Christian herald. (Portland ;) 1882-18??, February 02, 1883, Page 5, Image 5

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speaking of God’s watching over
The Sentinel admits that the The Bible is sound oh this lying of Jesus, nor of the apostles, but of
the gospel writers, he says: “ What Church has changed immersion question—sound from Genesis tor Satan and Anti-Christ. They pre­
prevents Him from w’atching over as commanded by Christ to sprink­ Revelation—witboht a single word vent the Lord’s sheep from feeding
in its pages in approval of a lie, in in the green pastures of truth whicn
the Pope’s public ahd official utter- ling, but calls this a mere matter of practice or in precept; of a lie at
»linfa faith. and
_______ In _____
fttiy 'TThîë"' !61' àhy ' piirpose/ bj ^^Tcny^
id outside
all these
We slanu
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morals, so as to prevent them from had before us wheh we impeached bhdy.
sheep, whether in or out of the
error and heresy ? It is precisely the infallibility of tbe Rope and the
W ell S aid .—We commend the nominal churches, as our brethren
this vigilance tefcereisetl oy Jesus Church. We argued that either
and sisters; and we urge all in the
Christ oVer the Pope that consti­ Christ made a mistake or the Pope following extract from Bro. Henry name of our Master to come out—
tutes the Pope’s infallibility.” Here made one; for Jesus commands im­ Shadle’s sermon on last Lord’s day jump the fence or break it down,
then we have the Sentinel’s defini- mersion and the Pope and the reported in the Oregonian, to our and come out into the liberty whera? —
tloir uf IhU Pope'S TOalh bih£y."T He’ Church
not best adapted mend or the Advocate, in Port- with Christ hath tnade Us free, and
was infallible ih thte snihe sense as to the people. Then either Jesus land. The Advocate will be care­ be not entangled with any yoke of
bondage. Thus free, we find his
the apostles 1 Meeting the Sentinel did not know what was needed, or ful and not reply to this, for it yoke easy and our burden light. If
on his owrn field, we have now come he failed to ordain that wh’ch was would be contrary to his “ well un all denominational lines and fences
to the main proposition. Hence best adapted to the Wahid of the (l^i-slo-jd course ” ’---------- -
and names wefe obliterated, all
Christians would stand just where
w’e demand the proof of such infal­ people. Which is infallible, the
libility of the Pbpe. Here our Pope or Jesus Christ ? And again, why there cannot be one catholic wre stand now, each taught of God
through his Won!, ami each one a
triehd will find some work. There if such a positive ordinance is a brotherhood: (1.) 3 he necessity, brother who exhibits the Spirit of
by Christ’s teaching, of the
are many reasons why Jesus Christ mere matter of discipline and needs ' branches.” This, however, has no the Head.
does not watch over the utterances no infallibility to care for It; then reference to chuichfes as branches,
All of these sects are condemned
of the Pope as he did over his apos­ can not all the other commands of and cannot remain as an objection to destruction, and the hour of their
tles. Is the Pope ah ihspjfed man ? the Bible be manage« I in the same (2) The perfect adaptation of .. jl I ct downfall has. come—It will cause----
Can he speak w'ith new tongues ? way ? If this is not a part of the nominationalism to the wants and pain and distress to all who are
opinions of all classes. It must be worshipi ng and serving th ese system s
Can he prophecy ? Can he take up doctrine of Christ, why not/ Will admitted that the religion of Jesus of men, instead of God; but it will
serpents as did Paul, and drink the Sentinel tell us wdiat constitutes Christ contains, without a single be a blessing in disguise, for thus
i rd* , ___ .1______
theywitlhe liberated arid
deadly poison without harm ?- Can^
he heal the sick,cleanse the leper and hand, and the matters of discipline element which is preeminently
raise the dead i If the Pope can not on the other ? ‘ The Catholic Church adapted to every age, race and “ Come out of her, my people, that
clime £ that in the Apostolic age, ye be not partakers of her sins, and
do these things, w hat becomes of has* a smart way of managing and fur centuries, there was one that ye receive not her plagues.”
his infallibility in the light of things. When she wishes to make brotherhood, governed and con­ Rev. 18:4.
the Sentinel’s definition ? Or if the some infallible change in some es­ trolled by the principles of Christ’s
Thus you see we a»e not a sect,
(hat if all Christians would do
Pope is infallible, how are we to sential ordinance of Christ, she just
as we do in this matter, all sects
know it ? Such a person as the places it over among the matters of
(divisions) would disappear, and we
Pope of Rome is unknow n to the discipline, and this preposterous;
would be all one in Christ Soon
Bible except as “ that man of sin farce has gone on till she has con- ing query and answer we clip from under the lead of one Master and
who sits in tbe temple of God, verted the simplicity* of Apostolic Zion's Watch Tower, and we give Teacher, Jesus, we should all come
“ show ing himself that he is G(*l,” Christianity into a huge bundle of the answer as expressing our con­ to see things^ from his standpoint.
and whose end is everlasting de- blasphemous superstitions from top viction of Sectarianism as it stands
in opposition to New Testament
Sstruction ; and the groundless claim to bottom.
A CARD.—The following card
■that Jesus Christ is watching over
from a boy of some sixteetl years
»such a person and preventing him Selections and Comments.
who became a Christian under our
of Babylon to such an extent as to preaching just before we started for
»from falling into doctrinal error,
■needs a little proof. The Sentinel
L ying .—We have heard some believe and teach that divisions Oregon and also our name-sake, is
Know has a fine chance of making people quote the Old Scriptures to among God’s people are right and of sufficient interest to us to print
Egood the claims of his Church if justify them in lying under some Scriptural :
here : Maitland, Halt Co, Mo., Jan.
Q. You say that you are not a 20, 1883:
■ such a thing can be done, for we circumstances, such persons would
sect—that you claim no name but
I promise him as good and intelligent do w’ell to read this note from the that of Christ, and object not to be Dear Uncle and A unt:
Sunday School Times :
I hearing as he ever had.
called Christians, though not of the el will write you a few items of
There is a smack of satisfaction denomination so called. But are news. We are all w ell as common.
Now it must be remembered that
It is very cold here now, 20 degrees
? the Sentinel also contends for an in the way The Independent asks you not as much of a sect as any of below zero, and plenty of snow for
I infallible Church. But will he tell the question, “ Has not the Inter­ the others, only without a name and sleighing. A protracted meeting
ior the fear of The Sunday School without a limited and written creed?
I us what constitutes the infallibility Times before its eyes when it goes
4. No, the woid sect means a has just closed here with 15 addi­
| of the Church ? Does the infallibil to justifying Rahab for her lies?” division, or a separation. Every tions ; 8 by immersion, 5 from the
ity of the Pope make the Church and follows its question with a cor­ sect separates itself from all other Baptists, and 2 from the Universa­
infallible? If so, why was not the roboratory quotation from The In­ Christians by a doctrinal fence or
terior. It would be a good deal creed. Any who w’ould be of them
Church of Jesus Christ infallible better for any religious paper to must go inside their pen, believe
J. F. M ercer .
before the first Pope was born ? have a little of the fear of the Lord what they believe, deny wliat they
We think it would now be a good
And if it was, then what use have before its eyes, when it goes into deny, and be called by their sectar- plan to hold another meeting in
we for an infallible Pope now ? Is the business of defending anybo­ ¿ui name. This practice has become Maitland and convert some of our
not Christ still the Head of his dy’s lying. So far as The Interior so common that many suppose it to own members to Jesus Christ and
is concerned, in its saying, of Ra-
Church, and as He is infallible, why hab’s lie, that “ Paul and James, in be God’s arrangement: and any one his cause, for when we held a meet­
found outside albof these numerous
have another infallible head ? . Can A. D. 1, said it was right,” it mis­ pens, is.supposed to be an enemy of ing there a^ few months ago we
not the Church understand and represents and perverts ‘both the God and of truth.
-found mm-^-sectarianism- among —
obey JWPT Christas well as 'she facta and tïië teaching otScripture ■’We are opposed to these pens/ some of them than among the Bap- "
can the Pope; or is the Pope wiser and it incidentally shows more sym­ but love the many children of God tists and Universalists. We have
pathy with the prevalent practices whose growth in grace, and knowl
than He ? Again we ask, if the of Rahab’s day, than with the prin
edye, and love, is hindered by these jut little trouble with avowed sec­
Catholic Church is infallible, what ciples which Paul and James de­ restraints. \Ve are opposed to these tarians ; but Lord, deliver us from
makes her so ?,.
clared for their day and for all days sectarian pens, because they are not soft shell Camphellites I