Christian herald. (Portland ;) 1882-18??, June 15, 1883, Page 12, Image 12

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your taste be what it may, it can be sup- IT IIAS DONE WONDERFUL THINGS
: plied with this collection.
Great care has been taken in regard to
| Under thi« head we will be pleased to give
bo writes a daughter of the effect of
editorial reviews of all books ana tracts of inter­ its appearance, as it Í6 intended for the
Compound Oxygen on her mother, a
est that may be sent to this office. ]
musi? repository as well as the library. lady in her sixty-ninth year," about
S am H obart , by Justin D. Fulton,
Price, per copy S3.50. Special in­
D.D.—There, is no reading so interest­ ducements to A penis. Send your orders whose case, when submitted to us for
ing to mankind as the biographies of now, and we will 1111 them in turn as an opinion, we wrote discouragingly.
After the first Treatment had been used
men. Carlyle has truly said that there soon as completed.
up, this report was made : “ You per-
. is “ no heroio poem iu the world but is
~ -iiMpgTe member That when" you gave her
at the bottom of
yi ■ i
(my mother yoar advice, yoq said that
“man?1' In reading the biographies of
did not think her case as hopeful as
OF I srael ;
the great and good, we seem to have
a majority of your patients, so that you
s rme of the life departed transferred into O b , T he T rue H istory O f T he N orth
cannot always tell in advance. It has
us. We have in the life of Bam Hobart
A merican I ndians .
wonderful things for her, and I
an “ heroic poem ” which will move the Showing that they are Jhe Descendents
have been glad if you could have
readtrio tears and laughter, and excite
of these Ten Tribes.
them. At the time she cum-,
and delight.
It is written
. .........................
......... in ; 1st. This^work .mb-ruccs tin» history^
Dr. lulions beat and raciest style: HFT of the North American Indians, from ¡ me reed taking th« Oxygen, she did not
bail an ultimate knowledge of and ac­ the landing of the Pilgrims, giving snch think she could live very long. 8he
quaintance with hid sut^ad, and was portion of the history designed to prove was feeble, very much depressed in
therefore the better qualified to write that those Ten Tribes were their ances­ spirits, a victim of. extreme nervous ;
prostration, with no special sign of dis- [
the life of the man he so warmly loved tors.
beside. Life was almost a burden !
and adpaired. Nothing Dr. Fulton ever
2nd. It gives many important facts
wrote is equal in literary merit to this connected with Indian History that have to her, so dark and dreary looked the
book. Ruilway men of all classes, never before appeared in print—that of whole woild. To-day she is cheerful,
Tigs powder never varies. A marvel parity,
mechanics of all kinds, workingmen of forts, mounds, and other curiosities of with more strength and soeming vitality strength
and wholesotneneas, More economi
than most persons of her age—sixty- cal than the ordinary kinds, and can not be sold
all branches of labor will eagerly de­ the United States.
in competition with the multitude of low test,
nine. After a busy forenoon, she has short
vour its pages and become better arti­
w > ight, alum or^ihosphate powders. .
3d. The work includes the most im­
only in cam.' II oval B aking P owdkb C o .,
sans, while professional men will derive portant discoveries made at Newark, O., gone a quarter of a mile to make ealls.”
106 Wall St., New York.
refreshment and stimulus from its les­ authenticated by Rev. Matthew B. Mil­ Our Treatise on Compound Oxygen,
containing large reports of cases and
sons. ' Funk & Wagnalls, New York.
ler and others. Also, large extracts
full information, sent free. Address
The Only Two Books of the Kind Pub­ from the woiks published in the early D bs . S tabkey & P aden , 1109 and Jill
part of this century, by Elias Boudenot, Girard Street, Philadelphia, Pa.
lished !
with all the discoveries made in the
All orders for the Compound Oxygen
HISTORY OF MUSIC last seventy years bearing upon thfcTn- Home
JmtaBJjJt directed to Bi £.
- Motbews^öOS Montp^nrnrrr Street, Kan
— * tereEttagTiffysTioh.
Tog e tlm r With a Representative Piece ■ 4th. In this connection we give rraDctsco, will be filled on the same
terms as sent direptly to us in Phila­
of Music From Each Author.
lengthy articles from writings of Wil­ delphia;
H istory of M usic and its A merican liam Penn, James 8. AJilligan, D.D.,
C omposers is divided into three parts
and James 1». Wilson, D.D. In'addi­
1st. Jis History, giving many new and tion is also added the entire of Wendell EARS FOR THE MILLION.
interesting things relative to its origin Phillips’ lecture on the Lost Arts.
and progress. Though the art of music
Foo Ch<»<>'■> llaliuni of Shark'» Oil —
The author has devoted a large
has reached a very high degree of per amount of time for the past sixteen Positively Restores the Hearing, and is lire
faction, yet how greatly has the histori­ years in gathering up from various his­ I Only Alisolute Cure fur Deafness Known.
cal part been neglected, and yet how es­ tories, facta connected with this ques­ This Oil is abstracted frobi jieciilitr species o
White Hhaik, caught in the Yellow Sea,
sential and interesting is a knowledge of tion. bo this volume is not the work of small
known as Carcharodon Romleletii. Every
it^ Jyistory from the beginning to the a day, a month, or a year, but of many Chinese fisherman knows it. Its virtues us a
restorative of hearing were discovered by a
present, noticing the progress made by years of earnest research.
Buddhist Priest about the year Jill). It» ciocs
were so numerous and many so seemingly uxir- HARNESS A SADDLES,
the different people throughout the va­
The book contains about four hund­ acideas,
that the remedy was orticiallv pro­
rious ages of the past. Great pains red pages, beautifully bound in cloth claimed over
the entire Empire. Its use l»e-
have been taken, and many years spent and morocco, with title in gold. It is came so universal that for ever 300 CURRY COMBS A BRUSHES,
has existed amoi g the Chinese people.
in making this part of the work com printed on an excellent quality of paper Deafness
Kent, charges prepaid, to any address al $1.00
And everything that pertains to a First-Class
per bottle.
Shop Call and examine my Stock before pur­
2nd. American Composers, giving the
chasing elsewhere. The best of California
11» ar Wlist the Deaf Say!
very best style.
leather used.
biographies of all composers of any note
It has jwrforincd a miracle in my case.
in America, from the first up to the
1 have no unearthly noises iu my head and
present time, including excellent por­
hear much l<ctter.
I have l>een greatly benefited
traits of nearly three-fourths of them. copy, in cloth, $2 50 ; in morocoo, $3.00.
My deafness helped a great deal—think an­
rates to agents.
We are confident this will be an. inter­
other 1 Kit tie will cure me.
Complete outfit Bent to agents upon
My hearing is much benefited.
esting 1< ature of the work, as here we
I have receivod untold benefit.
can see the portraits and read the histo­ receipt of $2.50. Be careful to state
My hearing is improving.
territory you wish to work.
It is giving good satisfaction.
ries of those who have given us the ben­
Have been greatly benefited, and am rejoiced
Adjress orders for cithei of the above
efits of their labors. Owing to the books
I saw the notice ot it.
large number and exact likeness of these T he F ireside F riend P lblihiiing C o .,
“ Its virtues are unquestionable and its
photographs contained in this work, it
curative character alwolnte, as the writer can WILL BE FOUND THE BE8T STOCK OF
Springfiefld, Ohio.
personally testify, both from experience and
will be one cherished by all lovers of
otmervation. Write at once to Haylock A Jen- l
Dr. Pierce’s “Favorite Prescription” ney, 7 -Dey Street, New York, enclosing ®1 .<><», i
rl ai r
3d. Their Music. In this department is a most powerful restorative tonic, mid yon wilt receive by return a remedy that
enable you to hear like anybody else, and
wrH be found a piece of music from the also combining the most valuable nerv­ will
whose curative effects will be iiermanent. You
never regret doing so.”—Editor of Afrroon-
pen of each author whose biographies ine properties, especially adapted to the will
tile lteview.
And in fact everything belonging to a
are herein contained. One Piece of wants of debilitated ladies suffering
nyi o avoid loss iu the mails, please send first class ghop. My Stock of Fine and
Music -from every American Composer / from weak back, inward fever, conges­
Only imported by IIAYLOCK A JENNEY, Heavy Harriets is the best ever In this
Think of it ! Where can there be a work tion, inflammation, or ulceration, or
1 D. y St., SI. T.
oonnty. Call and see before buying.
13 4-ly
Repairing done. Charges reasonable.
obtained that contains such a variety from nervousness or neuralgic pains. Sole Agents for America.
and collection of music ? All classes, By druggists.
g>ades and styles, for any instrument,
are found in this department; and this . Better fail alhoysantl times, and
rnwo good houses , one
music being a sample of the work of in everything else, than attempt to
I with one lot, the other with
two lots, in the town of Mon­
many different authors, you may feel shape fur yourself a life without
mouth ; a good garden spot,
assured that great care has been taken God, without hope ill Christ, and A good rgain. Terms: half down and the
balance on time. __
For _____
further information <70 A WEFK.S12 a dav at borneeaaily made. Costly
ju its preparation and »election. Let without an interest in heaven.
apply to ltobert Foulkes io H erald office.’
& Uutül free. Address T hus A Co.. Augusta, MG.
Absolutely Pure.