Christian herald. (Portland ;) 1882-18??, June 01, 1883, Page 12, Image 12

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light upon most any of them ever ren
dered him an agreeablo companion.
That poverty which produces the
[ Under this head we will be pleased to give He leaves two children, one Mrs. Dr. greatest distress is not of tlie purse of
editorial reviews of all books anil tracts of inter­ Richardson, Dalles, an adopted daugh­
the blood. Deprived of its richness it
est that may be sent to this office. 1
ter, and Willis Morse, and his wife to becomes scant and watery, a condition
IFuLt Amalfi, wliioh..,QJMlBft jflourn,
Given this eondition^aucT scVofuiouT
the seventeenth volume of that maga­
zine, will have illustrated 'poems by given in tho death of -tho* righteous. swellings and sores, general and ner­
Nrs. A. D. T. Whitney and Mrs. How hopefully he realized the blissful vous debility, loss of flesh and appetite,
8. M. B. Piatt, now too seldom hope, may be imagined, by his ex weak lungs, throat disease, spitting of
heard from in the magazines during her pressions during his sickness. Once, blood and consumption, are amopg the
sojourn in Ireland. Bright Eyes (Mrs. after tho pain caused by his fever was common results. If you are a sufferer
8usetto Tibbles) begins a series of assn aged, he said to his wife, “ Won’t
from thin, poor blood employ Dr.
OmalMk Teut-storiea iu the Juua^JlTdfl. ■it. be so sweet. Nan, in heaven, so
Pierce's ‘‘^Golden »MedicalDiecoygry,’’
Awake, giving them verbatim as told sweet.” The Christian s Lope’ was“ a
which enriches the blood and cures these
her by her father, mother and grand reality to him and when around the
grave affections. Is more nutritive than
mother. These tent-stories will have great white throne, we all assemble
cod liver oil, and is harmless in any
copious notes by Mr. Tibbles, explain- there, God grant it may be sweet to
condition of the system, yet powerful to
iug curious usages and beliefs among him who has passed over before, and to
the Iudiane. The first story is entitled thöSÖ'Whö aro waiting till the shadow» oure* By <lrngg10^
“ The Babes in the Wood,” and contains of this earthly life are a Jittle longer
Eternal, unchangeable truths
some odd suggestions of the Bible story grown.
come to men not by experience,’
B ruce W olverton .
of Joseph and the f »mine. Bobette, the
but only through intuition and rev­
opening story of the June Wide Awake,
is from the pen of Miss Mary Edmunds,
Died, at her home, in Fossil, Wasco elation.
daughter of Senator Edmunds. There county, Oregon, May 15, 1883, after a
*Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Com«
will also be a charming story by Sarah protracted illness, Josie, eldest daugh­
pound is daily working wonderful cures
Orne Jewett in the same number. ‘‘The ter of Mr. and Ma P. C, Buffington,
in female diseases. — — ——
Life of Oliver Wendell Holmes,” writ­ aged tweniy-two years.
ten by E. E. Brown, which has been
Her death was occasioned by that
Out of the shadows of pain, sor­
some time in preparation, is nearly dread disease, consumption, and during
row, and sin, are our ideals born.
ready. The author has been kindly the time she was confined to her bed,
The hard_rea|Js tlie cradle in which
favored-by TlrTTIolmei tr lih Tin ch data ber suffering Wff« great ; -but
ua will render the volume very full in all with fortitude, expressing no regret the beautiful ideal is nursed.
fresh mat ter, and authentic. It will at the prospect of departing this life, Bruises teach the fledgeling that
have several illustrations. “Imagina­ and her death was a peaceful one.
dexterity of wing which finally
tion,”- and other Essays by George Mac­
She sleeps in that quiet grave, to lifts it above brambles and‘rocks.
Donald, with an Introduction by A. P. awaken ou tho bright resurrection
Peabody, D. D. LL. D., will be issued morn, tp meet those who have loved her After the rain comes the rainbow ;
by D. Lothrop. A Co. in a few days. so tenderly, and cared for her so kindly so tears wash clean the eyes,, en­
“ Amun 1 -the I t an e h, —the new volume “during her stay on earth.
abling us to see the angel in the
in the V. I. F. Series, is by Belle How much wt> loveil Joie we never may tell,
human, the heavenly in the earthly.
Kellogg Towne. Address D. Lothrop How much mi-- hor no..... itlier can know,
The painful Tealityuuf the
•S Co , 30 & 32 Franklin Street, Boston. Only the dear God who loveth ua well.
xz .
Only he knoweth the hot team that How.
It in no hard when our bent loved depart,
Hard to nay “Peace,” when such memories
stir ;
Win. B. Morse was born in Boston,
M ass ., Oct. 24, 1828, and quietly “ slept Yet we can bear tbe deep pain st our heart,
Knowing so well it is better for her.
in Jesq^” April 22, 1883, at St. Helens,
Or., after a sickness of Dine weeks. He
came to California in 1849, and to
Oregon in 1855. On Deo. 13, 1’857. he
was married at McMinnville to Miss
Nancy E. McBride, daughter of Dr.
James McBride. When 26 years of age
he united with the chnrch and since, at
McMinnville, Salem and St. Helen’s,
has assisted much in tbe church work,
always maintaining a firm Christian
character. Brought up at Salem, Mass.,
he spent ten years of his life at sea, and
being a man of great observation, hav­
ing traveled considerably, and naturally
desirous of extending his knowledge,
especially in sacred history, as he grew
older, be had accumulated a vast fund
cf information of hnman history and
was over reudy to converse upon these
very interesting topics. Always sym­
pathetic and benevolent, he drew to
him many friends, and, so zealously
aided by his kiud and cultured wife, be
took a lively interest in whatever would
teud to increase another’s comforts or
lighten bis burdens. Often has tbe
writer had occasion to note the lively
interest be manifested, when some im-
p >! tant subject touching the great cause
of truth and itsdevolopement was under
consideration. His patient attention to
the views of all, conpled with his own
array of factB so calculated to throw
Absolutely Pure.
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strength and wholesomenesH, More econonii
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Sohlonly in cane. R oyal B akino P owuf . b C o .]
12 H-Iy '
10« Wall 8t„ New YorJ
stiff’ but fertile soil out of fchich
the permanent rcailities of the ideal
and the immortal life are to grow.
Dr. Pierce’s “ Pleasant Purgative
Pellets ” are sugar-coated and inclosed HARNESS 4 SADDLES, ’
J. M. B.
in glass bottles, their virtues being
thereby preserved unimpaired for any
length of time, in any olimate, so that CURRY COMBS A BRUSHES,
No longer in tbe list of “ incurable they are always fresh and reliable, No
And everything that portaiuw to a First-C J
diseases.” Send to D rs . S tarkey & cheap wooden or pasteboard boxes, By Shop Cull and examine my Stock before pifl
charing elsewhere. The best of Caliform
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leather used.
delphia, for their Treatise on Compouud
No one who is a lover of riches,
Oxygen, and learn nil about the wonder­
ful cures which are being made in thia or a lover of pleasure, or a lover of
dread disease.
glory, can at the same time be a
All orders for the Compound Oxygeu lover of men.— Epictetus.
Home Treatment directed to H. E.
Mathews, 606 Mon’gomery Street, Sau
tgrA piut of tbe finest ink for fami­
Francisco, wtll be filled on the same lies or schools can be made from a ten-
terms as if seat directly to us in Phila­ cent package of Diamond Dye. Try
_____ _____ _____
♦ ♦
Holiness is not an impulse, an
Religion gives part of its reward
emotion, nor an imagination ; but in band,—-the present comfott, of
Saddles, _
the state of being right with God. having done our duty ; and, for the
*„*” Great haste is not always good rest, it offers us the best security And in fact everything belonging t<
speed.” Yet you must not dilly-dally that heaven can give.— Tillotson.
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With love the heart becomes a
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lau Cortaluiy.
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W* “ Outfit. !iee. Address T ruk A Co., August*,