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j ection to a short sermon is that—
we wanted more. We will come
again axaLget it. Thus the people
do. The lingering lifeless existence
of many a prayer meeting is all for
want of energetic brevity.
Parsons, Kansas.
In the H erald of June 22nd I
find over the signature of Ander­
son the following: “ Feet washing
is not enjoined by Christ. There
fore feet washing ought not to be
practiced as an ordinance.”
In love I desire to submit a fewr
thoughts. There is no question as
to feet washing under certain cir­
cumstances ; but as an ordinance
what saith the record ? Jeshs was
engaged in the act of washing the
disciples’ feet when Peter objected.
Jesus answered him, “ If I wash
thee not, thou hast no part with
nmZL Can ¡L, be conjectured that
the washing was because of the
dust that had adhered through the
day and that this was preparatory
to the usual rest at night? Did
Peter so
understand Jesus f
Simon Peter saith unto him, Lord,
not my feet only, but* also my
hands and my head. Jesus saith
to him, He that is washed needeth
not save to wash his feet, %ut is
clean every whit.” The washing
here referred to is the same as
15th chap. 3rd verse, “Ye are clean
through the word,” and he that is
thus cleansed needeth not “ save to
wash his feet.” Jesus said to them,
41 Ye are not all clean,” having re­
ference to the “ inner man ” authen­
ticated by Judas’ work that night-
Why the feet washing ? Where is
the key to solve the question ?
*' Go ye therefore and teach all
nations l^aptizing them in the name
of the Father and of the Son and
of the Holy Ghost.” First teach,
then baptize them and then teach
them to observe all th ings whatso­
ever I have commanded you ”—to
observe. We claim our authority
from this commission; and for
church ordinances we go to the
form as instituted by our Great
Exemplar. “Ye call^ me Master
and Lord (Master is teacher and
lord m one having authority to
command), and ye say well, for so
I am: Ifl then the Lord and the
Master have washed your feet, ye
■also ought to wash one another’s
feet.” Why ? " For I have given
you an example that ye also should
do as I have done to you.” Truly,
A servant is not greater than his
Jbord, neither an A^tle Vm^insent
comfort and cure of the afflicted
greater than he that sent him. If
— by furnishing to consumptives and
ye know these things (the Supper,
others, the Great Oregon Cure,
the feet washing, the bread and the
RAmadv far th.
wine) blessed are ye it ye ~dxr
urora , I nd ., *•
Lungs. I learn that notwithstand­
them." Shall we with the words
ing the limited effort to place this
of life in our hands single out from
valuable medicine fairly before the
the institutions of one single hour
public by a fair system of advertis­
and say, that this only is binding
ing, the sales, since the death of
onus? The very fact that Jesus
Sister Rohrer, have been well sus-
was speaking not of bodily clean­
tained and the business is reason-
sing, saying nothing of the corres­
ponding fact that these things were which has become greatly confused ably good. With ample means for
not preparatory for a night of rest, on the reel, and place it consecu­ advertising much suffering might
be relieved and a full harvest of
teaches us that as the bread and tively before you.
-wealth reapt by tbe proprietor ...
"wine is "monumental—aTT evidence
From Indianapolis I came to this
of our faith, so is the feet washing
a token of that humility of soul Pinkerton, and made a few lec­ point on the Ohio river, where I
and brotherly love that permerftes tures ; thence to Indianapolis, that find a little band of Disciples, with­
the church and should live together wonderful city of the interior with out a house of worship, yet nobly
since our Savior gave them divine its seventy-five thousand inhabit­ striving for position amongst the
authority and connected and desig­ ants, far in the interior, without wealthy denominational organiza­
nated them “ these things “ and navigation, the result of a combina­ tions by which they are surround­
since the “ servant is not greater tion of rich land and railroad con­ ed. Here, as elsewhere, a few
than his Lord,” would it not be nections. It is a city of churches, choice, leading -spirits constitute
well for us, as followers of an ex- in w’hich the Disciples are repre­ both the salt and the light. Bro.
amplar, consider in the absence of sented By'about six congregations. J.N. Walton,-« Christian hero, and
that which declares null and void Chief among these is the Central his excellent wife, a noble sister
the institutions of our Savior as church with its membership of whose influence is better than a
binding on us ?______________ __ ■_ seven hundred, presided over by host, are bearing the burden and
J. L. W hile .
Bro. David Walk. The cause seems heat of the day, hoping for others
to be in a flourishing condition. I to come in later and share with
“ The Lord’s Day.”
attended the celebration of the them the pleasure and fruits of sue-
Dear Bro. Floyd:
semi i-centennial of the founding of cessful toil. Bro. Walton’s mother,
? I am pleased with the spirit and tqe Cehtral church in Indianapolis
residing with hiir, anjfl Bro. and
dgetup” of J’Our pap^f. I hopT at which Pres. Pendleton of
Sister Davis, old Disciples, we
you will hear me patiently, and set Bethany, Va, and Bro. I. Errett of
heroically seconding their effort«,
me right if I am w-rong. In read­
the Standard were inviced guests while other brethren and sisters are
ing your paper I see two things.
and speakers. Immediately con­ doing what they can to push for­
1. That the Christian Church (or
nected with the history of the con­ ward the good work. Satan has a
Campbellites) are w-arm hearted
gregation Dr. Brown and Bro. stronghold on this town, however,
defenders of a strict adherence to
Jemeson, venerable menr whose long as seen by a large distillery and a
Bible teaching, which is right.
and earnest lives have been con­ brewery of grand proportions, sup­
And 2nd, they call the first day of
secrated to the gospel work. Bro. plemented with thirty or forty re­
the week “Lord’s day/*.which is
Jemeson is a double cousin jof our tail drunlceries.
The Disciples
wrong, perhaps. I say it is wrong
Bro. T. D. Humphreys of/Hillsboro, here, as almost everywhere, are
1. Because there is manifestly no
Or. The favor is ver striking. staunch and earnest prohibitionists.
Bible for it. John was in the
He is a fine singer, and
In my travels I have noted with
Spirit on the Lord’s day. 2. The
ed the large audience several times sadness a want of courtesy amongst
phrase has no history, it occurs no­ in the semi-centennial, meetings
where else in the Bible, nothing is with solos rendered in the very our preaching brethren, which I
said as to how the day is to be finest style. But the friends at may be permitted, I trust, to speak
of without offence to any. Often
kept, what day it is, or whether it Monmouth will be
most interested when a meeting closes, the preach­
is to be kept at all or not. 3. It is to hear of David Rohrer and his
er in charge rushes around shaking
out of order, Because the first day interesting family consisting now,
hands with all as if afraid that the
of the week is called Sabbath eight
since the death of Sister Rohrer, neglect of one might affect his
times in the New Testament, twice
more than two years a^o, of Sisters salary, while a strange preacher is
by John himself. Sabbath has a Mary and Alice, and Charlie. There
left standing near the pulpit twir­
history, we know what it means.
lives not a more generous and noble ling his hat between his fingers or
And the frequent use of the name
spirit in any land than Dave tapping a front tooth with the head
Lord when not required may be
Rohrer. The girls and Charlie, of his umbrella. I have often beeD
profane. At any rate the too fre­
with their cousin, John Rusk, who made to think of good Bro. J. E
quent use of the name of God is an
makes his home with them, spared Murphy who never overlooked any,
aggravated breach of the third
commandment. But on this I do no effort to make my stay among nor failed through any selfish mo*
not insist. But I think it strange them pleasant. Indeed it was so tive or feeling to show all the
that none of the Bible writers ever delightful to be with them, that I courtesy due to a stranger. I say
thought of that delightful and spent nearly all my time, when not not these things from any want of
honorable name “ Lord’s day ” for actually engaged, Rpeaking in their
attention to myself. Indeed I have
the Christian Sabbath.
received, in the main, all the kind­
.W m . M. S tewart .
Puyallup, W, X, July, 1883.
—...... They are still ministering to the ness and honor due me. But as aa
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