—where—in—the
girl—taking—^my—hat ?” — From
a Newport letter.
S oo K ish C haracteristics , by Paxton
Hood.—He must be a bold man who
will undertake to portray the character­
istics of a Scotchman. He has gener­
ally been found too hard a case, one who
could always hold his own against all
comers, and finally turn the laugh upon
his critics. If, however, the work is to
be done at all, there is not a man in
Great Britain, who is so well fitted for
the task as Paxton Hood. No man
knows them better.
He was near
enough to them to Know them intimate­
ly ; he was far enough away to be able
to take in tlieir „grand proportions of
character. His wit, humor, sarcasm,
which abound in all his writings, are
apparently couoentrated in this. Some
of the anecdotes we have seen before,
but Mr. Hood tAlls them in such a
quaint way that we find a new interest
in them. The old as well as the young
will be amused and greatly edified.
Published in Funk & Wagnall’s “ Stan­
dard Library.” Price, 25 cents.
“ Calling the Cows,” (40 cts.) Mme.
NilssotTs'Kongr;---- ----
----- —
1 11*1
"Kulla ! kulla ! kulla ! kulla !
...Gome home ; tis time for milking !”
This little Swedish song is one of the
c'larming encore pieces that are most
pleasing to lovers of the singing of the
Swedish cantatrice. It is simple and
very pretty.- “ Kathleen Aroon,” (35
cts.-) by Miller Neuhoff, is a new musi­
cal version of a favorite Irish ballad.
“ Blackberries and Kisses,” (40 cts.)
by Hatton, carries one directly to the
berry fluids — in pleasant company.
“Sultana Contradanza,” (30 cts.) by
C. E. Pratt. “ Little Flirt Polka,” (30
cts.) by G. Darwin. Two agreeable
piano, pieces. “Shall I wed thee?”
(35 cts.) Words by Bayard Taylor, and
mnsjc by Neuhofl' cannot fail to please,
as words and music are good. “Dia­
mond cut Diamond,” (30 cts.) is a play­
ful and pretty English song by Caldicot.
The above seven pieces are just pub­
lished by Oliver Ditson A Co., Boston.
Those who wish to make their acqnain
tance have only to send the number of
cents above mentioned, and they «’ill
icct ive copies by retifrn mail.
Below we give a partial list of the books we
propose to furnish our readers at publishers rer
tail prices. We would just say in brief that we
are preparod to furnish most anything in the
book line, and will be pleased to receive orders
for same. We will add to this list as our time
and space will allow.
Absolutely Pure«
This powder never varied A maTvct purity,
(strength and wliolesomeness, More econonii
cal than the ordinary kinds, and Can not l<e sold
in competition withdhe multitude of low test,
(short w< ight, alum or phosphate powder-.
Soldimly in cons. R oyal B aking Fownn< <>.,
106 Wall Ht., New York.
Throat. Bronchial’ and Lung Diseases
a specialty. Send two stamps for large EARS FOR THE MILLION.
Foo C hoo'■ Balsaui of k’s Oil
treatise giving self treatment. Address
——------ ■ ----- X»
World’s Dispensary Mescal Associa­ Positively Restores the Hearing, and is the
Only Absolute Cure ’for Deafness Known.
tion, Buffalo, N. Y.
- .
This Oil is abstracted from pecnliv species o
small White Shark, caught in tho Yellow Sea,
known as Carcharodon Rondcletii. Every
Chinese fisherman knows it. Its virtues as a
restorative of hearing were discovered by a
Buddhist Priest about tho year 1410. ' Its cures
were so numerous and many so seemingly mir­
aculous, that the remedy was officially pro­
claimed ovor the entire Empire. Its use be­
came so universal that for over 300 jeais no
Deafness has existed amoi g tho Chinese people.
Sent, charges prepaid, to any address at $1.00
per bottle.
Some of the greatest sacrifices
have been made, not by heroes and
martyrs who live above the centu­
ries in immortal fame, but by name-«
less and forgotten women and chil­
dren, who have borne the heaviest
Ikar Wliat the Deaf Sayl
cross with,silent lips and ungrudg­
ing soul, never dreaming that there
It has performed a miracle in my case.
I have no unearthly noisos in my head
was anything very sublime in their ■hear
nnch better.
I have been greatly benefited..
endurance.— Rev. Frank Walters.
.My deafness helped a great deal—think an*
other bottle will cure me.
My hearingis much Ixjneflted.
Advice To Mothers.
I have received untold benefit.
My hearing is improving.
Mus W inslow ’ s S oothing S ybup should al­
It is giving good satisfaction.
ways be used when children are cutting teeth.
Have been greatly benefited, and am rejoiced
It relieves the little sufferer at once : it pro­ that I saw the notice of it.
duces natural, quiet sleep by relieving the
child from pain, and the little cherub awakes
“ Its virtues are unquestionable and its
as •■ bright as a button. ’ It is very pleasant curative
character absolute, as the writer can
to taste. it soothes the child, softens the personally
both from experience and
gums, allays pain, relieves wind regulates the observation. testify,
Write at once to Hay lock & Jeu-
bowels, aud is the best known remedy for ney, 7 Dey Street,
New York, enclosing 91.00,
diarrhma, whether arising from teething or anil you will receive
by return a remedy that
other causes. Twenty-five cts. a bottle. 13-20-ly will
enable you to hear like anybody else, and
whose curative effects will be jiermanent. You
never regret doing so.”—Editor of Afcrcan—
le Review.
cr-To avoid loss in the mails, please send
G athered L ambs .—By liev. Edward
money by Registered letter.
Only iinported by 11AYLOCK A JENNEY,
Paysen Hammond, showing how Jesus
7 D< y St., A. V.
— :u: —
Holo Agents for America.
18-4-1 y
the “Good Shepherd,” laid down hia
life for us, and how many little lambs rI11HS COLLEGE IS DEVOTED EXCLU-
1 sively to the preparation of young men lor
have been gathered into his fold. Thia usefulness
in the Church. It is not necessary
vol time is affectionately dedicated by that those who would attend it become preach­
ers, though moat of its students do enter the
the author to the children in this ministry.
It is required of those who would enter that
conntry and Great Britain, with the
they be sixteen years of ago, professors of re­
prayer that it may be the means of ligion, and havo at least a fair English educa­
tion. The College is conducted in close con­
gathering many stray lambs into the nection
with Kentucky University, and to all
fold of Christ. Funk & Wagnalls, 10 the classes of the latter our students have
access free of charge. In the College of the
and 12 Dey Street, New York. *
Bible tuition is free, thore are no fees, except
one of $5 for the janitor, coal, etc.
Lord Byron In reference to a beauti-
Good board add lodging can lie had in pri-
fnl lady, wrote to a friend— ‘ Lady----- vato families at from $3 to $5 per week. Those
has been dangerously ill, but now she is who board in the College dormity pay HO per
for their room and from $1.50 to $1.75 per
d mgerously well again.” American year
week for board. They must furMisli their own
belles, when attacked by any of the ills rooms and provide their own lights, washing, Showing Railroads, Counties, Etc.
that flesh is heir to, may be kept killing, fuel, etc. To these the whole exi*ense need not
Selling rapidly.
and avoid being killed by taking Dr. R. exceed $125 per annum.
Those seeking a good education at little cost,
V. Pierce’s “ Fave rite Prescription,” and
specially those preparing for the ministry,
which banishes feminine* weaknesses, would do well to apply tor Catalogue and
and restores the bloom of health. By further informatiorf to
M onmouth , O r ., A gent .
all druggists.
R. GRAHAM, President.
1. Family Bibles, different styles, sizes,
with prices from $2.25 to $18.
2. Pulpit Bibles from $6 to $10.
3. Oxford Bunday School Teachers’ Bibles
from $1.50 to $19.
4; Revised New Testament, Compared Edi­
tion, $1.22 to $750.
5. Revised New Testament alone $1.80 and
15 cents.
McGarvey’s Commentary on the Acts of the
A]>o»tlos, $1.50.
Commentary on Matthew and Mark, by J. W.
McGarvey, $2.
Commentary on Luke, by J. 8. Lamar, $2.
Commentary on Hebrews, by R. Milligan, $2.
Commentary on Paul’s Letter to the Ho­
mans, by M. h. Lard, $3.
Analysis of the Four Gospels and Acta ; with
Leading Queries and Illustrations, for tho use
of Sunday Schools,.Families, etc., by R. Mili-
I iy
lliWWi and Revelation, by R. Milligan, $2.
The Schemo of Redemption, by R. Milligan,
Conybcare and Howsou’s Ene And Epistles of
the Acrostic Paul, $1.50.
The New Biblical Atlas and Scripture Gazet­
teer, $1.25.
Lands of the Bible, by J. W. McGarvey, $3.
Nevin's Biblical Antiquities, $1.50.
Nicholl’s Introduction to the Study of the
Scriptures, $1.25.
Schaff’s Bible Dictionary. $2.50.
Freeman’s Hand Book of Bible Manners and
Customs, $2.25.
Whitney’s Hand Book of Bible Geography,
Barrnw’s < 'ominmion ta the Bible, $l.G0.
Rawlinson's Historical Illustrations of the
Old Testament. $1.
Walks about Jerusalem, by Isaac Errett, $1.
Talks to Bureaus, by Isaac Errett. $1.
letters to a Young Christian, by Isaac Er­
rett, 35 cents.
Thé Heavenward Way, by J. H. Garrison,
35 eents.
Genuineness and Authenticity of the Gospels,
by B. A. Hinsdale, $1.25.
Smith’s Unabridged Bible Dictionary. Ameri­
can Edition. Revised and edited by H. B.
Hackett. D. D., assisted by Ezra Abbott, L.L.D.
In fo ir volumes'. Price in Cloth, per set, $20.
Price in Sheep, the set, $25.
Smith’s Bible Dictionary, $1 50.
Barnes’ Notas on the New Testament. $150
per volume. The volumes sold separately.
On the Four Gosjiels, 2 vols. On the Acte of
the ApoHtles. On the Epistle to the Romans.
On tho First Epistle to the Corinthians. On
the Second Epistle to tho Corinthians, and the
Epistle to the Galatians. On the Epistle to the
Ephesians, the Colossians, and the Philippian*.
On the Epistle to the Thessalonians, Timothy,
Titas ana Philemon. On the Epistle to the
Hebrews. On the General Epistle of James,
Peter, John and Jude. On the Revelation.
Barnes’ Notes bn the Psalms. In Three
volumes. Cloth, per vol , $1.50.
Barnes’ Notes on the Book'rff Daniel, $1.50.
Barnes’ Notes on the Book of Prophet Isaiah.
2 vols. Cloth, per vol., $1.50.
Barnes’ Notes on the Book of Job. 2 vol*.
Cloth, per vol.. $1.50.
Outlines of Ch uroh History, Uy Rev. John F.
Hurst, D. D., 50 cents.
A Short History of the English Bible, by
Rev James M. Freeman, 1). D., 50 cents.-
Chronology of Bible History, and How to
Remember It, by llev. C. Munger. 50 eents
Cruden’s Complete Concordance to Uie Italy
Scriptures, $1.50.
Cruden’s Concordance Abridged, 75 cents.
Brown's Pocket Concordance, 50 cents.
The Lifo and Words of Christ, by Cunning*
ham Gcikie, D. D., $1.50.
The Life of our Lord upon the Earth, by
Samuel J. Andrews, $2.50.
The Sunday School Helper, by J. II. Hardin,
50 cents.
Kinship to Christ, by J. Z. Tyler, $1.50.
The Standard Manual, for Sunday-school
workers, by F. M. Green, 75 cents.
Heroes and Holidays, edited by Rev. W. F.
Crafts, $1.25.
Story of an Earnest Life, by Mrs. Eliza
Davies, $2.
On Uie Rock, by J). R. Dungan, $1.50.
A Trip Around the World, oy Timothy Coop
and Henry Exley, $1.50.
Around the World, Tour of Christian Mis­
sions, by W. F. Bainbridge, $2.
The Christian Manual, for the use of Church**»
Officers, in die various relations of Evangelista,
Pastors, Bishops aud Deacons, by F. M. Green,
Address all orders to C hristian II kbald ,
Monmouth, Oregou.
They are never alone that are ac­
companied with noble thougl ts.-V
Ph ilip Sydney,