Christian herald. (Portland ;) 1882-18??, July 20, 1883, Page 9, Image 9

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Current Religious News.
Last year American women gave
____ .
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Mr. Moody may engage in evan­
gelistic work in Boston this sum­
mer, with vigorous help from the
Young Men’s Christian Association.
In the Episcopal Convention of
the Diocese of Illinois, a resolution
was introduced asking the General
Convention to change the name of
the church from " Protestant Ep is-
. copal ” to “ Holy Catholic.” So
much opposition was manifested to
the proposition that the résolutioiT
was withdrawn.
In the village of Todorag (Sivas-
field, Western Turkey), is a Pro-
testant school taught by a girl.
This brave girl conducts religious
services on the Sabbath, reading a
sermon, and her service is drawing
in the villagers.
The Canada Presbyterian As­
sembly was held this year in Lon­
don. John M. King, D.D, was
chosen moderator. The session
was quiet. No stirring question,
no sharp debate, no important de
cision characterized the Assembly.
Its attention was occupied with the
schemes of the Church.
The Methodist Episcopal Church
has undertaken the erection of a
university inTokio, Japan. •Twen­
ty-five acres of ground have been
purchased as a site in the western
part of the city.
The Romish priest at Pollok-
shaws has made a futile attempt
to obtain the control of three orphan
children whose mother was a Prot­
estant. He asserted that she had
been received into the Romish
communion shortly before berdeath.
The Board of Supervision has de­
cided that the children shall be re­
garded as Protestants, and they
have accordingly been sent to a
Protestant industrial school.
During Lent the Armenian
Bishop of Smyrna preached evan
gelical sermons. The Greek clergy
also have been forced to take up
the practice of preaching in order
to keep their people from being
drawn to the Protestant services.
Counting these services with those
of the Protestants, there is now
Greek preaching in five different
places in the city of Smyrna.
The American Consul has gone
to Bitlis, in Asiatic Turkey, to in-
quire into the case of two American
missionaries, who were attacked
and nu»,
i y nuicu
killed bv
uv the
me Kurds
'.f. *4-
near that place, as we mentronccT
last week. Gen. Wallace has de­
manded, and the Porte has prom­
ised that the persons guilty of the
outrage shall be punished.
The Rev. Phillips Brooks, ol
Boston, will return to this country
soon after the middle of September.
Signor Rosetti, pastor of the re-
-formed Italian church, died sudden-
ly on Sunday at Florence, while
conducting divine service.
was a first cousin of the poet paint­
er Dante Gabriel Rossetti, and he
contributed effectively, by voice
and pen, to Italy’s revival. Ilis
wife w-as the daughter of the late
Rev. -Peter Steele, who resided in
St. Andrew’s during the last ten
years of his life.
The unseemly conduct of vicars
in Englaud at the funerals cf per­
sons not in tj^oir church still contin­
ues. On Map%G, the funeral of an
unbaptized child was conducted in
G winear church-yard by the Rev. J.
Harbord, Wesleyan minister. On
the minister commencing to read
the service, the sexton, who stated
that he was ¡acting under the
orders of the vicar, intercepted him.
telling him not to do so. Mr. Har­
bord, however, continued, and the
sexton at once lowered the coffin
and began filling in the grave. He
went on with this while the service
was being read, and had filled the
grave by the time it was finished.
It is also added that the child’s
father had some difficulty in preven­
ting the sexton burying the deceas­
ed while the mourners were waiting
the arrival of the minister.
Rev. Heniy Ward Beecher reach­
ed his seventieth birthday on Sun­
day last. On Monday his friends
celebrated the day with great enthu­
siasm. The Brooklyn Academy ol
Music was crowded to overflowing.
Dr. Charles E. West was Chairman
of the committee of Arrangements,
and Judge Neilson called the meet­
ing to order. Rev. Dr. Charles
Hall, rector of Trinity church pre­
sided. Letters were read from
many distinguished persons who
could not be present, and congratu
latory addresses were delivered by
Rev. Dr. Thomas Armitage and
Rev. Dr. J. D. Fulton, Mayor Seth
Low; and Hon. John Barry, M. P.
from Ireland. The closing address
was given by the guest of the eve-
ning, Rev. Mr. Beecher, whose re­ if there were nothing but dark and
marks were received with frequent cloudy weather. It is the glorious
summer sun that fills out the ears
outburst of applause.
--- -------
and >ipo B»». tham f a r the. haryjiaL,
The parents of the Rev. C. H. and the Christian needs to have
Spurgeon celebrated their golden the beams of the Sun of Righteous­
wedding at the house of their son ness shining down on him day by
recently. The gathering of the chil­ day, that he may grow in grace
dren, grandchildren, and great­ and be gradually ripened for the
grandchildren amounted to nearly heavenly garner.
Dear Christian chTidrenybeAmre
forty. Mr. Spurgeon, Sen., though
retired from pastoral work, still you keep in the sunshine! Let
preaehes frequently, and renders the love of Jesus so fill your heart
good service to the cause of Christ, that there is no room for thoughts
"in-o n e o f h is- reeen t dincournwa, Mr of sadness. _ Those who live long
C. II. Spurgeon said: “ I heard of years in sin bring themselves into
one who had the cliance of going to many snares and many troubles,
heaven without dying, but when which you need never meet with
the chariot of fire came he would since you have been so early
not go, because he could not go on brought into the Savior’s happy
the box. I think it is a Romish le­ fold. Oh, then, what joyful Chris­
gend. At the same time I have tian^ we ought to be ’— Walking in
known people of exactly that kind. the light.
Unless they can be top-sawyer they
will not touch a saw.”
In Marsovan (Western Turkey) a
man, not a Protestant, became
dumb in consequence of a right.
His friends went around asking
people to pray for* him. Finally
they asked some ^Protestants to
pray that he might be cured. Spe­
cial mention was made of the case
in prayer. About the same time
the man fell into convulsions and
in his agony recovered and kept
the power of speech. He attributes
his cure to that prayer, and people
are bringing their sick to the Prot­
estants to be prayed for.
- -
Keep in the Sunshine.
God never intended that Chris­
tians should be sad and gloomy.
In fact, it is wrong for them to be
so, for does he not say to them :
“ Rejoice, always rejoice ?”
And if we love our Savior very
much and keep near to him, we
shall be sure to be happy Chris­
tians. There will be troubles some­
times, no doubt, but even these
ought not to make us sad, for we
can take them all to Jesus.
Do you know what makes the
corn grow and ripen ? It must
have the rain, but it needs the sun­
shine as well. Our troubles and
trials are like the rainy and windy
days. They are not very pleasant
at the time, but they help us to
grow stronger and firmer Chris­
tians, just because the roots of our
faith are sent down all the deeper,
as the roots of the corn are sent
down into the earth.
But tho corn would nover get on
! \
JesaH laid, “ Buffer the little children and
forbid them not to come unto me.”
Jesus loves the little children,
Calls them to his arms to rest,
Leans their tender heads when weary,
On the dear Redeemer’s breast;
Tenderly he speaks to thee—
Let the children come to me.
Jesualovea the little children,
Gently lures them to his arms ;
Yearningly he longs to shield them,
From the world and its alarms ;
Hear him calling tenderly,
“ Suffer them to come to me.”
Hold them not with fond hearts pleading,
From the Savior’B fond embrace,
Though thy own torn hearts be bleeding,
•• Such as these shall see his face.
Lovingly he speaks to thee—
“ Let the children come to me I
Well he knows their tender footsteps,
In the earth-paths oft must stray.
Weary pain and sore temptations,
Meet them all along the way.
’Tis in love he calls to thee
“ Suffer them to come to me.
In His home no sin can reach them,
Pain and grief no more alarms,
All his love he’ll gently teaoh them,
Safely resting in his arms.
’Tis the Savior calls to thee,
•• Let the children come to me.
Safe with him, Heaven’s joys he shows
They the Father’s face behold ;
Christ the Shepherd loves and knows
Naught can fright them from the fold,
“ They my Father’s face shall see,”
“ Suffer them to come to me.”
Trust me then, oh, loting parents,
And wonld’st thou tby loved regain,
“ Follow me,”—where they are going,
Thou shalt surely meet again.
I will keep them safe for thee
Let thy •• children come to Me.
Jackson, June, 1888.