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Christian College has opened
with an attendance of6f5 students
in the collegiate and preparatory
Publisher njul Proprietor, Monmouth, Or. departments, and 102 in all de­
-------- <
partments. This is, probably, the
Subscription Price I
opening in the history of
One Copy, one vaar.....................
.$2 00
One Copy, six months........................ 1 00
the College, and students are still
coming almost every day. It will,
Prices will be given on application.
no doubt, be verjr gratifying to its
| Entered at the Pout-office at Monmouth, as many friends to learn of the great
second class mail matter. |
prosperity and fine prospects of the
Flease Notice.
— 4
V *
We have one question for those The Primitive State Conven-
.who *' allow peraons to take their
choice as to how they shall be
G. W. Ogden, in the Christian
ionary, gives the “ scriptural
,come to the’’Lord’s table.and insist precedent ” for State missionary co­
upon observing the Romish practice operations, in the following brief,
of taking only the bread, absolute- but conclusive style :
ly refusing the wine. Would you
" I robbed other churches, taking^
feel free to hol<l such an one in the wages of them to do you service *
fellowship ? And yet you make (2 Cor. 117,
W-hat chtuchep
much parade of memlwrship in a were they thriCpai»! Paul his wagek
church " which allows liberty.1 white preaching in Corinth ? Paul
Away with such liberty. It is answers thus: “ And when I was
We arc not responsible fi r the opinions and
sentiments expressed by Our contributors, but
scarce a step to that thorough and present with you, ami wanted, I
for onr own writing alone. Hence -oui readers
nust judge for tlieniselvM. -We inten<l t<> give adopted a platform that calls for j . au tspukxm—iuiiduliijg... w lwie other,
was charge'able to no mon for that
Rmteektr the fRe'expreHsion of opinion, within
toe limits of sound »liscreiion, and the good of the submission of the prohibition name is Lilteralism.
which was lacking to me, the
the cansc ; but not be hel»l as indorsing what
question to the people. -
others may write.
brethren from Macedonia supplied” J
The Sixth Church’ of Tndiana-
All matter intended for pul llcation in tins
(2 Cor. 11 9). The facts stand thus :
peper shoiilipbe written :
We an* pleased to learn,that our |x>lis, Indiana, has made a move in
the, churches of the State oCMacer_
1, O n
«Ha n r the ~»»n o« t a nt y:-----------------
2. In a plain legible hand.
schools throughout—the East have the right direction, as evidenced by
donia had a State meeting (call it
3. Let tnere tie plenty of ujMU-e between the^ *
opened with fine... prospects.. The the following from the Standard:
cooperation, convention, or what
4. Write with a pen instead of a pencil, ho
attendance has increased in nearly J' The territory of the Sixth Church ever you please), for missionary
that it maj not be »k faced in transit.
5. Write brief article».
of them.
Education under has been divided into seven dis­ work. They selected Corinth as
When yon rend money for U m » paper, ptawe all
be »are and ata«» whether the name fur which Christian influences is coming to lx- tricts find two deacons' have been
it is »ent in now on onr lia» or not.
their missionary field, ami Paul as
Expoct no attention to articles, notice»», or appreciated by the people more ami appointed lo direct the interests of
queries not aecompMied by your name.
their missionary. Ami in order to
If any HiibHcriber fail» to get the Ur.RAi.n in more.
the church in each district. These
have the gospel preached free of
dne time, or fails to get 4t regularly, we will
will appoint special committees to
take it aa a great favor if lie will notify ns at
charge to the people of Corinth,
once. We are very anxious that the paper - Were you found at the house, of
attend promptly and constantly to
should reach every Hiibscriber regularly.
they pai»l Paul his wages for his
God last Lord’s day ? if not, do every particular of church work.
We want th«* brethren of Oregon you think you were missed ? If The committee will report weekly
Now if the churches in the State
to keep the approaching Coopera­ not missed, whose fault was it ? to the deacons and the deacons to
of Macedonia luul a co-operation for.
tion well in mind. Let us all come ¥ou will not l»e so unkind as to lay the church.” How many congrega­
the purpose of sending the gospel
up prepared to do a great work for it at the door of those whom you tions arc there whose usefulness
into foreign lands, why should any
call unappreciative brethren? Will would not lie greatly extended if
the Lord.
Christian be oppose» I to our State
you still insist on staying away ? such a system were adopted. In-
We have letters from different
or nation working in exactly the
Or, if you do come, will you speak stead of finding a way not to do,
brethren of ability an»l zeal in the
same manner in our »lay ? Or, why
to no one, welcome no straqgers, they have found a way to do good.
East enquiring for congregations
is it that some of our good brethren
ask for none of the absent ones, Wonder if any deacons could be
needing a preacher, They desire to
are still so far behind the apostle’s
and still insist on calling this a cold found who do not know what is
come to this north west coast to
times as to think that the preacher
church? Let us pray, “ Ix»rd have expected of them in their office.
make their home, Congregations,
of the gospel ought not to l»e sent
desiring a preacher should let us
to foreign lands, ami be pai»l for his
know and we will put them in cor­
The “ South Side ” and “ First ”
—Bro. G. W. Richardson, for work ? Or that the churches ought
respondence with some of these Christian churches of Chicago have
some years of Waitsburg, W. T., not to have a convention (coming
recently united as one congrega­ preached in Monmouth on We< Ines- together}for the purpose of devising
means for the spread of the gospel ?
The evenings are now getting tion, as l»oth were, separately, un­ day evening'on his way to Southern’ — Eranytlist.
long and alt prayer-meetings that able to carry forward as aggressive California, where he expects to
It appears to be realized more
have lieen suspended during the a work as the one thus formed make his home in the future.
usual I v by all, that in this
—Bro. Wm. Adams, county agent
short nights should lie now revive«!.
especially this land, where
fact the tendency is too often, even of the Oregon Bible Society, occu­
subtle change.s\in the con­
The Sermon Outline of Bro. in our large cities, to have too
pied the pulpit in the Christian ditions of human life are so con­
Shadle took the usual place of our many congregations. They had church in Monmouth last Lord’s
editorial notes last week. It will better be concentrated into stronger dayTspeaking on the subject of the stantly and rapidly going on, the
watchman of God liiust keep awake;
be read with much interest and centres. “In . union there is Bible and Bible distribution.
l»e like the men of Issachar that
profit We have arranged for fre­ strength.” Though they may be
—Bro. P. R. Burnett has been had understanding of the times to
quent issues of these brief sermons. in perfect harmony as independent sick at his home in McMinnville, know what isrttel ought to do, and
but is now able to perform most of that in adapting the Gospel to men
“ He that loveth not his brother organizations, yet more growth is his TTsual duties. 1 his is the reason no success can be expected without
whom ho hath seen .how can he manifested usually with united he was not at the opening exercises God’s spirit t»j guide.—W. J. 8. in
the Criterion.
of the College last week.
love God whom he hath riot seen.’
C hristian H erald .
• NO. 39.