Christian herald. (Portland ;) 1882-18??, January 05, 1883, Page 9, Image 9

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sent from home. [As Josephus was
an infidel Jew and commentator^
are liable to make ridiculous blun­
ders, we prefer the statement of the
Bible. It is not said that Judas
reach of her influence. In 18G9, cheerful place, and a hospitable one, I And 1<> ! they have passed from our
yearning heart,
during a visit to California, Eld. especially to the minister of the
They have crossed the stream and are
Adams was called to Salem to take Gospel, and her pastor always re­
gone for aye—
pastoral care of the young church ceived much encouragement and VVe may not sunder the vail apart,
which had been organized in 18G7. help in varied ways from her.
s That hides from our visions the gates of
JEwuuXbjadLXi mu .MakilXUU
nor that he strangled himself to resided in S-ueni, with the .excep­ filled with activity, she suffered We only know that their boat« no more
death. But Matthew says he went tion of about four years spent in much fro n bodily affliction. Many Will glide with us o’er life’s stormy sea ;
But somewhere I know on that unseen
ou£ and hanged himself. This is Cincinnati, and an occasional visit and many a time she went about
the correct translation of the Greek to California. During their resi­ her work and.kindly ministrations They watch and beckon and wait for me.”
word.— E d ] To-day our neighbor­ dence in Cincinnati they identified amid much physical suffering. Last
J. W. S priggs .
hood is excited by the workings of themselves with the work of the winter she and her husband spent Clnistian Standard please notice.
st ro i T g’-'driiik. Last nlglil Ht Br»'.' OeilLIHl ‘ miOTBlT RiriT ' m W"so tne winter in California. She re­
David Inman’s saw mill two drunk active in her work and so pleasant turned to Salem in April about the A Few Thoughts On Our Mis­
sionary Work.
men were burned to death in a in her disposition that with much?, time of iny first visit to this
cabin some of the handt* occupied as entreat)- they fain would have per­ place, and consequently has been bear Sisters of the Missionary
____ a sleeping room. A hired man is suaded her to remain with them. my helper so far in all mv walks.. —Society.«
seriously if not fatally burned. He but her heart v, as entwined with in this place. During the latter
1 will attempt to give you a few
was snatched out of the burning the little vine pl mt id in this city, part of the Summer and Fall she thoughts on this, our great work,
building by another party. I am and tley returned to the old home had more frequent attacks of a dis­ again, through timidity and fear. •
told that one or two others received to. spjnd ami be spent in its service. I tressing headache that had been
If I should say anything worthy
some injuries in their efforts to The S inday-school was organized , her affliction all through her life. of your consideration, I hope you
give aid to the victims.
in 1871. This was one of the spe­ On the 29th of Nov. she had an will please accept it; if hot, I know
cial objects of her care and soli i- attack of it accompanied with a I am among friends and hope they
J. L. W1G1.E.
tude. In fact she has been one of very bad spell of a spasmodical will l»e kind enough to look over
In Memoriam.
the most important factors in the character. She lingered for a lit­ all mistakes that I may make. I
and Sunday school, and tle over two weeks her head never consider this to be a duty we owe
Mrs. Martha E Adams, wife of
E1'JLS. .C. Adams, of Salem, Oiegon, eve ry ci i terprjse associated witk.1
depart ed this li t e'Tre <r^rTT~rSH2" good of cii l ier. —She was truly ah quent returns of her ' spasmodical cd upon to do with what ability
Aged 51 years, 7 months and 4 days. helpmeet to her husband in ull ol symptoms which seemed to threat­ we have, although it be a cross;
Sister Adams was Lorn near St. his labors in the Gospel, an I his en paralysis until at 1:45 on the i »earing in mind it is not good for
Louis, Mo, May 12.1831. She was varied enterprises of.llfc. Site was morning of Dec. she quietly human nature to have the work of
thedaughterof Dr. James and Mahals an inspiration to him as will as t » breathed her last. During the life too easy.
McBride, being the eldest daughter every jne who endeavored to work • aily part of her sickness, she en­
1 love the principles of the mis­
of a family of fourteen children, a'l
sionary work, and for this cause I
of whom are still living, except the
expect to labor. And I hope we
youngest daughter and now the-- JSlm_.waa.june of Llm principal origi— cd to-think her work was net are all working for the same pur­
eldest. The family moved from tutors of and workers in our Liter­ done. Yet from the first she seem­ pose, an<l that our object will be
Missouri to Texas, and after a brief ary Society, connected with the ed to think she would die, and fre­ accomplished. I think when we
sojourn in that State crossed the church; and its annual reunions quently said she was not afraid to are assigned a duty we should l>e
plains to Oregon in 184G, locating were usually held at her house -die, but she seemed to think there prompt to attend to it. Prompt­
in Yamhill county. The father was She was an untiring worker in the was much for her to do, yet, in the ness in duty
•* is what makes our
a pioneer preacher of no ordinary Sewing Society, and every other church work._______ _ L____
meetings pleasant.
We know
ability, and his unremitting labors
During the last week her condi­ promptness is required in all things
had a large inff'ieiice in establish­
tion was such, she could take but through life if we« would make a
ing the cause of Christ in Oregon c inline I to the church and its ini little comfort in the society of her success of anything. I feel at home
The children are filling many im­ mediate agencies, but she was allied friends whom she loved so much. in- the missionary society wherever
portant places of trust and useful­ to many charitable and benevolent Ami thus has ended a busy life, I find one, the same as in the
ness. One of the sons has been a agencies that promised good in the and we can well say her work was church, because I feel that I ani
member of Congress and the young­ community. She had been for well done, though we all felt we kjyrouniled by friends and people
est was the honored speaker of the many years one of the Boaid of must retain her longer, that we of respectability.
I remember
House in the 1 ecent session of our
could not (jive her up.
while on a visit to our sister State
O, Imw much we will miss her I recently^ I never felt so much at
Sister Adams w’as married to was al<o one of the Board of Mana Her family will miss her, the home as when among our church
Eld. S. C. Adams, in Yamhill Co., geis of the Womans College, con­ church and the Sunday-school will and missionary friends. I admired
Feb. 6, 1851, with whom she lived nected with Willamette Universi'y. miss her, her pastor will miss her the friendship shown by the mem-
and enj >yed much of happiness from H r work in the community—in loving counsel and work ; and the lærs to all strangers. Oh .' the
the union lor a period of nearly 32 I her visitations among poor and community will miss her. Breth­ dear gem of friendship ' It sweet­
years. She became the mother of sick, and strangers, was marked ren, pray for us all J pray for the ens the bitter and smooths the
four children.
The eldest and and characteristic of a heart that bei caved family; pray for Bro. thorny path of life. A true friend
youngest are still living, but the prompted her to be ever going Adams who feels so deeply his sad whose heart is drawn out in sym­
other two have preceded her to the about and doing
o good.
pathy for those around them and
spirit worl 1. She became a Chris
She had a decided influence for “ VVe know sb« is safe on the further side who is ever ready to speak words
tian early in life, when she was good in the social circle. The Where all the angels and ransomed be.” of comfort and consolation without
♦ . *
' about 1.5, and until the day of her young never felt embarrassment in
expecting recompense is to I k ? prix-,*
Bu ti wou n i w U H 'H-iyow tho se qwioi she rds
___ __________ •
• -
. .,
*■ 1 ' 1
od • hoove ’tliei- sparkliit
jg .gems or.
• Christian integrity, bui was an I drawn unto her, and she. was a Wild pass with t,l e Iwiutman cf>ld and earth. But a pretended- friend is
pale ;
active eneigetic Christian worker wise and prudent counselor unto
worse than an avowed enemy and
We hear the dip of their golden oars,
in every good enterprise within the I such.
more to be dreaded. We know the