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H ÌS KA 11)
Final Settlement.
T t A N
Below we give a partial list of the books we
to furnish our readers at publishers re­
.. the Estate of R. K. Waymire, deceased, tail prices.
We would just say in brief that we
having filed the final account of his doings
therein, Monday, July 2, A. D., 1883, has been are prepared to furnish most anything in the
ook line, and will be pleased to receive orders
set by the County Court of Polk County, Ore­ L
gon, for hearing the same. All persons are for same. We will add to this list as our time
hereby notified to appear at said-time at the and space will allow.
Court-house at Dallas in said County and file
their objections against the same, if any tliej-
1. Family Bibles, different styles, sizes, etc.,
bave, otiwrwise said administrator will have
stid Estate closed and his Ijondsmen exhoner- with prices from $2.25 to $18.
2. l’nlpit BiUles from $5 to$10.
’• •
from $1.50 to $19.
4. Revise»! New Testament, Compared Edi­
tion, $1.22 to $7 AO.
Administratrix Notice
' 5. Revised New Testament alone $1.80 and
15 cents.
otice is hereby given that i
Lesson Commentary, by J. H. Vincent, D.D.,
havo been appointed Executrix of the Es­ $1.25.
tate of E. II. Davis, late of Polk County, and McGarvey’s Commentary on the Acts of the
State of Oregon, deceased. All persons holding Apostles, $1 50.
Commentary on Matthew and Mark, by J. W.
claims against said Estate will present them to
ma at the office of Daly <t Butler, Dallas, duly McGarvey, $2.
vcrrffrff wittrm str "lYTOlTtllR from date, a nd nil
£}wke,—by"J. H.
1111 - ““
persona indebted thereto will please make me
Commentary on Hebrews, by R. Milligan, $2.
immediate payment.
Commentary on Paul’s Letter to the Ro­
Dated May 10,1883.
mans, by M.E. Lard, $3.
Analysis of the Four Gospels and Acte ; with
Leading Queries and Illustrations, for the use
of Sunday Schools, Families, etc., by R. Mili-
gan, $2.
Reason and llevelatiou^bj’ 11. Milligan, $2.
The Scheme of Redemption, by II. Milligan,
Administrator’s Notice.
Conybeare and Hnwson’s Life and Epistles of
otice is hereby given to all the Apostle Paul, $1.50.
whom it may concern that at the May
The New Biblical Atlas and Scripture Gazet-
• ■> .
Term, A. D. 1883, of the County Court of Polk tod' $1 .^{5. -
County, Oregon, I was appointed Administrator
Lands of tho Bible, by J. W. McGarvey, $3.
Nevin’s Biblical Antiquities, $1.50.
of the Estate of Amanda Richards, late of Polk
Nicholl’s Introduction to the Study of the
County, deceased. All persons indebted to
said Estate are requested to make me immediate Scriptures, $1.25.
payment, and all persons holding claims there-
Scnaff’s Bible Dictionary, $2.50.
against are required to present the same to me
Freeman’s Hand Book of Bible Manners and
dulv-verified wititia six months from tluadate. Customs, $2.23__
___ ________ _ —
Whitney’s Hand Book of Bible Geography,
Dated May 8,1883.
Barrow’s Companion to the Bible, $1.60.
Rawlinson's Historical illustrations of the
13-19-4 Old Testament, $1.
Walks about Jerusalem, by Isaac Errett, $1.
... TalLg in Rniviniiw, hy Imino Pryntt, $},___
—L e tter s -to-a-- Yonng Chri s ti a n, by Isaa c Er-
Final Settlement,
rett, 35 cents.
The Heavenward Way, by J. H. Garrison,
of the Estate of Wm. Bowman, deceased, 35 cents. -
having filed the final account of her doings Genuineness and Authenticity of the Gospels,
therein., Monday, July 2nd, at 10 o’clock, a . m . by B. A. Hinsdale, $1.25.
’Smith’s Unabridged Bible Dictionary. Ameri­
of said day has been set by the Court for bavin g
the same at which time all persons interested can Edition. Revised and edited by H. B.
will attend and show cause, if any they have, Hackett, D. D., assisted by Ezra Abbott, L.L.D.
why said account be not allowed and the Admin­ In fo ir volumes. Price'in ©loth, per set, $20.
Pricein Sheep, the set, $45.
istration closed.
Smith’s Bible Dictionary, $1 50.
Dated May 8, 1883.
Barnes’ Notes on the New Testament. $1.50
per volume. The volumes sold separately.
On the Four Gospels, 2 vols. On the Acts of
19-4 the Apostles. On the Epistle to the Romans.
"Bnr* .
On"t!ie First Epistle to the Corinthians. On
the Second Epistle to the Corinthians, and the
Epistle to the Galatians. On the Epistle to the
Ephesians, the Colossians, and the Philippians.
On the Epistle to the Thessalonians, Timothy,
Titus ana Philemon. On the Epistle to the
Hebrews: On the General Epistle of James,
Peter, John and Jude. On the Revelation.
Barnes’ Notes on the Psalms. In Three
volumes. Cloth, por vol , $1.50.
Barnes’ Notes on the Book of Daniel, $1.50.
emember the dallas
Barnes’ Notes on the Book of Prophet Isaiah.
2 vols. Cloth, per vol., $1.50.
Barnes’Notes on the Book of Job. 2 vols.
Cloth, per vol., $1.50.
Outlines of Church History, by Rev. John F-
Hurst, D. D., 50 oents
A Short History of the English Bible, by
Has changed hands. The traveling Rev. James M. Freeman, 1). D., 30 cents.
Chronology of Bible History, and How to
public are respectfully requested
Remember It, by Rev. C. Munger. 50 cents.
Cruden’s Complete Concordance to the Holy
to stop and
Scriptures, $1.50.
Cruden’s Concordance Abridged, 75 cents.
Give It
Brown’s Pocket Concordance, 50 cents.
The Life and Words of Christ, by Cunning­
The object of the Proprietor is not to ham Geikie, D. D., $1.50.
The Life of our Lord upon the Earth, by
get rich like some Hotels, but to guard Samuel J. Andrews, $2.50.
The Sunday School Helper, by J. n. Hardin,
the interest of the
50 cents.
Kinship to Christ, by J. Z. Tyler, $1.50.
The Standard Manual, for Sunday-school
workers, by F. M. Green, 75 cents.
—HFR5SSan’TTTnRtteyir,''0rfrtM'47yR«vuJW'. F.
By giving
Crafts, $1.25.
Story of an Earnest Life, by Mrs. Eliza
Davies, $2.
On the Rock, by D- R. Dungan, $1.50.
A Trip Around the World, by Timothy Coop
and Henry Exley, $1.50.
Around the World, Tour of Christian Mis­
Call and be convinced of the correct­ sions, by W, F. Bainbridge, $2.
Tho Christian Manual, for the use of Church
ness of my statements.
Officers, in the various relations of Evangelists,
Pastors, Bishops and Deacons, by F. M. Green,
Address all orders to C hristian H erald ,
Monmonth, Oregon.
opium ssggm
Monmoutli, Orogon
WT. BTARLBY, A. M.t riHBWiuii',
Professor Mental and Moral Sciences, English aud'ffiblical Literature.
Professor Greek, Latin and German Languages.
Professor Mathematics and Physical Sciences.
M rs , M, B. STANLEY,
------ .
........... ...............
Principal Primary Department.
Teacher of Instrumental Music.
Miss E. M c FADDEN,
ui I
| ’
> 'V
W. E. YATES, A. M.,
Secretary of the Faculty.
Such Assistants as are needed will be engaged as the session advances.
Monmouth, the seat of Christian College, is a village of about 400 inhabitants, noted tor
their morality and devotion to the cause of education. The Oregonian Railway passes through
the middle of the town, giving daily connection with Portland, and affording the means tor easy
travel and rapid freights. In addition to a passenger depot in the middle of town, the O. A C.
R. R. passes through Independence, tivo miles away? and the- steamers ■•plying tbo”Willanietttr..
land there also ; making Monmoutli one of the most easy towns of access in the State. Parents
who desire to place their children under good educational advantages, where they shall be free
from the intemperance and immorality prevalent in the larger towns, will find in Monmouth
just what they desire in these respects. It is a school town, built up for this purpose, and all
other interests center in this one. Hence its superiority for educational purposes.
The Faculty is the most important element to the successful working of any institution of
learning. The Board of Trustees have sought to put in the various chairs of Christian College
men of marked ability, of established success in tneir respective departments, and who are just
in the maturity of life. At the hands of these men thoy expect to see Christian College among
the most honored institutions of the land.
B uilding __ Only one wing of the new brick College building has been completed, and this
is being remodqled and greatly improved this year.' It contains three working si ones of large,
airy and well lighted rooms, used lbr study and recitation. The old College building adjoining
has been thoroughly overhaule»l and converted into a pleasant and commodious chapel.
Apparatus sufficient for ordinary purposes of illustration, is now provided, and additions will
be made from time to time. ’ The Library contains a few volumes ot interest, and new volumea
of value will be added as fast as the means at our command will allow.
- The features of Ghrbwian OoHegeto which we especially invite attention, a*distinctive of uu*.
work are as follows:
C hristian M orality .—The Biblo is read every day and lectures calculated to impress its
morality aro given, and with the Bible as a basis, the effort to impress the highest C'hristiarr-
morality as the guiding principle in the lives of our students. Dogmatism and Sectarianism aro
carefully avoided. We ignore all religious or political divisions, and encourage great freedom of
thought, and aim to stand on that high plane where Protestant or Catholic, Democrat or Re­
publican, can meet on one common level.
P ractical E ducation .—The great demand of the times is for men of action. An institution
of learning to meet the needs of the people, should not only impart instruction, but along with
the knowledge gained, give students the power to use it to advantage for themselves and others.
The idea of Christian College is, that the finest mental culture and the greatest benefit mar -
be bbtained by the study of those things that will fit young men and women to at once enter
some pursuit or business, and carry it forward successfully. Instead of those branches that are
simply ornamental, we prefer those that are useful, and we invite comparison and criticism oil
our work. Our aim is to graduate young men and women so that they may at once enter upon
the pursuits of life.
M athematics .—The Conrse of Study in this department is very full. The various branches
are taught from a practical standpoint, with a view to the application of each principal to such
affairs as people meet with in life and desire to understand.
E nglish L anguage and L iterature .—A ready command of our own tongue, with an ac­
curate knowledge of its history and authors, is one of the most important acquisitions. No other
accomplishment can supply the want of this. It can only be acquired by a thorough study of
English. In Christian College the conrse of English extends through four years and we consider
this one of our most valuable features.
S ciences .—The rapid advance made in the various departments of Science and the rapid
succession of discoveries of new principles and applications, constitute one of the wonders of the
age. No man can claim to be eaucated who is not conversant with the present advanced stage
of Science. Very thorough work is made of all these, assisted by the use of the apparatus at our
command. Sufficient time is allowed for a comprehensive understanding of the great principles
of each science.
A ncient L anguages .—By pursuing the best methods, the progress in acquiring a knowledge
of The tteeek and' Latin t an g nagus .-tr r a p id : • - We have dropped several a u t Uoro tUa.t-.uc f requ en t»------
lj read in Colleges, with a view to doing better work iu those that are read, and to give more
time for the pursuit of the course in English and the Sciences. Experience lias demonstrate»!
that both better linguists and scientists result from this course.
B iblical L iterature and E xegesis .—Thia department was organized in Christian College
for the first time with the opening of the present sessi»,n. The object is to study the Sacred"
Scriptures analy tically and critically, with contemporaneous profane history, and evidences of
Christianity. Methods of sermonizing, pulpit oratory, methods in revival meetings and tho caro
of churches, are all carefully investigated. It is this department that the Christian brotherhood,
as a body, are particularly interested ih. The interest of the church is carefully considered in
this, while all other departments are wholly free from any religious discussions, except the uni­
formly recognized principles of Christian morality.
Every facility is here afforded for fitting young persons to successfully carry on anv kind of
business. The l*est authors are studied on the various subjects, and such practical tests aie
as will insure thoroughness'on the part of the student.
Ttp T) A VQ to “D our Hand Rubber made QyFor
Course oi Study and other information, send for Catalogue. Address
X A i Ï11 Ö Stamps. Samples fre«.
1). T. STANLEY, A. M., P resident .
Poijambe à Co., Cleveland. 0,
17-1 t-ew
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