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C hristian herald .
Editor and Publisher, Monmouth, Or.
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second class mail matter. ]
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Flea* Notice.
We are not responsible for the opinions and
sentiment» expressed l>y our contriontora, but
for our own writing alone. Hence oui reader»
~nn»t judge for themselves. We intend to give
apace for the free expreaaion of opinion, within
the limit» of Hound cliscreiion, and the good of
the cauae ; but not be held aa indorsing what
others may write.
All matter intended for publication in thia
paper should lie written :
1. Ou one aide of the sheet only.
2. In a plain legible hand.
3. Let there be plenty of apace between the
4. Write with a pen instead of a pencil, bo
that it maj not be defaced in transit.
5. Write brief article».
6. Expect no attention to article», notice», or
queries not accompanied by your name.
It is estimated that the Disciples
number about 20,000 in Arkansas.
The Editor is’still .absent en­
gaged in the protracted meeting at
The women of the United States
have given $600,000 to foreign
missions within the last year.
Bro. D. M. Doty, of Scio, reports
the cause prospering in his town
and the surrounding country.
What has become of the Faith­
ful 'Witness'*
. 1 2 3 4 5 6 We have failed to
receive the February number.
The aggregate number of two of
the churches of Christ at Lexing­
ton, Ky., is eleven hundred and
seventy-five ‘members.
.. ■ ■
It is stated that six thousand
petitions, bearing 679,000 signa­
tures, in favor of a Sunday closing
bill for-England, have already been
presented to Parliament.
The M. E. Church South in Al­
bany refused to let us have their
house for our meeting. We think
this church is one degree South of
We learn from Bro. H. A. John­
son, our. agent at Salem, that the
church in that city is in a very
healthy condition. Bro. Spriggs is
evidently doing a good work in
At the Alliance we had the
pleasure of meeting a number of
the sisters and brethren from differ­
ent parts of the State. We were
especially pleased to meet our old
friend and colaborer, D. M. Doty
and wife, from El Dorado, Kan.
We hope to be able to give a
report -of the-meeting at Albany
next week. In consequence of the
walls of the Baptist church having
cracked since the thaw it lias been
decided unsafe to be occupied. At
this writing the court house has
been secured for the meeting at
The following is an extract from
a letter written by a Bro. in Butte
City, Cal.: “ I send the money for
two new subscribers and our renew­
al. I was in hopes of sending a
long list of names, but the dry
weather has effected the pockets of
the farmers so we will have to get
along with a short list. We like
the H erald very much.”
The music at the Alliance was
highly entertaining to the people.
But this can only be fully appre­
ciated when we tell our readers
that it was principally supplied by
the “ Ladies’ Cornet Band ” of
Albany. This is the first ladies’
cornet band we ever saw, and we
confess that it is no mean thing to
see a band of handsome young
ladies making such admirable
We notice that the legislature of
Arkansas has recently passed a bill
regulating the sale of intoxicating
liquors in the State which is almost
equivalent, if executed, to constitu­
tional prohibition. Perhaps this is
the best thing she could do for the
present. Some years ago the State
made a law prohibiting the sale of
pistols; and so Arkansas is not to
be behind in every good work.
We notice from the Evening Ex­
press of Los Angeles, Cal., that
Bro. S. C. Adams of Salem has
visited that city and did some good
preaching for the brethren there.
On Lords day he preached a ser­
mon on the “ Forgiveness of Sins ”
which according to the Express
called forthjnuch praise from those
who heard it. Bro. Adams and his
preaching are spoken of in the
fughest terms.
NO. 9.
--- -------- ——""--------- - ’ —
““ * ’
of the week, for we do not think it
goo<l for Christian people to visit,
such places on any day.' While
these ministers encourage theatre­
going during the week <lays, they
need not - be surprised to see in­
difference shown to the Christian
religion on the Lord’s day. The
best advice we think to give the
churches of Portland is, Hands off !
William Carey, the pioneer and
apostle of Christian missions in
India, who, after he had achieved
great success and had many offers
of worldly ad vantage, wrote to his
friends in England : “ I would not
change my station for all the
society in England, much as I prize
it, nor, indeed, for ail the wealth
in the world ! May I but be useful
in laying the foundations of the
Church of Christ in India, I desire
no greater reward, and can receive
no higher honor.”—AZ
Some of the Baptist preachers in
reply to Dr. Woolsey seem to forget
themselves and argue that there
were 120 disciples present on Pen­
tecost, and that some of these could
have been easily called to the
assistance of the apostles in- bap
tizing the 3,000 in one day. Were
these hundred and twenty all re­
gularly ordained Baptist preach­
ers ? If not, how could they bap­
tize according to Baptist usuage ?
Pundita Romadia, a learned Hin­
Look out, brethren, for your Bap­
tist succession is in danger just du lady, has excited profound inter­
est by a course of lectures lately de­
livered at Bombay. *SHe is a wid­
twenty-five years of age, and is
A grand Mass meeting of those
temperance.workers who could re^“ pleading for the emancipation of
her sex from the many debasing su­
main was held on Friday evening perstitions of India, and for female
after the regular sitting of the education. At one of her meetings
Alliance had ceased. Notwith­ several native ladies followed her
standing many of the delegates and in speaking, and gave their earnest
visitors had gone home, this was endorsement to her efforts for the
elevation snd education of women.
regarded as one of the largest and The possibility of such a meeting,
liest meetings of the entire session. addressed by native ladies, indicates
Attention was profound, speaking a wonderful advance in India.
good and music excellent. Several Christian Missions have bad much
speakers were on the programme, to do with it by their example and
influence.— Christian Advocate.
and it is due the “ Christian
The Protestants have 3()2 schools
church ” to say that she was Well
Syria, of which the American
represented in this meeting in the
Presbyterians have 128, and the
person of four speakers, all preach­ English Church Missionary Society
45. Rev. Dr. J. A. Wylie says of
the American Presbyterian Mission :
Some, of the ministers of Port­ “ The Americans are doing a great
land are preaching on “Sunday work here. Their college at Beirut
Amusements.” They think that sends forth yearly a large body of
Christians should not attend educated Moslems, Syrians, etc.—
ministers, doctors, teachers. They
theatres on the “ Sabbath,” but have been operating here for half a
that they may properly do so on century ; the first laborers sleep in
any other day -of the week, and the quiet churchyard beside their
that it may even be beneficial for church, but others, equal in zeal and
thelri to attend the best plays. ability, have eftme after them, and
their work has now developed into
From our point of view, this looks
large proportions, and is telling
a good deal like serving the Lord, powerfully on Syria. It is creating
< ■ *
on Sunday and the devil the rest a new country.-— Ex,