Christian herald. (Portland ;) 1882-18??, August 10, 1883, Page 8, Image 8

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camps on the ground, consisting of Having spent nearly nine years in with the brethren at Santa Rosa
851 persons besides the large atten­ Oregon I must confess I somwhat after this meeting until some better
dance from the surrounding coun­ enjoy such a break in nature. plan can be arranged.
Bro. McHatton recently closed a
try that were not campers. The Although there was considerable
services of Bro. Wright were engag­ rumbling in the elements and a very profitable meeting at Lake
ed for another year by a unanimous few keen claps, we had but a light Port, resulting in some nineteen
across the run where the flashes of are determined to not give him up dust. On Monday morning we had commendation. During tho meet­
lightning made everything bright, and well they should be, as he is a a pleasant trip to Colfax, and ing the money was raised to finish
to see the stream almost dry before host of himself, and is certainly the reached home in due time and found the church building which will soon
be ready for use. The sisters or­
the rain, had become a wide rush­ man we want. The weather con­ all well. Moro anon.
ganized a Woman’s Home Mission
T. M. M organ .
ing river. Its fury was soon spent tinues hot and dry, and crops as a
however, and only some washed consequence will. be light.
I am glad the brethren think that
out foot-bridges testify how near it close examination I find a large
California Department.
the sisters can work in this grand
come to being a cyclone. We went proportion of my wheat is smut,
Where such brethren as
on a pic-nic to Rawley Springs, and consequently if I get my bread CONDUCTED BY PROF. J. DURHAM. field.
Bros. Henry Buggs, J. J. Bruton
about twelve miles west of heie in I will do well. I hope it is not the
All matter intended for this department
T d-TO MMruCTff~to Tror- r.. T> ui' Tf am; T d T-
—t he AHcganies- one day last week." -rssse^rrth-nthers:—Ouch misfiJI'tuUHH" rtiuri
lege City, California.
we may expect their light to shine.
It is a pleasant place to go and is come very heavy, as I am in debt
Bro. Tandy, an able preacher of
Howdy ?
one of the summer resorts from the and am struggling to get a start in
has just reached Maxwell,
heat of the valley and neighboring
Here we are, through the earnest in this, Colusa county. We have
cities. Hotels to accomodate several Lord have mercy and help me
of H erald ’ s editor and lots of work here for him. We bid
hundred guest form a semi-circle through.
others who expects us to give a him welcome.
Your brother in Christ,
around the covered springs; the
T. M. M organ - - howdy every week to the H erald ’ s
is kept fresh upon the ter­
numerous subscribers.
Well, a
races, a band stand is sufficiently
Weather Report.
near the hotel verandahs that visit-
ora may sit at their ease and listen
On the morning of July 27,1883, _
eomnay-wilE the MisseJTCry' «7e"
feee to ftcir- ra;n. ~ Thmrvrere 4 clear and’‘i
~to "the mifsic' and’it scem's a very
j^r^dise for city children who run Morgan, Laura Turnbow and Beulah We do not promise a page, nor even cloudy days and 25 smoky days
The mean
about as they like, followed by the Lewis, we set out for Penewawa, a a column every week, but to do the obscuring the sky.
temperature for the month was
most devoted of nurses. Such a tributary of Snake liver to conduct
delightful lazy place as it is too, meeting on Saturday and Sunday.
Highest daily mean Temperature
and then the water “ chalybeate The weather was extremely hot and congregations and teach all week
and sulphur” is nothing like as the dust terrific, and had it not ought to be enough work for one for the month 74°, on the 7th and
strong as the water of the medical have been for the nice grain fields man ; but my better three-fourths 23rd. Lowest daily mean 62°, on
. • ’
springs in the Cascades. We passed along the way, much of which was has promised to help me out in case the 16th.
Mean temperature for the month
many old houses on the the way, putting on the golden color and the of need, and as I have always
found her ready for every good at 2 o’clock P. m ., 78.77. Highest
the houses all with the chimneys melodv
•* from the musical voices of
built on the outside; many dwel­ Beula, Laura and Mary, the trip word and work, and a “ help meet” temperature for the month 91°, at
lings in Harrisburg are built in the would have been one of dull monot­ in deed, we undertake to gather up 4 o’clock p. m ., on the 7th. Lowest
same way, which seems a little pe­ ony. Passing the thriving town of a few grains of our Christian work temperature 52°, at 7 o’clock a . M.,
culiar but no doubt saves room. Colfax early part of the day, we in this lovely “Sunny Land.” I on the 16th.
The prevailing winds for tho
This is my last day with my Vir­ only halted there a few minutes and imagine that many of the items
month were from the North during
ginia friends as I leave for.Indian­ hastened to reach the pleasant home
days, South 1 day.
apolis by the express to-morrow and family of Bro. L. I). Philips,
During July, 1882, there were 3
morning. The little party which who with his excellent Christian carelessly read and lightly thought
left Oregon so blightly one year lady and two young daughters, Ida of as to the effort they cost as the rainy and 0.61 in. of waler, 22
ago to-day are now each in a widely and Emma, (who recently obeyed silver dollar that is spent in some clear and 5 cloudy days. Mean
different State of the Union and I the gospel) and ReubeD, their eldest wanted pleasure. We cannot pro­ temperature for the month 63.90°.
Highest daily, 74°, on the 15tb.
the only one who will see the son, with such we could not do mise much.
kiiam .
Lowest daily, 55°, on the 7tb.
Pacific before the end of this year. otherwise than feel happy. On the
T. P earue .
I shall bring with me the pleasant­ next morning we reached the
Our Evengelist’s Work.
Eola, Or., Aug. I, 1883.
est memories of my stay in Virginia Onecho fchool-house in due time
• •*—
and visit to Washington and Mt. for the eleven o’clock service and
Our State Evangelist, Bro. Me
It is the double motive that
Vernon to balance the delight I felt was much disappointed in not find­ Hatton, is now at work at the town makes the smallest doings perilous ;
in treading Irving’s roadside ways ing our excellent young Bro. T. J. of Fulton, in Sonoma county, some that takes us out of the track of
about Tarrytown and Sunnyside.
Cannon, and being afflicted with five miles not th of Santa Rosa. We Providence concerning us, and puts
cold and hoarseness I felt quite ill have a meeting-house at that place, us where we have no business to be.
Letter from Bro. Morgan.
able for the work before me. Being and several years ago we had a Single-heartedness, alone, goes safe­
in the midst of harvesting we had number of brethren in the vicinity. ly even among trivial things.
E den V alley , W. T.,
very small attendance, and on I visited them once, some seven
July 18, 1883.
Dear Bro. Floyd:
Sunday we had better attendance, years ago, returning to Santa Rosa
It is better in some resjrects to be
The Whitman Co. cainp-meeting yet not what was expected. Yet the same evening. Most of the admired by those with whom you
has just closed with good results. we had a very pleasant little meet brethren have moved away. As live, than to be loved by them. .
It was everything that could have ing.
Returning to Bro. Philip’s Fulton is so near Santa Rosa, the And this not on account of any grat­
been wished. Peace and harmony late in the afternoon we luckily brother who preaches at the latter ification or vanity, but because ad­
prevailed throughout, and the atten­ escaped what appeared to be an old- place can often visit the brethren miration is so much more tolerant
dance was large. There were 46 fashioned Kansas thunder storm. at Fulton, and they can often meet than love.
mountains, reaching home just as
thé first heavy drops fell on the
porch steps. The lightning was so
vivid that we all went inside and
closed the shutters, but at bedtime,
the roaring of the water was
1 "■