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Deputy Empties Rifle in Fight,
Then Goes for Help.
California House Passes Proposed
Measure in New Form.
Aberdeen, W ash. — John Tornow,
m urderer of six persons, and one o f the
m ost hunted
crim inals known in
N orthw estern annals, w as found dead
before his lonely shack in th e Olym pic
foothills, having m et his N em esis in
Giles Quimby, a deputy sheriff o f Che-
A rm istice betw een T urks and Bul­ halis county, who killed th e outlaw a f­
g a ria n s was agreed upon.
te r a duel follow ing the m erciless
T he M issouri riv er is out of its m urder o f C harles L athrop and Louis
b a n k s a t points in N ebraska, and Blair, trap p ers, who w ere h u nting
m an y tra in s are blockaded.
i Tornow in hope o f $3000 rew ard which
A French m ilitary balloon collapsed had been hanging for the p a st year.
suddenly w hile 650 fe e t in the air, and
The th ree bodies w ere found in the
a ll five o f the occupants w ere killed by
clearing around T ornow ’s cabin in the
th e fall.
forest by the posse which responded to
A m eeting o f the executive com­
m itte e o f the Progressive p arty de­ the alarm given by Quimby.
The finding of T om ow ’s body sub­
c la re s th a t p arty will never fuse w ith
sta n tia te d the sta te m en t of D eputy
a n y other.
; Sheriff Quimby th a t he had seen the
G overnor Major, o f Missouri, vetoed
h erm it outlaw fall as Quim by fired the
a bill relieving accident insurance
last shot in the m agazine of his rifle.
N com panies from paym ent fo r deaths
Quimby, not seeing any sign o f life
by suicide.
a fte r Tornow fell back into the under­
Officials o f an A m erican m ining brush, feared the outlaw was re so rt­
com pany a t Cananea, Mex., are beitig ing to a ruse to entice him from cover
held for $500,000 ransom, e ith e r by and hurried back to cam p to summon
M exican rebels or strik ers.
: help, leaving th e bodies o f his com­
T he Chinese governm ent has set rades lying w here they fell, L athrop
a sid e a day on which all C hristian and B lair having died before they had
churches in the land are requested to a chance to fire a shot.
Tornow ’s body w as found not more
p ra y for the success o f the new gov­
th an e ig h t fe e t from those o f his la te st
e rn m e n t.
victim s by Sheriff Schell M athew s and
W omen m em bers o f the Portland a posse, according to telephonic com­
c ity council refused to vote again st m unication received by way o f the
sm o k in g in th e ju ry room, and late r Sim pson L ogging com pany’s cam p No.
c a rrie d m easures of th e ir own w ithout 5.
Tom ow had been shot by Quimby
A cadet has been dism issed from once through the shoulder and once
W e st P oint for hazing, and S ecretary through the head. The la tte r shot had
o f W ar Daniels declares not only dis­ killed him in stan tly , it is believed.
m issal but im prisonm ent a w aits fu­ B lair was shot through the neck and
L athrop was shot tw ice in the head
tu r e offenders.
and shoulder.
A d iv er from Tacoma, w hile p u ttin g
dow n fish trap s in C hignik lagoon,
A lask a, discovered the sunken hull of SECRETARY WARNS HAZERS
th e schooner Sadie F . Caller, o f San
F rancisco, which disappeared 18 years Imprisonment to Be Added to Dis­
missal Penalty in Future.
A searching p arty found the dead
W ashington, D. C .— W ith th e an­
body o f John Tornow, the outlaw who nouncem ent of his approval of the sen­
h a s terrorized the W ynootchee country tence o f the c o u rt which dism issed
o f W ashington for two years, lying Jam es C. Cook from the N aval A cad­
w here he fell when shot by a deputy em y for hazing, S ecretary D aniels
sen t a le tte r to every m idshipm an a t
G ustave Ham el, a B ritish aviator, Annapolis w a rn in g each th a t h e re a fte r
accom panied by F ran k Dupre, an no leniency w ill be shown hazers, who,
A m erican, made a monoplane flight in addition to bein g dism issed will
from Dover to Cologne, Germ any, in receive the additional penalty o f im ­
fo u r hours and five m inutes. The dis­ prisonm ent as provided by law.
“ The sentence of confinement would
tan c e is som ething over 250 m iles.
be justified in C ook’s c ase,” said Sec­
Bodies hang from nearly every tele ­ re ta ry D aniels, “ b u t as I have not had
g ra p h pole along 50 m iles of the Mex­ an opportunity to issue a w arn in g be­
ican C entral railw ay below Chihuahua fore, I have let the sentence stand a t
C ity, rep o rt refugees a rriv in g a t El dism issal. Y our hazer is essen tially a
Paso, Tex.
Both the federals and in­ bully and m ust necessarily have a
su rg e n ts sta te troops are said to have stre ak o f in n ate cruelty. The U nited
p a rticip a te d in the execution of p ris­ S ta te s N avy has no place for youths of
th is k in d .”
The victim o f M idshipm an Cook’s
T h e la s t of the strik es th a t have
hazing was M idshipm an Newbold
paralyzed the g arm ent w orkers’ in­
Lodge, o f M ichigan, who w as m ade to
d u stry in Boston for ten weeks was
stand on his head and do o th er stunts
se ttle d when the 2500 m em bers o f the
by Cook.
m e n ’s g arm ent w orkers’ union voted
to accept the term s of an agreem ent
offered them . The strik e rs won prac­
tic a lly all th e ir demands.
t o r a l Resume of Important Events
Throughout the World.
Nine Hundred Pounds Milk and 47 Willamette Furnishes Railway Co.
of Butter Yielded in Month.
With Ballast.
Oregon A gricultural College, Cor-
v a ltis—S tudents o f dairy husbandry at
Oregon A gricultural college who have
been k eeping records of m ilk and b u t­
te r fa t production of a num ber o f the
younger cows in the college herd have
ju st closed a m onth’s te s t on A m y’s
E uybria D aughter (260,822), a 3-year-
old Je rse y , and the re p o rt show ing
th a t she produced 46.77 pounds of
b u tte r f a t indicates th a t she may
easily e stab lish a record m aking her
eligible fo r the Je rse y re g is te r of
m erit.,
The requirem ent of b u tte r f a t from
a Je rse y o f th is age is 292.8 pounds
during the year, an average o f 24.4
pounds per m onth.
A m y’s E uybria
D aughter has given 22.37
above th e standard.
H e r to ta l pro­
duction during th e m onth w as 975
pounds of m ilk w ith an av erage per­
centage of fa t am ounting to 4.797.
This is equivalent to 55.02 pounds of
85 per cent b u tter.
T his te s t was supervised by E. R.
Stockw ell, o f the d e p artm e n t of dairy
husbandry, who says th a t the record is
not rem arkable, but above the av erage
o f m any dairy cows which re tu rn a
good profit for th e ir keep.
C orvallis — C ontrary to th e e x p eri­
ence of flood d istric ts o f the e ast, Cor­
vallis announces the recent high w a ter
stag es o f the W illam ette riv e r have
been a blessing and a benefit to a t
least one industry. The ra g in g W il­
lam ette re-stocked the fam ous gravel
pit, owned by the P ortland, E ugene &
E astern railw ay company.
Instead o f abandoning the ground as
having been w orked out, the engineers
of the big in te ru rb an ele ctric system
now under construction in th e W illam ­
e tte valley have found th a t new gravel
has been washed down stre am , filling
th e old excavation in the bottom of
the riv er and m aking enough gravel
available to com plete the w ork o f re­
ballastin g the e n tire W est Side system
of the Southern Pacific com pany and
m aking the trac k s ready for fast-m ov­
ing electric trains.
The new ele ctric com pany is now-
sending 40 cars of gravel a day to the
old steam lines on the W est Side, and
has com pleted b a lla stin g o f the line
from C orvallis to Monroe, w hich is
pronounced by e x p erts to be the best
piece of railroad trac k in th e sta te .
Acreage Reduced in Sherman and
Wasco, but Yield Promising.
State Cannot Control Distribution
of Reclamation Fund.
Sacram ento, Cal. — An anti-alien
land ow nership bill, designed prim arily
to p revent Ja p a n ese from acquiring
title to real property w ith in the sta te ,
but so worded as to pro h ib it any alien
from ow ning land m ore than one y ear
except on a declaration o f his in te n ­
tion to become a citizen was passed by
the low er house o f the leg isla tu re by a
vote o f 60 to 15.
The m easure was Amount of Fortune Not Revealed—
$20,000,000 Disposed of and
d ra fte d by a subcom m ittee o f the ju ­
d iciary com m ittee as a su b stitu te for
Son Gets Residue.
o th er bills, all o f which specifically
provided th a t “ aliens ineligible to c it­
izenship” should not hold lands.
New York— “ I com m it my soul into
The com m ittee, however, proceeded
on the theory th a t such a sta tu te the hands of my S avior in full confi­
m ight be held in violation of the dence th a t, h aving redeem ed it and
tre a ty rig h ts o f Jap an ese subjects and washed it in H is m ost precious blood,
broadened the m easure to include all
he will presen t it fa u ltless before the
aliens who had not declared th e ir in­
throne o f my H eavenly F a th e r; and I
tention to become citizens.
In ord er not to e m b arrass foreign e n tre a t children to m ain tain and de­
corporations o f large in te re s t in the fend, a t all hazard, and a t any cost of
sta te , the com m ittee did m ake the cor­ personal sacrifice, the blessed doctrine
poration clause of the bill, section 8, I of the com plete atonem ent for sin
apply only to “ aliens not eligible to through the blood o f Je su s C hrist,
citizenship. ”
once offered, and through th a t a lo n e .”
This is the e x tra o rd in a ry and s tr ik ­
u tte ra n c e which begins the last
will and testa m en t o f John P ierpont
M organ, who died a t Rome on March
Federal Officials Discover Law That 31 last, whose body, heaped over w ith
Never Has Been Enforced.
flowers from the crowned heads of Eu­
P hoenix, A riz .—T h at A rizona has a rope, was, a fo rtn ig h t late r, brought
law —fo rg o tte n since its enactm ent a back to his own land, and last Monday
y e ar ago— p ro h ib itin g persons not e li­ was borne to its la st re stin g place a t
gible to A m erican citizenship from ac­ H artford.
E ver since the funeral the publica­
q u irin g title to real p roperty in th is
sta te , was brought to th e a tte n tio n of tion o f th e g re a t financier’s last will
has been aw aited w ith keen e x p ecta­
Federal officials here Thursday.
The governm ent a u th o ritie s said tion, and it is safe to say th a t o f all
they would call the m easure, enforce­ the in te re stin g testam en ts of em inent
m ent of w hich never has been a tte m p t­ citzens of A m ercia, th a t o f Mr. Mor­
ed, to the a tte n tio n o f th e S ta te de­ gan, to be offered for probate here is
p a rtm en t.
U nder th e provisions o f by fa r th e m ost in te restin g .
As to the am ount o f the estate,
the law all aliens holding land a t the
tim e o f ita enactm ent m ust surrender which is one the first questions the
public n atu rally is asking, th ere is
title w ith in five years.
E ven when title is acquired by the nothing in th e will to give any accu­
enforcem ent o f liens o r judgm ent, t i ­ ra te idea, and the executors declare
tle m ust be surrendered in the sam e th a t no announcem ent will be m ade on
period of tim e.
The law , how ever, th is su b ject until the appraisal has
does not apply to m ining claim s or to been m ade fo r d e te rm in in g the sta te
lands considered necessary for the in h eritance tax.
The am ount of tru sts and bequests
operation of m ines o r reduction works.
named by specific sum s is under $20,-
000,000, but the e n tire residue of the
Seattle Opposes Land Bill.
e sta te is le ft to J . P. M organ, J r .,
S e a ttle —The S e a ttle cham ber of who is designated by his fa th e r to be­
com m erce has sen t the follow ing te le ­ come the ch ie f h eir, not only to his
gram to the cham ber o f com m erce of fortune, but to his m any charitab le
San Francisco and San D iego in ans­ and a rtis tic a ctiv ities.
w er to requests fo r th e opinion o f the
local organization on th e alien land JAPANESE IRE IS SOFTENED
bill pending in the C alifornia legisla­
tu re :
“ The cham ber alw ays insisted th a t Okuma Sarcastic in Reference to
Exchange of Lessons.
legislation re la tin g to aliens should
apply to all n a tio n a litie s alike. We
Tokio— The announcem ent th a t P re s­
believe enactm ent by any coast sta te ident W ilson and S e c retary of S ta te
of law s d irec tly or indirectly discrim ­ B ryan a re m aking efforts to brin g
in a tin g a g a in st any n a tio n a lity w ill about a com prom ise in th e proposed
g re a tly em b arrass com m ercial re la ­ C alifornia legislation w ith respect to
tions w ith th e people of countries a f­ the alien land ow nership bill, and th a t
fected, w ith the re sen tm en t cen terin g Governor Johnson is opposing the bill,
a g a in st tra d e through sta te s passing has softened Jap an ese ire, and public
such law s, b u t in effect im p a irin g the opinion now has become m ore o p ti­
volume o f business for the e n tire coun­ m istic.
The reported unw illingness
try and su b je ctin g to severe stra in all o f th e A m erican m issionaries to a ssist
in te rn atio n al re la tio n s.”
in re sistin g the bill is the su b je ct of
harsh criticism in the Ja p a n se new s­
papers, b u t a fte r a conference which
Strikers’ Plan Is Foiled.
Y onkers, N . Y. — Louis Spreckels, C ount Okum a, the foreign m inister,
su p e rin te n d en t o f the Federal Sugar had w ith the m issionaries, the la tte r
Refinery here, one o f th e larg e st in dispatched telegram s to C alifornia,
the world, closed his desk T hursday the ex act n a tu re o f which w ere not
m orning and announced th a t he was known.
C ount Okum a ironically rem inded
going fishing and d idn’t know w hen
he would re tu rn . H e le ft no address the m issionaries th a t Ja p a n owed its
behind him . This was his answ er to first lesson in foreign h u m anitarian
a strik e ord er issued to th e unskilled principles to the U nited S ta te s. "N ow
laborers in the plant.
The w histle the duty has devolved upon J a p a n ,”
calling th e m en to w ork w as silen t he added, " t o teach the C alifornians
T hursday m orning and the employes the sam e p rin cip les.”
The Ja p a n ese consul a t Vancouver,
who congregated a t the ga te s w ere
turned aw ay. A bout 1200 men are idle. B. C., C. Y ada, who has arriv ed here,
has caused some ex citem en t by the
Benson Dies Leaving Only $431. sta te m e n t th a t a n ti-Ja p a n e se legisla­
tion is pending in th e Canadian pro­
San Francisco — T he e sta te o f John vince o f B ritish Colum bia, Saskatche­
A. Benson, who was said to be w orth wan and M anitoba.
m ore th an a m illion w hen he was in­
volved in th e Oregon land frauds,
Warlike Moros Disperse.
am ounts to only $431, according to
W ashington, D. C. — T rouble w ith
the final account of his affairs filed in
the P ro b a te court here
Thursday. the Moros in th e Philippines, which
T his is th e am ount th a t the public has th rea te n e d fo r several weeks, has
a d m in istra to r will tu rn over to his been av erted . R eports to th e d e p art­
widow, Mrs. G race Benson. Benson m ent say the arm y o f belligerent
was serving a F ederal sentence of tribesm en, num bering 3000, which
one y e a r when he w as released by practically laid siege to Jolo and dared
reason o f the illness which ended w ith the A m erican g a rriso n to venture
fo rth and do b a ttle , has dispersed.
his d e ath tw o years ago.
The Moros th rea te n e d to revolt be­
cause a g ita to rs from the province of
Lumber Drifts to Beach.
N ew port, O r.— L arge q u a n titie s of Luzon had spread re p o rts th a t the
lum ber and w hite cedar railroad ties A m ericans planned to m ake them
have been com ing ashore along the abandon th e Mohammedan religion.
Will of J. Pierpont Morgan Shows
Perfect Confidence.
The D alles — A lthough *the crop of
W ashington, D. C.— Congress hav­ cereals in W asco and Sherm an coun­
ing once repealed section 9 o f the tie s this y ear will not su rp ass the crop
original N ational reclam ation
act, of 1912, ow ing to the fa c t th a t the
th ere is no chance th a t th a t section acreage is less because o f sum m er
or any e quivalent provision will ever fallow ing, reports received by the
be resto red to th e law, and th e only Business M en’s association in d icate a
way in which Oregon ev er will receive yield per acre th a t will break all rec­
equitable recognition under th a t law ords for th is section. E. H. French,
will be through th e good grace and president o f the b an k in g firm of
fair-m indedness o f the S ecretary of French & Co., has re tu rn e d from an
the in te rio r and th e P resident.
autom obile trip to the southern p a rt
H e p redicts th a t
U nder section 9, th e secretary of of th is county.
the in te rio r was required to expend in should the favorable conditions con­
every s ta te the m ajor p a rt o f the tinue all records will be broken. F a rm ­
moneys contributed by such s ta te to ers who come to the c ity suppport the
th e reclam ation fund, and to m ake an prediction.
a d ju stm en t on th is basis once in ten
The fru itg ro w ers are also looking
forw ard to a h a rv est o f re cord-break­
Section 9 was repealed w hen the ing crops of cherries, peaches, pears,
Borah $20,000,000 loan
bill was i apples, prunes, grapes and o th e r fru its.
passed, and under circum stances fully Several hundreds o f acres o f cherries
explained a t the tim e, and no m a tte r j will come into b earin g th is year.
how m uch the Oregpn delegation or
fu tu re delegations m ay striv e, they CHEESE FACTORY WORKING
will never g e t th a t section back into
the law, for Oregon is p ractically the
First Day’s Run at Seaside Plant
only s ta te th a t would benefit under
Takes 2000 Pounds of Milk.
th a t provision, and every o th e r W est­
ern s ta te com ing w ithin the law bene- j Seaside — The C latsop County Co­
fits through the repeal o f section 9.
operative Cheese
com pany, w hich
sta rte d w ork Monday, handled 2000
TAX COMMITTEE IS SELECTED pounds o f m ilk, from w hich e ig h t
pounds o f P asteu rized cream
Four Senators and Six Representa­ saved for c ity d istrib u tio n and from
which was m ade w hat is known as six
tives Named by Officials.
trip le ts and two Y oung
A m erica
Salem —C. N. M cA rthur, speaker of I cheeses.
the house and Dar, J . M alarkey, pres- j In addition to m aking the cheese
How- to Appease Japanese Opinion ident o f th e senate in th e recent legis­ and b o ttlin g th e cream , th e first d a y ’s
Opinions in Mexico C ity, both offi­
latu re, have announced im p o rta n t com­ o u tp u t o f th is new concern was 200
Is Question That Worries.
cial ami unofficial, are th a t the H uerta
m itte e appointm ents m ade under and qu arts and 100 p in ts o f P asteurized
W ashington, D. C.— Com parison of by v irtu e o f resolutions w hich were m ilk.
go v ern m en t will soon come to an end.
By h e atin g the fluid to a c ertain
Republican lenders plan a m eeting the proposed alien land holding legis­ passed a t th a t session.
P robably th e m ost im p o rta n t o f j te m p e ra tu re and keeping i t a t th a t
in Chicago soon to arrange for the re­ lation in C alifornia w ith sim ila r s ta t­
h a b ilita tio n of th e p arty throughout utes in force for years in the D istric t these appointm ents w ere m ade in re ­ point for 30 m inutes, any tuberculous
o f Columbia and several sta te s reveal­ ference to the leg isla tiv e tax com m it­ m a tte r in th e m ilk is killed and none
th e country.
ed to the W hite House officials in­ tee, w hich will serve in m uch the of the nourishm ent destroyed.
creased difficulty in handling th e pro­ sam e capacity as the leg islativ e tax
One of the tru ck s o perated by the
te s t entered by Ja p a n .
com m ittee of tw o y e ars ago. T hat cheese factory goes up th e N ecanicum
I t was pointed o u t a t the W hite com m ittee took an a ctiv e p a rt in de­ valley for nine m iles, w hile the o th er
W h ea t—Track prices: Club, 86(n House th a t no foreign nation ev er had fe a tin g single ta x and also prom oted wagon goes north several m iles beyond
87c; bluestem , 98c; red R ussian, 85c; entered p ro test a g a in st these e x istin g th e am endm ent to repeal the county G earhart.
laws. Incidentally word reached here ta x am endm ent, or single tax am end­
v a lle y , 87c.
Mt. Hood is Glacier Laden.
O a ts —No. 1 w hite, $27(828 per ton; th a t while the bills in the senate and m en t o f 1910.
house a t Sacram ento differed, e v en t­
T his com m ittee for th e n e x t two
valley, stained, $24(n26.
Oregon C ity — T here has been so
C om —Whole, $27; cracked, $28 ton ually a bill would be agreed on along years w ill consist of S enators C alkins. much snow in the Cascades and along
M illstuffs—Bran, $2Ifri22 per ton; the lines o f alien land law s in New McColloch, M osier and N euner and the slopes o f Mount Hood du rin g the
York sta te and th e D istric t o f Colum­ R e p resen tativ es Laughlin,
B arton, p ast w in ter th a t i t has becom e packed
sh o rts. $23(u 24; m iddlings, $30.
Blanchard, Brunk, M urnane and S ta n ­ into a glacial m ass, is th e re p o rt of
B arley— Feed, $23(u23.50 per ton; bia.
The Federal governm ent is not san­ field.
brew ing, nom inal; rolled, $25.50@
Fred Lund, a prospector and trap p e r.
guine of appeasing popular opinion in
Mr. Lund cam e down to order some
Strawberry Acreage Increases.
H ay — E astern Oregon tim othy, Japan, though it does hope to sa tisfy
supplies for his cam p on the south
choice, $15(817; mixed, $100(13.50; the Tokio governm ent of its helpless­
Hood R iv er—The acreage o f s tra w ­ fork of the U pper Clackam as, and de­
o a t and vetch, $12; alfalfa, $12(813; ness to effect changes th a t would re ­ b e rrie s o f th is com m unity w ill be clares th a t never before has he seen
move entirely th e Jap an ese objections. slig h tly increased this year, and be­ such conditions.
clover, $9; straw , $7(88.
V egetables — A rtichokes, 90c(8$l
cause o f the new fields com ing into
" T h e snow on the m ountain is
p e r dozen; asparagus, 6c pound; cab­
Editor Will Be Governor.
bearin g , presen t e stim a te s place the packed into a solid sh eet o f snow-ice
b ag e, l j c ; celery, $2.50 per c rate;
W ashington, D. C.— M ajor J . F. A. y e a r’s crop slightly g re a te r than th a t th a t least four fe e t thick. The su rfa c e ,
heatl lettuce, $2.50 c ra te ; hothouse Strong, o f Ju n eau , has been selected o f last season, when 75 carloads w ere m eltings have congealed and form ed
le ttu c e , 75c(ii$l per box;
m ark eted from the valley. A num ber an alm ost unbreakable c ru st on top of
g re en , 200125c per dozen: rhubarb, 5c for appointm ent as governor of.A lask a of th e older fields
n e a r th e city the d rifts , and from m y cam p I tr a v ­
p e r pound; spinach, 75c per box;
have been plowed under, b u t grow ers eled e n tirely above the tra ils, being
sp ro u ts, 10c; garlic, 5(<T6c per pound; ] M ajor S trong is th e e ditor and pub­ in th e m ore rem ote p a rts o f th e valley unable to break through th e d r i f ts .”
tu rn ip s , 90c(8$l per sack; parsnips, lisher of the A laska D aily E n terp rise have increased th e ir acreage to such
Mr. Lund had intended to fre ig h t in ocean beach from the e n tra n ce to the
Militants Storm Tower.
a t Juneau. H e has been a resid en t of an e x te n t to m ore th an m ake up for a large am ount o f m a te ria l early th is harb o r a t Y aquina H ead. People liv ­
9 0 c (» $ l; carrots, 90c(8$l.
Plym outh, E ngland — A m ilita n t
Onions— Oregon, 85(<j90c per sack;
th is decrease.
L arg e plantings have sp rin g b u t ow ing to conditions in the ing in th e v icin ity are having a h a r­
lished new spapers in F a irb an k s and ' been m ade in th e U pper valley and in m ountains has abandoned all such v est o f beach-com bing.
T here is no suffrage “ bomb tro o p ” a tte m p te d to
S panish, $2.50 per crate.
F or m any years he w as a th e Oak Grove d istric t.
indication o f w hat vessel th e lum ber blow up the fam ous Sm eaton T ow er on
P otatoes — Burbanks, 45(850c per Nome.
T he total plans until sum m er.
is from .
An em pty f r u it box was Plym outh Hoe. The tow er is the o rig ­
hundred, new, 8JO' 10c per pound; new spaper m an in C alifornia and acreage will be in excess o f 300.
W ashington. F o r appointm ent as gov­
g th e nam e S. S. G over­ inal E ddystone lighthouse, b u ilt by
sw e e t potatoes, 4c pound.
Big Filing System Needed.
is d riftin g in from a John Sm eaton in 1756-59, dism antled
G reen F ru it— Apples, SOcfu $1.50 per ernor he was indorsed by p ractically
For Boats on Snake River.
Salem — W hat will probably be the southerly direction.
when i t had become an tiq u ated and re-
b o x ; according to qu ality ; straw ber­ the e n tire T e rrito ria l leg isla tu re .
P e n d leto n —W ith th e view o f having m ost elaborate filing system in the
erected on the Hoe as a h isto ric relic.
rie s . Florin, $3(83.60 per c r a te ; Lou­
boats re in sta te d on th e Snake riv er, s ta te is being arranged by S. A. Koz-
The bomb employed by th e m ilita n ts
Non-Relay Service to London.
Regatta Purses Arranged.
isiana, $3.50 per crate
I t consisted of a
Vancouver, B. C.— By the installing failed to explode.
A storia, Or. — The executive com­ resolutions w ere adopted by th e fourth er, a ssista n t se c re tary o f sta te , to be
P o u ltry — Hens, 16c; broilers, 30(8
S6c; turkeys, live, 20c; dresed choice, m ittee having charge o f the a rra n g e ­ annual convention of th e Colum bia and used in connection w ith re g is tra tio n \ o f new ly-invented teleg rap h in stru ­ tin canister, filled w ith explosive and
2 5 ; ducks, 180i20c; geese, 12<TiT2Jc m ents for the A storia Annual R e g atta Snake riv ers W aterw ays association, under the Gill law . U nder th a t law, m ents, o p e rato rs in th e C anadian P a ­ w ith a fuse atta ch e d a t the top.
E g g s— F resh Oregon ranch. 19R820 to be held Ju ly 3, 4 and 5, m et and o r­ callin g upon th e P ortland cham ber o f which goes into effect J u n e 3, the sec­ cific railw ay teleg rap h office here are
Navy Plans Long Cruise.
ganized by th e election o f J . A. Gil- com m erce to p u t forth every possible re ta ry o f sta te m ust keep an accurate now able to send m essages d irec t to
p e r dozen.
W ashington, D. C .— S e c re ta ry Dan
lis t o f all the re g istra tio n s in th e j London, E ng., w ith o u t th e use o f re ­
B u tte r — Oregon cream ery b utter baugh, ch airm an; C harles W eiside, effort to b rin g th is action about.
S co tt Z. Henderson w as appointed sta te . Mr. K ozer says th a t for the lays. F orm erly m essages w ere han­ iels announces th a t n e x t w in te r prac­
chairm an, and H. F . P rael,
cubes, 33c per pound; prin ts, 34J(it35c. vice
trea su re r and tem porary secretary . d ele g ate to m eet the P ortland cham ber re g istra tio n filing system alone much dled from here to M ontreal, then re­ tically the e n tire A tla n tic fleet would
P o rk — Fancy, 12(812tc per pound.
The races will consist o f th re e heats to secure its aid, and every town in larg e r space will be required th an the layed to Hazel H ill, N. S., sen t by be se n t on a th ree m onths' cruise to the
V eal—-Fancy, 13J(u 14c per pound.
T his will be the new
H ops — 1912 crop, KKu.l6|c per each. Purses a re as follow s: 16-foot the country trib u ta ry will send a t e n tire filing space now given to the cable to W aterville, E ng., and th en c j M editerranean.
se c re ta ry ’s first ste p in pursuance .of
to London.
pound; 1913 contracts. 14c per pound. class. $400; 20-foot class, $500; 26- le a st one deleg ate to P o rtlan d to sup­ secretary o f s ta te ’s office.
his policy to m ake th e navy in tim es
po rt Mr. H enderson.
Wool — E astern Oregon, nom inal; foot class, $600; free-for-all, $1000.
Anvil is High on Beach.
Primary Law Is Ignored.*
of peace a g re a t educational force for
valley , 16(820c per pound.
Japanese Form Company.
C a ttle — Choice ste ers, $8(88.15; me­
Forence—T w o-thirds o f th e cargo of
W ashington, D. 0 . — P ostm aster the enlisted men.
O regon C ity — Local rhubarb, grown th e strA ided schooner Anvil was re ­ G eneral Burleson has inform ed R epre­
dium, $7.500(7.76; choice cows, $6.75
Hood R iver, Or. — W ith an a u th o r­
Bifndits Are Guillotined.
<8)7.15; good, $6.500(6.76; medium. ized capital stock o f $50,000, a num ­ n ear th is c ity and Canby, is being moved w hen the tid e Monday moved se n ta tiv e Dillon, o f South D akota,
P a ris — The auto b an d its, M onier,
$6(ii6 .5 0 ; choice calves. $8(<i9; good ber o f the Ja p a n ese business m en of shipped to Portland and S e a ttle a t the the c ra ft high and dry on the beach. th a t he does not recognize any o b lig a­
h e av y calves, $6.50(87.50; bulls, $5.50 this city have organized an associa­ ra te o f from 60 to 75 boxes daily. T o p , L ines are being run and efforts m ade tions to observe th e results o f the Callem in and Soudy, w ere guillotined
tion for investm ent o f th e savings of prices are being paid fo r the luscious to g et the boat back into deep w ater. p re fe re n tia l prim aries in the selection a t 4 :35 o'clock Sunday m orning. The
H ogs — L ig h t, $90(9.35; heavy, $8 Japanese laborers o f the valley. M. stem s, and A. R. C um m ings & Sons, The schooner now lies about 400 yards of postm asters under the South D akota execution o f all th ree took less th an 4
Yssui, president o f th e organization, who have five acres planted to th e from the end o f the north je tty , close p rim ary law. H e said he would con­ m inutes. Soudy w as th e first to suffer
S heep — Y e arlin g w eth ers, $0.25(8 estim ates the num ber o f Ja p a n ese em­ sauce fru it, are av erag in g about $200 to the sea w all. The crew w alked to sider, however, all such selections in , the p e n alty ; then cam e C allem in and
shore dry shod.
I m aking appointm ents.
last Monier. All died q u ietly.
a day on th e ir cut.
7 .2 5 ; ew es, $4.75(86.25; lam bs, $7(i(8. I ployed on ranches here a t 400.