Christian herald. (Portland ;) 1882-18??, January 26, 1883, Page 2, Image 2

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as heads, or directing, ruling pow­ meeting—an assembly of the Making the largest reasonable re­
ers over them, the ancient founders “ church of the First Born.” The duction for all its mistakes, for all
This is a Greek word which is
of their various creeds, each contra- general assembly will be, when all its failures, and for the evils which
It signifies a
*1, , Aik..- „-hilo fluor clergy the church are made like, and glo­ have grown out of its prostitution
company, assembly or hotly of peo-
in conferences, councils, synods and rified with their head—Je^us. ~ :
ple bound or compacted together.
Such, then is our definition of mains; no body of men the world
presbyteries, variously., interpret
To-day there are many organiza­
the church of Christ; it is perfect­ has ever seen lias been so univer­
tions claiming to be the church, and enforce the “ traditions of the
ly illustrated by Paul (Rom. 12: 4, sally on thez side of all moral im- ”
and having various bonds of union; elders ” which “ make void the
5) when he compares the church to provement or has labored more
but wre wish to know, upon the au- Word of God.” These take the
place of the true head of the church a human body. In this figure earnestly for the general culture
"t ho ri t y f d '44w b »Wo*»drwhat
Jesus- -mf>reHHnLs the head, and all _ ajrid ad vancement of the human race.
sia, body or church, Jesus establish­ —Jesus—and tTieTfwe teacher and
who are his constitute the» lxsly, Widely as theologians have ditfer-
ed, and w hat are its bonds of union; guide into all truth, the Holy Spir­
over and through which the head ed in their creed, much as they
secondly, we wish to show tnat ev­ it. Hear the Prophet Isaiah ex­
rules. Jesus has been and always have quarreled over their pct dog­
ery Christian should belong to that press it chap. 9: 15.) “The an­
will be the head over his church as mas, and great as have been the
church ; thirdly, the injurious ef­ cient and honorable, he is the head,
a whole; he is likewise the head and discussions and splits of christen­
fects of joining the wrong ekklesia and the prophet that teacheth lies,
ruler of the entire living church dom, under their varied leadership,
or church ; and , fourthly, having he is the tail.” And the whole
and in every assembly where two the steady tread of this host has
joined the right church, what are nominal system is described in the
or three meet in his name he is the been onward toward a brighter and
the results of losing our member­ Revelation as “ Babylon ”—confus­
more glorious civilization, and its
ion—Papal mothers and Protestant head, ruler and teacher.
If it be asked, in what sense does record to day stands tinimpcached
First then, the church which Je- daughters!
Will they own this to be so ? No, he teach ? we answer, by exercising before the world without a parallel.
began to gather during his ministry,
the (|uaIiHes~<ffTlierTTead;7orlCTuh=~~ And yet, not a few still Jive who __
and which was recognized by the for the lukewarm nominal church
er; by using one Or more of those have never learned “The workman
Father at Pentecost after their ran­ of to-day believes herself to be rich,
is worthy of his hire.” There are
som price was paid, was the little and increased with goods, having present, as his mouthpiece in un­
folding truth, strengthening faith, those who believe |>overty in a min-
comp an y- o t-dis ei p t es -w ho h a d c on- «Hwetbof nothiiig^imt knowing that
Wcf * >f ■—
secrated earthly time, talents and she is wretched and-miserable, and i encouraging hdpe, inspiring Zeal,
life a sacrifice to God. They were poor, and blind, and naked, (ReV. etc., just as the head of your body piety and preparation lor bis work, —
can call upon one member to inin- is yet a necessity to humbleness.
organized and bound together as *T: 17.)
i ister to another. But here a word* Their estimation of this calling is,
“ These are hard
members of one society, and as
of caution ; If one become as useful that it is npt paid for but is design*
such had laws and government, and can receive them ?”
consequently a head or recognized not our sayings; it is the warning an instrument as a right hand, he ed of God to subsist on the scraps
ruling authority. The bonds are voice of the sure word of prophecy j should take care that he aspire not of charity it may be able to wring
bonds of » love and
common . . . whereunto ye do well that I to become the head. Be not puffed from the world by the sight of its _
yp„; pride will paralyze ami render tattered garments. With such, the ~
interest. Since all were enlisted ye take heed.”- And it is a loving
usele&s. “ Be not ye called Rabbi pi cachers salary is not a debt the
under the captaincy of Jesus, the voice for again our Lord declares :
hopes and fears, joys and sorrows, “ As many as I love, I rebuke and (master, teacher) for one is your Church owes him, but a donation it
master (head) even Christ, and all has generously granted and it is at
and aims of one were those of the chasten.”
There are two senses in which ye are Brethren.” And let not the liberty to stop p-iyment when and
other; and thus they had a far
more perfect union of heart than the true church of Christ may be least member despise his office, “ for where it pleases.
Not unfrequently the estimate
could possibly be had from a union considered : All who like the early if all were one member, whe>e were
on the basis of any man made church were fully consecrated to the Ixxly C' “ Nay, those members for his 8up|>ort is solely on the
creed Thus their organization w as the doing of our Father’s will, of the body which seem to be more ground of shelter, food and raiment.
of the spirit; their law for tl e gov amenable only to Christ’s will feeble are necessary ” “ God hath The farmer says, “ I can live on tive
eminent of each was love, and all as and government, recognizing and set the members every one of them hundred a year and my preacher
a whole were put under obedience obeying none other—These saints, in the hotly as it hath pleased him.” can do it. 1 wear jeans and my
How simple, beautiful ami effec­ preacher can do it,’, and yet the far­
to the “ law of the Spirit ” as it from the beginning of the Gospel
was expressed in the life, actions, Age down to its close, when all of tual is God’s plan of salvation '— mer expects his pastor to represent
his Church in councils, to stand
and words of their Lord. Their this class are sealeel, constitute the Zion's Watch Tower.
among the most cultured, to be
government w’as the will of him “ Church of the First Born,” whose
Merit Versus Charity.
posted on all themes of the day, and
who said, “ If ye love me keep my names are written in Heaven.
These are all one in aim, hope and < Of all the callings in the world be ready every where and at all
com mand ments.”
-—Tbiia wp uno flip early church or- suffering, and in due time will be that of ministry is the farthest re­ hours to creditably sustain his re­
ganized, governed, and in perfect joint heirs with Jesus Christ to the in ov ed from charity. Its authority, ligious interests at home and abroad,
unity and harmony under the ruler­ great inheritance—heirs of the its object, its incessant and varied among friends and foes. He does
ship or headship of Jesus. Contrast kingdom which God hath promised labors, and the education and tal­ not take it into account -that to
ent required to make it successful' stand abrflkst of the thought of the
this church organization with what for them that love him.
The other sense in which this place it infinitely in advance of all day requires books periodicals, and
now affects to be a continuance of
the same—viz.: the various denom­ same class is recognized, is by trades and professions. Counter­ books cost money. He docs not
inational organizations, each of counting a part for the w hole; thus feits in the pulpit are not the re­ take it into account that a minister
which binds its members to a men­ all the living of this class may be presentatives of the pulpit and can­ needs the association of men of cul­
tal union on the basis of some creed spoken of as the church ; or, again, not be the measure of its usefulness. ture and brains to educate his own,
dMf.&yna of |t8 own (many of them any part of .this class of living fol­ The Christian ministry has ever and for this purpose he must visit •
anything but lovely) and each hay­ lowers who- may -meettogettreTTinay" ’wtoqd uponjts own-meritr-,. Aside, conventions, lectures, and institutes,
ing its own laws.
properly 4>e called the church ; for,- from all questions ofthe future well an<l this takes money. I - ’
There are hundred? of pastors
These laws emanate from their by the word of Jesus we know that being of the lace, its presence in
heads, or rulers and law-givers; so wherever two or three are assem- every community, in every age of complained of to-day because they
it is clearly seen that these present bled lie will lie among them, con­ the world and under all conditions cannot make brick without straw,
straw is in the pockets of
«Jay churches, have aod recognize sequently that would
a church pf society, has paid a* thousand fold. and the
The Ekklesia.