Christian herald. (Portland ;) 1882-18??, August 11, 1882, Image 1

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U------ X-1HBI&TJAN‘ 1 IKBAI.B;
Publisher and Proprietor, Monmouth, Or.
Sul>«TÌ|it(<>■« Price t
IJO V/Wpy y ♦ ** I*»*y*»Fr»;;r
One Copy, »ix months.
One of our noble preachers in
Eastern AV ash ingtbn writes*. Till1
brethren are all proml of the HER­
ALD.” Yes, ami we are proml of
such brethren who are so faithful
to the panne of (’hrist. and work so
|x*rs»*v«*ringly for^tlm pape.iv.
- At the Southern California State
| Entered at the 1‘ost-oftice rft Monmouth, as Meeting at Downey, Bro. James
second class mail matter. |
Venable of Downey and Sister
l’lense NeUce.
LutiQ_L. Darby of Or-ange aye au­
We are not re»pon»>ble fcr the opinions and thorized to act as special solicitors
seutiment» expressed by our contributor», but
for oiu[ own writing atone. Hence oni reader» for the C hristian H erald .
Prices 'will be given »»n 'application.
nust judge Tor themsebes. We intend togiye
space tor the free «anression nf opinion, uitliin
the limits of sound «lisera.ion, an<l the good of
the canse; but not l>e held as iiidorring what
others may write.
z '
In the note last week about edu­
cating young disciples in the truths
All matter intended- for yuLllcation in this of prac11 ca ITHTfIsfian ity T" th»1 ty pi‘S
paper should bfi written..:________ ;_________ _
made us say, «
? I. On one Bide of the »beet only.
2. In a plain legible hand.
comparatively is given To making
3. Let tliere be plenty of »pace between the
comforts.” We Wrote it, “ making
4. Write with a pen instead of a pencil, so
that it maj not be defaced in transit.
■ •
. »'
.4 *
V 4
■ »
5. Write brief article».
.When rmi aootl money for .tha paper, please
l*e sure »nd state whether theiname. for 'Which
it ia sent ia now nu our Jis* or not.
Expect no attention to articles, notice», or
«pierios not acrompnni«*d by your name.
If any »nbscrilier fails to got the IffcftA-t.h in
dne time, or fails to ge*. it regiilHrly, we will
take it as a great favor if ho will notify ns at
once. We are very anxious that the paper
should reach every »nliscriltor regularly.
The Chrt^ittn
Bro. Howell, a colored preacher,
“ tlx* Sun-burnt evangelist.”
The Ckriul'mn Preitchcr has been
compelled to miss several issues re­
cently^-on account- of .scarcity of
One added at Portlaml by con­
funds. These be hard times on
fession and baptism last Lord’s day.
jMior editors. MewMje.r.
There is a steady and healthy in­
crease in the cause in this city.
Dr. Broadus, of tlx* Southern
We are sending-’but pictures of
NO. 32.
A faithful attendance on each
dered* them, but do not send them It looks too much like tium-drum
for subsdriptionswcxcept the names sort of lifts. All this is extremely
l»a»l. It is bail as an example, bad
arc accompanied by tlx* money.
I to practice and l»a»l as a resultant.
-—Rw iu’inl it'i' when ordering ext r a
fW’dWipTeW^KrgRw'np■’Tn. the'
copies of th»* paper tha^i| costs us '
church with such an utter absence
five cents for every cop}' we print,
of all habits of regularity—habits
and send th»» money accordingly.
which art* worth so much to all
We furnish extra copies gratuitous­
true Christians. How then; shall
ly to lx* used in canvassing for new
such a state of affairs among
churches ami memliers I«* avoide»! /
Nothing is easier. Be* sure—to at-
foFg.'t n PauTs
admâïïîlT»m -- to
: trn¿ thf’ sprvic™ of the church
* * ----- ■
- - —
------ -
“In jj .1I things shewing thyself a
pateviVof gooil^ walks: in doctrine
shewing nneorriiptness,
gravity a d»*sin* of vain show.
sincerity, sound speech that cannot ..-Young man, if you have anything
I m * condemned.”
to do, do‘it. If not, fiml some­
thing. If you can’t find anything,
The Allmnce, J/cwnj/cr, pub­
dig your grave ami »lie. It is far
lished at Hanford, Tulare county,
cheaper to furnish shroml and
Cal., comes to us.loaded with good
cofliri than a f»*w.w»*eks Ixiard, and
things. Tt is the earnest advocate
-¡»erchance a guard. This world is
of temperance, ami under the aus­
not large enough to contain^ single
pices nf the u “ q Tulare County Chris­
id ter with comfort to himself or to
tian Alliance. ’ Success to thÏ si44xàl_ _4__^ .,
_ . Depart and giveplac»*
to those who with high resolves
No Christian can afford to live evolved from noble minds and brave
without a constant meditation upon hearts, are marching- forth to ac­
the things pertaining to the king- complish feats of valor. Better lie
dmu of (lort. H t * who habitually down, young man, and let this.host_ _
closes his eyes to tlx* beauty of walk over your worthless carcass,
Go»l’s law,, shuts out the light of that they may succeed in their pur­
eternal things, shuts the doors of poses, than stand in the way to
Iris heart to God. Let this I m * tlx* hinder, simply because you fear to
prayer of every one, “ ()p»*n thou suffer. Better die ami rot and let >
min»» ey»*s that 1 may behold won­ your name and fame ami all be
blown to tlx* nethermost nook of
drous things out of thy law.”
. oblivion than hinder one noble
A notion seems to pervade the man in the accomplishment of one
minds of some Christians that the generous act which will relieve the
gatherings of the church are of no «listresseil or carry a single ray of
importance unless there .is a great hope to tlx^lespondent.
crowd. They get.the' idea, some
Many churches desiring to secure
how, that the ;i--» ixbly of the saints
the services of able ministers of the
is a small ami insignificant affair
word, by letting the fact be known,
except someboily is there to chas­
can he put in correspondence with
tise all who may be opposed to them
such. We are in receipt of letters
in their religious views.
from several*preachers whom the
»•’athering of a few faithful ones
churches highly,1 commend ami who
foiLpiayer_aml pïaise, for a careful
are known far ami wide
for their
ami systematic study of the .Scrip­
work’s sake
Let us secure their
tures has no charms for them. All
presence in this State as „soon as
that will stir the religious blood in possible and see that they are sup­
Theological ‘ Seminary, struck an
We wish to corx^t our state­
important note when la* sai»l: “ Let
ment of last week about the death
young men rea»l old books ami old
of Bro. J. M. Harris. He died ‘at
men read new hooks, and things
Eugene City, and is buried near
will not so readily lose their »*i|uili-
Latham, Lane Co., Oregon.
briuin ”
Bro. T. M. Morgan- «ends us pic­
The census of (’añada gives 21,-
tures of Bro C. J. Wright and Eld.'
Disciples of Christ in the pro-
Jones, the disputants in the dis­
cussion now lading publish»*»l in the vince of Ontario.
H erai .D. A s we know neither of
man has
them by face, and Bro. M. did not
lx>xe§_ of
tell us how to distinguish them, we
have »leci»l»*«l that, the better look­
ing one is Bro. Wright, of course.
•e» '
We lectured at Eola and Dixie
A petition is being circulated in
last Lord’s day on Christian Educa­
some of the- counties in California
tion, and have an appointment for
securing signatures of voters from
Suver at eleven and Buena Vista
all political parties mutually pl<*»lg-
at four, next Lord’s day.
ing theuisylvjeii-to. refuse to. support
‘rKtu»ly to shew thyself approved any man who in any way sanctions
unto men, a workman that the tlx* whisky traffic. Tjjis will have
V ri tical I »roti i»iry ill »»ot la- (inhumed. a solidary influence tjmI woe to any
»»L’ is-thr^\vay some' preachers semi party that ignores thi> \ »»i»*»* Df~thr-
law abiding citizens.
to read Paul.
ported while engaged in preaching.
Now is our xinportunity.