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by the Board at the suggestion of
the brethren of each county so far
as their adviceifi 111»
be secured. These meetings will be
in the nature of informal counsels
of the “ elders and brethren,” that
not only the officers but the rank
and file of our forces may be pro­
perly marshalled for the approach­
ing movement. From all we can
learn the time is most propitious.
But do not forget that all success
depends greatly upon the prelimin­
aries, the preparation of the people
to “ hear and believe.” Note the
success attending the late meeting
at Scio, where the indefatigable
labors of Bro. Doty prepared the
winds for the reception of truth.
It is ever the same. There must
"be sowing before reaping. Yea,
verily, now and then, especially in
dry times such as Willamette valley
5s having at this time, there must
1>e deep plowing and a might of
good judicious -harrowing.” “A
word to the wise,” &c, Sic.
The Annual Cooperation is com­
ing on. Place, Salem. Time, Oct.
J6-19. "Theme, Carrying out of
Christ’s commission in its principals
and its details, in its generals and
uv’orj^ uOi-fi x i/ay,.‘ T5? n,'~k jr rir jgyJ r
' what is said and
■what is meant, in what is expressed
and what is implied, in fine, reading
the lines and between the lines, by
discussions and exhortations, to
learn more fully the duty of all the
f&ints in their ministerings of the
»spirit to the world and the church.
Now remember. Also, if you wish
any particular feature of this work
discussed write immediately to the
Board and suggest. Sit down as
soon as this is read, pen your sub­
ject and post it to us. A place will
be found for it if possible.
T ake N otice .—It must come
legitimately under the “ Theme.”
No “ foolish questionings,” “ gene­
alogies ” or “ oppositions of science
falsely so called,” but that which
will “minister grace to the hearers.”
We like the suggestion of Bro.
Floyd regarding an ocean beach
camp ground. We suggest that
Bros. Spriggs, Doty, Floyd and
Stanley, with all others who can
go, act as committee to proceed by
caravan to Yaquina on or about the
close of this month, to stay over
one Lord’s day, at least, and while
there locate the ground and estab­
lish the same. Some brethren over
tlierc now will render all possible
A gain .—To successfully carry on
the work of missions we need to
k«vo 10,<)00 of J. W. Higbee’s tracts
and other literature
Fifty dollars will buy the 10,000
or $50 worth of any other tracts
which will be a good supply. Now,
we are going to ask the Superin­
tendent of the various Sunday
schools of the State to give the
scholars an opportunity of render­
ing this assistance. Please present
this matter to them as soon as you
can at the next meeting. Ask them
to contribute ffve or ten cents
apiece (no more) for the same.
Send the amount to I. G. Davidson,
Portland, by postal order. You
can get them now for three cents
if less than $5, and no school need
send more than five dollars. If too
much money comes in we will leave
it to the schools to say whether it
shall be appropriated to some one
of cmr_missions in other lands.
Please be prompt. Wirsfiall report
Sept. 1st all money so collected.
Who will second the motion ?
Quite a number of brethren from
a distance are getting ready to come
to our Cooperation. Bros. Chee-
tham and Moss are under promise
*o bo present, and wo look for
others from that point of the com­
C or S ec .
Original Contributions.
“ Answer to Questions ”
In the C hristian H erald of
June 1st, “ Christian Missionary ”
answers Bro. Peterson’s questions.
I have not seen the questions, but,
whatever they may have been, the
answers» and statements connected
therewith, demand careful, prayer­
ful attention.
Some statements in the article
.under review JL. .heartily endorse,
and regret all the more that these
truths should be hemmed in and
vitiated by what I deem such
•hocking errors. I would love to
emphasize the truths but time and
space will allow only an examina­
tion of what 1 believe to be his
errors, and this as briefly as possi­
1. Be it remembered that Chris-
tion Missionary said he was writing
on Christian Cooperation. How
unfortunate he did not instruct the
brethren on the subject and be
content. Perhaps he thought he
was doing this when he put
“ Christian Cooperation ” along
with “ Christmas,trees,” “ Instru­
mental music in the . church,”
“ Hymn-books,” &c. Claiming no
divine authority for any of them !
Now he says, “ I do not intend to
be drawn into a discussion of these
themes.” Why not, if “ Christian
Cooperation ” belongs to that class
of themes L and,if it does net-why
name them ? It seems to be the
policy with certain scribes to write
everlastingly on “ these themes ”
ami yet HfiXgr to discuss them ; to
lug them in as illustrations of the
reductio ad absurdum, for the
benefit of those who wish to be
guided by the word of God in their
mission work—to say of him who
does not approve of “ Christmas-
trees,” organs, etc.,.. that he was
l>orn in the objective case— he is an
“ old fogief and anti-missionary.
f protest. Of course a discussion
of‘‘4besethamesL”.js impossible
with such a classification. Hence
all “ these themes ” are bundled up
together and labeled “ Peculiar
spirit dn(t~genius ” of Christianity.
I protest again, and observe that
when a man doesn’t know what to
say, or is trying to advocate what
V not taught in the word of God,
ne begins to write about “ peculiar
spirit and genius ” of Christianity.
Yes, it is peculiar.
2. I quote from H erald of June
1st by Christian Missionary this :
“If they meant that I am to with­
hold fellowship from one who is
using any means for carrying out
the service of Christ, though the
means be not specially designated,
then they were wrong.- To illus­
trate :
We are commanded to
‘ neglect not the assembling of our­
selves together.’ Now no brother
has a right to make it a question of
fellowship whether that assembling
be in a private house, a hall, a
grove, or house built purposely for
that assembly. The location, the
kind of a houseT&c., are frequently
made questions of division.” What
a pity if so ! but if so, the disagree­
ment over the kind of a house has
nothing to do with the divine com­
mand “ to neglect not the assem­
bling of ourselves together.” Then
why take on this command, this
foreign question. I venture that
no enlightened brother amongst us
doubts that the persistent neglect
of the assembling is a test of fellow­
ship, but who could think that the
kind of a meeting house touches
the question of fellowship. Here is
the putting together things that
differ. Again, the brother does not
“ withhold fellowship from one
who uses any means for carrying
by or
.Dated.” Why say “ specially desig­
nated" as though those who call
for Scripture teaching on means
one a
and I
demand the name of the thing ?
ko intelligent brother demands that
the words ^Christian Coopération
lie found in the Bible before he
will cooperate, but he does demand
e. f
(and rightly) that the cooperation
be such as he can read about in the
Bible. —————-
3. “I think,” says Christian
Missionary, “ we wholly misinter- |
pret Christianity when we make it]
a system of ivorship -wherein we[
must have a precept, example, or
legitimate inference.” 1 suppose
Tie does not mean that we coul
have Christianity and leave these
out; but that other things not thus
taught make up Christianity. How!
does he know that anything
of the Bible is a part of Christian­
ity ? If it be so, then the word o
God does not thoroughly furnis
us ’ —is not an all sufficient guidi
hut needs supplementing.
4. He crosses his own path thus.
“ If we do anything without a con
viction of its rightfulribss it is sin."j
Yes, but how are we to get that*
conviction ? from the Bible or
side of it ? If from outside of
Bible, how will we know that
conviction is right ? If we get i
from reading the Bible it must 1
there either as a precept, example
that e
or legitimate inference.
5. “Now let us come,” i says he flf 1
“ to the broader view of the Chrofl
tian life, (that word “ broader,
insinuates that he who wishes to I pe
guided by the word-*of God is t< hr
narrow) It is certainly not m* pec
up of what we do in the house i bcie
the Lord, (who said it was ?) in ti pct
assembly of the saints,” and then
quotes Col. 3: 17, Whatsoever ye
in word or deed, do all in then
of the Lord Jesus.” Just so,
how could we do anything in
name of the Lord Jesus concerni
which he gives no instruction
which he does not in some w
authorize ?
6. I quote again: “ You can ’fi
no authority for building a meeti
house, no direction for an hour’
meeting, no provision for a Sundi>
school, no direction with regard :tn
providing a place for baptizii is
It is doubtful whether there is ai„ lu
reference to baptizing in pvl'1 h ri
service t certainly no reference >pe
.« V." . ' .
* .
>'■ •'