Christian herald. (Portland ;) 1882-18??, February 02, 1883, Page 16, Image 16

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OÄ&isTiAlsf iâteftAitt)
son, the man who recently died at the
pest house in Walla Walla.
Monmouth and Vicinity.
fiftean is the number known to have
Please remember the entertainment been killed in the Tehachipi disaster,
and on further investigation the list in­
in the college chapel to-night.
• • •
A., AV., Lucua.
returned Irom creased. Grave fears are entertained of
Los Angeles, Cal., where lie bad gone
seeking health. He called on ns, and of Stephen Coffyn, of Santa Ana.
Henry G. Langly, one of the oldest
reports his health greatly improved.
and veteran compiler of Pacific
He also brought some money for the
Coast directories, died on the 29th in
II erauj . ~
San Francisco.
Tuition Reduced.
An old teamster named Jerry Lewis
—TKa r.h. nf finalnding Janitor’s fee) was drowned on the 27th in the creek
Tuition in the Normal school and in “ ’ beybfidT’tTtee'rr Mite; in Wasco county,
Christian College will be reduced $1,00 i Mr. Lewis got off the wagon and at­
p r term and will here after be as fol­ tempted to cut the horses loose, when it
lows : Normal or Collegiate $10; Sub- is supposed one of them kicked him in
the head, knocking him senseless, and
Normal or Preparatory 7.50.
fell into the water and was drowned.
D .T. S T A NT J gr.----------
Salem mills were shut down~bn“
Monday on account of high water.
It is expected that the new mills at Sa­
Pacific Coast.
On the 24th it was 29 degrees below lem will be ready in about two months.
- A b the East bound train was pulling
zero at Baker city.
of the depot at Los Angeles Cal,, on
Th§ O. R. A N. Co., has a force of
the 29th Henry Campbell fell from the
men at work in Pyles canyon.
A-gang of- ChinamenJiaye been put cars acrons the track and was instantly
to work on the Oregon Pacific railroad. kiTed~... His Body' was cut in two -and
There were 169 scholars in attendance his right arm cut off. He was about 45
the past term at the Layfayette public years of age and by occupation a laborer.
Mumps and diphtheria are prevalent
at Olympia. _ _ _ ______ __
Bellers are refusing 8o cents for wheat |
a few
at Walla Walla.
The steamship Tacoma, of the Pacific
The want of more bouses is experienc­
Improvement company, arrived
ed at Salem, and property has an up­
at Tacoma last Tuesday. She is the
ward tendency.
The Germans near Cornelius have largest steamer that ever entered the
just completed a fine church, and on Sound.
Henry Rupp, a boy twelve years old,
Sunday, Jan, 21st, they dedicated the
while playing in the brewery at Steila­
coom a few days ago. was caught in the
machinery and crushed to death. ----- —■
Efforts are being made to divide Un­
Wm. Pratt, employed at a ¡sawmill ion county, giving Wallowa valley a
near Corvallis, was seriously injured separate county by itself.
A Mrs. J. T. Sullivan died suddenly
last Wednesday by being struck on the
at The Dalles, from the over indulgence
head by a block.
Wheat is 93 to 94 cents per bushel at in whisky.
The father and mother of Chas. F.
Eugene City.
who was drowned in Three Mile
Real estate at Old Tacoma is being
creek, Wasco connty, while skating last
held at a high figure.
The car shops at New Tacoma are Bunday, reside in San Romon, Califor­
making on the average of one car a day. nia.
The high water in December destroy­
They are immediately sent East of the
ed about six miles of the old Blalock
E. A. Estes, of Drain station, broke Flume, now the property of the Oregon
his right arm last week while attempt­ Improvement Company.
On the 29th, Frank Dodge, a house­
ing to jump off the freight train.
Track laying on the Baker City mover residing at the corner of Eighth
branch is progressing rapidly on ac­ and Mission streets, San Francisco was
killed instantly at Hathaway’s wharf.
count of the mild weather.
Wheat is reported to be worth $1 per He was engaged in moving a boiler from
the Review point warehouse to the
bushel at Pataha City, W. T.
The railroad company is preparing to barge Champion, when one of the lev­
ers broke and the boiler fell on his
build another large wharf at Beattie.
Bricks are in demand on the Bound breast crushing him to death.
and are said to be worth $18 per thou­
Ron. James Patrick, Sr., the oldest
Mrs. H. C. Brown, of Dayton, W. T.,
is said to have fallen heir to $20,000 by journalist in Ohio, died on the 26th, at
New Philadelphia, aged 91.
the death of a relation. *
Seven thousand men are now at work
All the towns on the Bound are boom­
the British Columbia division of the
ing, and property is advancing. Olym­
pia, which has long been on a stand, C. P. R. R.
The extreme cold has produced wide-
has taken a start. *
Two cases of smallpox ’broke out hr spread destitution among the. poor
Weston, Oregon. They have been re­ around • Lynchburg, Va., especially
moved to an isolated house. Both were among the negroes,
One hundred and fifty families at Co­
strangers in the city. The parties af­
Q., are in destitute ciroumetan-
flicted came up on the train with Thomp*
ces, owing to the closing down of the caped Berions injury.
The worst storm of the Beason set in
Columbus mill last Christmas.
It is now known that among the pas­ at St. Paul, Minn., on the.30th, Far­
sengers of the lost steamer Cimbria was ther west the storm did not prevail, ft
Miss Dora Hennings, known to the lyrio seems to have coma from north of the
stage as Mille. Dorina, who was return­ British line, sweepiug diagonally to the
ing to her home in Cleveland from a southwest. No incoming passenger
course of mnsicaTMiuttPS tn "Enrope. ■*“s
All the business houses of Milwaukee few were sent out.
were closed on the occasion of the obse­
quies over the charred remains of the
Violent storms raged in Hungary,
forty-six victims of the Newhall house
Friday, in the district of Oraniza, and
The body of A. Lngard, a workman, bouses were destroyed.
A heavy gale prevailed on the 26th
was found in the woods near Rmmham,
rtTBulwrly at
Park and Liver»
Mass., on the 25th, frozen Bti#. Both
feet were tied with a rope to a sapling. pool, causing much damage to shipping
Under the corpse wsh found a revolver. also to bouses. A schooner was lost
A collision of freight trains on the with all hands at Yormonth. At Old­
Vermont Central, on the 27th, exploded ham two persons were killed and six in*
a cargo of kerosene oil, burning adja­ jured by the gale.
A d mi ral J an regnaberry, Minieler of
cent storehoasees and many loaded
has resigned.
freight cars. The loss is over $200,000.
At Nashville, Ill., on the 23d, a fire de­
stroyed a block of business houses and fund, sends thanks to the United States
the court house. The records were for contributions.
A socret revolutionary press has been
in Odessa. Several Nihilists
J. A. McVeagh, the comedian, fell
from, the top of. the . stairs at his resi • have been arrested.
dence in New York on the 23d, receiv­ ~ The steamer wrecked near Swansea,-----
Wales, was the Agnes Jack, from Sardi*
ing injuries from which he died.
with lead. Witnesses of the disas­
The liabilities of the grocery house
of Boris, Fay & Conkey, of Chicago,. ter saw the erew of twelve men swept
from a mast. The steamer was out of
ur0 p1a'-‘‘d <»t $000,000.
reach of rockets and nuapproacha-
The weather was terribly cold in the
Eastern States on the 23d, extending ble by boats. All hand* perished, in­
cluding the Captain.
from Texas to New York.
Two leading Nihilists prisoners, a
I-n tearing up the floor of a mail car
and a woman, confined in the fort­
at Wilmington, Delaware, thirty Beven
ress of Peter and Paul have become in­
letters were found, posted in 1871.
. ■>'
On the 23J, at Brainard, Minn , the sane.
Northern Pacific hospital and Old Col-.
ony Reception house were barned. Philadelphia for Liverpool, has been
Thkly^jxjjatients, many of them bed­ driven into Penarth road with decks
ridden, were removed, two of them in a swept and other damage done.------------—
The heaviest floods in the British
dying condition
districts for twenty years, now pre- ,
The Marquis of Lome yvas dined by
vail. Lakes Derwentwater and Bas-
the President on the 27th.
now join, and a portion of
Mrs. Blecker, of the Tom Thumb
Company, died of her injuries, received
Ten bodies were washed ashore near
in the Newhall disaster.
Henry T. Morgan, the well known Penarth from an unknown steamer sup­
banker and broker, died at New York posed to have foundered with all hands,
on the 27th in a carriage, while return­ twenty in number, near Port Hawi
ing from Wall street to his home.
The British steamer Black Watch has
The ooroner of Milwaukee is investi­
off Mumble’s Head and twenty.six
gating the Newhall disaster. No evi­
are drowned.
dence of importance has been given so
An Imperial concession has been
to a firm of English contractors,
The first mail steamer for Brazil left
by which all Vienna rail­
New York on the 27tb. '
by branoh lines and
On the 23d a fire at Washington, Ark.,
a circular railway. A ministerial an­
destroyed $50,000 worth of property.
nouncement says these words are ren­
A bill has been introduced to give a
dered necessary both by public eon ven- ■
pension to the widow of DeLong of 8150
ience and the state of the labor market.
per month.
BiisineHH Loeata.
Grand Father Roessly, aged 93, boro
in Germany, died on the 25th in Fair­
If you want to get a picture copied or
field county, Ohio. He fought under enlarged or a lot of fine views of Oregon
Bonaparte at Waterloo.
and Columbia river scenery, or a dozen
A smallpox panic prevails at Brainerd first class photographs any size, go to
and Aiken, Minn., because of a rush of I. G. Davidson, the busiest and most
successful photographer in Portland.
frightened lumbermen to these towns.
N ew M usic .—Bend stamp to Wiley B.
Both cities have placed armed guards
Alien, most popular mnsic dealer, Port­
on the thoroughfares.
land, Or., for complete catalogue and
A terrific wind storm at Denver, CoL, sample copy •* Musical Pastime.** All
destroyed a number of houses on the orders by mail filled promptly.
29 th.
The Household Sewing Machine took
first premium atthe great -M mm
The .river steamers Suiac and (-¡trace
(England) Exposition for the!
collided in a fog on the 30tb. The lat­
best family Sewing Machine. John Bj
ter sunk. R. 8. Ward, a passenger was Garrison, general agent, J 67 3rd. bt.l
drowned( AU the other passengers es* Portland, Oregon.