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on the table until afternoon session.
Motion by Bro. Davis that we
take up the Treasurer’s report,
which was adopted, stating that
there had bet n paid $252.88 on the
Evangelist’s last year’s salary, and
still remaining due $197.12. The
held in July instead of November
caused a reduction of one-fourth of
the Evangelist’s salary, making it
$450 instead of $GOO. The Chair­
man took the opportunity to speak
| plainly' on tjie negligence of the
inembers ' wTio"J raiTed To "pay up,
| considering it a detriment to the
I cause, in which we readily concur.
Motion prevailed that we take
I up the resignation of the Evangel­
ist. Bro. Wright gave his reasons
• for offering his resignation.
After remarks by sevgral *of the
I brethren the motion to accept Bro.
Wright’s resignation was lost,
showing .that the brotherhood at
large absolutely refused to release
Bro. Wright in any way whatever
if his services could be obtained
under any consideration.
Next taking up the financial
condition of the congregations, con­
cerning the employing of an evan­
gelist at large, which caused an ad­
journment till 2 o’clock to-morrow.
Adjourned with prayer by Bro.
Board assembled at Camp-meeting
grounds, I. T., extend to him a
cordial invitation to cooperate with
us, and labor in the cause of our
blessed Lord and Master, and that
the Secretary be instructed to send
Bro. Buchannan a copy of this
tiemen, stuby Hebrew roots, pour* 1 * 7
over Greek verbs, read Latin and if
you have time and desire, translate
ancient hieroglyphics ; but I charge
you when you go into the pulpit to
preach the Gospel, to use plain
Archbishop John B. Purcell died
at the Ursuline Convent, St. Mar­
tins, Brown County, Ohio, on the
4th inst., in the 84th year of his age.
Much has been said, and said justly,
in criticism and^QiLdemnaLicin
his financial administration. Most
unfortunately he established a de­
pository for savings under the
authority of the bishopric, and the
funds entrusted to his keeping dis­
appeared in the erection of schools
and churches. Even his severest
critics admit that the hands of the
dead prelate were stainless of any
corrupt practices. It was zeal for /
the church outrunning discretion,
and serves as another warning
against attempting to engraft a
banking department on ecclesiasti­
cal systems.
Current Religious News.
Opened by singing, reading and
Queen Victoria, as Empress of In­
Minutes of previous day’s meet­ dia, rules over more Mohammedan
ing read and approved.
subjects than does the Sultan of
.... .. Eirat. in ordor financial report, Turkey,
MdhAtnmedins in
which showed that the congrega­ India are only one to four, of the
tions and private individuals had Hindus. For the transformation of
subscribed $715 toward employing this vast body of people she has
an Eyangelist for the coming year. numerous and powerful agencies at
Bro. Wright accepted this amount, work. From a report just publish­
with the understanding that he ed it appears that the London Tract
was to, only preach ten months Society alone expends over $20,000
during the year, two months being on India. In thirty-three of the
considered necessary for recreation. native languages it has published
Motion by Bro. Quarrels that we as many as 100,000,000 copies of
tender a vote of thanks to Bro. 5,000 different works, and to judge
Wright for accepting $715 when he from the report, it has not done so
is offered $1000 per year in another in vain. In 1851 there were about
locality. Carried, unanimously.
100,000 native Christians in India.
Motion prevailed that the ne
missionary meeting be held atFou
^ur 1871 there were 300,00(1. In 1881 The New York Tribune has begun
7 Motion prevailed.that .wEaiupioy
Mile congregation, beginning at 2 the number had reached 530,000.
its good work for the season of giv­
an Evangelist at large.
o’clock on Thursday before the
ing the poor boys and girls of New
.Motion that Bro. Wright be em­ 2nd Sunday in January, 1884.
There are G7G.250 Presbyterians York a two week’s outing in the
ployed as our Evangelist, carried
Motion prevailed that our next on the long roll of the General As­ country. Parties of four hundred
Motion that Bro. Wright be em­ annual camp-meeting convene at 4 sembly of Canada.
or five hundred are sent off nearly
ployed as Evangelist for one year o’cloek on the 19th day of June,
eyery day to points that are far
Thirty theological students are to
caused a great deal of discussion, 1884.
spend their vacation this Summer enough away to afford the children
as about half of the delegates were
Motion prevailed that Bro,
by doing missionary work in Dako­ the benefit of a complete change.
instructed by their congregations to
Wright be requested to send his
Many of them have never seen the
-i employ Bro. Wright for a term of lecture on Missionary Work de­ ta.
country in their lives, and their
five years if such a thing could be livered on Thursday night to the
The Presbyterian Church at Port rapture on reaching their destina­
dona Finally the motion carried, C hristian H erald for publication.
Gibson, Miss., which was organized tion make a strong appeal to those
and was made unanimous, and Bro.
The following resolutions were fifty years ago by Rev. Zebulon But­ good people who open their houses
Wright, if the finances can be ar­ adopted unanimously.
ler, D. D. celebrated its semi-cen­ and their hearts to let the little
ranged, will labor for us another
Adjourned with prayer by Bro tennial on the 17th ult. Rev. D. A. wanderers in.
Planck, the present pastor, embrac­
election of officers .
The right of brooklyn to the title
W. H. H. M c C lure ,
ed in his sermon a complete history
Bro. W. H. McClure was re­
of the “ City of Churches ” has for
of the church frpm its beginning to
elected President, Bre. Geo. Ickes
been a thing of the past. The
A. J. G reen , Secretary.
The occasion throughout
Vice President, A. J. Green Secre-*
population of the city is about
resolutions .
was one of rare interest.
ary, Bro. J. M. Baker, Treasurer,
750,000. In the entire city there
ister A. J. Green, Assistant Sec.
M. Gaudard, director of the Nor­ are but 579 religious organizations
Bro. F. M. Davis offered his
mal School of Courbevoise, France, of every kind, Jew and Gentile,
esignation as one of the trustees of
pleased as well as surprised his au­ Protestant and Catholic. Many of
lhe camp-meeting grounds, which
dience at the recent official Reform­ these have little more than a nomi­
as accepted, and Bro. Quarrels
nal existence', others are only mis­
ing grounds during the past two ed Synod of Paris when he stated sions, and only 165 are of a Protes­
lected to fill his place.
that at the beginning of the Pres­
Bro. Wright made a touching ad- years.
ent century there was but one Pro­ tant character. There is in the
2. Resolved, That we tender to
ress at the close of his five years
testant school in France, while now whole city but one church, to every
ibors in thiB country, and offered our beloved Evangelist, Bro. C. J. there are two thousand such schools. 2,624 of population; in New York
s kindest regards to the brother­ Wright, the sincere thanks of the
the proportion is one to every 2,466.
rod at large.
Many good and excellent things Instead of being par excellence the
Adjourned with prayer by *Bro.
have been said to the graduates of City of Churches, Brooklyn is to­
ig to meet to-morrow at 2
the different institutions of learning day surpassed not only by New
Summer, but no better advice York, but by many other cities.
3. Resolved, That at tho present
Opened by reading by Chairman time there seems to be no cause has been given to any than that The ratio of new churches does not
that Bro. A. Buchannan should not by Dr. Wilson to the graduating begin to keep up with the rapidly
and prayer by Bro. Wright.
■Reading of the minutes of the be laboring in the cause of Christ. class at Alleghany Theological Sem­ increasing population. « Neither are '
previous afternoon, which stood Therefore, we, the Missionary inary, when he said’ “ Young gen- the churches distributed for doing