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Antrim Co., Ireland, in 1786, and authoritative, and any thing more
died at Bethany, West Virginia, in is an effort to add to that which
Thomas Campbell, his God has made perfect. A pecul­
father, was a minister in the Pres­ iarity of the Disciples is, that while
byterian church, and a relative and they take the Bible as a rule of
classmate of -Thomas Campbell the faith and practice, they draw a dis­
poet. In 1807 Thomas Campbell tinction between the authority of
emigrated- W
twa. the. NtiW iRstaiaenLand that of the
treasure to us. My wife is a deli­
years afterwards Alexander, who Old, -not made by other religious
cate woman, and our loss has QUESTION AND ANSWER.
had been educated in the University bodies, They accept the Old Tes­
nearly killed' her. She rebeled
of Glasgow, also. The Campbells tament as true, and essential to a
against going to Oregon from that
If a brother in good standing in
day. She has stood by my side for
settled in Washington Co., Pa., not proper understanding of the New ;
fifteen years and done her part the church, in every other respect« far from Bethany, which afterwards but the New, they regard, as the
well, never- refusing to go any- should assume the seventh day or became the home of Alexander. proper book of authority for Chris­
where with me before. Hertears Saturday as the
For”a short time, Thomäs Cätnpbell tians." ft teaches the-ierms of par-—
and pleadings have prevailed.
vote to the service of God, and
2nd. The brethren here in Canada should persist in pursuing the was pastor of a Presbyterian don, and the duties of a Christian
have protested against my leaving
church ; but the Presbyterians soon life.
almost enough to break my heart,
2. The Disciples accept Christ as
became dissatisfied with his posi-
• but this alone would not have been first day or Sunday, what would be --tinn t.liailw Bible is a sufficient their creed.
They believe in a
sufficient to cause me to go back the duty of the Elders oFcTiurcITin
rule of faith and practice, so he was personal creed, and not m a dog­
on the contract. My heart is in such case.
matic theory. The word creed is «
separated from that church.
Oregon and with the brethren in
Bro. Floyd, will you please an­
their work. God knows what a
In 1812 lie became convinced from the Latin credo, I believe;
year will bring about, but at my swer the above query, and much that immersion is the only Scriptural and they require faith with the
first opportunity I -shall go to oblige,
act for baptism; so he and the whole heart in Christ, the Chris­
Oregon. My feelings are near akin
A S ubscriber ,
little congregation which he had tian’s creed.
to a child whose high anticipations
answer .
3. The Disciples of Christ havq
formed at Brush Run, Pa., were im­
of a visit to the country” is" sud­
If a brother, as above described, mersed, and united with the Bap always opposed sectarianism, pled
denly dashed to the ground by the
emphatic “ No ” from a parent.
conscientiously believes that the tisrn Association, protesting, at the for a union of Christians, and a
With tearful eyes I write this, Lord requires him to keep the same time, against human creeds. complete restoration of primitive
so that-nn one—will —chaiffo Aho jeSabbath as a day.-of rest»
The -Baptists were
State Board with being ; direlect _ in
. .
their duty. It is not their fault, and can not .be convinced ‘other­ ded to human . theories to hear they reject all human names and
they, through the Cor. Secretary, wise, we think he should have the this; the ^excitement became so insist that'the followers of Christ
have not left a stone unturned to privilege of resting on that day great, that the Disciples were com­ should now be designated as they
secure me in that field. Ifeel Bui Tor him to persist ill disregard­ pelled toTseparate themselves from were in apostolic times. ~
very sorry for those who have ing the first day of the week, or the
4. They apply the scientific
the Baptists.
worked scrhard, when I think of
About the year 1827, the Disci­ method to the interpretation, and
their disappointment. Brethren, Lord’s day, is quite another ques
place yourselves in my position, tion. To say nothing of what the ples formed themselves into separ­ oppose the mystic and dogmatic
and ask, “Is he justified
God New Testament enjoins on God*s ate societies, and rapidly increased methods. What Bacon was to the
may overrule all this for good to people in reference to tire-service of in the Western States, especially in scientific world ; Alexander Camp­
us all.
the Lord’s day, the law of theiand Virginia, Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana, bell was to the religious. Lord
1 pray that God may abundantly
bless your efforts to extend the requires that Sunday shall be ob­ Illinois and Missouri. In 18G4 Bacon was the first to apply the
kingdom of Christ on the Pacific served by the American citizen, not they numbered four hundred thous­ Inductive method to science; Alex­
coast, where I long to be.
as an act of worship, but as a ne­ and. They number between five ander Campbell was the first to
Affectionately your brother,
cessary benefit to botlr man and and six hundred thousand. Mr. apply the same to religion.
H. B. S herman .
beast, and the brother who thus Campbell commenced the publica­
5. There is a tendency among
It had been intimated to us be­
refuses to comply with the “powers tion of the Christian Baptist in Protestants to disregard the author­
fore we received this letter that
that be ” when not antagonistic to 1823, which was afterwards im- ity of the church. The Disciples
Bro. Sherman could not come to
the Divine will, at once becomes a merged into the Millennial Har-' believe the churCh divine, and that
Oregon, and now the matfer* is
subject of discipline in the church. binyer-. In 1840 Bethany College it is important to obey the bride as
settled. It is only necessary to
was founded, and Mr. Campbell well as the bridegroom.
say that we are very sorry that he
Original Contributions.
was president of it during his life. they do not believe that a man can
has been prevented from coming,
fur we were looking forward to his ALEXANDER CAMPBELL The Disciples have always taken not be a Christian out of the church,
G. That the Holy Spirit operates
much interest in education, and
work with bright anticipations
their institutions have educated through the word of truth and not
fully believing that Bro. S. would
some of tne greatest men of the independent of it, is a peculiarity
be the right man in the right place.
But providence ‘would have it
The name of Alexander Camp nation. At present they are rapid­ belonging to the Disciples. There
otherwise, and so we yield to the bell is inseparably connected with ly disseminating their principles in is no other religious body that
believe it, but it is clearly Biblical
inevitable. While we are* sorry to the reformation of the nineteenth foreign countries.’
We wish now to call attention to teaching on the subject.
give him up, we wish to state that century. If Luther and the refor­
7. The Disciples do not consider
so far as we can judge, his ex mation of the sixteenth century some of the peculiarities of the
baptism a mode, but a specific act.
planation is entirely satisfactory, represent the rising sun, Campbell Disciples:
1. They take the Bible as their The question of baptism is not,
and hence we believe the brother­ and that of the nineteenth repre­
hood of Oregon, under the circum­ sent him in his meridian glory. only rule of religious faith and prac­ therefore, with them one of opinion,
The wcMl
stances, w ill freely release him from With Luther the churches started tice. The Bible is acknowledged but of translation.
all further obligation in the matter. out of the wilderness ; with Camp­ by all Christians to be of divine translated, settles the question.
Lanomter, Ky.
The State Board will have some­ bell it completed that journey, origin; and it is impossible for
Write down tbe advice of him
thing to say, and we leave further and it is now on the road to the man to produce a standard equal to
the divine standard. . Any thing who loves you, though you like it
statements for them to make. Bro. celestial city.
Alexander Campbell was born in less than the Bible is not sufficiently not at present.
Sherman has our deepest sympathy
Evangelist, I did this in good faith.
They had a right to rely upon me,
and they did. I have to say that
I cannot come now. I will lay
my reasons before the brethren for
this new decision.
1st. On the 26th day of June
we laid our eldest daughter under
in his hours of sorrow, and-we hope
he will be able to draw sweet con­
solation from Him who giveth to
all his people liberally. May the
Lord bless him and his, and at some
future day we yet hope to have
Bro. Sfierniah With us on the
Taëîfié C&ftStk ... ~