Christian herald. (Portland ;) 1882-18??, March 09, 1883, Page 3, Image 3

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©nr Trip tp the Oo-operation Certainly they have the cause at
heatt. We closed on Lord’s day
The day was beautiful a.nd clear, wli.h a good interest, bight having
just cold enough for us to draw our been added by relation, arid bn
fixtures around us, and wish for the Monday morning dispersed and
benefit of a warm stove. Yet some, were soon homeward bound, feeling
iri fabt neatly ftll otit CreW brought much benefitted by said-meeting.
T. M. M organ .
iilio requisition kHificiai meahs,
------ --»•*> - ------
prayer. He sternly rebuked Peter rock Christ Jesus. Human in­
fcr hinting a temptation, but he vestigation has reached no results
blamed his sleep in Gethsemane in religion or morals higher than
as a weakness of the flesh. He those taaght by the Peasant of
gave away a ¿towfi when on the Galilee. After our farthest ex­
cross, but be was exceedingly Mot- cursions into the realms of loftiest
rowful even unto death in the gar­ •scholarship, we come back to the
den. He never used his miraculous same cross before which Peter and
..himaalf, hut, hr. Jnhn bowed, and
------ --
tonJiooiTdf ¿Arise... ”
provided for the multitude in the
fuel and a mini attire fire piabe froth
wilderness. His judges quailed be­ pardon of our sins, and gain the
which projected a flue suited to
Nothing Could better illustrate
fore him, for he forgot his dying impulse which carries us to a bet­
each nasal sca|re pipe, the Combined his perfect mahbood than his identi­
smoke of which would ferblnd one fying hifriseif with the humble in­ agonies to commend his mother to ter life, and with the two apostles
a life-long frieftd. He rebuked we proclaim and boast the name
of that from a huge engine. The cidents of private life. lie had
death that he might giVe het son once despised but now most honor-
snow which had been accumu 1 ating grown up under the common or­
it known unto you ail,
back~T0 ttie widow, andtie took eri r
for several weeks and partially dinances of human experience as a
part in the humble rejoicing of a and to all the people of Israel, that
thawed at times and again frozen child, a son, a brother, a friend, and
in the name of Jesus Christ of
hard by a temperature registering a neighbor. As a Jew he had humble marriage that he might
Nazareth, whom ye crucified, whom
36 degrees below Mero and thorough- shared in the social, civil and re- elevate and sanctify human joys. .
In the fullest sense he was a man, God raised from the dead, even in
lybeaten and packed by so-much ligidds 4ile of ’bis natiofi. r His
him doth this man stand before
sleigh riding become crystalized presence at this marriage (of Cana) but notin the sense in which tnanl>
you whole.’’
and polished insomuch so that our showed that he continued the saipc virtues ate opposed to those ol
Within these last few years men
flleigh glided with nearly railroad familiar relations to his fellow-men woman, for he showed no leas the
begun to study the great re­
speed. Trying to follow the ‘‘ La after his Cb'nseCratioh as before it.
of the world. What ■wonder
Dow cut off” we found we were too Neither his nationality, nor educa­ of the one sex, than the strength ligions
late to reach the Hangman school- tion, nor mental characteristics, nor and nobility of the other. He wat- if there was some anxiety to dis­
hodse, (the place of meeting) by natural temperament, nairowed his the son of man in the grand sense cover whether in the far and Ja med
of being representative of humanity East Buddhas and sages might not
consequently We sympathies.
turned ifico Mr. Clark’s, and put up
Though burdened with the high as a whole. Man and woman have have discovered and taught under
another inspiration an ethics and a
for the night. We soon found our­ commission as Messiah, he retained in him their perfect ideal.
Thu miracle in nature is no lens religion as pure jis those of Jesus?.. ........
selves comfortably seated around a a vivid~ Interest Iffaft ’ thlfigs
red hot stove. After partaking of human. With us any supreme oc­ real or wonderful than that of the But the search has been made and
a substantial supper We were tired cupation leaves only apathy for marriage feast, and strikes us less we find that there is no name there
and sleepy enough to enjoy a sweet other, things. But ip Christ no one by its being familiar: A miracle is like that of Jesus. We find that
repose in slumber. One thing es­ faculty or emotion appeared in ex­ only an exercise, a new way of the it is the religion of Jesus, with its
pecially was observed, and that was cess. His fullness of nature suited Almighty power we see daily pro­ definiteness, its purity, its authori­
that each one was too tired and itself to every occasion. Strength ducing the same results in nature ty, which is replacing the teach­
stupid to snore much during the and grace, wisdom and love, courage Infinitely varied forces are at work ings of Confucius and Gautama.
night. Arising the next morning and purity, which are the one side around us every moment. From Egypt, Assyria, Persia, India,
and feeling much refreshed we were of our being, were never displayed the sun to the stone, from the stone < China have opened their sacred
Soon again on the road toward the so harmoniously and so perfectly as to the thinking brain and beating books to this generation, and they
meeting which we reached in due in him. But the incidents of this hea) t, ^they circulate sleeplessly ' have shown to us platitudes and
time and were made happy in meet­ marriage feast show that the other through all things forever. Geikie's \ beauties, puerilities and truths,
coarse polytheisms and fine phra­
ing with a fine concourse of breth­ side, the feminine gentleness and Life of Christ.
sing.« of storms and seasons; but
ren among whom was Bro. C. J purity, which are the ideal virtues
Jesus, Lord.
nowhere do we find the firm, sure,.
Wright and Bro. T. J. Cannon of of woman, were no less his charac­
The Christian Church does not simple, lofty, satisfying truth of
Spangle. The meeting bad coin teristics. They threw light on the
menced on the evening before words of Paul: “ In him is neither abate a whit of its early passion of God, as in the Gospels which tell
(Wednesday the 7th inst.) with a Jew or Greek, bond nor free, male loyalty to its Master. In his own the teachings of Jesus Christ.
In him was life; and tire life
full house. The different congrega nor fema’e, but Christ is all in all.” life-time his disciples called him
tions were well represented and the He could subdue Pilate by his calm Master and Lord, and they said was the light of men. In bis light ,
meeting which closed on the follow dignity, but he also ministered to well. His resurrection and ascen­ and his only would we walk. Still
ing Lord’s day was a happy feast the happiness of a village festival. sion lifted their allegiance to- a the church sings the old and faith­
to many souls, and undoubtedly He could withstand the struggle sublimity of fervor for which they ful saying of its earnest liturgy :
“ If we died with Him, we shall also
lasting good was done,
Much with the prince of darkness in the suffered martyrdom with joy.
with Him:
business was transacted, all in wilderness and through life, but he Nothing Was too much that they
M If we endurj we shall also reigu
That they
peace with not a jeer or discord. wept over the grave of Lazarus. He could do for him.
with Him ;
___ Having lived in Missouri, Kansas could let the rich young ruler go might only know him, they prayed —** If we shall deny Him, He also will z —
and Oregon, 1 must say the breth­ his way to perish if he went, but I for the privilege of tilling up what deny ns:
“ If wo are faithless, He abidetb faith*
ren in Palouse exceed those of all sighed as he healed the man who was behind of his sufferings, and
other places I have seen in working was dumb. He pronounced the were willing to be made conform­
For Ho can not deny himself.*’—
with a will. Think of brethren in doom of Jerusalem with lofty stern­ able to his death. They sung his
7’Ae Independent.
the dead of winter while the earth ness, but he wept as he thought name; they took his name; they
----------- » e
■ ■ —- ■
is mantled with snow, scattered how they had neglected the things carried his name throughout the
To take up the cross and follow
over a radius of more than 100 of peace. He craved sympathy, world.
No less loyal to Christ is the Christ is an old condition of disci­
miles where there are no railroads and he showed it with equal ten«
coming together to confer-one with demes«. He was calm amidst the Church of this youngest century. pleship, but it is a condition which
another in regard to the interest of wildest tumult, but he sought the All our learning, all our science can has not changed w ith changing
the cause of our dear Redeemer. lonely jgionntain . for midnight not stir us frpm our rest on the time.— Dr. llaleigh.