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teacher at that time, she admitted
Report from Hebron.
the force of all the points made in
L atham , O r , June 4, 1883.
the discourse, but said, “ there is
JWmfithing back of all this.” So, at
On Thursday, May 24th, Bros.
my request, she very promptly
and Sharp commenced a
wrote out a number of questions,
touching the Godhead, Inspiration, meeting here. On Sunday follow-
-------- 1
which in a few days I answered in terest of the meeting by his presence
writing and handed her for her and assistance. Tuesday 29th, Bro.
consideration. We spent a few I. N. Mulkey arrived, according to
moments in reviewing them, and pre vious arrangements. Thursday
the next opportunity that offered 31st, Bro. Callison was compelled
she came to confess the Savior and to return home, very much to.pur
obey him in all things. It was a regrets as well as to the detriment
great joy to every one. There are of the meeting. Up to that time
many others in the same communi­ had 4 confessions and one baptism.
ty who are “ almost persuaded." I Bro. Mulkey, assisted by Bro. Sharp,
_------ lrnpa andAhey may be-alto-- continued the—meeting tmtrl—best*
gether ready to enter the “ new evqriing, June 3rd; the immediate
result of which was 6 by confession
We had a small congregation at
The labors of the brethren during
that place organized by Bro. Boyles
meeting proves to my mind
about five .years ago. This is the
home of Bro. B. who has a bid all that if the good brethren of Oregon
claim, some of which is very good, would put forth the same effort in
but the greater part stands on its developing, encouraging and re­
edge. Bro. B. is a master work­ munerating home talent that we do
man and ought to be in the field in our effoits to get something neiv
mould-have-^ succcssfnt -and
-aU the time: He has calls await-
ing him as soon as harvest time efficient ministry in our midst.
The report of the Sunday-school
will permit.
The Southern Methodist, have a was read by our Secretary yester­
small organization at the same day. The average attendance for
place and have preaching twice per the month of May was sixtv-one.
W. J. W hite .
---- --
There is a large order of the
The Scio Meeting.
Good Templars and the saloon is
about starved out.
Scio, O r ., June 11, 1883.
The meetings are*all held in the Bro. J. F Floyd :
school bouse which had ten feet
Our meeting that followed the
added to it last year and makes it county cooperation meeting just
The people closed to day, having lasted 10 days.
quite commodious,
have it on foot now to build a The meeting was conducted by
house of worship and have a Bros. D. M. Doty of Scio and J. W.
templar lodge room above.
^Spriggs of Salem, who worked har­
This is oq the banks of Stjney moniously together, and, by the
creek at the foot of Mt. St. John, way/had labored together in the
where the scenery is delightful vineyard of the Lord for the salva­
Plateaus here and there joyful with tions of souls before coming to
happy homes, while the lowing Oregon. It seemed, through the
herds quench their thirst in limpid instrumentality of Bro. Doty’s in­
waters of Stoney creek. Only a cessant labor with the people, they
few hours ride will take you far, were ready to receive the truth as
far up among the tall pines, where it had been proclaimed from the
the murmuring pines raise their* pulpit, and his every day life with
tall heads in the pure air, and the tha-church ; they were anxious to
panting deer ruminates by the announce before the world by their
mountain brooks.
action as well as words that there
AS the location is near Willows was a reality in the religion of
where our State Evangelist has Christ, for they had been sufficient­
just held a very successful meeting, ly educated to believe that it was
they may employ a laborer for the their duty as well as a great
two vineyards.
privilege to lead a different life by
, Yours,
placing their affections upon God
B ro . D urham .
that created them and placed them
College City, Cal.
here upon earth not simply for
Cnina has decided not to oppose pleasure and amusement, but to a
France in Tonquin.
realization of théir oondition and
duty that we owe to our God and
bountiful benefactor < fur , the,
blessings we enjoy upon this earth,
'God’s footstool. Bro. J. W. Spriggs
preaching without rest the greater
portion of the time. The audiences
until the close, 'O
greatest attention to his forcible
and clear illustrations in the pre­
sentations of the gospel. He left
many friends to wish him the
greatest of success in proclaiming
wortWGtxk . ”-A-nd wrr Tire ex-'
ceedingly glad to report that their
labors have not been in vain for
there were quite a number added to
the church. 1 from the Baptists, 1
from theTresbyterians, 2 by com­
mendation, 21 by confession anil
baptism and 3 by letter; total 29.
We are satisfied that the good seed
sown will*induce others to obey the
gospel and seek fellowship with the
saints and to guide them dining
their sojourn here below. May the
good work still go on till many
moro may see the error of their
ways, is the sincere desire of your
R. F. A shby . '
Report of State Treasurer. ;
P ortland , O r .,
June 13, 1883.
where I will preach if desired. The
congregation at the latter place I
am acquainted with by reputation.
From there I shall determine the
course of my travels.
Yours in Christian love,
P PAHKfe------
Current Religious News.
The Norwegian
Oftebro, at Ekjowe, Zululand, on a
recent Sunday baptized twenty-five
heathen. _ Most oLih.e. CQD.V£rts had,..
been receiving instruction in the
school for several years.
Women are laboring successfully
as evangelists in_Wfiideyan-™Metlio-
dist circuits in England.
labors of Mrs. Jeffrey, of London,
have been greatly blessed in country
places in the Ipswich circuit, and
Miss Benjafield has just closed a
week’s special services in Hents-
bridge, which resulted in fifty con­
The Congregational Church at
Greenwich, Conn., recently elected
two new deacons and one deaconess.
The church in its early history was
served efficiently by a deaconess,
there being but one male member
and he so unworthy as to require
The ten thousand converts of the .
Bro. Floyd :
Since last report tire following Rhenish mission of the Cape Colo­
ny, contributed in 1881 36,000
Amounts "have been received":.!'
marks for church, and 5,000 marks
Albany............... ..
for school purposes.’ A mark may
Forest Grove......... .........
Brownsville.. ..........
be counted as about a quarter of a
Salem ...........................
Junction City...................
dollar; so the entire contributions
Henry Davvlson, Halsey
of these people amounted to about
East Chehalom....... ........
$8,000. One college of 274 souls
gave 5,280 marks, or $1,300.
»"T V
Scio.... ....
Mt. Pleasant.
Monmouth ..
Coquille City
The American Sunday School
Union, which held its fiftv-ninth
anniversary at Hartford, Conn., on
I. G. D avidson ,
the evening of the 20th, reported
Treasurer O. C. M. C.
the following summary of work
-- ---------- • • • • >
---- —
during the past year : New schools
organized, 2,2 o 2; teachers in the
E llensburgh , VV. T.,
same, 10,376;
scholars, 82,749.
June 7, 1883.
Addresses were made by GeD,
Dear Brother:
Joseph R. Hawley, Rev. C. I. Good­
I ex|>ect to start on a trip to ell of St. Louis, and ex Governor A.
California in a few days for the H. Colquett of Georgia.
benefit of my health and my mife’s,
At the recent session of the Aus­
and I want to say through our
Church Congress, Dr. Moor­
paper to the brethren in California
house, the Bishop of Melbourne, ad­
wherever I may chance to go, 1 vocated an occasional change of
want to work w hile among you. 1 pulpits with ministers of other de­
Dr. Bromby soon
am acquainted with many good nominations.
Charles Strong,
.brethren in the Golden State, yet,
like all other places, they are scat­ pastor of the Scotch Church, to ex­
change pulpits with him and preach
tered far and wide. I shall pass in St. Paul’s Cathedral, Melbourne. :
from San Francisco south through The invitation was accepted and
San Jose, Gilrby and Hollister, the exchange took place.