Christian herald. (Portland ;) 1882-18??, July 06, 1883, Page 15, Image 15

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    OuniSTIAlsr HERALD
■ '
It is not by constraint or by
painful effort that we make real
progress. On the contrary, it is
simply a question of yielding up
our will,, of going every day
whithersoever God may lead us,
■di ac ouraged by--^
with the present moment, thankful
to let him do all who has made all,
and leave our own will immovable
within his will. How happy it is
to abide in this condition ’ How
satisfied is the heart, even though
it may lack all else.— Fenelon.
Wells’ “ Rough ou Corus.”
Ask for Walls’ “ Rough on Corns.”
15c. Qaick, complete, permanent cure,
Corns, warts, bunions.
..... ... ......
A plumber who was about to die
said : “ My only regret at dying is
because where I am going water­
pipes never freeze up.”
What’s Saved is Gained.
Workingmen will economize by employ
ing Dr. Pierce’s Medicines.
Pleasant Purgative Pellets "and “ Gol-
Medioal Discovery” cleanse the blood
and system thus preventing fevers and
other seiions diaaastB^and curing all
scrofulous and other humors. Sold by
A little boy watched a bee craw­
ling on his hand till stopped and
stung him, when he sobbed : “ 1
dadn’t mind its walking about, but
when it sat down it hurt awful.”
Brown’s Bronchial Troches, as a rem­
edy for Coughs and Throat Troubles :
“ Great service in subduing Hoarse
nesa.”— Rev. Daniel Wise New York.
“Greatly relieve any uneasiness in the
throat."— & 8. Curry, Teacher of Ora
tory in Boston University. , “ Indispensa­
ble to me, having used them through
all my ministerial life.”—Tier- C. S
Vedder, Charleston, S. C.
--------- ;----------- :----•
The objection which is frequently ur­
ged against Compound Oxygen by per­
sons who have not made themselves ac­
quainted with the natural und scientific
action, is- that th8”
same agent administered it for all dis­
eases—for Neuralgia or Catarrh ; for
Consumtion or Rheumatism ; for Heart
Disease ar Bronchitis. That it is offer­
ed as a universal specific. In his Trea­
tice on Compound Oxygen. Dr.,G. R
Starkey has fully explained the nature
?"oil NIG Hr Fl’O M n\T Til> TkVb? vtf tv
Any perwn who will UkeWE Pl LL
l - L
in' i ■ . > T»VkLV k WEEKS, mavbe restored to sound health, if such a thing is possible
For curing Female CompUmts these Pills have no eon al. Physicians use them in their practice. Sold everywhere or
Work Given Out. On receipt of your
address we will make an offer by which
If God smiles on us, no matter
iou can earn S3 to $7 evenings, at your
oma. Men, Women, Boys, or Girls about the frowns of the world.
can do it. H. 0. WILKINbON k Co.,
195 and 197 Fulton Street, New York.
A Lady wants To Know
C. C. CLINE & CO.,
[From th# Boston Globe.]
that it is not specific to any disease or
class of diseases, but that it acts direct
ly upon the nervous system and vital or­
gans, -and thence universally ill the
whole body. It gives,imar.. iatce..amla.,.
more vigorous action to all the life cen­ Meurt. Editor»
ters, thus restoring to nature the doThi-
The above fa a good llkeneM of Mrs. Lydia E. Pink­
of Lynn, Maas., who above all other human beings
nant power and healthy action which ham,
may be truthfully calk'd the "Dear Friend of Woman,"
has been lost. This being the ease, no a» some of her correspondent» love to call her. She
devoted to her work, which is the outcome
matter what the (tHease, or whare loca­ ia of acalously
a llfe-etudy, and is obliged to keep six lady
ted, it must be gradually ameliorated, aHKixtanta, to help her answer the large correspondence
winch daily pours in upon her, each l>earlng its special
and, if the central healthy action can be burden
of suffering, or joy at release from it. Her
Vegetable Compound is a medicine for good and not
maptained, fiually cured. Every in tele
evil purpose«. I have personally investigated it aud
egent atrd unprejudiced person will at am satisfied of the truth of this.
Oh account of its proven merits, it is recommended
ouce see that if the law of action which
and prescribed by the best physicians in the country.
is claimed for Compound Oxygon be t^ie One says: "It works like a charm and saves much
true atie, its operation must be univer- pain. It will euro entirely the worst form of falling
of tlio uterus. Lcucorrhcea. irregular and painful
sal, and not locaLpr spreitlB ; and tiial - - -Menstruation, alt Ovarian Troubles, inftammatton and
Ulceration, Floodings, all Displacements apdthecon-
all forms of disease may be reached by eviuent
spinal weakness, and is especially adapted to
this agent. This Treat iso will be sent the Change of Life."
It permeates every portion of the system, and gives
free to all who desire to recieve. S tar - new
life and vigor. It removes faintness, flatulency,
key a P alen , 1109 and 1111 Girard
destroys all craving tor stimulants, and relieves weak­
ness of the stomach. It cures Bloating. Headaches,
Street, Philadelphia, Pa.
Nervous 1‘roBtratlon, General Debility, »leeplessncss,
' AU orders for the Compound Oxygen Depression and Indigestion. That feeling of bearing
down, causing pain, weight and backache, is always
Home Treatment directed -to H. E. Ermancntly
cured by its use. It will at all times, and
dor all circumstances, act in harmony with the law
Mathews, 606 Montgomery Street, San
st governs the female system.
Francisco, will lie filled on the same
It costs only <L per bottle or six for #5., and Is sold by
ii sent directly to us iu Phila­ druggists. Any advice required as to special eases, and
the names of many who have been restored to perfect
health by the nae of the Vegetable Compound, can be
"*Many a sickly wo wan, «those sad ex
perience bad demonstrated alike the fail­
ure of conceited doctors and poisonous
^ruK*b bas obtained a new lease of life
for a few dollars worth of th) Vegetable
Compound and has gone on ber way re-
joiceing and praising Mrs. Lydia E.
Pinkham, of Lynn, Mass.
The Law of Cure ander the Compound
Oxygen Treatment.
The love of Christ, which sceined
to culminate when'he hung upon
the cross, has never declined from
the white heat with whieh it then
glowei It is now and always at
the same point; but the infinite
efficacy of that proof of His love
has foreVer rendered its repetition
A recent German writer says: unnecessary.— Dr. Dukes.
________ <£-
“The lark goes up singing toward
Ammen’s Cough Syrup cures colds,
heaven; but if she stops the motion coughs, bronchitis and consumption.
of her wing, then straightway she
It is the providence of ministers to do
fails. So with him who prays not. good, tt erefore we think every minister
inform himself in regard to Am-
Prayer is the movement of the should
raeu’a Cough Syrup, and after being
wings of the soul : it bears one satititkid that it in all that is claimed for
it, recommend it ; thus lives can be
heavenward ; but without prayer he saved
aud then taught how to save their
sinks in the filth of the earthly im­ souls. We are told that the proprietor
is always willing to give a bottle free to
any minister of family who wishes it to
Only what we have wrought into
our characters during life can we
take away with us.
obtained by addressing Mrs. I’-, with stamp for reply,
at lier home in Lynn, Mass.
I'or Kidney Complaint of either sex this compound is
unsur]>asHed as abundant testimonials show.
"Mrs. Fink ham's Liver Fills,” says one writer, "are
the beet in the world tor the cure of Constipation,
Biliousness and Torpidity of the liver. Her Blood
Puriiler works wonders in its sfjWial line and blds fair
to ispial the Compound in its popularity.
®A 11 must respect her as an Angel ot Mercy whoee sole
ambition is to do good to others.
J'luladelphia, Fa.
Mrs. A. M. D.
¿. kidney -W ort ;
“I No other d'acas«? 1« so pre valent in thia ooun-
“|try a, Constipation, and no remedy has evei1
S equalled the celebrated Kidney-Wort as a
erre. Whatever the cause, liowever obstinate
the case, this remedy will overcome it.
THIS distressing com- *
i ■
plaint is very apt to be
complicated with constipation. Kidney-Wort
strengthens the weakened parts and quickly
cures all kinds of Piles even when physicians
snd medicines have before failed.
I J- Í STIf you have cither of these trouble.
V pRmn Employment
ri use
for Ladies.
Tl.e ouccn City Suspendt t Oni|mny of Cin-
cninati are W»»w ntanuf.u luring and intrcxIiKinff
tbei; new Rtorliltig KwppoHrr* for lawllr* ana
< hiMrrn,an<ltheir utirqualutHMrl Bu»|»en«lrr»
f< r Ladle*, ami want reliable U<ly agents tobeU
jt -\thr,n
evr 1 y liousehohl. Our agents every-
/Srn wbete meet with ready success and make hand-
’ •
some salaries. Write at on« c for terms and se-
cure.exclusive territory. Address
/■ <d *s
(¿itron flty HH*|»emler
fry Leading Phy»uiau» reu^mend these Supporters;
the latest Parisian style of dress and
bonnet; a new way to arrange the hair.
Millions are expended for artificial ap
pliances which only make conspicuous
the fact that emaciation, nervous debil­
ity and female weakness exist-. Dr.
i Ci ill Iwl < < i;r ir vHii doi i ’. i k
Pierce’s “ Favorite Prescription” is U I I V ||| CHLORIDE of DO ID.
E ikv F to «'. Th* MorpAfw*/Yy. 2(»O np. S1.0U
sold nuder a positive guarantee. If us­ io
Z attp , E KKF.T.KYLM. D-.D wiomt . uj *.
ed as directed, urtcau be dispensed with.
Cured tn IO
It will overcome those diseases peculiar A m IB SB M«r»hln«
to females. By druggists.
HOU IM habit easily
OPIUM rutaiffis®
K Y .
t e a v b :
wofu »nd wWk, cue year"5(TctX, sis month»
30 eta., three mouth» 15 eta. Good Word», 10
or more copies, oue year, 45 cent» per copy ;
six months, 23 ceuta ; three month», 12 cen'».
Eittle Pearls, 10 or more copies, one year, 30
cents per copy ; six mouths, 15 cents; three
months, 8 cents.
Les. Monthly 3 Months -----
6 Months
1 Year
“Wcnptrs“' —.. “.-TO------
2 IM)
'J .50
r —
Le». Guide, 3 Month» (J Month» - 1 Year
10 copies,
2 50
No Subscription» received for les» than Ten
Copic» of the Lennon Monthly and Lesson
No,310 W. Main St., Louisville, Ky.
Fnu Choo's liultuiu of Shark’s Oil
Positively Rewtore» the Hearing, and is the
Only Absolute Cure fur Deafness Known.
This Oil is abstracted from peculiar species o
»mall. White Shaxk. caught in the Yellow Soa,
ki-'jyn a» Carcbarodon Rondeletii.
OiWpesc fisherman knows it. Its virtues a» a
restorative of hearing were discovered by a
Buddhist Priest about tlie year 1410. Ita cures
ingly mir-
were ho numerous and many so seeinini
aculous, that the remedy was officially
ially pn
claimed over the entire Empire. Ita use be­
came so universal that for over 300 years no
Deafness has existed amoi g the Cliineae people.
Sent, chargee prepaid, to any address at $1.00
per bottle.
Hear What the Deaf Say!
It ha» performed a miracle in my ca»e.
I have no unearthly noises in my head and
hear mnch better.
I have boen greatly benefited.
My deafness helped a great deal—think an-
other bottle will cure me.
My hearing is much benefited.
I have received untold benefit.
My hearing is improving.
It is giving good satisfaction.
Have been greatly benefited, and am rejoiced
that I saw the notice of it.
“Its virtues are' unquesticxiable and its
curative character absolute, as the writer can
personally testify, both from experience and
observation. Write at once to Havlock A Jen-
ney, 7 Dey Street, New York, enclosing Si .00,
and you will receive by return a remedy that
will enable you to bear like anybody else, and
whose curative effects will be permanent. You
will never regrot doing so.”—Editor of Afirrcan-'
Me Jieoiew.
a^-To avoid loss in the mails, please send
money by Registered letter.
Only imported by HAYLOCK A JENNEY,
7 Dey St., N. Y.
Sole Agent» for America.
Mlchltls who earnestly desire relief. I can
furnish a means of Permanent and Pos
^Hlitlve Cure. A Home Treatment. No
/Wlcharqe for consultation by mail. Vnlua-
■ ■ ^wjlhle Treatisef re<- Certificatesf-om Doc-
ML Wfltors, lawyers. Ministers. Business-men
Address Rev. T. P CHILDS, Troy. Ohio.
by mail, a Golden Box of Goods, that will bring you In mom
■noney la Oow Month than anvthlng «I m In America. Ab»o-
luU Certainty. M. Young, Hi Grwnwkh Sk, New York»
▼m "D A VQ to 86,1 our H*nd Rubber
£JL Jt A I D Stamp«. Samples fre«.
Pitij&mbe A Co-, Clevelaud. O.
A WEEK, Hi a davat lióme easily made. Cnetly
> / * (Juttit tree. Address Tnur. A Co., Augusta, Me,