Christian herald. (Portland ;) 1882-18??, August 17, 1883, Page 16, Image 16

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offer $35 per month for 100 men.
Large droves of beef cattle are com­
ing to the Sound over the Snoqualmie
According to the figures of the Coun­
ty Assessor, the population of Columbia
county is 5,399.
R. N. McLane, a citizen of Walla
has fallen heir, a report sajs, of
A contract for a $26,360 school-house
work, and'by 4^o’olock had completely
finished the quilts. All pronounce the
quilting a success in every respect, and
heartily endorse these social gatherings
as greatly beneficial, being a day pleas­
antly and profitably spent.
The Tribune's Duluth special sayis:
McGinnis, an explorer, who has just re­
turned from Alaska County, reports
that small-pox is making terrible work
among the Indians of that county. He
relates fearful stories of the suffering
and privationw that they are enduring,
as they are without medical aid and the
terrible disease bus fnli sway. In two
small towns eighty-five deaths are re­
Smoky as ever.
The yield of wheat is good.
Harvest is progressing finely.
Several mornings of this week have
been quite damp and foggy.
Prof, J, M, Pnwdl^ miulftthfl Hmi.p.
office a call on last Saturday.
Two prisoners escaped from the jail at will be enough, though.
props' about' Pendleton are reported
Mr. Hugh Chrisman, of The Dalles, Pendleton. >
Farmers Mercantile Association of
simple immense, many fields arc Monmouth are receiving a very fine
paid us a oall on Wednesday.
The disease known as pink-eye has
assortment of goods complete in every
Mrs. Dr. J. C. Byrd, of Salem, has made its appearance among the horses turning out five, ten, and even fifteen department
the spring trade. Dress
bushels an acre more than had been ex­ Goods and for
at Centerville.
been spending the week in town. _
Trimmings of the latest
The new Episcopal church at Tacoma pected.
styles, Mens and Boys Clothing, a
Miss Ora Parmer, of Salem, spent a
splendid assortment of Boots and Shoes,__
few days in Monmouth last week.
organ can bè”put în”pTaôè by thaï tiœüT TTioPurT vlaTWest Gallatin is being agi­ TTats and Caps, Fancy and Staple Goods,
Two good sermons were preached by
Groceries, Crockery, Glass-ware, Tin­
The citizens of Seattle aro -making tated among the citizens-of Bozeman.
ware, Ac., Ac. Remember you can
Bro. W. E. Richardson on last Sunday.
Fourteen hundred head of cattle, save money by dealing with thia eatab-
preparations to celebrate the “last
Mr. John Hale and wife, of Amity, spike.”
destined for a range on the Yellowstone ment.
made Monmouth a visit on last Monday.
More than five miles of new and near Billings, were driven through
__ Grandpa Haley has been quite sick heavy grading ja.going on now in open- -Boaeman lae»-week hy-J.3. Walk.--------
Tor past few days, but is now some ing various streets for Seattle.
Ainsworth is about the liveliest town
M. H. Abbott, one of the best-known in Washington Territory just now. It THE SALEM FLOURING MILLS *
Company having bought the Farmers’ .
Bro. H. M. Waller will preach next journalists in this State has purchased is filled up with bridge builders, who
will probably be there the balance of Warehouse at Independence, will receive N
Sunday at 11 o’clock and also in the the Grant county Netos.
Wheat in Btore on usual terms, subject
The next annual meeting of the East­ the year. Three piers of the bridge are to order, and pay the highest market
<- evening.
Bro. J. L. Riggs and family, of ern Oregon Fine Stock Association will done, and two more are being rapidly price at any time the storer may wish to
worked up. All the iron is now on the sell. Sacks furnished free of charge to
Ballston, spent Satarday and Sunday in be held on the 3d of September.
ready to be pnt in plaoe.
__.... move the Wheat to the Warehouse.
this place.
For further’ particulars inquire of fhe .
progressing rapidly, and trains ore run­
A pioneer association for Washington Agent at Independence,
Mary and Morris Hughes, of Dallas,
ning to Little Rattlesnake, a distance of Territory will soon be ushered into bo-
W. P. CONN A WAY, A gent .
are in town, visiting their cousins—
fifty miles east of Boise City.
ing. Old time Olympians are taking
little Foulkes’s.
steps towards its organization.__
A large quantity of wild oat hay from initial
Alias Agnus Catlin, of Freeport, W. North. YamhüJ..uWas shipped this wvek —The Northern Paetfie last- week com
T. ’» , was “Tn town last week visiting from Portland to Westport. It is menced shipping Montana cattle from
friends and relatives.
valued at $22 per ton.
Miles City to Chicago. The first ship­
Mrs. Sargant, cf Eastern Washington,
Having bought the
Spokane Falls is to have an $8,000 ment consisted of fifty six car loads.
in company with Mrs. Johnson, of college.
The State University begins Septem­
McMinnville, made Monmouth a short
Washington Territory has 293 post­ ber 17th.
visit on Tuesday.
There are 212 prisoners in the State
It costs $9 60 to send a 100 pound
Mr. Henry ^*Her and wife, of The
Formerly owned by
Dalles, spent the first of the week in package by express from The Dalles to
The farmhouse of T. M. Taylor, who
visiting at his father’«, Bro. Orville Ellensburg.
resides three miles from Pendleton, was
Waller, of this place.
The work of surveying the railroad destroyed by fire recently. Mrs. Con­ REISS BROS. & WHITE AKER,
Miss Allie Tatom left on last Friday line from Billings to Bull mountain has rad and eight children were in the house,
and a little girl four years old was burn­ We are now prepared to furnish
morning for Dallas, where she will join commenced.
to death. A few days before, Mrs.
a company who intend spending a few
Sacks for Storage of Grain.
was lifting a spider lid with a
weeks at Nestucca Bay. The trip will
agency Indians last week from Benton.
fork, when it broke and a piece flying Farmers Warehouse Company.
doubt be a pleasant one.
one of her eyes, destroyed it.
Miss Annie Burnett, of Santa Rosa,
L. D amon , | Trustees.
Cal., who has been visiting several
J. R. RdDES,
weeks in Oregon, spent Saturday in
P. W. H aley ,
A. J. Davis, of the Montana ürm of
W ashington , Aug. 10.—The August
Monmouth. She intends leaving for
Davis, Hauser & Co., sold lately 12,000 cotton returns are less favorable than
I. C lagget , Agent.
her home in California in a few days.
head of cattle for $400,000. They were were at first supposed. •
Independence, Or., July 17,1883.
Mr. Baker, of Little Luckiamnte,
all raised in Montana.
F ort W ayne , Aug. 12.—The tele-
was in town last week. He rented a
The popularity of Henry Ward graphers here are still working, and
house while here, preparatory to mak­
Beecher is attested by the fact that the those in a position to know say the THE COLLEGE OF THE BIBLE,
ing the necessary preparation for bis
sale of reserved seats for his lectures strike will not be oidered. Seventy-
children to attend school the coming
has been the largest of any sale of seats five eastern wires of the Western Union
that has ever been offered in Portland. were cut last night and soveral more
The Oregon State Normal School, at That he will have very large audiences rendered useless by connecting them
his college is devoted exclu -
Monmouth, will open its second session is fully assured.
with a fine wire.
aively to the preparation of young men tor
on Tuesday, September 18th. Hon. J.
u-ofulnetm in the Church. It is not necessary
The old Union academy opens on the
A train of forty coal cars on the New
F. Caples, of Portland, will deliver the 10 of September,‘under the management Jersey- Central Railway was thrown that those who would attend it lm>me preach­
ers, though moat of its students do enter the
opening address at 10 o’clock a . m . An of a corps of teachers to be elected by from the track at Phillipsburg (N. J.) ministry.
It h required of those who would enter that
interesting programme in connection •f the Oregon conference.
on the 12th. Fourteen were wrecked they 1» sixteen yeara of age, professors of re­
with the address will be announced in
The Willamette University begins and tba contents scattered along the ligion, and have at least a fair English educa­
tion. 1 he College is conducted in close con­
due time.
September 3d.
track for a distance of several hundred nection witli Kentucky University, and to all
the classes of the latter our students have
At an early hour on Thursday morn­
The new cells at the prison are near­ yards. Track blocked.
access freo of charge. In the College of the
ing of last week, the ladies of Monmouth ly done. One tier will be ready for use
The Daily Telegraph states “on good lhble tuition is froe, there are no fees, except
of $5 for the janitor, coal, etc.
were seen wending their way towards next week.
authority,” that the anti Gould ruilroad one
Good board and lodging can be had in pri­
the residence of Mrs. R. C. Percival,
A First National bank has been or­ lines running into East St. Louis will vate families at from $3 to $5 per week. Those
who board in the College dormity lay #10 per
where four quilts were in readiness and ganized at The Dalles, with a capital of soon commence the building of a new year
for their room and from $1 M to SI 75 per
waiting to be quilted. The party hav­ $50,000. ‘
bridge Over the Mississippi. It will week lor Iward. They must furnish their own
rooms and provide their own lights, washing,
ing arrived, (thirty-seven in number)
Gen. Sherman will be at Vancouver probably be at Chain of Rocks, just be­ fuel, etc. Io these the whole expense need not
work was immediately begun, and barracks on the 28th.
low the mouth of the Missouri. A new exceed $125 per annum.
Those seeking a good education at little c<iet,
at which they continued until dinner
There are about 500 members of the railroad from St. Louis to Kansas-City and specially those preparing for the ministry,
do well to apply for Catalogue and
was announced. After partaking of an Cowlitz Catholic Mission.
in the interest of the same lines, is also would
further information to
excellent dinner, they again commenced
The Snoqualmie wagon roid company contemplated.
R. GRAHAM, President«