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| Under this liead sve will be pleased to give,
editorial reviews of all books ana tracts of inter-
■^UaL-ijm-iaa5' 1>O sent to this office.]
The following books and pamphlets
have been received at this office and
carefully examined. We print the de­
scription as given by the publishers.
We regard them as good books on the
subjects of which they treat, of course
we do not indorse the position set fourth
proposed. These gre well worth study­
ing. That some radical change in or­
thography is.needed goes with the say­
ing. To spell “"enough,’’ “ cough,”
¿I«., all in the same way is
a relic of barbarism, and is placing a’
needless burden on on the already over­
burdened memory of children. In
London schools children pass their ex­
amination if thdir “ misses in spelling
do not exceed’ forty per cent.” The
adoption of some sensible phonetic syB-
Burpee’s Farm Annual of Garden,
Farm and Flower Seeds. Thorough­
bred Stock, etc., for 1883.—This is a
beautiful catalogue and contains a large
amount of practical information. It
er and stock-raiser. Address W. Atlee
Burpee & Co., Philadelphia, Pa.
Missionary Board.
Church of qiirlat in Oregon.
W. H. Adam«, Pdrtiand. President,
Henry Shadle, 1A>inland... .Vice President.
I. G. l)avid«on, Portland.Treasurer.
8. M. Hubbard, Amity........Rec. Secretary.
t :'”':" . .................
We have ako received Jho “ Minutes
Harper’s Bazar. 1
of the Annual Meeting of the Members
of the Church of Christ in Southern
This popular journal is a rare combination of
California,” held near Downey C'ty,
Iterature. art. and fashion. Its «toiies,
poems, anu cjcmyir-¡m
contains about as much practical non­ studies a large proportion of the time of
and America ; its engravings possess
sense on that side of the question as the children in our schools. A help to that the brethren in Southern Cal. are Europe
the highest artistic excellence ; and in all mat­
could well be gotten into the same num­ the discussion we commend this “ Gos­ in earnost about the Missionary work, ters pertaining to fashion it is universally
and we hope that this will be the means acknowledged to be the loading authority in the
ber of pages. We may have something pel of Mark Phonetic."
land. Th“ new volume wifi contain many
of stirring up others on the subject.
brilliant novelties.
-—*“*y nf chi«
in the future in
—----—-- .4
iilp ’ s G uide to H eaven ; O r ,
our editorial pagjs. We specially rec­ S tories for C hildren , by Rev.
T he N orth A merican eview
ommend the book on opium. This book Payson Hammond, the Children’s Evan­
January opens with a symposium in
pends forth no uncertain sound, and, we gelist. Price, in paper, 10 cents ; cloth,
Per Year I
which three of the most prominent ad­
w ould be glad to have all our readers 40 cents
Funk 4 Wagnalls, New vocates™ this country of the “ Revision HARPER’S BAZ AR .......... ........ $ 4 00 /
" ’
buy it and study it thoroughly : ■
Yoik,—The object of tip's precious little of Church Creeds,” namely Rev. Dr. HARPER’S MAGAZINE.......... ... . 4 CO
A C omfend of B aptism , by William book, is ta show children the way to
Newman Smith, Rev. Henry Ward 'Hie THREE above publications....... . 10 00
Hamilton, D. D. 12mo, cloth, price, Jesus, who is the “child’s guide to
Beecher and Rev. Dr. Lyman Abbott, Any TWO above named, . ................. . 7 00
75cts. Funk 4 Wagnalls, New York.— Heaven.” It is replete with. Bible
set forth the grounds upon which such HARPERS YOUNG PEOPLE ..... . 1 M
It contains in brief the cream of the lit­ truth und forcible illustration, abound­
revision is deemed necessary as a de­ HARPER
. 5 00
erature on the Baptism controversy. ing throughout with those tender per­
fense of revealed religion against the HARPER’S FRANKLIN SQUARE LIBRARY.
Its aim is, by brief but exhaustive exe­ suasives which draw young hearts to the
Ono Year (52 Numbers)................,.. 10 00
encroachments of skeptiscism, aud as an
gesis, to elucidate and establish the fact Savior.
Free to all subscribers in the United
adjustment of the relations between States or Canada.
■ ■ ’ clear ly ■ that affuaionis. atleast as classi-
------- ----------------------- i
,lu uf B a n tin .--T""erTrM- E n aT.ANn’n r oERnvFPnT.TnT.. lajj^
t__________ University Educa-
' and its D isastrous R ïisüttts T! t C ittna - Hnn fn> Weman,11 » qnos Hon that Tust
The Volumes ofilie I7(ioir Tegin with file "
immersion, and that infants are entitled
tir«t Num lx r tor JanuBTy nf each war:— When *------
nd I ndia . T he S pread of O pium now is being warmly agitated both here no time is mentioned, it will be understood that
W it as their biblical right.
S moking - in A merica , by John Liggins., and in Eugland, discussed by Prof. W. the subscriber wishes to commence with the
N ew T estament H elps for any V er ­ In No. 74 ‘‘Standard Series.” Price, Le Conte Stevens, who, -though Jig Number next after the receipt of order.'«t Four Annual Volenie« of Harper'*
sion oi : E dition , edited by Rev. W. F. 10 cents.
Funk A Wagnalls, New zealously advocates tho measure, com Htttttr, in neat cloth Eluding, will l>e «ent by
Crafts. In “ Standard Series,” No. 73. York.—An exceedingly valuable hand mauds tho attention and respect of its mail, [KMtage paid, ur by-expies«, free of ex­
(provided the Height does not exceed .
Price, 20 cents. Funk 4 Wagnalls, book on the opium question. In it ure opponents by the eminent fairness with pense
one dollar ;>er volutin), for $7 10 per volume.
Cloth Cases for each volume, Knitalde for
New York.—The appendix of the presented tli9 most important facts, and which he states the adverse arguments.
binding, »ill be sent bj uia 1, pcbtpuid, on re­
“ Teachers’ Edition of the Revised New the testimonies of the most eminent au­ Prof. Isaac L. Rice gives a “ Definition'“ ceipt of $1 DO each.
Remittances should l»e made by I*o«d>Ofiiee
Testament.” containing the best Lhlpsto thorities, on the present vast extent of of Liberty,” deduced from a profoundly Money
Order or Draft, to avoid chance of Ion«.
the study of the New Testament from the opium traffic ; the British rulers of philosopoical study of th-e-ph-aeea of po­ __ Ke w «paper» are not to copy thia advertise­
».thoui the express order of H au FITI'T"''*"'
the costly Teachers’ Bibles of Bagster, India ; the manufacturers of and re­ litical evolution, from the earliest An­ ment
Spottiswoode and Oxford, with numer­ sults in Arracan and British Burmah ; glo Saxon times to the present day.
ous other lists and tablets, by Dr. Ly­ the ciiminality of England's opium war; ‘‘American English,” by Gilbert M !
man Abbott, Geo. F. Pentecost, and the the continued denial to China of the Tucker, is a spirited defense of our cis­
editor, Rev W. F. Crafts, has been is­ rights of an independent nation, she be­ Atlantic fashion of English speech
sued as No. 73 of The Standard Series, ing still debarred from prohibiting the against the aspersions of sundry British
K - »t:
in card-board manila covers, thus af­ importation of the baneful stuff, or even critics. The Rev. Dr. H. W. Thomas
fording the public what would cost $30 increasing the duty on it to lessen its writes an article that can hardly fail to
iu the costly Bibles and hand-books, consumption ; tho wide-spread misery strike a sympathetic chord in many a
'■£-= -
with as much more of new helps for and ruin caused in China ; the formida­ mind, on “ The Responsibilities of Pro­
t • •<8
20 cents.
greseive thinkers ” “ Bigotry in the
I ble obstacle to Christian missions; a
T he L esson in the C loset for 1883, crippled commerce and the malediction Medical Profession,” by Dr. David
2 a •ài :
l>y Charles F. Deems, D. D. In of a great nation ; the perversion of Hunt, is a protest, from the pen of a re­
“Standard Series,” No. 76. Price, 20 seven hundred thousand acres of tho spected member of the medical profes­
•= - Í
a.- V = -Í :
cents. Funk 4 Wagnalls, New York.— best land in India from food crops to sion, against the First Commandment
“ Th? Lesson in the Closet,” a series of crops of poison, a cause of the periodic of medical ethics, which forbids associ­
i - «■
articles by the Rev. Dr. Deems, pub­ famines ; the demoralization of the Hin­ ation with any but regular practitioners.
■ if
lished in one of our Sunday school pe­ doos who produce the opium under and Finally^Charles T. Congdon, under the
Ty c « - 2 Zz ‘
~ t ~t.
riodicals, has attracted such attention as for the English ; the friends of justice singularly apt title of “ Adulteration of
* -• < > Ï.S S'- ■ ;
to lead to a solicitation that they be and humanity outvoted in the British Intelligence,’’exposes some of the grave
gathered into a book form. Instead of Parliament ; the urgent duty of mis­ evils to be apprehended from the mo­ Z3
tf ?
doing tbiit. Dr. Deems has prepared a sionary pocieti'-s ; the action of various nopolization of telegraph lines, piossas,
similar series for the first six months of religious bodies ; Chinese victims car­ sociations and influential public jonrn
1883. It contains the revised version of rying the curse to the many countries to als. Published at 30 Lafayette Place,
the lesson for each Sunday, with inject- which they are going : rapid spread of New York.
I «3
Rd annotations, uccompanied by a de­ the vice in America ; twenty thousand
*D r . 8. B. B bittan says : “ As a rule
vout meditation on each passage. Iris -4- wliito persons opinur smokers in the
physicians do not, by their professional-
intended to be spiritually helpful to United States;
numerous opium
methods build up the female constitu­
teachers and scholars.
“dens,” “saloons” aud “parlors” in
tion, while they seldom cure the diseases
G jspel by M ark in P honetic S pel the leading cities and “layouts” in to which it is always liable iu our varia­
J A .
ling , by C. W. K. Price, 15 cents. I email towns ; repressive measures in ble climate and under our imperfect o LO
T’titik 4 Wagnalls, New York.—Issued I California-, Nevada and New York ; ab­ civilizition. Special remediesarooften
—F> sllmfriH the reform in spelling as solute prohibition by'the nation neces- required to restore organic harmony and
suggested by an able advocate of U ms snry; tl .o'ed lI gh t cwiiig aBd1 a mu s ing’ o t st re ngthen tlfé ie nfecb‘ed puwers wuiuair-
movement. The system suggested is tho people an imperative* duty. This hood ; and for most of thqse wo aro in­
Partners and others desiring a genteel ,
certainly novel, but has many argu­ book presents many more startling debted to persons outside of the niediCal lucrative agency business, by which $o
ments in its favor. Iu our judgment, it facts. It should be read and pondered profession. Among the very best of to $20 a day cun be earned, send address .
is the best yet presented. A supple­ by every lover of hupianity. Issued in these remedies I assign a prominent at once, on postal, t> If. C. W ilkinson f.
ment is added setting forth the rules and “Standard Series,” No. 74. Price, 10 place to Mrs. Lydia E. rinkham’s Veg­ 4 Co., 195 and 197 Fulton street, New
| York,
etable Compound.
the principles that underlie the changes cent«.
■- - -• J