Christian herald. (Portland ;) 1882-18??, June 01, 1883, Page 3, Image 3

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FAMILY WORSHIP IN THE Let us be grateful for the fact that
congregational singing is so much
' ■
to aid the temperance cause.
' ■
the State as widely as possible in
that number of addresses: I have
received many letters asking for her
services elsewhere, and greatly re-
jrret that a favorable answer cannot
be returned. I beg the friends who
hav^ writ|ten to accept this state­
ment as an answer to each, as my
health for a month has been such
as to preclude correspondence. The
usual reduction of fares will be
made to and from the Convention.
I wish also to say that since the
list of—Miss
Willard was published many appli­
cations have come to have the time
for the great convention at Port­
land changed, chiefly because it was
appointed at the time the Grand
Lodge of Good Templars meets at
Astoria. After much thought and
consultation it has been determined
to meet this desire, as we all desire
the cooperation of all temperance
workers at the convention. This
necessitates a slight change in the
appointments, and they will stand
as follows:
more popular now than in. former
1. Any one can become a member
The Church of Christ is set forth days.
Worship, outwardly, in by forwarding name and address to
in the Scriptures as one family in some congregations, not many years the Secretary.
Christ, and all Christian men an< ago, was the act of one man in a
2. Each member will be expected
women are but so many members of pulpit and four people in a choir. to read the Bible regularly, and to
i nthm ilitliw'ri i i.iwUL. ..
3. A due of ten cents per year
K of the Lord. They are all broth­ decker,” and at the opposite end of
will be expected of each member.
ers and sisters in the truest anc the house, in a high gallery, was a Receipts above expenses will be de­
highest sense conceivable, Jesus choir. Somewhere below, in a vast voted to gratuitous circulation of
Christ himself being, their Elder pit, was the congregation. Across Temperance literature.
Brother and true head and repre­ this deep, dumb interval, minister
and choir shouted to one another,
sentative of the family. What a and tlmL.wa.sjall...the.. outward wor-
1. One can begin reading any
----- ----
glorious family this is, and how ship in that church. There has 'month~ih~TTio"ygftt'
to read
happy they should be in one anoth­ been a marked change in the style
er’s association ! Now it is none of church-worship since that day; ing in view (1) Chronological
the less true that a local congrega­ and in the same congregation, we Order; (2) Uniting Old and New
do not believe a like style prevails
tion of Christ is a family ; though now. People are singing together. Testament reading«»; (3) Grouping
comparatively small, yet Christ is as People are reading God’s Word to­ of Related Books—only ten minutes
much their brother and head of as gether. People are praying to­ daily reading required.
3. For daily reading, add the
the whole body. Seeing then that gether. We would encourage the chapters in each month’s portion
each congregation is a family of change. It arouses a congregation and divide by number of days in the
to hearty interest thus to worship.
, Christ, it follows that their congre­ Something is to be done besides month.
4 Note the date of beginning and
gation^ worship is emphatically a opening the ears and—shutting the
each month’s reading as
— family 'worship where*e3ch member eyes for a nap. A congregational
is privileged and expected to enjoy style of worship promotes the family
to the fullest extent of his ability feeling. The prayer-meeting shows
this. People are bound together in
Quarterly reports are expected
that w’hich -belongs alike to ’ the the
little social meetings. Bind frouL.i*ach member of the numlier Astoria, Sunday night................Jone 10
whole fanrily;-“’ Rcis-not in harmony togeUreF“by" like participation fn- “of etapters read , and number "of nuuvptlUMy
R<u-«niinn rVitlttLitt.
Pnrflund , . . x "
. .
— ----- TJ
therefore with the spirit of a well the worship of the sanctuary, old readers enlisted. Cards will be Albany..................................... .
** ■ 12
regulated family that respect of and young, rich and poor, wise and furnished gratuitously to members Eugene City................................. “ 13
at Portland.. .June 15,16,17
fur ull the readers they can enlist. Convention
persons should be shown by any unlearned.
Salem.. ............................. «... June 18
This simple form of family wor­ Aggregate quarterly and annual Corvallis............................. . ......... “ 19
member of that family, or that such
reports will be made by the Secre­ McMinnville (if possible).......... “ 20
rules and regulations should be ship was evidently that which was tary to each member of the Alli­
This will be final, and we hope it
adopted in the family government ordained by Christ and observed in ance.
will be satisfactory.
as would deprive any mebiber from, the primitive churches. It is this
M rs . H. K. H ines ,
enjoying thè full benefits which simple family worship in the
The object of our Alliance should
Pres. W. C. T. U.
— belong to the family relations: In churches of Christ that wil^inspire enlist the heartiest cooperation o!
the fleshly family, it would be re­ them with new life and zeal in the all of God’s people, especially the
Ministers of his Word. We aim to Selections and Comments.
garded as very cruel treatment Master’s work, and bring them lead the minds and hearts of the
indeed, should one of that family, nearcFto God day by day.
people to the Word of God, that
“ R eputation A fter D eath .”
though perchance unable to rank BIBLE READING ALLIANCE they may learn of his goodness to Under this healing the Christian
men, love him more and serve him I ntell'ujencer says:
favorably with some other of the
better. Our membership now ex­
family either in strength of body
Louisville, Ky., has kindly fur­ tends from Texas to Canada, and Humboldt's letters, published after
or vigor of intellect, to be set to
his death, damaged his reputation
nished us with some cards of this our readers are numbered by the as a man. When the life of John
one side or perhaps cast out as
Alliance; and also a postal card on thousands. Will you aid us by Stuart Mill was known, after his
unworthy of the vigilance and pro­
sending for cards and using your
which we find the following from influence to enroll members and burial, it was not as highly es-
tection of the family. Such an
his pen: “ I forward you Bible enlist readers ? A special request teemed as while he was living.
action would demand redress from
Cards, new edition. Give it a is made for the names and address Indeed it appeared in striking in­
the strong arm of the civil law, and
firmity. Now the domestic and
boost. It’s the biggest thing ex­ of Ministers of the gospel.
life of the Carlyles, as re-
the people would say, amen. If
Address the Secretary,
tant. Read, wonder and do write
vcaled by what they wrote, certain­
this is true in these mere earthly
R B. N eal ,
it up.” Well, Bro. Neal, we have
detracts from the reputation of
Louisville, Ky.
ties, much more is it true in the
Carlyle, and involves an
read and wondered, and now the
We wish to say that we arc exhibition of unsuspected weakness,
spiritual family of the Lord Jesus
Christ. None of this family are next thing is to write it up really interested in this Bible study, to use no stronger term, in their
and our greatest wonder is to and would be glad to have the associates, which is rather damaging
too weak or insignificant to need
the special respect, care and the know how to do this in such a way “people atl over “the coast send -for to the esteem in which they have
as to give it a “ boost.” This is the cards and begin a study of thei been held These facts are men­
brotherly love of the stronger ones.
tioned in order to add that no such
At this point we introduce the second time we have received cards, Holy Scriptures at once.
revelations have been made in re­
following extract from the Chris­ jut as the whole thing seemed a
to eminent Christians contem­
porary with these famous infidels
tian at Work, which harmonizes
worldlings. On the contrary,
with the thought we arc here pre­
it seems that the inevitable has of Miss Willard’s appointments was death has usually brought to light,
senting. It says :
with respect to these Christians, a
We plead for family worship in come, so we proceed. After all we made under instructions from her course of Christ-like beneficence
services at church, where the voices do not know that we can, do better to limit them to six towns in Wes­ and an amount of well doing which
of the congregation supplicate to­ than simply print a portion of tern Oregon, besides Portland, and has added to the repute in which
gether in hushed tones, or where what we find on the card and let it to put the State Convention at the they had been held.
the praise of the people will go up, speak for itself. So here it is :
This shows in a striking manner
close of the tour. The places were
like the beating of wings that
To promote Bible reading, and selected so as to reach the people of the vast difference between living
w'ould fimi the presence of God.