Christian herald. (Portland ;) 1882-18??, January 05, 1883, Page 6, Image 6

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An Abomination.
vote is called. He enters upon his
duties with a large minority op­
posed to his coming, and he is an
extraordinary man if by one year’s
faithful work he wins that minori­
ty to his hearty support.
Sometimes the story is varied by
ihe^BiícüiñStance'.'' that a "man is
found who on first trial is accepta­
ble to a large majoiity, but he is
already engaged elsewhere in a
good work, and thinks lie cannot
come. Then the word is “Offer
times unjust inspection by the very proposed. Let them judge not by
people whose instructors they de­ a trial sermon, which is no test at
For several years back my soul
sired to be. It puts them below all, but by what they can learn
has been often stirred within me by
the rank of hirelings; because a from disinterested persons of the
the method of calling preachers now
hireling is employed on the recom­ preacher’s work and worth; and
becoming prevalent. I have annu­
mendation which he brings until he when they are satisfied, let them re-
ally resolved to enter a public re­
proves himself unworthy of theni.
port to the church and obtain au­
monstrance, but have every year
I protest against1 the practice in thority to call him. Then when he
neglected to do so until it was too
the name of the Loid, because it is preaches his first sermon he will be
late to anticipate the evil for that
as fai removed as possible from any heard by all as “ our preacher;” all
year. I fear that I am too late
thing approved in the word of God, will try to be pleased with him in­
even this year to accomplish what
it brings the name of Jesus in­ stead of listening to criticise him,
I desire, but 1 postpone the effort
to reproach in the persons of his and he will have a fair chance to do
_ no longer.
him ft little more money Anzlyon
-ft-good work Lorn
But perhaps some church is
richer congregations in towns and Will be sure to get him.”
Let me say in conclusion, that no
cities, when they are in want of a
preacher who has any selfrespect,
winTcnowIngly allow Ins naine to
preacher, to search fur him as a man
J protest in tion, unless wre try him ? And some go before any congregation while
does when he wants a new horse.
it^rFcheWT'Tsrffi®’ preacliermay ask, how shall any they have not yet fully decided to
Taking IF for granted that every
and in the church that needs my services discontinue the man they already
preacher who is unemployed, or who
know enough of me to call me, un­ have, or while they are negotiating
is living on a smaller salary than name of the Lord.'
As for the church, this practice less I go and see them ? I answer with some other man whom they
they can give, is for sale, they send
for all such, one at a time, and try deadens its spirituality by causing the latter first. If you cannot find think of obtaining. Of all the little
them. They put ------
up fora
trial it to assemble from week to week, a field of labor in God’s vineyard contemptible things in a preacher,
—- ------
f*' Mll
sermon, as the jockey hitches up not to worship God and be edified, without making an exhibition of to interfere in such cases and try to
• the horse for a single drive, and as but to hear and criticise a succes­ yourself to your own shame, this is undermine another is the most con­
he goes through the performance, sion of strange preachers. ’ It sows the best proof that you have mis­ temptible. Such a thing is not tol­
they watch all his movements and the seeds of just such dissensions taken your calling. If you are not erated even among horse-traders ;
scrutinize all his “ points ’’-—not over men as Paul rebuked in the wanted where you are, and nobody“ let it never be spoken of among
merely the points of his argument, church at Corinth. It submits the ■ Invites you elsewhere, go to the preachers.
but the points of his person, from ait-importent (jfùestTOTi^ choosing' •heathen,or go to tent-making.
If I have written anything amiss
head to foot. Every man, woman a spiritual guide for the church, to Rest assured that if you hate done in the above, I shall be glad to be
and child in the church looks and the judgment of the inexperienced faithful work where you are, some­ "corrected. If I have spoken what
listens as a critic. D jes the preach­ and incompetent, instead of confin­ body knows it and will want you is right and just, I beg every
er wear spectacles ? Is he lame ? ing it to those who are capable of elsewhere. , Or if you have not yet preacher who will be liable to for­
Is he too slim ? Is he too fat ? Has judging. Itdetermines this question begun to work, and have a heart get any part of it to cut out this
he a long nose, big feet, awkward by the poorest of all tests, a single for labor, go uninvited where you piece and pin it in his hat.—J. W.
carriage, red hair, no hair at all ? sermon delivered under most unfa­ know that there are ears to hear M c G arvey , in Old Path Guide.
He may do good in some places, but vorable circumstances ; and it of­ you, and there begin. In the mean
———------- ■■■♦ » ♦---------------- 1
he is not the man for us. Is he ten results in the choice of the time if you are thought of for any
a Preacher Was Cured of
young ? There is a set who are op­ iho?t unsuitable of all the candi- field, kt people judge what you can How
Filthy and Degraded
posed to having a young preacher. dates on exhibition. Finally it ex- do by what you have done, and if
Habit of Smoking.
Is he old ? There is another set (>oses the church to the danger of this does not satisfy them, it is
who are opposed to an old preacher. being made the prey of some syco­ either because they lack good sense,
Jas. A. Wells, a prominent
Is he raiddie-aged and single? phantic place-seeker ; for all the or because your past work is not preacher of the church of Christ,
There is a set who are opposed to birds<>f this variety flap their ^ood. I beg all my preaching who visited Oregon a few years
old liachelors. Has he a growing wings in Thè nlwxLion of such a brethren, both old and young, to ago, tells how he was induced to
family ? Bro. Pinchtinger is afraid church as buzzards toward a distant utterly refuse henceforth and for­ quit the habit of smoking. He had
we can’t support him and “ all of his carcase and their borrowed plumage evermore to preach a trial sermon. preached before a certain congrega­
Does his trial sermon is often very beautiful while it I speak not of the past; 1 have no tion and stayed all night with a
reproaches for what has been done; family in which were a number of
please the most of the old people ? lasts.
As for the preachers, this abom­ 1 speak only of the future.
The young people are not at all
girls who were very fond of sing­
pleased. Does it please the young inable practice compels them to go
For the churches also there is a ing. Before leaving the family he
people ? The old people shake their through the farce of preaching a more excellent way, and it is not a had charged his pipe with tobacco
heads, and are afraid that he is fast. I sermon which ought to glorify 1 new one. The elders and deacons and touched off the same with a
* aie the divinely appointed rulers match, when the ladies asked him
Does it please everybody ? It never Cnrist, for the ex press and under*
does ami it never will. Next. stood purpose of exhibiting them­ and public servants of the church. to join with them in singing a cer­
Another Sunday and another trial selves; and if they have any self- Let it be understood that when a tain song. He laid his pipe on the
sermon with the same result, and respect, it excites within them such preacher is wanted, they are the parlor stove, and, while singing, the
another and another until the end a sense of shame that they appear proper persons to search for him, proprietor of the house came in
of the year is reached, or bill the at their worst instead of their best. anil in the main, to judge of his with an armful of wood ; seeing the
list of applicants is exhausted. It places them before thé eyes of qualifications. If, for special reas­ pipe on the stove, he laid the wood
Now a choice must be made, and a many as place-seekers who can be ons, it appears good to the congre­ down on the floor, walked to the
vote is taken on the one v ho has bought for a price. It makes them gation, or to the officers, that other wood-house and returned with two
the most outspoken admirer
and actual competitors against their good and wise brethren be appoint­ chips in his hand-, with which he
he is elected by a small majority ; fellow-preachers for a good place, i ed to act with the latter, let it be removed the pipe from the room.
It often,¿ to the worth.. dow,- Let these »e n; by pri v at e.
tion, as at a' primary election and fixation of being rejected after' a inquiry, find the man be#'fitted of
W m . P orter .
the man who receives the largest searching, unmerciful and some- all within their reach for- the work A uwby UI«, Qgn., 1)««. 28ih, 18<U,