Bohemia nugget. (Cottage Grove, Or.) 1899-1907, October 16, 1907, Image 4

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Id a paper rcml recently before a
woman's club in the cast sonic val
uable don'ts that meet with the ap
probation of newspaper men every
where were listed. Among tbem
were the following;:
Don't coir.o to the newspaper of
fice Thursday that happened Mon
day. Conic on Monday.
Don't come nt two minutes of
o'clock when the paper goes to
press at two minutes after. The
43 Professors
College of Liberal Arts.
cm i;si:s :
Classical . r..
Literary It. K.
Scientific U. s.
Philosophical Ph. I:.
The College of Liberal Arts main
tains the following schools;
The Colloye of Oratory. O. Ii.
The Teachers' Colleye. 1?. IM.
The Normal School, Diploma.
The Oregon Institute or the
Academy. Iiiplomn.
The School of Commerce, Di
ploma. 1
roil t. Tunni k. vnliiass:
Salem, Oregon.
Miners Supplies
at reasonable prices.
Our Motto:
Good Goods at Reasonable Prices.
General Merchandise
Miners Tools and Ainunitions
Tullar & Powell, Proprs.
"T Z-mx-'; -r. t. , r '! V-r. .IvfJ.'.: 4..: ' : f Jt
w i-r- xr-r-Miix-KTat;. ,is-5y!.w----i-"iiii,iiiiiii i,.,. vr .
Fashion Stables S0lcTAEc?
The Hodge Jigs give a perfect separation
of Ziiic-L.cad-Orcs
1634 BlakoSt.
30 days' treatment for $1.00.
guaranteed or money
assassination of the president ot
the United States would be resented
nt that hour.
Don't go to the managing editor
and ask that a legitimate news
Btoty be kept out. It would bo just
as unreasonable and just as indeli
cate as to to the banker nnd ask
him to give yon money, or to the
lawyer and ask him to give up one
of his cases. A newsprper is a
business enterprise. When you ask
it to keep out news, you ask it to
injure if own business.
i Instructors.
Affiliated Colleges.
( olleyo of Medicine M. D.
t'ollcirc of Law KK.
College of Theology 1.. I.
Collcyv of Musi.' H. M.
The Alliliateil Colleges are finan
cially independent of the Col
loye of T. Art.
The School of Art, ( 'ert ilieate.
The School of Art is aNo tinan
clally independent of the Cnl
loye of Liberal Arts.
& Gettys
& Gettys
3 :
r?i For
For Sale by New Era Drug Store.
Hundreds ol Cottage Grove Readers
Find Daily Toil a Burden.
Tho rustle and worry of business
The hard woik and stooping of
wot k men,
The woman's household cares,
Are too great a strain on t ho kid
neys. raeVachc, headache, sideaehc,
Kidney troubles, urinary troubles
II. Oliver of Dir, West St., Pen
dleton, Oregon, says: "I speak
from experience when I say that
Doan's Kidney PtlN are n remedy
that hat much met it and can be
deluded upon for cuiing back
ache and kidney trouble. t a
time when my back was s soie and
lame that it was nil I could do to
bend over or straighten up again
and the kidneys were deianged,
Doan's Kidtiev Tills did mom for
me than everything else 1 bad tried.
Heavy work nnd colds have brought
a twinge of stiffness in my back
since then at times, but a few doses
of Doan's Kidney Tills bavo quick
ly removed the symptom1--. This
remedy can be relied upon o end
.sufferings similar to mine." Tor
sale bv all dealers. Trice id cents
Foster-Milburn Co., IlulTalo, New
York, sole agents for the United
States. ISemember tho name Doans
and tako no other.
Department nf the Interior,
Land I Ulice at lowehtiry. On iron.
Septonilier , I : M 7 .
Notice hi hereliv yiyen that
ni:i:r dkniiam
,i'f l.orane. Oregon, has tiled notice
', of his intention to make linal live
ly.'. ir proof in siiport of his claim,
i Viz: Homestead Kntr.v .No. 117'Js made
1 .1 lino l!i, :o- for i lie , N V 1 , . s
j I' NW',. N W, SW', Section L'O
', Ti nship L'a South, llatiye 4 W., an. I
! that said proof will lie made dofoiv
I t he lie;, i-ter and lo'eciver at
: duty, Oreyon, on Ticsilav, I'e
, LHI,
He na tnes t he follow my
' to prove his eontililioiis
Wit IICKSe-.
upon, ami cultivation ot ilie land,
Milo l' Stone, of Lorane, Oroyuii:
(ieoiyoC Schneider of Kornilc, Or.,
yuu; l I in it to S Addison of Lorain'.
Oregon: llerliert M. Duty of Lorane.
i'.i:x.iHN L. T.lHiv, Itcclster.
bciutifully illustrated, good ttoriri i CA
and article about California
and all tlie far Wot. a year
a monthly publication devoted A Cm
to the farming in:rreiU ol the wV.JJ
Wert. a yeai
a book of 75 page, containing
120 colored photograph! ol $0.75
picturesque spot! in California
and Oregon.
Tot-l .
All for .
Cut out this advertisement
and tend with $1.50 to
All tin: latest treatments.
J l'ur liirtlier partii'iilars inlilress
S in-, ii. s in.i:i:r.
Keiuil iru! lit reiisiiniiMe eniirireH.
All work KuurHiilocil lirKl-ejus.H.
vVutehes, (;lnekn unil Joweli y at i.'i .. OHl Trlee
.1. S. Mi'illcy. .I.e. .lt;hiiHon
Jlcdleij 5" Johnson,
itffirv. Suite .V 1 1 'ink llhl'J.
Hpi'i'Idl at ti'iiiiuii kIvcii tfi Mining
uikI ( 'iii'iiuralloii Laiv.
the Kidneys, Bladder
! Hospital iLiid Sanitarium
Any M'ii nil Islilii.' t,i nvi"tintt
IiIm or her tiHi-Nfiiii(-nt for ll'nr for tln
nirioni nf corriM't hi); nny ,rrirn or
oiiilslntm will ii!(.'( cult at tlic m
scssor'a oltlci wltliiti tlic next ten
ilny, thut tlie iniittef tuny lioiUtenil
cil to N-fove iMinimeiu'ini; to w rlto tlie
IViniiii lm Imvo loiif.eil iiimii'v
flint Inive t.ilien ib'eils im Kecurlty ninl
vlii li;ive not rcinr!el mielt loinwto
tlie asse-i.-ior, tue lictvhy untitled that
the Mime tire ta.'il'le" credit h Hint if
not tepoited liiiiniMlliitelv I hey l'l
have to tiear the eonseiiienetMi nf iih
Messiiient'H made from thehest Itifnr
inntinn iditainalile.
1!. V. Kl IM V.
t 'otttlt A-txes-iol'.
11 M m: i; i Ai r .iim: :j. is;s-
I lilted Stntes l.iinl (llllce.
I!ieluin:, lrei;uti, .Inlv "id, lltn'i'.
N nt ni is heieliy m eu t h it In cr.ui
pliunce wit It t lie pi o s,ins nf the net
n( t'otmrex-i nf .lime .'!. I7, entitli'd
"An art for the sale nf tlmli. r hllliN
in the Stati'M nf California. Oiemi,
Nevnd i r i till Wiishiiii'ton Tei i ll orx ".
a-, evteiiili'd In all t lie I'lihlte I, and
Stntes liv aet nl Aiiriist I. IV'.',
AiVnii i; c, i i.kimi.i.
of Ivi'.-ene, Cmmty nl l.aiie, State of
iiivi'nii, tiled m 1 1 1 i -! nlliee nn Airil
1 1, I'MI7, hi-; ku m n statement No. M70
fur t he purchase nt tin S",, of S I".
and S I-. I, nf S V nf Noet'inn Nn III
ill l'o nsiiip No I'.t h. Ua ny;, No.
I ve-.t V. M. and wilt oiler proof to
show that the land -nieht is nmiv
valil.ilile fur its 1 1 lulu T nf st one t han
fur ,'t..i ii'iilt nra I purposes! and tnes
talili-h Iiih i I inn In said land ln l'oie
V. W. Calkins, I . S . ( 'nintniNsl. ner
at his nllire in laii'i iio, tlrejcnn, nil
Itiesdiv the Mh dav of Nuveuilier,
I e n. i nn s as ii no .si s:
1''. ( i . oilli;: of Mtiene,
II. St.'lfl'nl'd of r.lli'ili'. (reo-oi. M.
I'Iimii i tiir nf I 'll'i'iMio 1 li I'l'i in : l!ul-
eft Willli'hll of I . t ! . I l'.:,'i.ll
i Anv and all por-onx claltnin;; ad
erselv t he alioo ,le-i liliod lands a re
t'ri ile-le I to Mo 1 1 1 -1 1 claims in this
oil ice .-ii iir lief i ii e s.i id "it 1 1 day of N n
cinlicr l'"i7.
I'..IXMI l. I!nnv. Ueister.
Restoration to Entry of Lands in Na
tional Forest.
Nut ice is hcrehv jiveii that the
lands dccril'i'd I'ol.iu, i tclu aci lit; 1'
acre-; within the ( 'as. ado National
r'oivst. Ore., will li' -ill ici t In settle
ment Ml. d clll IV 1 1 1 nl. T tin' pnnlsinns
of the lniiiie--ti ;t'l laws ol the I luted
State;; and t he act nf .1 ine I I, pillll
'.'.I Stat . L'.'t' the Iniled Slates
I ..'im I nllice at Ko cluilir. Oicl;oii
Sent. Ii'i, I'.'ih. An sillier ulm was
actually Jind in k1""! faith claiming
ans of saiil kinds for aLvriciiltnral pur
! poses prior to .lannaiy I. Itmii and has
I 1 1 1 1 1 a ha inl'Mii-il satin-, has ,i prefer-
el ice riuht In ma ke a iioinestivnl out ry
! fm the lands acluallv occupied.
Said lands vi re listed upon tie' appli
cations ni t In- persons luetil ii uii'd lie-
luw, who hae a prolefeiiee ritrht mih
ject to the prior nht of anv such
set I let", provided such r et I cr or appli--cant
is (ii:ililiei In m ike homestead
entry and the preiefi t riht Is ex
ercised piinr In Sepi Tan", on
which date the lands will lie siiliject
to set t lent! nt and entry hv;inyiual
ilied poison . Tin' lands are as fol
lows; SKI, of NW',, Sec. IT.. T -I S,
k. :; k, W. M., Ii- te. upon thenppli
cati'ill of .lame- . I laloilell,
Oregon. 1 l:i:l. I:M I, Aetilia ('oin
niissiuncr nf t ho i ; i 1 1 r; 1 1 Kand oilice.
Appru'.ol .1 ui:. Ii. I'.mi7. .Iks-ii: I;.
Vvii sns A' tncr Si i ietar.v of th' In
terinr .
.NOT It K ol' AITI.ICATIoN loll
I . . . I'A I i:n T.
M. A. No. i7". .Mineral Survey No.
t a 7 .
I uilcil Slates Laud Ml ice.
i.'uscliiiro.. Oic, I'd). 7. I'.HiT.
,N utice is licroli.v ;;i veil tha t in pur
suance nf Chapter Title of the
llevi-cil Stat n I os of the I niled States,
Allieitnli Wood whose post oilice lid
dress is Cut ta :' i f i e. I ..'I lie Count y.
Iii'i nii. lias made application lor I'.
S-I'alent for I'mmi linear feet of the
Arliii!;iii lode. siir. Nn. CUT hearing
.iild and sih er ; I he sa Ilie heilif N -I
dc-. -d mill. V :',:,! feet and S L'l de(!
:il min K, 'ion feet from the discovery
cut I hel ci in with surface "found linn
feel in width. Situated ill the S 1 . of
Sioliull I I ' sil -pi 'lidcil i T 2'1 S II I K
of I he W ilia mot I c Mi'i i'lia ii in tin; I'o
heuiia Mil, in;; IMstrlcl, I oii;las I ouu
ty , Oregon, ami deKcrilied hy I lie of
licial plat herewith po led and hv the
field notes on lio In lli oilice of the
I .' . ; i tor i ,f the inl'il Slates Land
otliee at Ko elm I )rei;oli, as fu'lnws,
to -wit .
Kciuiiin;; ill. for No 1 Whence:
the I' S M .l No I , e -I ahlishcd ill Sill
No 77 do;; min :',e sec W
7 I1 1 1 .77i (eel.
The S i; Cor Sec II su .peiided; T Si
S I; I K, of Willamette Meridian I.eai'M
S oil de' mill ,'il) sec i : :!:!."i(l..'!U feet.
'I'lience S li' i ley 'JU mill W lint) feet
to ( lor No 2.
Thenco S L'l di,'ol mill II ir.nnrect to
Cor No.l.
Tlieiice N II". dctj L") mill V. Hull feet.
In Cm No I.
Thoncc n o de ill min V I ."i lit net
In Cor No 1 , I lie place of I ic'i lining.
'a ria l ion lid dc; .'ill iiiin K, contaiii
iny llk.'.s ticreH, cNi lnsive of conllict
wit Ii Sill' No ',7 ! I el roll, lode. The
in I joining i la inn me I he nlmve exclud
ed ot hers if any unknown.
The not ice of iiniilcli'd h icit I ion of
said Arlington lode is on record in
t lie oilice o( t he Itecordif of Douglas
County, nt llosclait, Oregon, I'.ook ii,
I'l'iU'c ,"iL'i; of Milliner 1,'econlH.
Auv and till pei'siiiiH claiming ad
versely the iiiiinn:; ;;r i i in 1 and pretu
i.scM or any port inn t hereof nu de.
hcrilieil and npplied for urn hercliy
mil ilied that unless their ndvorsu
clalniM are duly liled nccordin;? to law
and the renwlal ions thereunder, with
in 1 he I itne ptcHcrilicd hy law, with
the newsier of the I lilted Stati'H
1 ; r 1 1 1 1 (Hllce at KohcIhii'!.;, Ofi'uon,
they will be linrred hy vlt't no of the
provisions of said statute.
I!i x ia mix J.. Kimv, IteH'l-iter.
Occasionally a bank cashier uecda
a guardian.
i.m;al Noticr.s.
Culled Slutes I. and Oilice, Itoselunu,
Onv'on, Mineral A ppllcnliiin
No. 7tl. Aimtft !, I'.'or.
Nntlee Is heieliy eoU that Slnr
Consolidated Miniuu; Cniiipauy, a
cnt'pnt.itiou nf t'ul'tlalid, tM'Cjfen, han
liuule applied t Inn t nr a patent for the
Star Cuusullilated I ii imp I .ode Min
Inif claims, cnmpiisluu the Clover,
I'liick traveller, McNlcntt, Hidden
Star, Star l'. ten- Ion ; I )al Ktist
Chance, Nlcliodemiis, Itomin.'.a, Hart
ley. HiikIicm h'usller and Smnxi'ler
I. i, des, situated In Itiiliemlii Mlnlnir
lk tl'lct, I, nne county, Slate ol tire
null, with 'iiilaie i;iiiiiinl, as de
MClllied lv the otlii plat herewith
posted and I'V the Held notes on Ilie
ill the oilice of (lie Keclstci . of the
Itoseliui !T I .nnd I M I rlcl , Oregon, M.
S. No. Iili . Ils fnllnW .' :
tilnver Code - Itcejuiulij; nl out'lHT
Nn. I, whence the I.', see, cor. sec. 'J,
l" '..'.' t, H I! I w nr iS ssd, 7 mluw .
7isr..VMt: ihcmc s 71 di'ir. ,il min K
I 'o it ; I hence N I!:' dec. Iltl min. '
I'd'.l lii I ( : t In nce N 71 de;'. ol nun w
IMHi ft; thence s ih'ir. .M nun. w,
fd! lli It. to I he place of I ,c,d ll tl I II); .
lilnek T:avc!ler I. ode llerlniiliiK at
cor. No. 1, whence the II1, mc cur.
see. 'Jl T '..' I. S I! 1 W In- ; S si. dec. Ill
mill. .".11 sec. W sill. ! I f; ( h.'tiee S I'.i
lee, . .1 min. l'l i c. 1 I I'ls in II , 1 1 e
N div:. II iiiin tcet; ill, ii, c N i.ii de;;.
:f in t It. h h"c. I llis.ll.'i ft: t hence S.
J:', dec. W lion It to the pk f he
Moxic'iii I a ilc-lieu iiiniii; r at dr.
No. I, whence the I', ', sec. col', -cc.
T .", s I; I W las s Yi e. .vt min.
I'll -co. W . ! III... s:t ft, the S t;.i de;;,
lis min. K I I''," ft ; Ihem e N '..'I! lc,;. K
iiiin feet : tin nee N i; i id e . :n nun. W
I l'l.' ft ; thence S. Jill,;; W lino ft. to
the place uf l.ceinnitl:.
Cnlilcn St ir l.nde - Iteeliinlnej at
cur. No I. whence the II', ec. cur.
see. T 'J:..S.Ii. I InsS Mi .ley. lis
min im -co. !i7 lii i I it . thence S . i. '.
d.'o. :is min II III," ft. I hein e N I.' i detf
K '.I..S In (I . t lieiicc N I'lilei;. ". nun. W
ili.i lit tl , thence N a. dcy; "is mill. In
see. W Iltl. ',n It, t hence S '.'.; ....;. W.
.".7n It tut he place uf I inuilic
Star Kxlen em I. udo lleciui.ini; nt
cm. No I. whei the II ', sec. cur.
SCC. VI. 1 SI S. II. 1 l.l's. S I ,,.cr.
".I nun. W s.'ri:; .it. tint s id il.-u'.
I min. In II I I'is.ii , fi ; theme .N .
L'.i. d."! II ..;n it th. 'lie N lis do);, I".
lion .;u -i c W I .it:l hence S, I'll
de,;. lini iiv 1 1 ' i he place i ,f hoyin
Ihiisv l.nde l',';itMiin" at cr . N...
I . Whence t lie N I' cur -ec. J I . I' '.' t. S
II. I In s N s ; do I mm. ,n ec
nsii.:i fi; th. iice s ;,, ,1,. .
I r.l'.l.nii II . I hel N 1:1 ,,-;. I 1,00 It .
thence n ;.; dc- :.7 mm. w, i fm mi it ;
thence S I.' de . MID II. u I lio place
nt l'c;'iniiin;r.
I.a-l I 'hence l.nde t'cmniiiiii; nt
cnr. Nn. 1. whence I . s. ,. M. N,.. J
eslalili hel in survey Nn. iiL'1, lluslun
Cnlisulld.lle.l tilolli tils. N. Is ilco.
II mill. I" sic. I'. lis.,".. .', ft; t lull, o s.
IJ dec. W nun tt . the S. in ,1,.'.'. ."
min. I. 1 Ills it ; thence N I.' doy II
lilM! ft: thence N I'.I div. .i mill W I Ills
II ft., to the place uf l,. oiniili,e. l.odc I'.ci.'innin;; at
cor. No. I . w hence N 1 1 cur. Sec. L" I. T
'.' . S. K. I W I, is. N sj dctr. Ii.' min. I'll
sec. V I.s'.l7 III II: thence .N s J
min. in sec. Klliil.Mi ft: thence. N".
de,'. I.i mill lli.uiift; thence S. s( ,cl'.
IL' linn. In sec. W ll'il.silft; thence S.
.". dec;. I.", min. w inn It. I u I In place uf
I'.uaiir;;i I. ode - I Icl' i ni hi at cor.
No. 1. whence the N I. cor. Sec. '.'I, T
.:',. S. II. I W, Ins N 1 .ley. I.", nun. in
sec. W, sil.'k.'.L'? If I hence ,s. de;;. L'7
min. K, I i'liu ii : l hence N a dc. T.
mill. I". ; Ml ft 'hence N sj ,1, .'. Ti min.
W l.'.nu ft ; t .icic e , .h - C, min. W
liliu 1 1 ; I' i t In- pi a o .( lieymmic:
Hail lev I i nl" kiviniiin : a I ci ir.
No. I. w in ii. .- I I'.' II cr. -ec. :'l. T
SA. S. I. I U.I, .-- s7 ,, y. r, mi,,. ,,
-"c W s::i 77 r. ; ,-S. :,7 de:;. '.17
nui.. K. I'J'iu .o it inetiee J!l deer. .;
lino ll ; the N ,7 de.; 117 mill. W,
1JIMI :IU II ; t lelice S. 'J'l dcy W laid II.,
tot he place i if lice, in nimr.
1 1 iiclics l.oil"- lliv.iiiniii" at cor.
Nil. I. W hell. If I' .nl. See. Ti!:',,
S II I W hr-. N -7 .I- c, ii; min. W.
!i I ;:'..'-' i It : thence S. .'a, dcy. s min. K
I I'.IL'.IJ II , thence N u'l dcy. II 1,11(1 ft;
t hence N ii, de;; s min . W I l'l:.' Ill ft;
thence S. .'II dcy. W lieu It . In the
plilce nl iiei: I It ll ill'.
Ilusller Lide liciiiniii" al co Nn.
I. whence N II cm c. :.' I , I' 'Jll, S. Ii. I
W Ins. S. s ,, ... , ,,. Ill see. W.
Mii-JI.L'ii it : thence ,S. ."i7deo. L'7 min. K
in.ill.oli It. I in in e N VII dcy. 1 1 l. Ill) f ;
thence N nn ..-y. In mm. . I.:i7.7'. II,
thence S. nn ihv. W. ..:: r, ft., to the
place o I toy i im iny
Slniiyle!' I ,fido - ley iniiiic: nl cur.
Nn. I, whence N II cur. see. Jl, ''
S. I,, I, W Ill's S s' de. I mill. :.'ll sec.
W n7ls l'J ll ; t hence s. dcy. s min.
K, I l'l'.' L' ft , 1 iietice N ii'i di-L'. K .'.SI..S
(I; I hence N In ill"'. ''li mill. l see. W.
I I'l l. Ml I I . I hence S. I'll dci'. W. i.iio it ,
In I he place uf I ,e" i n n i ii '.'
't'olal net area I.'.". I 77'i aci'i s.
Any and nil por ous claluiiuy ad
velseiy the minim; yiouiid, Imle,
premises of any I ii i I i . ill Iherenf so
descrilied, siif e,ed and plaMeiland
npplleil for are herehy uolilieil thai
uiiiesH thelf advers e claims tire duly
tiled aeeul'ililiy to law and lliereyu
liltlous I heieiindei , witllin the time
prescrilied l.v law, with the HejHter
id the United States J.nud Otliee lit
liriHeliiii in the Stale o( Oreyon,
they will lie Inured Icy the provisions
of ilie law In such canes made and
lin.x.iA.MiN- I., KtniY, lieniHler.
Depart 1 1 1 1 1 1 nf tho Interior,
Kami Otliee at lloselnii';', Oregon,
August Ii, l!oT.
Notice ji hcrehv yiveii that
ofColtaoo (irove, Orc;nn, has' tiled
notice of his iii I 1 1 1 lou to make ilual
proof in support, of iu claim, viz:
Homestead llnliy No. Illlilli mado
Alli'UHt 111. I'HIL'. fill' I he SW V. Seel Inn
Hi I, 'I'ow nship :.'(), l.'anye :.' W.nnd I hat
Hiiid proof will lie made licloie V, r.
Calkins, U. S. Ciimmlssiiincr tit Kn-l-'euo,
Oreyon, on .N'ovetnlier ,1!HI7.
lie names the m lowlier witmissea
to prove hist I'l Hldeiice iipnii and ('III.
1 1 vat ion of the land, viz :
.luliii Ilurstctier uf Sayiiiaw, tii'if
Kon ; Charles V. Sears ofCo( la.'e
drove, OicKoni William II. lilulruf
Ctdlio;o (irove, Orecon; lleriiuin T.
Iow of Kiiyeno, Oreyoii.
15I S.IAMIV K. KtlllV,
NdTICK. KOIt 1't lll.lCATION.
Jlepitrlinent of tho Interior,
l.atlil Oilice nt ItOMelitir, Oreyon,
Antfiist :;('., t!iii7.
Notice Im tierchy nlven that Marvin
W, KIhci' of Star , Oreyuii, has tiled
notice of his Intention to make Html
conitnillation proof in support uf Ida
claim, v. : Homestead Kntr.v, No.
1 11 III inade .Inly Ho, I'HHi, (or the hits
rill 12 II, sect Ion Ntuwiishlp ill, s
laurel w., and Hint paid proof will
he made liclnfe the lii't'islcr and de
ceiver at. Kosclitiry, Oregon, on Sat ur
day Noveinher 1), !Hl7.
lie names Hie follow ing; wltnesscn
to prove his omit humus residence up
on. mid to 1 1 1 v a t i. hi of. Hie land, vl. ;
. . I lirlsiiniu. or liorena, Ore.
' II k m ...
run, ii. it iineiiiiii, ni ntar, iire
Moii, 1'. It. I'lisou, nf Slnr, OiCKun, .1.
II Spahr, of Star, Oregon,
IIMIT.i: I. AND At l'l" .1 KNK ll. InTS
NO l it' I : KOK I'I'ltl.lCATION
I lilted States Land Oilice,
Ku'icliiit'er. Oreuni, July 17. 1 007
Notice Is heieliy ylven Hint Incom
pliance with the pruvishui'i of the
act nl t'nuyrcHS id. lime :, s7s, en
lllled "All ll' tfiirthe sale of tllnhef
lands In Hie latcx nf Cll 1 1 Ti i ll la, (Ire
i;,,i, NcMidil and Washington lerri
tnty," as evteiided to all the I'ulilia
Kami States hv act of Aiiyust I, Is'ii1
of ion, Coiiniy ot Kane, Slate of
Oregon, tiled in (his nil in .Ian. '"l,
llin','. her mW.iiii staleineiit No. Mli!l
fur the purchase nf the NW', of S
nf Seel Inn Nn. I'll, in Tun lishlp No. I'.I
Hoiith. Ilnnye No. I west, W. M., and
will oiler pronf to show that the hind
Moiiyhl is e vnluahle for ll-i timltnr
or Hloiietlian for ni;ilculi ural pur
puses and 4u cstalillsh her claim to
said land licfme W. W. Calkins, I'. S.
CoiiiiiiisMinncr, nl Ids oilice In Kii'ene,
orcy on Sat iird.iv thel'.'tli dnv of
( l!H7.
She liaiiies as W ittie-ses :
W. II. I'aiker of Ion. Orccoti ; W.
Klo'terot .lime, ( Meiioii , A rchlo Mat
thews of .tune, ( Ireyoii ; Kufmi Wood
i f ion, ( Irryon.
Any nnd all peiMins elalinluu ad-M'l-elv
I he a In i c deseri l,ed lands aft
ieiiesi, n tile (licit claims III this
oilice on or lief said IJtli dilV uf
I icliil'cr. 1IHI7.
I i x.i vmix I,. Knnv, Kel - tcr.
I I M II I P. KND A("l JINK ll. s7S
NOI'ICK Kill! I'l liKICAllON.
lliilled States Kami Oilice.
I Inset ii 1 1 y, ( Ire yi ill, .1 illy. L'L". 1IHI7.
Notice Is heieliy (ji veil thut ill com
pliance vt it Ii the plo isloiiM of the net
ofl'iitiyress of. lime It, s7s, entitled
"An act for the sale of Hinder IiuiiIh
in the States of California, Oriyou
Nevada and WiiHlnnyion Territory,'
as extended to all the fill. lie Kaiiil
Slnlow ii v act of Aiiyiikt , s!ii
uf Kiiyeue, Ciiiinty of Kane, Slate of
Oreyon, tiled in this oilice on 1'elirtl
a.iv I, I'.h7, his sworn t-tntcnient No.
s:'.7l , for Hie put chase of t he fractional
NW(, of NW', of Section No. i. la
Township No. 211, south, Itaiiye o. 'J,
West W. M., nnd will otl'er iirnof to
show Hint the land sought is inort
aluahle for its Hmlier or stoiie than
(or ayricultiital purposes ami to es
tahllsh Ins claim to said land U'fon
W. W. Calkins. K. S. Commissioner,
at Ills otliee In Kiiyelie, Oregon, on
Monday the :.'st day of October, 11107,
lie names as , it nes.ies:
T'lin t 'lliupliell of Kiiyenc, Oreyi.m;
Cnl ounyor Kliyene, Oregon ; Sam
uel A. Ciii inn hacl of I'.uyeiie, Oreyon '
I lemma T. Jow of Kuyene, ( Ifeyotl.'
Any and all persons cln iminy di
versely the aliox e-dcscrilied lands an
ieiuested to tile 1 1 i Ir claims in this
oilice on or hefore sii, I 21st dav of
( let oder, 1HII7.
Iti n.i mix K. Knnv,
iiKuisTi; tion or
In the Chenlt Court of the Vtato of
ireiin for Kane County.
In the matter or th.. application of
John Sutherland to reylster the title
to the S'(J nl NK', and !:', of NWi0f
Sect inn s in Tp J South, Kaiiyo H
West ol Wll'te Moi'idlaii, ayallist all
w hum it may concern.
To All. WHOM IT MAY COM l:itX ;
Take notice that a the :iKt day of
July, IIHI7, an application wns Hied ,v
said John Nut herland In snid court
loi initial reylstratloii of title t the
adove descrihed laud. Now uiiIchs
yoitiippear on or hefore tins nth day
ol Septcinlie;' 1 1107, and show cause,
whyvnich applicntion should not ho
granted, the same will ho taken n
confessed and a decree will Im entered
according 'to tho prayer of tho appli
cation ami you will he forever darred
from di.spiitin, the same.
K. I'. Km. County Clerk
I' 'o I K. K. Hums, Deputy.
Depart inent of the Interior,
Knnd Oilice at Itosehiir, Ore-eon,
x, . Aiiyust litst, I'.in7.'
Notice is lieredv Kiven that
ZKNOO. 1:akk
of , Mar, Oreyon, lias tiled notice,
of his Intention to make final live
year proof in support o his claim,
vl.: Homestead Kntr.v No. 1 IC75 nmdo
May 10, lllOL'for the K' of V' Section
'-'Ii, Township L1 South, Itanye 2 West
and that said proof will he made de
foro the Iteyister nnd Receiver at
Itoselniry. Oreyon on Friday, Novem
der ll()7.
HoiiamcH the followiny wltne.sHcH
to provo Ids continiitnis rosldenco
upon, and cultivation of tho land
H. IK ViiiikIiii nf no.Hehiiry, Oreyon
K. D. .tones of Star, Oregon; Milt-K
Iiteher of Star, OreK,,n;J. Kudfonl
ot Dorentj, Oreyon.
ISi:JAMiN Ii. Knnv, lU'Klsler.
For legal MaDka Nugget oflice,
- a... ..' . . s '"..'..,., .
' ' - ''..'.lu'-'i'' -t