Christian herald. (Portland ;) 1882-18??, June 08, 1883, Page 2, Image 2

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when we remember that Bro. 1). M. convenient, contains the- largest So it is with the church of , speaks we will speak, and wheJ
Doty who lives at Scio is the only membership, or in other words Christ. It is being in the church of the Bible is silent we will be silent]
preacher we have in the county, no which one suits me best ? Now it Christ that gives assurance of our The work was not only to sad V'
one will be surprised at this small seems to us that 'if there was not salvation and not ih denomination­ themselves, but to restore, as far 1 (i:
'^attendance of preachers. As the a complete failure in the conversion al ism. One can enter a sectarian was in their power, the true dol
. of’... itba uuuxUm, .lyiil, of this class of professed Christians, laxly by choide without entering trine and worship as it came frej
soon lie published in the H eii ALD, they have certainly failed to come thechurch of Christ;and one can from TTie hands of tlnT" XjMstil
we will let them speak for thein^ in.possession of a correct view of enter the church of Christ without Through the efforts of these disJ .f
selves. On Lord's day morning and true Christianity and a knowledge entering denominationalism. The pies and a few others, hundrel
• evening we had the pleasure of ad­ of what it takes to constitute the church is as enduring as the nature were brought to see and realize til 11
dressing the people, and were glad church of Jesus Christ. We are of God, while denominationalism is necessity and beauty of such |
move, and hence the principlfl
to see the large house well filled not so much astonished at hearing doomed to a speedy destruction.
ami—defendJ ai
both "by The townpeoptrandothvTs
from many miles in the country. portunity of learning the difference and see what is required of us as spread rapidly throughout the su* it
We have a gixxl band of brethren between apostolic Christianity and God’s people and then a&t in perfect rounding country. From that di
at Scio, and in the surrounding modern sectarianism, talking on this accord with the divine will, and to the present, these priciples ha
country ami towns of the county, fashion; but when we hear those in forever banish from our minds the been so clearly set forth and i
ami they manifest much zeal in the our own ranks expressing such crude and dangerous idea IGaFlF fearlessly’defendedffiSTTJie
good cause of the Master. We views as these we are not only as­ makes no difference to which church church, once standing alone ai
made our short stay with our old tonished, but alarmed for the noble we belong. When th.e.z different . i looked on with suspicion, has grow
friend, Bro. D. M. Doty, and in be­ cause for which we plead. In the churches, cw such are shown to be ■ to be a large body of intelligent an
half of him and tire good brethren light of the New Testament Scrip­ churches of Christ it will be time influential religious people,
of Scio, we wish to say that we had tures to say that it makes no diih;r- enough to raise the question of dif->
This may be properly called th j
plenty of good things to eat, and if ence which church one belongs to is fere nee.
second reformatorymove since tlfl
any one doubts that we made good equivólent to saying that it makes
benighted influences of the Dari
use of our time in this respect, just no difference whether a person IS OUR WORK OF RESTO­ Ages has shrouded the world ij
let them consult sister D. Bro. D. obeys God or man. That some­
priest craft and misery ; but to E A
is evtotlx-.-Ulfi-T^ht n^.lnjhe„ body is wrong in this confusion in ™jQji_Monduy» ,.tb.e_twelfth day nt great extent it was very unlike til
—----- right place.—The brethren will pro- Christendom is a self evident prop­ Juno, l.SL k -Thm t m s C a mplxdl, hi s . Hist— la
I i t h u r^Ca l v i n, Z wingle an l *
tract their meeting a few days.
son Alexander, and five others, others, attempted a reformatio^:
I is
Bro. Whitney was called home on
upon a simple confession of their, and in many respects, they WCS k
Monday to see his sick, daughter. taught in the Bible as that there is faith in Christ, were immersed in very successful; but their won iri
Bro. Spriggs left on Saturday before but one God; and that all the llis name in the clear waters of did not reach far enough. What 1
we reached there. It is expected modern denominational organiza­ Buffalo Creek, Pennsylvania, by a might have been under more favoi
however that Bro. S. will return to tions arc not fashioned after the regular ordained Baptist preacher able circumstances, we are left on!
assist Bro. Doty in the meeting. primitive and local congregations by the name of Matthias Luce. to conjecture. As it was, th J
We formed pleasant acquaintances which in the aggregate constitute This conclusion was readied after wrested the BibleJrom the hands 1
at Scio, and are real glad we went. this one body of Christ is as clear much diligent and prayerful inves­ Popery and placed it in the hand
as the brightness of the noonday tigation of the Word of G<xl, and a of the people. This was a grail
We returned on Monday.
sun. Seeing then that there is but full determination to follow its work, and one for which weall fel
IT MAKES NO DIFFER­ one church of Christ, it follows that teachings in all matters pertaining
I profoundly thankful. John WeslJ
7- f there is no such thing as a free ex­
to life and godliness. These, with also, took some steps towards
ercise of choice in becoming a mem­ about thirteen others who soon after reformation; but his was rather
It is often remarked by some
ber of the church. It is simply to submitted to the authority of the j extension of the one already begi
Christian people that it makes no
join the church of Christ or remain Bible alone, constituted the first, and is properly classed under t
difference which church a person
in the world. This church is clear and for awhile, the only church of ‘ same head.
belongs to just so he is a member of
ly defined in the New Testament, the Reformation, and were known
These were all noble efforts i
some church. These people seem
and the Scriptures require a full as the congregation worshiping at ‘ the right direction; but, as
to labor under the delusion that all
and hearty faith in Christ and obe Bru.Ji Bun ' This little band of\ have said, they did not reach
the popular churches are right, are
dience to his will to make one a disciples having discovered, through enough, and hence there was left
worshipping God acceptably, and
memlier of this church and thus much study of the Scriptures, that more complete work for the Cam
hence it is simply a matter of
bring him into full fellowship with all Christendom had drifted away bells.
The former attempted
choice as to which one a person be­
his Savior and his brethren. It be from the practice and simplicity of reformation of existing societi
longs to, and they are not slow to
comes then on the part of every one Apostolic Christianity, and were while the latter proposed an ah
act upon this principle. When
a simple question of obedience or hence more or less in the fog of donment of all creeds and hum
people entertaining this notion of
non-+>bed ieneor—Th is—is—the - only mysticism rnirt sectartaiisnr; re­ ’ forms of cimrch government,
Christionity go into a city, town or
choice there is in the matter. We nounced all creeds and confessions I demanded a complete return to t
community where, more than one
are left no more free to choose be­ of faith as bonds of union and 1 I apostolie doctrine ami practic
church organization is found, they
tween churches than God left the Christian fellowship, and with the Tl# one was properly a reforu
begin to look around to see which
antediluvians free to choose their Word of God alone as their guide, tion, while the other was strictly
church best suits their taste and
own way of escape from the flood. set their faces towards Jerusalem ; work of restoration. Nor were t
this one at once becomes the church
The ark was tlffe only means pre­ with the full"* purpose of pleading, Campbells alone in their wor
of their choice. They never once
pared for their temporal deliverance both by word and deed, for a resto­ They were only the standard be
raise the question as to whether
and hence it was to get into that or ration of the ancient order of ers, while such men as Walt
this church or that one is a Script­
be swept away by the Hood. But things. They held that faith in the Scott, Jacob Creath, Sr, and Jo’
ural organization, or whether this
they could not get into that only on
one or that has any right to exist certain conditions. All those who Christ and obedience to his will Smith, rallied to their aid and 1 tiv
at all ; but the question with them complied with these 'conditions to was all that was necessary to con­ came moral powers in the land f po
is simply, Wliiclrchurch is the most the letter had an entrance into the stitute one a child of God. Their ‘ good. Thus the work of resto Bi
popular, the most wealthy, the most J ark and were saved ; the rest were motto was, “ Where the Bible 1 tion grandly moved on till w itli th<
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