Christian herald. (Portland ;) 1882-18??, August 10, 1883, Page 9, Image 9

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it was resolved to ask thy house of years was rector of St. George’s
bishops to consider the advisability Church at New York,was celebrated
A London religious paper says:
of appointing two missionary bish­ at bis home at Irvington-on-the-
“ There is a colored church in New
ops—one fur Northern Dakota and Hudson July 18. Dr. Tyng has six
York City whose leading members
another for Southern Dakota.
sons, four of whom are or have been
have property valued at $4,000,000.”
ju i n
One ot the lady teachers in the
is this ?
seminary at Northfield, Mass., will
The thirty-second anniversary of
Mr. W. R. Brad laugh the atheist, devote her vacation, to the care of the founding of the organization of
is carrying on a series of evangelis­ twelve little children whom she has the temperance order known aa
tic meetings in England. Some taken from tenements in New York. Good Templars was celebrated in
few weeks since *he commenced his The seminary trustees grant her the Brooklyn, N. Y., July 17. . The
JuUuaau.on.lhe. sc 1i oul g n >i i nda» . -U MMu b w a h ip- o f- this o i der i n— 4he
services in » tent near -Hampstead-
and others provide the necessary State is 30,000, and over 300,000 in
railway station, London.
the world. The ritual of the order
Rev. J. Smith, missionary from
has been translated into twelve dif­
The Rev. George. F. Pentecost ferent languages. Many delegates
India, thinks that the advance of
Western science is doing so much to has succeeded in raising, at New TrbufTKa vanous lodges oT the State
undermine Eastern ignorance and Haven, Conn., $300 for the girls’ were present, who were very hope­
superstition, that the recently-found- school at Northfield, Mass.
ful as to the temperance cause, and
ed Mahometan College at Allegghur,
St. Jwhn’sHome, at Boston, Mass., all advocated a prohibitory platform.
is tending more than anything else
was opened one jear ago as a home
The Salvation Army in Brooklyn
to the overthrow df Mahometanism.
for friendless and destitute children. areagain in trouble. A lady living
The 200ch anniversary of the During the past year the borne has near the ir headquarters- tn Coneord
sixty-eight children. Street was seriously ill. A request
birth of Bartholomew Ziegentalg, sheltered
the first Lutheran foreign mission­ When old enough they are sent tu was made that their services be con-
the _______
public school,
and _____
before and _ducted with less noise; the request
ary, and also the first Protestant
missionary to the heathen, occur-ed .^Uter school houra..AX'e engaged -in was refused, when air appeal" was to
on the 26th ult. Ziegentalg trans­ such tasks as would be given them the court by the residents of the
lated the New Testament intoTamil to do in a wisely conducted home. vicinity, setting forth that the army
The Leipzig Lutheran Society are Proper hours are allowed for recrea services, as then conducted, were a
commemorating the anniversary by tion, and every effort is made to de­ nuisance. The captain was arres­
raising funds for the erection of a velop the inmates toward useful ted, and has been imprisoned pend­
manhood'and womanhood. The ing the payment of a fine of $100.
mission church in Madura, India.
Home is dependent on voluntary In the Eastern District the Salva­
Martin Luther’s own Bible is in subscription.
tionist were conducting a service on
a museum. Ou tho title-page is
the street in so noisy a manner that
European statisticians are gener­
written : “ fr thy word, O Lord, do
the neighbors complained to the
not comfort me, I should perish in ally revising and reducing their es­
policeman of the beat, who ordered
timates of the population of China.
misery. 1542, Mart, Luther, D.”
the Army to move on. This they
The great famine a few years ago
The Soloon-keepers’ Association swept away millions, and there is a refused to do, and were arrested and
of Kansas City, Mo., has decided to good reason for b lieving that the locked up.
conform strictly to the Downing population is nearer 300^000.000
The Howard Orphan Assylum
law, both as regards high license than 400,000,000. Rehm and Wag
for colored children at Brooklyn N.
and closing on Sundays. They, ner reduce their estimate for China
Y., is so crowded that a pew build-
however, determined that if com and Corea from 431500,000 to 370,-
must be erected at once. The Su­
pelled to close on Sunday they will 500,000, making the present total
perintendent, Rev. Mr. Johnson, is
see that the Sunday law is entorced 350,000,000. Dr. Harper, mission*
working and has been working he­
against all other business and work. ary, believes this can be reduced
roically to accomplish this result
The Association comprises about another 50,000,000. Mr. Hippisley,
for the past five years.* Eight thous
three-fourths of the saloon-keepers Acting Commissioner of Customs,
and dollars is now on hand to the
of the city.
thinks 250,000,000 more nearly cor­ credit of the building committee,
rect than 350,000,000. The losses and uround will be broken for the
By the will of Hannah C. Proc­
by the Taeping and Mohammedan new building shortly. During the
ter, of Boston, Mass., each of the
rebellions ami by the famine and' yast year this asylum has sheltered
following Societies receives $500 ;
pestilence which swept the prov­ over one hundred children. These
Massachusetts Home Missionary So
inces ot Chili, Shantung, Shansi, little waifs would, if not cared for
ciety, American Beard of Forei
Shensi and llouan, are variously by this Society,be exposed to the
Missions, American Tract S
estimated atfiom 61,000,000 to 81,- greatest temptation and suffering.
Womens Board of Missions. The
’ The people to whom they woqld
Baldwin Place Home for Little
natuially look for help have, as a
Wanderers is bequeathed $100.
The Massachusetts State Temper­
rule, a struggle for their own sup
ance Convention will be held at
At a convocation of the Episco­
port, very few having even moder­
Boston the third Wednesday in Sep­
palians of Dakota territory, held at
ate wealth. There is no doubt that
Sioux Falls, D. T., June 25, Bishop
this institution saves the State an­
Clarkson, of Nebraska, presided. A
The fiftieth anniversary of the nually much expense by educating
proposition to organize a separate marriage of the Rev. Stephen II. to useful citizenship those who
diocese for Dakota was rejected, but Tying, Sr., who for twenty eight would otherwise become burdens to
Current Religious News.
. ..................
lhe State.
The Society should
have the aid and encouragement of
liberal and Christian support.
The San Francisco Small Boy.
^Tri ~a "TiM^y
ig ht, ’’pretiy1
children in South San Francj^co—
the father of whom is a well-known
mechanic of this eity—exists a
bright little boy, not yet three years
old, whose exploits are somewhat
remark ahi e.. ,.^LIis eccentricities,
unlike most precocious children’s,
do not seem to detract from his
other qualities either of head or
heart. Not long since, yet before
"the little fellow was thirty’months
of age, his father had occasion to
look after some repairs at the top
of a number of Hat-roofed buildings
of several stories’ elevation. Tak­
ing the little one along with him
and placing him on his coat at the
foot of a ladder fastened perpendic­
ularly against the back of one of
them, he proceeded to the roof to
make investigation of the work to
be done. This occupied moreTTime
than he expected, but was finally
completed, and just as he was on
the,point of returning, judge of his
surprise to see the little one’s head
peering above the topmost round of
ladder, and on a level with himself.
To secure him and descend to the
ground required no little command
of nerve and exertion of muscle, but
it was finally to 'his great joy,
A week or two
after this occurance this little prodi­
gy of fearlessness was missing
from the family circle. A most
thorough search, under great pater­
nal anxiety, for a long time failed
to discover his whereabouts. Fin­
ally, in passing through the street
on which the above-mentioned
buildings front, the object of so
much solicitude was discovered
sitting on the edge of a projecting
cornice, dangling his feet about in
a most unconcerned manner. By
By dint of perseverance and tact
the little wail was finally brought
to terra firma in safety. To reach
the perilous position in which he
was found he had climbed the lad­
der on which he had made a pre­
vious exploit, walked over an eight­
inch plank in the face of a strong
gale of wind to the second building,
and either scrambled over or
crawled around a high frontage of
the cornice.— San Francisco Chron­
Fortune lost, nothing lout: courage
lost, much lost; honor lost, more
lost ; soul lost, all lost.