Christian herald. (Portland ;) 1882-18??, August 10, 1883, Page 7, Image 7

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by a cool spring rn the pasture of which is unfit for pleasure driving once a land of camps, and armies
Bro. M. Faulconer, while old ocean on account of the softness of the marched and countermarched along
•is casting its surf at our very feet. sand, whicn sluks under the weight the Pike which winds through the
When my wife read the sug­ of a horse so as to make traveling length of this quaint old Virginia
gestion in the H erald of July 13, over it tedious. * This, I am inform­ town. It is the county seat of
for a committee consisting of Bro- ed, was never so before this year Rockingham county and court
Spriggs and others to go to Yaquina and as it is caused by a temporary Mondays bring in a crowd of peo­
abetrtr-thn. lwai
a and w a shed up. ple. from the cjuHntry^hetideq thnaa
say they, “ have no sectarian mould select a site for locating a camp­ from the bed of the ocean, is not whose business it is to attend court
for horse marketing and a gala
into which to press a student, nor ground for holding meetings during liable to occur another year.
By all means, brethren, see Nts- time generally. There is a famous
theological bedstead on which to the summer months, she wanted to
stretch and clip him. They are move camp at once to Yaquina, but tucca Bay before selecting camping big spring, once a deer lick, near
the court-house square, walled in
fully abreast of the times in pro- I have something better to suggest; grounds.'
and covered, about which Harris­
gre8s, with every approved depart­ and that'is that while the brethren
ure from antiquated methods, and” are looking out a place, if sucn an
burg'had its small beginning. The
all the advantages of co-education, attempt be made, they come first to
spring is yet in the center of the
improved texts and normal meth­ Little Nestucca Valley, a place that
' -Z town and is the only soft water in
the neighborhood. The drinking
They are strictly on thé is become a popular re­
H arrisburg , V a .,
water obtained from artesian wells
broad gauge iu a strait road and A sort for those, livingJn the lieart old
1.. —■ - ■ July ?3, 1883
smooth track.” Whether we merit the Willamette valley who desire to Dear Friends at Home :
is ro impregnated with limestone as
all the praise implied in these seek r< creation by the Sea-shore at
Do you recall the lines once so to be medical in taste to strangen,
but there are beautiful springs of
figures, I leave others to judge. It a sacrifice of the least possible time familiar :
is pleasnnt alike to have the confi­ in going and earning. I drove from “ All quiet along the Potomac to-night cold free stone water up the moun­
dence of our neighbors and the site McMinnville in one day in a two-
Except here and there a stray picket tain sides. The scarcity of water
and money with which to commence horse wagon, leaving that place at Is shot, as he walks on his tread, to and of course gives the streets a dusty
uncaied for appearance almost as
a college. 1.-believn_tlie_ Disciples JLii’clock M ^find. aruying a tcamp
bad as a frontier western town
have the business, sense, integrity before daik. A .day’s drive from
and energy to sustain the high esti­ the immediate neighborhood of Mc­
which does not yet feel a pride in
ill qniet aloDg the I’otomao to-night
mate placed upon their capacity as Minnville, Amity, Bethel, Dallas,
her trees and cool streets. The
No Bound save the rush of the river,
e dttCAte ftfc---- J- -ani tende r e d the., or-Sheridan, with a light wagon • While soft fslis the due on •
which is very plentiful Jn this
leadership in this enterprise, but I and good team will bring one to
the dead,
The picket’s off duty forever.”
respectfully decline in favor of the beach here over the present
country, but lack the beauty of
Bro. Kirk Baxter, a classmate of road, which will doubtless be
You would do so, I am sure, if Massachusetts roads. Fully one-
mine in Bethany College in 1851, greatly improved another year, as you had come with me to visit the third of the population are negroes
and who is- now a preacher of note I am told it has been the past year. resting place of the Confederate of every shade between ebony and
in this and adjoining States. He A natural pass in Ahe Coast moun­ dead who were gathered from almost white. The black children
is my junior by many years, a man tain«, at the head of the South Fork various places in the Shenandoah have a queer sort of fascination for
of fine culture and great energy of of the Yamhill river, makes a good valley after the surrender and me. They are so full of glee and
character. Under his management road comparatively free from hills, buried in the Harrisburg cemetery. song, though some wear nothirg
the enterprise is not likely to fail. entirely practicable. Brother Faul- A beautiful monument was erected but tatters and rags; they are very
If I remain in this part of the State, coner, who owns a,farm in a charm­ in 1876 in the center of a hollow' light fingered too, and ripening
I shall let no opportunity pass ing locality, surrounded by fern square where the unknown lie fruit, gardens and woodpiles have
-unimproved of contributing to the hills, and reaching down to the buried. The spot could not have to be watched in a way to make
cause of education in this as well as sea, is anxioui to have grounds for been better chosen as it overlooks one lose all faith in the colored
other institutions.
an annual summef meeting located the valley to the west and south portion of humanity, and maybe
The executive committee of here, and will, I am sure, offer in­ with a fine view of the Alleganiesa some white folks as well. The day
Christian University, in Canton, ducements as favorable as any that few miles awav.
after the hard storm, (which is
Mo., have tendered me the chair of can be obtained. Bathing, hunting
Harper’s Ferry is one hundred said to have destroyed much grain
’ English Literature, and President and fishing, and like attractions miles to the north, the Potomac in this valley) the sheaves of wheat
ad interim. I have no idea of ac­ which daw persons in search of flowing peacefully between the and rails washed into the runs and
cepting the position ; for I am un­ respite from toil and care away Virginia mountains and Maryland carried by the flood into the lanes
willing to return to the school­ from the heat and bustle of the heights as it did before it was were considered free property, and
• city, country and town will be stained with the blood of John you should have seen the little
I desire to limit my teaching in found as good in the aggregate here Brown’s reckless raid, and nothing darkies swarming about that
the future to the rostrum and as arty where on our coast I think. recalls that bitter time except the chicken feed as if a bonanza had
Perch, flounders and mountain trout lone walls of some windowless been sent them. The threat of the
With kindly greeting to all th« are abundant and Salmon are just* houses destroyed by fire. Winches­ police scattered them finally. The
brethren, I subscribe myself y oui now beginning to run in the bay. ter, the scene of Sheridan’s rid'e, is rain that caused the damage came
brother in Christ,
Deer, elk and bear range the moun some thirty miles south of. the. the day after my arrival and had I
T. F. C ampbell .
ta-ns in great numbers, and a plen­ Ferry, but 1 could not imagine the been at home I should have thought
tiful supply of venison and* bear terror and carnage of those four a flood coming sure enough. We
Letter from Bro. Adams.
meat now decorate the trees around years with people crowding the thought it here merely a thunder
O retown , N estucca B ay ,
our camp. Large quantities of train on excursions to the springs shower that would soon pass over*
T illamook C o ., O r .
whortle berries grow on tire hill­ or caves, and steam threshers ffuf- and about sundown Miss D. and I
sides, while within a circuit of eight ting away in wheat fields, very walked out to an old place once
Bro. J. F. Floyd:
I write fiom a beautiful little miles by the beach can be found similar to the fields at home. But called Claylar.d, because so liked
valley where I have been enjoying rock oysters, muscles and razor this valley, almost a counterpart of and admired by Henry Clay, watch­
myself for two weeks with my clams in abundance. One draw­ the Willamette, lying between the ing the lightning and magnificent
/»Daily camped in a lovely nook, back is the character of the beach, Blue Ridge and Alleganies, was black clouds sweeping over thq
is that the Disciples are the best
educators in the world, that they
recognize Jesus as the " Great
Teacher sent from God ;” and their
work is specially and supremely
under the great commission, “ Go
ye into all the world,” “Teach