Christian herald. (Portland ;) 1882-18??, January 26, 1883, Page 8, Image 8

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over Lord’s day with the church. and sisters to stand by me and give drink than their clothing costs. - Ten cents spent is not much, they
I preached in the neighborhood me their aid. Brothers and sisters,
For several days, during the last say; why it takes ten days, at a
jSai»Edayl..a^ning.and twa Jisaami...
s prings k wa*.. for aed by ii s eiiw «..ti J M x nt.drink , a da y; to mak e on e'
ses at the church on Loixl’s day.
Your brother in Christ,
stances to take my meals in a board­ dollar. Very true; but ten cents a
J. M. J ones .
There were two additions on Lord’s
ing-house with a saloon* attached, day for 365 days is 3G.50, a nice
day by letter. The church at Cen­
and where a party of laboring men sum for a poor man. I knew two
ter is getting along slowly, but is
from a railroad track came to sit , young men that agreed to lay aside
Temperance Department.
in earnest.
and eat their illy-prowided lunch' ten cents a day for one year for the
Since. I came to Scio (the first of The Liquor Question From a One man attracted my attention purpose of buying their sweetheart
‘fflhT! "SdflT ■
1parTicuiafTy7asVffever saw Tiirn’eat " ^Uhrtfitmis present. One of the
tions to the church ; and at Stav-
any meat, but lunched on bread and young men actually lay aside ten
ton six additions. I am giving my
cheese, qaoiatened by five cents’ cents in a box every day; the oth­
whole time to 4>hfr work^but my
One wotrtd naturally suppose that worth of beer? *■ On asking him the er fennel tided to just take $36.50 on
lalior is too much scattered. Here the temperance question Lad no reason why he never had meat, he the day before Christmas and buy
is the greatest difficulty with the side untouched by the hand of ar­ told me he was not able to afford the present, but who, when the time
. cause in Linn county ; we need two gument, or no phase unpictured by it, for lie had a wie and six chil­ came, found the sum so large that
more preachers in this county, good the public press.
dren to support; and only received he failed to carry out his promise.
workers. Brethren, lie careful and
We can hardly imagine any new $1.10 cents per day for his labor, The other man, having saved his
not allow your preachers to spread idea of interest in this mighty pro­ which, if he utilised every working- sum by dime installments, did not
over too much territory. I never blem in political economy, We day, would only be $6.50 per week miss the amount, and his intended
did like butter spread too thin on pause .„and loo k. d o wn thQ. . li
>f I, naturally, i nqu i red of Ji i m if lie wife was ma
my breath
prosecution to discover some attain­ drank to excess, and was assured of an elegant necklace. And so it is
Yours fraternally,
able ground wherein a logical point his undoubted temperate habits, for with the money spent in drink by
D. M. D oty .
or persuasive argument can be made, as he said, he took only* one» drink the young men of the country; it is
givtui-out.„ria- »- mw U wwugnificarrt '
.etliehor*ol whisky and fi ve ceuUt w
OaTdfrom Bro.
ror, bloodshed, crime and misery beer every day—but said his wife quantities as tq be unnoticed, but
W infield , K s ., Dec. 29, 1882. , following in the wrake of intemper­ got sometimes ten cents’ worth in a which, in time, swells into alarming
Vesterday I closed a meeting ance.
day, and always five cents* worth, proportions.
—with the church at Salt City resulti­ " Pictures’ of the attendant misery for Bhe required it raising Children
« Very well,” remarked a young
ng' in eleven additions. We had caused by strong drink have been Here was a man, earning at the friend of mine,
suppose I do
much opposition,
painted upon the canvas of facts, very outside $6 GO a week, and on­ not spend my money for whisky
I have received the C hristian and the indignant populace at the ly eating meat once a day, and and cigars, it will go for something
H erald and like it. May God time cursed'the traffic that created hardly half enough, who was giv else, and I am no better off.”
bless you in your new home and such pictures, and then go them­ ing every day of his life for drink
True; i f you speTrff^5(Taffnuany~"''""
the work for which you are so well selves to seek relief from their mel­ fifteen cents at the least calcula­ for drinking and smoking, then re­
ancholy by draughts from the wine­ tion, or $1.05 a week, nearly one- form your bad habits, and spend
cup, under cover of social or tem­ sixth of his entire earnings, even il the same amount for concerts, thea-’**’
F. M. R ains .
perate drinking.
he worked every day, which he Ires, books, pictures, buggy-riding,
The question then presents itself, could hardly doowing to the incle­ or I care what not, you are still the
Report from Bro. Jones.
is there no other reason why men ment weather. Bad weather did gainer in the end, for you have ab­
should refrain from drink, save the not interfere with the visits to the stained from habits that are in ev­
I sland C ity , O r ., Jan. 15,1883.
possibility of utter ruin by ungov­ corner grocery, however. U. H ery way loathsome and dangerous,
Editor Christian Herald:
excess ? For the arguments Kent, in his New Commentary, and received for your money an
D ear B ro ,—Since our last re
port from this valley, I closed a of this article are not directed to says that “ One of the prime causes equivalent, somethingjiot received
meeting on Indian Creek of thir­ the drunkard, for his case is pictur­ of failures is the ignoring of small by the consumption of strong drink.
teen days with three additions, two ed every day, but to the sober men, things in detail—the insignificant
Here comes a man that claims to
by baptism and one that had for­ the men that "never get drunk,” matters, as they are styled.” And barely earn a living anyway, and,
merly belonged to the Baptists. 1 the men that take an occasional 1 so it is.
as he works hard, must have some
How many young men, or old
think the Word has found its way glass for friendship sake or for the
lun out of his earnings, by which
ones either, that ever for a moment he has reference to a few drinks,
to many other good and honest sake of sociability.
I invite the attention of that consider that one ten-cent drink some cigars, etc. This looks very
hearts and will work out an obedi
class of young men that hold good each day amounts to $36,50 in a reasonable at first glance, but if the
nc e in a near future.
I also closed a meeting of eleven positions in life; to the young men year, or sufficient to buy a good suit statement that he barely earns a
day's in what is called the Cove, on emulating positions of honor or of clothes ; and yet the man that living be true, and still he squan­
the east side of Grand Ronde valley, trust and fame; to the young men merely takes one drink a day thinks ders any portion of his money for
on the 7th inst., with a crowded that are just starting out upon the he is almost a total abstain?!, and something not Only useless but
house and much interest, but no ad active highway of life, with all its will get up and boast of his remark­ hurtful ns well, he commits a crime
ditions. There are a few disciples myriad cares and burdens—I say able temperance proclivities. Look against the woman he swore to love
there that we want to organize into I invite their attention long enough at the thousands of married men, and protect, and is guilty of insult
a congregation at our next meeting to give‘this question a thought from men that' are good and honest, men to the marriage vow.
which will be the first Lord’s day the stand|>oint of reason and busi­ that strive hard to get along, yet
1 remember a young machinist
ness, and let us see what it costs never have A respe ctable coat, never *ll<>neveF Wenfc t0
.- in Feb., and Saturday before.
■™~-----T ni!W>w engaged Ju B luevUng :ymr to W “ni ce felk ywe ” • n num g . f or a mp m e nt thhtk t rf'ttfeti dmF Tn a white shirt, ami his “overalls .
Ji any plaice of amusement with wife
near Island City on the west side your companions.
and over shirt ” were changed at
'i and babies, simply because they
of the valley, after the close of
least twice a week, making, you
country who would resent the name think they cannot afford it, yet who
which I will report.
perceive, quite a laundry bill. His
The field here is large and I ani of drunkard, would get angry at take their regular three drinks a fellow-work-men used to laugh at
the only preacher—but there are being called a drinking man, who < day, which,’at the rate of tea cents him for spending all his money for
many good, warm-hearted brothers spend every year more for strong < each, amount to $109.50 per annum. washing—for his work, remember, f
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