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No Baking Powder
Exhibited at the
1 W orld’s Columbian Fair
Tested So High
A t the U. S . Gov’ t Examination
F o r S t r e n g t h , P u r it y a n d U n if o r m it y
As the Royal.
T h e official report shows R O Y A L B A K I N G
P O W D E R chem ically pure and yieldin g 16 0
cubic inches o f leavening g a s per ounce o f pow ­
der, which w as greatly in excess o f all others
and more than 40 per cent, above the average.
R o y a l is t h e fa v o r ite in e v e r y k itc h e n
a n d h a s a la r g e r s a le t h a n a ll
o th e r s c o m b in e d .
o io io iq
who never told a lie—
But he’s dead—
Never said it was wet when the weather was
Ne\er said
He’d caught fish when he hadn’t caught one.
Never said he’d Cone something that he hadn’ t To Sell Bad Whisky Under a Popular
Never ecolded hi t wife, and never got mad
And wouldn’t believe that the v c ^
A respecter of men, & defender of woraia,
Who believed the divine, and in that wnich Brand* and L ab els o f th e Faraon* Jesse
was human.
M oore W h is k y Im ita te d by a Seattle
feck as Moses—he never was understood,
and the poor man died of being too good.
Im p orter, W h o Is N ow Unc’er A rrest.
And he’s dead.
There was a man
There was & woman who never had gossiped a
She’s dead, too—
Who hated all scandal, nor listened to it.
She believed in mankind, took care of her cat,
Always turned a deaf ear to this story or that.
Never scolded her husband-she never had
No sluggard was she, but rose with the sun.
Never whispered in meeting, didn’t care for a
Or all of the feathers that one could put on it;
Never sat with the cho:r nor sang the wrong
Expressed no desire to lecture or vote.
For the poor soul was deaf as a post—also
Yon might have called forever, and she
wouldn’t have come.
And the’« dead.
—Jeannette la Flamboy In Outlook.
Effective as an India * Exterminator, but
Too Mercilr « to Try.
“ A good many -■ ars ago the Co­
manche Indians use to harry and an­
noy the people c f 1 xas by predatory
incursions, pretty nimh, I fancy, as the
Scottish highlanders did their brethren
who dwelt in less mountainous regions, ’ ’
arid Colonel A lf Mason of the Lone
y State. “ The Comancbes, too, had
jtly the same purposo in view that
-animated the adherents of Rob Roy—
the lifting of cattle— and it would he
hard to say which mad»
•---------- nf .¡in Jjj^-iuess, the sturdy free­
booters o f Scoua or the copper hued
.denizens of the American plaina The
^ ^ 4 Texans of coarse resented to the ut­
most this conduct of the redskins, and
many a brave paid the death penalty
for trying to get away with horses or
cows that did not belong to him.
“ Many a poor settler, too, in trying to
save his little homestead, fell a victim
to tho barbarous foe, Some unusually
cruel raids, in which a number of white
women and little children were butch
ered, about the year 1859, in W illiam ­
son county, not far from the state capi­
tal, caused tho resentment of tho people
to riso to a boiling pitch, and vengeance
was 6woru against the whole tribe of
marauding red demons. The affair was
so ruthless in its atrocity that it came
very near being the cause of a whole­
sale slaughter of the Indians, which
could have scarcely been justified.
“ The proposition came from one of
the noted frontiersmen and Irdian
fighters of that day, who has long sinoe
«| crossed over the river, General Hender­
son. The old man advanced it coolly
and could with difficulty be persuaded
r v to abandon it. It was to invite, under
the guise of pretended friendship and
reconciliation, all the Comanches that
could be assembled in a great scope of
surrounding country to a big barbecue,
where there was to bo eating and drink­
ing galore and a general smoking of the
of peace. It was to be a grand
feast, especially in tho roast beef part
of the menu, said beef to be artistically
dressed with poison enough to kill every
son of a gun of an Indian that partook
of it. Well, they wouldn’ t let the old
general carry out his scheme, and he
got very hot over it and to tho day of
his death cursed the sentimental fools
that interfered with his pious for reduc­
ing the Comanche census. ”
H a r- Work and Indigestion go
hand in hand.
Concentrated thought, continued in. robs
the stomach of necessary blood, and this is
also true of hard physical labor.
When a five horse-pewer engine is made
to do ten horse-power work something is
going to break. Very often the hard-
worked man coming from the field or the
office will “ bolt ” his food in a few min­
utes which will take hours to digest. Then
too, many foods are about as useful in the
stomach as a keg of nails would be in a
fire under a boiler. The ill-used stomach
refuses to do its work without the proper
stimulus which it gets from the blood and
nerves. The nerves are weak and “ ready
to break.” because they do not get the
nourishment they require from the blood,
finally the ill-used brain is morbidly wide
awake when the overworked man at­
tempts to find rest in bed.
The application of common sense in the
treatment of the stomach and the whole
system brings to the busy man the full en­
joyment of life and healthy digestion when
he takes Dr. Pierce’s Pleasant Pellets to
relieve a bilious stomach or after a too
hearty meal, and Dr. Pierce’s Golden
Medical Discovery to purify, enrich and
vitalize the blood. The Pellets ” are tiny
sugar-coated pills made of highly concen­
trated vegetable ingredients which relieve
the stomach of al1 offending matters easily
and thoroughly. They need only be taken
for a snort time to cure the biliousness,
constipation and slothfulness, or torpor, of
the liver; then the “ Medical Discovery”
should be taken in teaspoonful doses to in­
crease the blood and enrich it. It has a
peculiar effect upon the lining membranes
of the stomach and bowels, toning up and
strengthening them for all time. The
whole system feels the effect of the pure
blood coursing through the body and the
nerves are vitalized and strengthened, not
deadened, or put to sleep, as the so-called
celery compounds and nerve mixtures do
—but refreshed and fed on the food they
need for health. If you suffer from indi­
gestion. dyspepsia, nervousness, and any
of the ills which come front impure blood
ami disordered stomach, you can cure
yourself with Dr. Pierce’s Golden Medical
Discovery which can be obtained at any
drug store in the country.
The recent arrest in Seattle, Wash., of
Aaron Jaffe by a United Slates internal
revenue officer for wholesaling liquor with­
out a license has disclosed one of he most
daring and dangerous frauds that has been
perpet aied against the government, and
against one of the most reputable and pop-
11 .ar whisky firms in the United States.
Numerous complaints have reached Moore,
Hunt & Co. of San Francisco, sole agents
on the Pacific Coast ol the famous old
Jesse Moore whisky, tba’ a counterfeit ar
tide wit* being largely sold in Washington.
I ne labels, bottler- and wrappers were eac1
so exact an imitation of the genuine as to
readily d*ceive the owners o f the origtial
brand. The contents were, however, as
might be expected, not even an imitation
but of so vile a character as to be readily
detected by any one who is familiar wit
the high quality of ill-Jesse Moore whisky.
Jaffe confined his operations to the sale of
case goods; therefore detrition was easy,
as was also success in disposing of his
goods, which l»ore the popular AA brand.
Ostensibly Jaffe was acting a* agent for
the ‘‘ Golden Medal Distilling Company ol
Chicago.*’ possibly a mythical concern. At
any vate. all bills were ma le out and re
ceipted in the name of that company
kfowever, in a type-written letter prepared
byJafle and mailed without signature to
liquor dealers in Washington, he openly
claimed that the whisky was spurious, but
that the label* and bottles were so success
fully imitated as to deceive even Jesse
Moore ik Co. or their agents, and in this
a ngle claim he was correct.
It hps been said that “ poor things are
never imitated,” which is a truism that
even Jesse Moore A Co. and M »ore, Hunt
<t Co. may accept with some small degree
of satisfaction, and the fact that the Jesse
Moore whiskies have become immensely
popular and are steadily superseding all
other brands of whisky on this Coast as
well as throughout the Eastern States, was
doubtless the strongest incentive to Jaffe to
embark in an illicit and fraudulent manu­
Selling liquor at wholesale without a li
cense is a serious offense against • he Uni’ ed
States internal revenue laws, and Jaffe will
doubtless, as he should, upon conviction
receive a severe penalty f«»r his wrongdoing
Infringement «»f a copyright is also a seri-
<»u* off n>e. with severe penalt es. Alto
gether, n would seem that t’ D imitator ol
an excellent article has involved h niseif to
an extent which will necessitate his pro­
longed retirement from the whisky busi­
When arrested and confronted with the
evidence of his crime, Jaffe broke down
and made a full confession of his own guilt,
without, however, implicating his partners
in the fraud, whose identity is yet in doubt.
The facts will doubtless come out on the
trial. As the evidence against Jaffe is cu
mulative and abundant, there is no doubt
of his conviction.
This is the most daring attempt yet made
to imitate the Jesse Moore whisky, but the
manufacturers may find some satisfaction
in the fact that the culprit is suppressed
Moore, Hur t & Co. will vigorously push
the prosecution of Jaffe for fraud in coun­
terfeiting their trade-mark and labels.
Carnot ami Joan Carries.
The death of Jean Carries, the «cnlp*
tor, recalls an anecdote in which he and
the late President Carnot were the prin­
cipal actors. Tho artist’s busts and
figures at the Champ de Mars excited the
admiration of all, and they were de­
servedly classed in the first rank. M.
Carnot, when on his visit to the salon,
noticed an old man, who seemed much
moved on seeing him, standing before
the works of art of the sculptor. Some
one said to the president, alter pointing
out the artist: “ Here is need for repara­
tion, M. le President Carries is one
of our most skillful men of art, and he
is not yet decorated.” Forthwith M.
Carnot detached from the buttonhole of
one of the officers of the military house­
hold in the place of a cross of the chev­
alier a cross of an officer of tho Legion
it Honor and placed it himself on the
breast of Jean Carries. The next day,
n The Officiel, the artist was named a
chevalier of the order.— London Figaro
Stanford’* Retort.
Once Senator Stanford was traveling
through California in his private car.
The train had stopped at a small town,
and the senator was leisurely strolling
back and foilh on the platform at the
depot A baggageman was unloading
trunks, and in doing so carelessly pitched
one onto the platform, and it burst
open. The senator looked at it and re­
marked, “ Weil, that’s a shame. ” The
baggageman impudently asked, "D o you
own this trunk?” The answer came
quickly, "N o, young mat hut I own
this road. ” — Horseman.
It is said that Lord Campbell was of­
ten overbearing and irritable. A lawyet
who had long struggled against the
chief justice's criticisms finally folded
up his brief and remarked, ” 1 w ill re­
tire, my lord, and uo longer trespass on
your lordship’s impatience. ’ ’
R o y a l Lead* A ll.
The Royal Baking Powder is the pur­
est and strongest baking powder made,
and has received the highest award at
all the great international and State
fairs, wherever exhibited in competition
with others.
The judge of awards on baking pow­
d e r at the late Chicago Fair, Prof. H. W.
Wiley, writes that the impertinent
claims of other companies that they re­
ceived the highest award for strength
and perity are false; that no such awards
were given them.
Dark was tlie house and cheerless.
And fast fell the r~ . from without;
My heart was chilled by the morning.
And besieged by many a doubt.
And I said: “ There i no •:»>•„» 1 in trying.
The old year is dying, dying.
Many hearts that were glad
Are weary and sad.
And the world is filled with the sighing.”
The good man came in whistling.
Though the rain fell fast without;
He cheered my heart with his Joy song,
And scattered my every doubt.
And he said: “ W e’ll just keen on trying.
▲ new year will spring from the dying.
Many hearts shall be glad
That now are so sad.
And songs shall grow out of the sighing.”
—E. ii. Chase in Homemaker.
They do not do so now, but iu bygone
times some o f the medical students and
young practicing physicians of Detroit
were in the habit of stealing bodies for
dissection from the cemeteries adjoining
the city.
Ia those times there were two young
doctors, just out o f their teens, who
were partners in a practice which left
them with a great deal of time on their
hands. Both of them were strong of
head and of physical makeup, and either
of them could drink any other man in
Detroit drunk on cherry whisky and
Still retain his sea legs and his cool
head. And there were not a few sturdy
drinkers in Detroit then.
Nevertheless, while the young physi­
cians appeared to be sailing straight for
the rock of Grog, they put in a great
deal o f time, much of it stolen from the
night, advancing themselves in a profes­
sion to which they were courageously
devoted. One of them, it may be men­
tioned incidentally, advanced in the aft­
er days to a very high position in the
medical department of the United States
army, and the other became one of the
foremost physicians of the city.
One night the two determined upon
making a sally upon a certain cemetery,
to steal the corpse of a n a n who had
died of a peculiar disease, which was the
talk of the little town at the time, and
which threw medical circles into sharp
and in some instances furious discus­
sion. When they sauntered from their
favorite boozing place, they were pretty
well filled with cherry whisky, and the
hour was past 11 o’clock. Their cronies
came away with them, as that was the
customary hour for retiring unless it
happened to be a holiday occasion, when
“ W e W on't G o HomeTili Morning” was
sung, a song, by the way, which imparts
a flavor of the wine o f the immortals to
good average whisky—which in its turn
cheerfully and heartily reciprocates the
compliment, by causing the song to thrill
the soul like the war hymn of trium-
phant archangels.
Earlier in the evening they had made
arrangements for a horse and a light
wagon, spades, pickax, crowbars and
ropes. They knew the location of the
grave, and they started out. The night
favored them with opaque clouds which
hid a three-fourths faded summer moon.
Arrived at the desired place,' outside
the cemetery fence, they led the horse
into a strip o f woods, crossed the road
and entered the cemetery. Before pro­
ceeding to business they took a hearty
pull at the cherry bottle. With the aid
of their dark lanterns they found the
mark which had been made upon the
grave in the daytime. They then pro­
ceeded to adjust their dark colored sheet­
ing. The grave was pretty close to the
road, but they didn't mind that. The
sheeting, hung on sticks pressed into the
ground, screened the grave from all
points o f View, and the dark lantern was
hung in sfich a position that it shone in
a narrow,, ^¿rcle downward upon the
Both seXed their spades then and went
to work with a will at either end o f the
grave, space being taken at one end to
afford room for both to work. In this
way the muscular young fellows soon
reached the over box. The top o f this
was taken off and laid aside. In a little
while the cover of the coffin was un­
screwed, and in the haste of the moment
it was thrown out of the grave. It struck
the width of sheeting next the road and
threw it down.
The corpse was a very heavy one, and
it took the united efforts of both the doc­
tors to raise it in the narrow space of the
grave. They managed to stand it up at
the end o f the grave and then concluded
that the best thing to do was to have one
of them lift from below and the other
from the top. To this end one of them
proceeded to climb out o f the grave, but
just at that moment their blood was
frozen in their veins by a piercing shriek.
On the night chosen by the young uoc-
tors for their raid on the cemetery R.
William Green, a suburban beau, whose
characteristics were of the hue of his
name, and whose courage was utterly
disproportioned to his tall, gaunt frame,
was returning homeward in company
with Mary S------, as beautiful a country
girl as ever tripped over the dairies and
as bright and intelligent as she wag beau­
tiful. People often wondered then how
a beauty of such manifest superiority of
character could see anything attractive
in a fellow like Bill Green, hut from this
coign of time the riddle is easily rea d -
beaus were very scarce in the township
of H----- in those days, and lie ice a girl
had no choice. It was said that they
were affianced, but this was not true.
Something in Mary’s conduct had held
William back from declaring himself,
although she readily allowed his atten
tion and refused the proffers of escort
of a certain newcomer in the field.
That night the couple had been to a
party, and the shortest and indeed the
only way to their respective homes was
by the cemetery road, unless it might be
across the rough fields, an impracticable
way in the dark.
As the twain approached the dark hoi
low of the road, which the bounds of the
cemetery touched. Mary natnr-dly drew
closer to her tall escort, and the touch of
femininity awakened in William the de­
termination to take advantage of her
tiinidity and pop the question. But Wil-
liam was a bit o f a coward, as already in­
timated. and the chill hour of Midnight,
together witn the contiguity of tue grave­
yard. was not to his liking. His heart
went pit-a-pat, not for the adored object
at his side, but because of certain noises
which the wind made among the bushes
in the cemetery, and he also fancied there
were footsteps behind him. His repressed
fears controlled his tongue, upon which
a proposal of marriage hung suspended,
although Mary pressed closer to his side
as they walked rapidly along.
As for the thoughts that were passing
through the shapely head of Mary at the
time, the lady has since said that she
knew from William’s actions that he
wanted to propose, and she frankly ad­
mits that he would have been accepted
on the spot, since she entertained the
idea that she would have been aban­
doned in the horrible place if she had re­
fused. On such little things do the piv­
ots of a life sometimes swing.
William was long in drawing his cour­
age to the sticking point. At length he
drew in a long breath, and tremulously
uttering the name that Byron and Bums
loved so fondly—“ Mary"—was about to
declare himself and ask for her hand, bnt
at that critical moment the disturbed
eyes of both were drawn to the cemetery
by the light o f the dark lantern. They
suddenly stopped in a palsy of fear. And
such a horrible sight as they saw!
The face o f a corpse protruding from
the grave, every frightful feature ex­ B u Made a Record o f W ld ch Even the
posed in the light of the dark lantern!
Ju n e* B o; a Might Be Proud.
Mary shrieked and fell in a dead faint.
Tho misdeeds of the notorious Dalton
William's knees smote together, and his gang, wiped out at Coffeyville, dwindle
hair arose in abject fright. Another in­ Into littleness wb-n compared with the
stant and his legs, which were growing criminal exploits of I te Cook g;.
too weak to support him, would have has been terrorizing it..- Indian Territory
given way and brought him to the This new band of outlaws, under the lead­
ground, but Mary’s shriek, in the total ership of Bill Cook, has bounced Into no­
eclipso of his senses sounding like the toriety within a few weeks, and, though
but eight, they put half the population of
yelp o f a pursuing fiend, galvanized him the territory into a fright which in sous
into the strength of terror, and he flew
down the road like the shadow o f a scud­
ding cloud. Scrambling over the fence,
for a cross cut to his home, his coattails
were gripped from behind by the stout
sliver of a rail, and thinking that the
fiend had him he fainted dead away and
bnng there for an hour. Recovering his
senses later, he staggered to the house
and to bed, where he remained a very-
sick man for two weeks.
The shriek paralyzed the young doc­
tors for but a moment. They scrambled
hastily ont of the grave. One of them
seized the dark lantern and closed the
slide, and then both of them stood silent,
drawing quick breaths. Not a sound was
heard. It was a place remote from
houses, and they were satisfied that even
snch a piercing shriek would convey no
“ It must have come from the road,"
whispered one to the other.
“ Let us search,” was the brief reply.
The body of the girl was found, and places almost amounted to a panic. Twice
the young physicians, regardless of their within a month the gang cleaned out the
own safety and at no little risk of their railroad station and express office at Port
lives in case of discovery, set at work to Gibson, robbed an express train at Mar­
bring the girl out of her deathlike swoon. shall and Held up two carloads of passen­
It was no easy task to allay her fears. gers near McKenzies. They held up and
took $5,3 10 from the five Clicrokco dis­
They did everything that men could do bursing officers, who had a bodyguard of
to reassure the frightened girl, and grad­ la soldiers. The highwaymen waited till
ually she became self possessed cad _ the guard galloped a mile In advance to
begged to be taken home, She was too, ’t*ploro a gully. Then the robbers cleaned
weak to walk. The team was brought out ihe agents.
They held up the railroad depot and
around, and she was carefully and ten­
derly assisted to a seat. Dr. X was be­ robbed five stores in Choteau on the M.,
side her. and reaching down the dark lan­ K. and T. road. At tho same time they
lined 14 persons who happened to be in
tern to his companion, who stood in the the station and relieved them of their
road, he said, “ Leave it.”
valuables. In Okmulgee they robbed the
Tho other understood, and without hes- station, the postoifice, James Parkinson's
itation proceeded to reinter the corpse store and half a dozen citizens. Next day
and hide the tools in the adjoining they looted the station at Claremont and
woods. He said afterward that he made 8 Party of five heavily armed drummers
a better job at fashioning the inonnd who traveled together for mutual protec­
tion. They took $1,100 from tho bank In
■ than the sexton had. At any rate, it was the samo town a week later and robbed
never known that the grave had been the Denton bank of $¿,900.
Tho station at Gilson’s and three stores
During the drive to Mary’s home, as were roblied and the mail sacks pillaged.
Dr. X subsequently informed his com­ They rode Into the Bull Creek coal camp
panion, he told some of the most in­ and cleaned out 26 miners. Then thoy
genious lies ou record. It was quite by appeared In Inola, but seeing about 100
accident that they discovered her ir, the cowboys there for a roundup they sheered
road as they were driving home after a over to Buckner, where they robbed the
consultation case, he had gravely in­ station ai_d tlio stores. Jack Doughty,
formed her, and he gave her tho particu­ town marsLa! of Buckner, appoared while
they were pillaging “ Ham” Goodman's
! lars of the case, shrewdly avoiding any store. Hill Cook got the drop on Doughty
relieved him of his six shooter, watch
, stretched in tire middle of the road in a und chain and $70.
dead faint alone.
Tho whole country has at last been
He promised to visit her next day, and amused, and several hundred men are in
he kept his promise. And feeling inter­ pursuit of t ¡c outlaws. Bill Cook is to be
ested in the case he kept on coming shot on sight—if possible.
when she was quite well, until finally
one day, on quitting the house. Mary
went with him in a carriage after whose Probably the Most Successful Thief In Chi­
cago, W hich Is Saying a Good Ileal.
rolling wheels a gay wedding party-
Three or four weeks ago Governor Alt-
j pitched old slippers, amid the laughter
geld extended executive clemency to Kit­
! of the young and the benedictions of the tle Adams, ono of the most notorious
old.—Detroit News.
thieves In Chicago, and tho doors of the
prison flew open. The ground on which
Sojourning at the Capital.
Washington during the days o f the in- the governor granted tho pardon is said to
have been the statement that the woman
luguratioa was the Mecca of street arabs was dying of consumption.
from all over the country, more espe-
Since regaining her liberty the Adams
:ially of course of those who reside in woman has apparently recovered her
the east. Many of them still remain in health, says the Chicago Herald, and has
;his city for financial and other reasons been arrested no less than eight times
end in some cases because they like Wash­ charged with robbery, but by sumo mys­
ington and cannot bring themselves to terious influence lias always escaped pun­
leave it. I accosted one o f them the other ishment.
For six years Kittle Adams has. plied
lay. His clothes were in a very dilapi- the trade of thief with great success In
lated state and looked as though a gen­ Chicago. Tho police say that of tbfe gang
tle breeze would give them wings. A of female thieves operating in the city she
tattered old derby w as carelessly {lulled is by all odds tlio cleverest and most dan­
ever his eyes. His face was evidently gerous. She has been arrested nun^berless
guiltless o f the charge of ever having times. In the great majority of e;v,es her
victims have refused to prosecute by reason
been washed.
“ How’d I git heah?” he rejieated after of the scandal which would result from
telling their stories in court, but lu many
me. “ W ell, yer see, boss, I am, with
instances seme mysterious influence has
two of my chutnmies, all de way from been brought into play, and the thief has
Chicago. Gee whiz, but waren’t it cold! gone unpunished for her crimes. Here is
We cum in a box car anil had a dicky a list of tlio more expert thieves of which
time. Yer see we didn't wan ter starve, Kittie Adams is the recognized leader:
so W9 np an got a lot o’ grub, nu we Vic Palmer, Rosa Holland, Minnio Wil­
wasn’t out on do road a hundred miles liams, Ada Martin, Ray Sherman, N’ellio
befo’ dose chnmniies of mine got up an Wilson, Kittie Orr, Flossie Edwards, An­
nie Foley, Maggie Palmer, Jcnnio Mon
began to scrap. My pig, but weren’t it
roe, Minnie Dee, Mollie Haywood, Fail
great! De fight ended when I took a nle Wilson, Lillie Vale, Nora Keating.
hand, lint in de scrap all de grub had
been kicked outer de car, an we had to
cum to Washington widont any. My,
but wasn’t we cold and hungry! Yer
see dis black eye? Dat's de scrap.”
“ But how are you going to get back to
yonr home?”
“ See yer. young feller, yon’s pnmped
me enough, see! I ain't green ef I do
look Oirish, see! Put yonr blinkers on
an follow me, an I’ll show yer how I git
home."—Washington News.
H o iT v s
u n t i l ..
One of the best Schools for Boys on th:r
“ Jeminy crickets, she's got the rickets,” Coast
is in charge of Ex StateSuperinteioi-
whispered one bean to another in the com­ ent Ira G. Hoitt, Ph. D., at Burlingame,
pany of a very pretty girl. Truly she was San Mateo county, Cal.
very beautiful, but there was a twitching
Customer—What have you in the shape of or-
"lit the nerves of the face which showed angesT Grocer—Well, we have baseballs.
M.Uci.-g. "N o ,’ ’ said the other, “ its neu­
ralgia and she's a martyr to it.” 8t. Jacob«
Oil was suggested as the world-renowned With LOCAL APPLICATIONS, as they cannot
cure for it. Did she try it? Yes and was reach the seat of the disease. Catarrh is a blood
cured by it and—married “ one of the fel or constitutional disease, and in order to cure it
most take internal remedies. Hall’s Ca­
lows” afterward. The use of the great you
tarrh Cure is taken internally, and acts directly
remedy for pain will not bring about a mar­ on
the blood and mucous siiriaces. Hall's Ca­
riage, but in its cure of pain it will bring tarrh Cure is no: a quack medicine. It was pre­
about conditions of health to make life scribed by one of the best physicians in this
more enjoyable No man or woman ought country for years, and Is a regular prescription
to marry who is a sufferer from chronic It is composed of the best tonics known, com­
bined with the best blood purifiers, acting di-
pains. We should not wed woe to win I rectly
on the mucous surfaces. The perfect
only wretchedness.
1 combination of the two ingrediepts is what pro­
75 cents.
Use Knamellne Stove Polish ; no dnst no smell.
The senior class o f the Bowdoin college
at a class meeting held Monday after­
noon did a very philanthropic act. Mr.
Hinkley, in an address to the students
Sunday, urged the outgoing classes to
raise a fund for the purpose o f aiding
some poor but ambitious boy to get a col­
legiate education. The class of 1893, act­
ing upon his suggestion, have voted to
raise the sum of ¡$150 annually for four
years for this purpose. Some bright
young boy will be chosen from the Good
W ill farm. East Fairfield, and given the
sum of iffiOO to help him through college.
Of course it is expected that he will en­
ter Bowdoin.
This is an entirely new move on the
part of classes there, but it is hoped that
it will meet with approval and that suc­
ceeding classes will follow their example.
—Portland (Me.) Argus.
A I ad W h o W ould Murder For Fun.
A lad employed as a pony driver at the
Trowel Moor colliery at Stapleford has
been sentenced to six week*' hard labor
! for willfully damaging an endless wire
rope used for the purpose of bringing
tubs of coal up an incline. The strands
of the rope were found to be deliberately
cut in two places, and it was stated that
if the rope had parted the consequence
would probably have been a disastrous
loss o f life. As it w as th* entire work
of the colliery had to be suspended for
three-quarters of a day, and it appeared
that to bring aliout this temporary ces­
1 sation of work was the sole motive of
this abominable act. John Botham, in
brief, wanted a holiday, and this was hi.
mode of attaining that o b je c t—London
Knelt Down to Pr»y and Died.
Como* a* a friend in time of need. It i* ' n ffe,
H e l i x b l e . and a S u r e f u r « .
< an te
taken at home. No loss of time; no publicity.
P r ic e L o w ; T e r m * i . i x s y ; S o O n
T u r n e d A w a y . Theie is no ground for
further excuses. Send for it at once l»e In j a
a r e l t a u g e r o u * . N e x t W e e k may be
T o o l.a t c .
N. J. STO N E S l C O .f
Room 7, Flood Building, S. F , Oil.,
Both tlie m ethod and results when
Syrup o f Figs is taken; it is pleasant
and refreshing to the taste, and acts
IN F A N T Y E A R .
I f A
K N O W IN G .
B ig F our Route.
Pass. Traffic Manager.
Gen. Pass. & TkL Agt.
if you use the Petalum®
Incubators A Brooders-
Make mouey while
others are wasting
time by old processes.
Catalog tells all about
it,and describes every
article needed for th*
poultry business.
The “ ERIE
mechanically the best
wheel. Prettiest model.
1 We are Pacific Coast
Agents. Bicycle cata­
logue,mailed free,gives
ice*, e etc.,
t c . . agents
W A anted
fullnescription, price*,
B ranch H ouse , 231 s Main St., Los Angeles.
H A The Favorito TOOTH P7T3II
U . w for the Teeth and Broatii. 25o.
E a sy to t
vest f> \ekei,
Price ft. Si * for f ^
Sent in p l a i n
w r a p p e r , o r at
all D ruggists.
A ddress,
T h e most w on ­
derful achievem ent
in M edical Science.
The only a cknsw l-
ed^td permanent
e u r e g u a r a n te e d .
S tan d ard R c m . C o
• C AT TL E. W i t H
R A C. C O A S T ■ R A N C H
New Y ork
•i|-U 7 Fulton St.
E L Y ’S C R E A M B A L M
Mrs. Willie Kissam Vanderbilt is to base her
divorce mi t on the ground o f non-Mipport. Did
she expect pie three times per day?
T h e life germ
and vital f o r d of
plants and flowers;
it g i v e s v i g o r ,
pow er and size to
he vital organs of
A trop h y, Sexual
Opens and cleanses the Nasal Passages, Allays
Paid and Inflammation, Heal* the Sores, Pro-
tecta the Membrane from colds, Restores the
Sense* of Taste and Smell. The Balm is quickly
absorbed and gives relief at once.
A particle ia applied into each nostril, and is
agreeable. Pi ice, 50 cents at Druggists’ or by
66 Warren .Street, New York.
H r a n d r k t h ’ s P ills are a vegetable pur­
Ask for Tickets vis
W eakness, etc.,
Surely cured by
because ve y deaf , used
E ly1» Cream Balm and tn
three weeks could hear as
well as ever. — .4. E . New-\
man , Grating , Mich.
W e a k m em ory.
A llcock ’* P orous P l a s t ir is the
1 suffered terribly f<om
highest result o f medical science and skill,
and in ingredients and method has never roaring in my head during I
an attack o f catarrh , and
been equaled.
That it is the original and genturne por­
ous plaster.
That A l ic o c k ’ s P orous P lar \_ li never
fails to perform its remedial worki quickly
and effectually.
That this fact is attested hy thousands of
voluntary and unimpeachable testimonials
from grateful patients.
That for rheumatism, weak back, sciatica,
lung trouble, kidney disease, dyspepsia,
malaria and all local pains it is invaluable.
That when you buy A l ic o c k ’ s P orous
P laster you obtain absolutely the best
plaster made.
Manhood restored.
Night Emissions,
DR. LIEB IG & C O .,
Special Doctors lor Chronic, Printe
and Wasiing Disease:.
Unweaving qualit es are unsurpassed, actually
outlasting two boxes of anv orh* r brai d. Free
from Animal Oils. (¿K T T H K Ü K M IN K .
W A S H IN G T O N M » I l l'll A M S -
and Dealer* generally.
but it is
EE SHEWED right,
» I M * WS
ad of bread made with
• • •
Every can Is guaranteed pure.
Or. L iebig's In vigorator tlie greatest rem edy for
Go East from Portland, Pendleton, Walla Sem inal W eakness. Loss o f M anhood and Private
biseaaes, O vercom es Preinaturones« and prepare«
Walla via O. R. & N. to Spokane and Great all
for marriage life’s duties, pleasures and respon­ S
Northern Railway to Montana, Dakotas. St. sibilities; (1 trial bottle given or sent tree to any
one describing sym ptom s; call or address 400 d eary
Paul, Minneapolis, Chicago, Omaha, St. ^t., private entrance 4<V> Mason s t ., san Francisco.
Louis, East and South. Rock-ballast track;
tine scenery; new equipment Great North­
ern Palace Sleepers and Diners; Family
Tourist Cars; Buffet-Library Cara. Write
C. C. Donovan, General Agent, Portland, j
Oregon, or F. I. Whitney, G. P. & T. A.,
St. Paul, Minn., for printed matter and in­
formation rates, routes, etc.
T h e lead in g and largest house In
P o rtlan d , O r. Mont reasonable
p rices. A ll goods are w arranted.
P rom p t attention given to coun­
try orders.
T h e
Gas or
PALMER & ELY, San Praiciswi, Cal. u t Portlani, Or.
No Batteries or Electric Spark.
N. P. N. U. No. 574
V n
B est
C h r is tm a s
G ift
W e r r la m
C o ., P u b « ., H p r in g fi e ld , M a s s .
OiTiseud for free pamphlet containing Kpecuuen pages, Ulustnomoa, etc.
» 1 , $1.50 or
for the I , r - 1 . . i*.\ . .f
th<! best .lid purest Caudles in America; uu.ltir
gasranteed. Pat up In elegant bn«»-, »uitanle f.,r
Holiday pres. nt. Strictly pure. Kxpre-a ch ar*,,
prepaid to any point in Oregon, Wail,ins on aod
Idaho. Try it once.
* 7 * W a s h in g t o n s t . ,
P o r tla n d . O r.
W h o le sa le and R etail C o n fection ers.
H u rle r a Chocolats and B o n b o n . A ln a y s In s to r k .
M fll T flM
on y ou r
e n d o r s e it.
■ .............. ..
U fT IIO r
| 1 UL I U ll llU U u L j
Fourth and Aider Streets. Portland, Or.
J. G. FALLON <s i CO., PRO I'.-' ! f k i ( \ *;
and American j.laiiK iou rooms. Free mi*
■Meta all trains and «teamen. bnih«ir-e ke«-
aoiiMide rate*. H. f i t \\>, Manager, (formerly
of Merchant* Hotel, Unify, Jo*bo. u, d i v
Hotel, North Flatte, Neh.)
w.d t . F.
G A I N . ” M A R R Y A P L A I N G I R L IF S H E U S E S
t o g i v e y o u r s y s t e m its n e e d - 1
w o r ld
D i c t i o n a r y o f E n g l i s h , G e o g r a p h y , B i o g r a p h y , f ic t i o n . E t c . S
t h e C r e a m o f C o d - l i v e r O il, |
th e
S o m e th in g
MR S S O . * W
INSLOW S S o S o f A i * U i P k %7 «
LINTERNATIONAL I standard ■ tl rT
w e ig h t.
The New “ Inabridced"
I f y o u a r e lo s i n g f le s h y o u r i
h e a lth y
j W e b s t e r ’ s I n t e r n a t i o n a l D i d t i o n a r y i
Watch your Weight
e d stren g th a n d restore y o u r
A Positive Power. Require. No Urcnnod Eu»l-
neor. Your Wife Can Run it.
H o o d ’s Pillseurcsconstlpntionby restoring
the peristaltic action of the alimentary can ah
is d r a w i n g
C om e by accident ; It cornea from
aatfaded cu stom ers. Safety and
satisfaction com e from d e alin g at
the beat p lace. T h e beat pi tor la
the ItKNT. F or the beat J e w e lry ,
W a tc h e s , C locks, N ovelties In
G obi and H llverw are, e sp e cially
su ita b le for H oliday pieaenta,
w rite to
Hood’s 5*^1 Cures
la t e n t s t r e n g t h .
is w r o n g . T a k e
Pains in the Back
“ I had been afflicted for several years
with whit the d ictors called DIABETES,
a ii d suffered
terribly. T h e
pain in my hack
w as agonizing
ill the extreme
Hood’s Sarsa
l a r i l i a an<
I o o d ’ s Pill
v . * kii’V r T /
cured me. Nor
\ l ca”
V. \ chnn h and a<
tend o t h c
mee mgs w i t !
___________ pleasure. I al
Hood's Pills by me. In ray v hole life 1
never met anything th t di f me so much
gK>d as Hood’s Sarsaparilla. ‘ Experience
leaches a dear school, but fools will learn
by no ot her.* I was once foolish enough to
I sten to a dnergist who claimed to have
Foniethinsr tiijierior to Ilood’s, and took
another mediesne. I f I had thrown my
dollar in the street I would have been ’a
gainer” J ohn B ranptov , care o f John
Greet ham, Wellington, Ghio.
sy stem
Sweet Virginia
M e n 's New Rats.
Tho now hats for men have come out,
and probably half the men o f your ac­
quaintance have appeared liefore you in
their spring hats, and you did not know
anything at all abont it. Why will men
be so stupid aliout this thing? How many
women of your acquaintance could be
But three of these women have ever been
induced to buy a spring hat which no
one on earth could tell from the one she sent to suffer imprisonment for more than
« few weeks at a time. Nora Keating Is
had been wearing nil winter?
Men may smile—and there are many the only one of the lot now behind the
bars. All tho rest of these thieves, known
m-'n who read fashion articles—over tliis personally ns such to every police officer in
paragraph, but this time a woman is Chicago, walk the streets nightly, and
speaking whereof she knows, for she was not a day passes but a number of losses arc
invited to go with two other members of reported to tho police which can be traced
the feminine persuasion to buy a new directly to these women. The faces of many
hat for a nice young man the other day. of them aro far more familiar to pedes
And in spite of all the woman could say trians in La Salle, Dearborn, Adams,
on the question he bought tlie new hat Washington, Monroe streets and Wahash
avenue than are the uniforms of police
and then began trying on alpiue hats—
officers after nightfall. The amount of
they ought to be called so, if they are money and valuables stolen by the gang
reaches an enormous sura annually, yet
While his attention was distracted, one year after year goes by without an attempt
of the women placed his old hat conveni­ at exterminating the gang.
Six years ago the Adams woman was
ently at hand, having the new one put
into a box. and the unconscious victim i exceptionally handsome. Dissipation has
her beauty, but she is by no means
picked it up, put it ou, surveyed himself
complacently in the mirror •iii'd then I unattract' T0 now. As a pickpocket sho
is tremendously expert. It is nothing for
turned and deliberately said, “ Well, 1 her to take from the insido pocket of her
think I have waited long enough for you victim’s waistcoat bis poeketbook, remove
girls.” Oh. you all know the tone. There the contents and replace the same without
is no need to explain further.—New detection. To remove t man's ring from
his finger without his knowledge is one of
York Cor. Chicago Herald.
her strongest points, while shirt studs full
Into her bands ns il by magic.
Good Deed o f a College Senior Class.
Clip the last thirty years or more from the
century, and the segment will represent the
term of the unbounded popularity of Hostet-1
ter’s Stomach Bitters. The opening of the year
1896 will be signalized by the appearance of a i
fre'h Almanac of the Bitters, in which the uses. |
derivation unn action of this world-famous
medicine will be lucidly set forth. Everybody
should read it. The calendar and astronomical
calculations to be found in the brochure are |
alwavs astonishingly accurate, and the statistic*,
illustrations, humor and other reading matter
rich in interest and full of profit. The Hostetter
Company of Pittsbug, Pa., publish it them
selves. They employ more than sixty hands in
the mechanical work, and more than eleven
h ir e s
c o n s t ip a t io n
months in the year are consumed in its prépara
tion. It can be obtained, without cost, of all
druggist* and country dealers, and U printed in
ER U P T IO N S o n T H Ï S K /A /.
English, German, French, Welsh. Norwegian,
Swedish, Holland Bohemian and Spanish.
B e a u t if ie s
Ç q m p l e x io n
Billing and cooing flourish during the honey­
Anagreeable Laxative and NERVE TONIC.
moon. Afterward the bill ing sometimes stops
Sold by Druggists or sent by mail. 25c.. 6 Uc^
the cooing.
and $1.00 per package. Samples fri*o.
Is a disease, and will use your tori’ g influerce
to have the i* M tle n t take a Cure, th re will he
N u n a liiiie where S o r r o w now dwells.
General Agents for Pacific Coast.
. • 1 Y T®, P™mPl J on l^e Kidneys,
. er
Bowels, cleanses the sys-
*“ v> dispels c o d s , hcau-
aches and fevers and cures habitual
j constipation. Syrup o f F igs is the
only remedy o f its kind ever pro­
duced, pleasing to the taste and ac-
DcprccUtton ■„„h L»«d.
ceptable to the stomach, prom pt in
Twenty years ago an agricultural estate its action and truly beneficial in its
in Essex, England, extending over 556
effects, prepared on ly from the most
acres, was purchased for $105,000, and
, healthy and agreeable substances, its
$25,000 was subsequently expended in
buildings and improvements. It was re­ many excellent qualities commend it
to all and have made it the most
cently sold at auction for $24,750.
popular remedy known.
Hi* Vision of l-'.R&ler Trousers.
sy ru p o f Figs is for sale in 50c
Ai) inebriated young man entered a and $1 bottles by all leading drug­
Chestnut street decorating shop yester­ gists.
A n y reliable druggist who
day and solemnly , requested
, to be m«
I may not have it on hand will pro-
nred for a pair of trousers from one of > cure ¡t promptly for any one £ ho
the fancy
papers displayed
■y v
'- ail
all papers
displayed m the wisheg ^ try ft. D o not accept any
window.—Philadelphia Record.
Toledo, O.
T ky G x & mka for brM K fiit.
Ram and mint sauce are to be had
the rutanrant* now. Of course they call
it lamb, but your teeth will discover the
diffemice. Sandy, green and indigeat-
ible I,viking strawberries also begin to
appear, and the oyster is beginning to
chuckle.—Brooklyn Eagle.
N’ K W
T h e T U v in e I n f l u e n c e of M o n te is in
Y o u r K e e p i n g . 1» 1% a S a c r e d T r u s t .
If you will remember that
F. }. CHKNfcY A CO.. Props ,
Sold by druggists; price,
Sign* of Spring.
Mothers, Wives and Sisters
duces such wonderful results In curing catarrh,
bend for testimonials, free.
Coal Tar In Masonry.
The announcement is made in The
National Builder that what was at first
considered a doubtful experiment— viz,
the use of coal tar as a means of render­
ing masonry impervious to water, espe­
cially in positions exposed to diroct con­
tact with the latter— has proved a prac-
tically valuable resort. Used as a coat-
ing for masonry built up of very porous
stone, tar renders it quite impervious,
even at a depth of some 60 feet of wa-
ter, and, according to the experience of
those who have had much to do with
it, the article should be utilized in all
public buildings, particularly those de­
signed for the preservation of works of
ait, the dissolving uctiou of water, even
upou mortar of superior quality, being
well known; also the unfavorable effect
of the exudation of water chargod with
lime salts from the mortar. Tw o meth­
ods of using the tar are named— viz, in
a boiling state in one or several layers,
this being suitable for surfaces exposed
to tho air, or it may be made to flame
up before using, this being appropriate
to surfaces which have to be covered up.
Thro«» done« on I t , Trv it.
1X4 \OU
1! u K
C h e a p e r T h a n a T r ip S outh.
In Sumter county the other night, at
a negro prayer meeting, an old man
named Arthur Croom was called upon
to pray. He knelt down with the con­
gregation to pray. but failed to respond
to the invitation, and another brother
was called on After prayer all arose
but Arthur Croom. He was dead.—
Dr. Price’ s C r e a m B aking P o w d e r . Alabama Cor. Richmond Time*.
The clear juice, without sugar, of half
a lemon every morning for a week just
now, when the system is more or less
clogged from the winter's feeding, is, ac­
cording to an authority, equal to a trip
south or a whole bottle of debilitating
j bitters.
World'i Fair Highest Medel end Diploma.
Don't be deceived by Substitutes!
Prepared by Scott A Bowoa, S . Y . A ll D ru ggist.
j B ay your GRO CERIES AND PROVISIONS of u , ami , , , j i
gcx,. 1c »nd d eliver free to train* or boati
U e bnv end i e l l f
!'m i" ’ onoV "
h .-r ile th .
! tnen any other firm in the country Sen,1 m V our n .m e
e J f t ™ " ™ V "1 "
rr’° ' 1- ’ " " l - r
new price 1.1, which will be our ¿ o n . V.,
n m T ir o r .» ^ i w i , , 1
>‘ " 1 « « «
¡ : & r * ,or~ i f i i
r iir Front
* t Street,
* C O . I4S
P ortlan d. Or.