Christian herald. (Portland ;) 1882-18??, July 27, 1883, Image 1

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C hristian
herald .
NO. 30.
A brother in London, England, tory was not so effectual as was
writes to. tlie C'Ar/Wian Convuion- J
1/ Not but a few d ays ago
.1. F. FU'ID.
V'ealth, advocating the publication seven hundred Mormon immigrants
Editor and Publisher, Monmouth, Or.
of a " religious daily.” We would under the special care of twenty-
rejoice to see such an enterprise two Mormon missionaries landed in
Subscription Price t
started if tli'e paper could only New York (Jity and were hurried
Cne Copy, one yaar.-r.......................$2 00
One Copy, nix months......................... 1 00
command a sufficient number of away to Utah. Thus their leader?,
readers to sustain it. But when instead of being willing to abide
Prices will be given on application.
The Christian at Work, Bells see the great mass oipeople taking the—decision—of the-government
Depot, Tenn, merges into the the same interest in a religious under w’hich they live, are continu­
[Entered at the Post-office at Monmonth, as
second class mail matter. ]
Gospel Advocate, and Bro. Booth daily as they do in the great politi­ ally strengthening their hands by a
focomes West Tennessee editor of cal dalies of the day, we will con­ system of immigration in utter de­
Please Notice.
We irs nrt rgjponfijblft. fcr... the.. opinions and the Advocate. A good move^. The clude thaU-the millennium ""is at fiance of lawand orderr We tlffrik
seutiment^xpresHcd bv olir. coutrjmituiB. but
For the present, most of us the proposal to follow up these
Tor our own writing alone. Hence oni readers H diwrr/r ge ts better as it grows hand.
must judge for themselves. We intend to give older.
will have to fo satisfied with week­ missionaries in the Old country
•pece for the free expression of opinion, within
the limits of aonnd discretion, and the good of
lies, and that too, sometimes, in with a thorough exposure of their
the cause ; but not t>e held as indorsing what
We have some queries on a card
others may write.
more than one sense.
wicked and deceptive schemes is a
from San Jose, < 'al., w ith no name
All matter intended for pnl llcatiou in this
good one. Let the government put
paper should I» written :
accompanying them. If the writer
1. On one siti« of the sheet only.
a few men fully qualified for the
2. In a plain legible hand.
will semi us his name, we will advertisement of the College of the
3. Let thero be plenty of space lie tween the
w ork, on the trrfck of these Mormon
attend to his questions. It is not Bible, Lexington, Ky., found in this
< ._» « -
4. Write with a Ben instead of a pencil, so
necessary that , the name be pub­ issue; If there should, be yonng elders, and they will soon put an
that it may not I» defaced in transit.
end to their diabolic imposition on
5. Write brief articles.
6. Expect no attention to articles, notices, or lished, biit.'Wg must know7 it as an men on this Coast who think of the people.
If we would destroy
<|UartM> uut aeuitupuiiied by your uauie.
evidence of good faith.
entering the ministry, they coil hi this evil W’e must strike at the root
not i do better than attend this of it.
The Signs of the Tinies says :
A writer in the C hristian College. The work being done in
The Christian Telescope has re­ H erald , says : “ I tell you that the that College from year to year is
We have just examined and sub­
moved from Watkinsville to Atlan­ party of the future must recognize fully speaking for itself in all parts scribed for a map of which we
God, the Sabbath, and the Bible.”
ta, Ga.
of the country; and if any doubt wish to make mention to our read­
Did he mean the seventh day of should remain, when it is rdTUem- ers. It is a wall map of some
The annual cooperation of Cali­ the week or Jewish Sabbath, think
bered that it is under the control 4 by 6 feet in size, and on one side
fornia begins August 3. See Bro. ye, brother Signs 1
of such men as Graham, McGarvey is a beautiful map of the United
Kendrick’s card. *
and Grubbs, the student of the Bible States and Territories, while on the
will no longer hesitate. Read the other is a map of the old w’orld.
Bro. G. P. Rich, of Damascus, re­
ports two additions ; one by rela­
The coloring is good so that the
tion and the other by oliedience.
foundries of the counties and the
house of worship. We would be
Quite a number of eminent edu­ location of the smallest towns and
The new church building at glad to see such a work commenced cators in the East are making war villages can be clearly seen. There
Seattle will be ready for occupancy so soon as it is possible to carry it on the long drill in the Greek and is a large amount of other useful
by the third Lord’s day in August. to completion. Let Hie matter be Latin languages required in most of information printed on the map,
fully talked up and then the work the colleges and universities. The serving as a kind of key to it. We
The Kentucky-State Christian begun, now that they have Bro.
main objections are, that it does consider the map a good one, and
. Convention will hold its next meet­ Morrison with them.
not prepare the students for the we heartily recommend it to our
ing at Cynthiana, beginning Aug.
more business and practical features readers. The price is very reason­
And so w’e are to have Henry of life, and that having no constant
able. Bro. T. A. Lewis is canvass­
A new paper called the Model Ward Beecher on this Coast sure use of these 'languages they are ing Polk county and will call on
Christian has been started at enough. O. W. Pond, his agent, is very soon forgotten. Henee it is you in due time. He is making
Mineral Springs, Ark., J. R. Jones now in Portland making arrange­ argued with a good degree of force Monmouth his head-quarters.
and 8. R. Ezzell editors. We have ments for a series of lectures in that that their stud}’ by every student
In a letter from Bro. McLean,
not seen the paper ; but we know and other cities on the Coast. We in order to complete the college
course, is practically a waste of Cincinnati, Ohio, he requests us to
the men, and wish it success.
lectures with the same enthusiasm time. We think these objections call the special attention of our
We have on hand quite a number ’that we took hold of the visit of are strong ones, and need to be readers to the fact that the treasury.
of catalogues containing the names, Miss Willard. That Mr. Beecher carefully studied by our educators of the General Missionary Society
prices and a brief description of the is a great lecturer in one sense can
is almost empty.
They have a
It would seem that the effort on good supply op hand for heathen
books which can be had through not be doubted, but we can not
this office. They are for free dis­ indorse his treatment of the Bible, the part of the government to w ipe work, but very little for our general
tribution to those wishing to buy and lienee think his lecturing cal - out polygamy and thus practically work. I hey need one thousand
culated to do more harm than good. destroy Mormonism iu Utah Terri - dollars at ouçe to meet their preset^
The Christian at Work says:
J. The .Christian,
Wis., has secured Rev. Jennie
Thompson, the evangelist, as a
regular pastor, and she entered
upon the duties of her new’ charge
on July 1.” What next ?