Christian herald. (Portland ;) 1882-18??, January 12, 1883, Page 8, Image 8

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pocket book the name that was on fish ends, may plot and scheme, Th© Use of Tobacco by Eöys.
the door-plate. Then he went on they may trade in the tears, sobs
The use of tobacco by growing
anguish and degradation
his way with new thoughts and sufferings,
but the great heart boys is so generally recognized as
is extraordinary
Years passed away, and the kind and conscience o
that more energetic measures ar
lady had forgotterf*all about this yet join in league against them.
incident, when one day a stranger i The result of any single political not urged upon those having the
called at her house and sent up his campaign, adverse to temperance care of youth to prevent the habit.
card, asking permission to speak reform, will not settle the question, Already it has teen prohibited in
who it could Temperance workers may be cast the United States Naval Academy
with her. Wondering
Ge, she wentdoWB Id L11U pailui au4* down, but they -will n
e dis- at Annapolis; in the United States
found a noble-looking, well-dressed I couraged. The time will yet come
gentleman. He rose respectfully to when the balance of political pow­ in the Philips Exeter Academy, at
meet her, and holding out his hand er will gravitate to the right side, j New Hampshire, and in various
No political party without a other enlightened educational insti­
said, in a trembling voice—
“ Pardon me, madam, for this conscience behind its platform can tutions. This was not the w'ork ol
liberty; but I have come many successfully withstand one that has j prejudice or hobbyism. If Any set
miles to thank you for the great The party that commits itself to ‘ of men are from these vices of learn­
service you rendered me a few moral ideas must, at last, succeed. ing, it is the naval surgeons, and it
One with God is a majority. Sa­ was especially from them, and par­
years ago."
'* I am puzzled to know what loons and saloonists are a menace ticularly fiom Dr. A. L. Gihun
you mean, sir,” for I do not remem­ to morality, religion, and pure civil United States Navy that this attack
government. Patriotism, sooner or ■ on the weed began. The indict­
ber to have seen you before.”
“I have changed so much,” arid I later, must combine with philan­ ment laid against it charged : That
the young man, “ that I do not thropy, all its latent forces against it leads to impaired nutrition of the
w’omUr j ou. have forgotten me. .. a traffic that has notone redeeming nerve centers; that it is a firtile
But though -1 only saw you once 1111 a 1*1 ty. IleaV£U and'ith cry nut cause of neuralgia, vertigo, anti in-
-d igoitimi ; that, it irr itates ¡The
I 8houlJ have known you any- against it.
Let no temperance man qr wom­ mouth ami throat, and thus de­
Your voice, toó, is BQ
an falter because of the & ffieu I ties i stroys the purity of the voice ; that
much like my mother’s.
to be overcome. Let all temper- ' by excitation of the optic.nerve it
The moment these last
were spoken, the lady remembered, anceorganizationsclothethemselves • pioduces amaurosis and other de­
the poor young man to whom she with new courage. Let all temper­ fects of vision ; that it causes a
had s|x>ken kindly in front of the ance workers gird up their loins to tremulous hand and an intermittent
bar, so long before. She saw him the conflict; It may lie long end pulse ; that one of its conspicious
desperate, but those who puisne the effects is to develop irritability ol
weep and she wept with him.
Presently the gentleman wiped path of right, along the line of the heart; that it retards the cel!
away his tears, sat down and told God’s will and providence, shall changes on which the development
the lady that a few gentle words finally win the battle. Even the of the adolescent depends. This is
she spoke to him one day had been stars in their courses shall tight for a formidable bill of particulars, ami
yet each of these charges is pre­
the means of saving him from rum, them.
Prohibition of the traffic in all ferred by the best modern authoii-
and of making him a useful man.
*•' Those wor Is—‘ Not lout forever I intoxicating beveiages is the objec­ ty, and, what is more, each is sub­
followed me,” said he, wherever 1 tive point. ' We may have to reach stantiated l>y an abundance of clin­
went; and it always seemed to me it, litre and there, by gradual ap­ ical evidence. Testimony is al.-o
like my mother’s voice speaking to proach. But whatever legislation pioduced from the class records of
me from the grave. I repented of falls short of, prohibition will l»e schools and colleges, which indi­
my sin.«, and resolved to live as only scatfolding; only temporary. cate very positively that the effect
A hundred years hence, our de­ •if tobacco on the mental faculties
Jesus and my mother would like
to have me live, and am thankful scendants will look Lack in amaze­ is deteriorating. The best scholars
to say, that by the grace of God 1 ment that we, with a Christian civ­ are not tobacco-users ; non-smokeis
have been able to resist temptation ilization, tolerated salocns, with all take the highest rank in every
their incidental evils, sending out grade; and whether we look at the
and do soiae^g axl in the world.’
‘ I never dreamed there was so the streams of crimes, degradation exceptionally brilliant students, or
much prayer in a few words,’ said and death into the peitctful homes compare the average of those who
use and those who refrain from to­
uf a free people.
the lady.— llec. Dr. Newton.
The church must take advanced bacco, the resu't shows the same
The Future of the Temperance ground. The firm hand of disci­ —Medical and Surgical Reporters
pline must smite the curse, hip and
Chinese Cigarettes.
Until every closet yields up its thigh. The altars of our holy re­
Leprosy, says a physician of San
skeleton, the ghastly victim of in ligion must become fountains of
temperance, the opposition to the high moral sentiment. The church Francisco, has not a few victims
liquor traffic must increase, Until of God can not afford to wink at among the whites. Especially is it
tl i e' h earls Hi al “ ache o ver Wien thia abomination of^ desolation.. revealing itself About the lips and
husbands, brothers, and sons and Stern rebuke and Unflinching oppo­ tongues of boy’s who SOlSrTftësp
even wives and daughters lave sition to the desolating traffic is the cigarettes, niade by Chinese lepers.
been eased, the outcry against duty of the hour. Let the motto of The disease, though fatal, is slow in
”—A- I- giving tokens of its first approach
strong drink must grow louder. all be, “ work and.
The doctor knows of one
Politicians, intent only upon sel- H obbs in Worker.
hundred and seventy cases, the ma­
jority largely Mongolian. The dis­
ease is highly contagious; sleeping
jn bed-clothes handled by infected
inese servants, even sitting on
the chairs
the same things, etc, is dangerous.
The disease often is not observable
for four or five years, and then only
by physicians accustomed to exam­
ining such patients.
it prevails, an island is set apart for
lepers. The hospital ljas at this
time eight hundred lepers. A vig­
ilant eye is’kept on the lookout lor
traces of in ci pieht 1 e prosy. Wh en
observed, the person is at once sent
to the hospital, but a great many
are concealed by friends, and thus
the disease spreads. No case is
dischared cured, unless it be true
that quite lately some few recent
cases have been cured. Report
says they w’ere effected by eucalyp­
tus leaves. t One doctor claims to
have counteracted recent develop
ments by inocculatmnrTT>e leper
do2s n »t suffer much pain till lew
fingers and toes, drop off. When
the leprous sores are still on their
hands, they work in Chinese cigar
factories and give wide spread to
the infection. M’iothes-washermen
the same.—Az.
Temperance Notes.—- - -
—Sir William Col I ins, presiding in
Glasgow, Scotland, at the annusl
meeting of the Scottish Temperance
League, reralarked that in the Es-
tablisheu Church the woik of tem­
perance was making great progress,
while the medical testimony in fa­
vor of total abstinence was getting
more convincing every day.
—A hngthy c’rcitlir is issued by
the executive committee of the
Kansas State Temperance Society
addressed to the“ friends of temper­
ance.” The circular reviews the
conditions which lead to the results
of the late election. It maintains
that upon the direct issue 100,000
of the lf.3,!K)0 votes recently polled
would be cast in favor of prohibi­
tion. Decided steps will be taken
in opposition to any attempt to re­
peal the prohibitory law, and to
counteract efforts which may be
brought to bear upon the next
Legislature looking to that end.
Fur the purpose of u closer organi­
zation, and for the revival of the
temperance sentiment, the commit-
Me issuefr^- eaii for a State
at Topeka, lor January 9th and
l()th, requesting a representation
from all societies and churches of
the Stat-. Tuc meeting it to be en­
tirely non paitisan.—A>.