Bohemia nugget. (Cottage Grove, Or.) 1899-1907, July 03, 1907, Image 5

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VJLB.J1 S&AJt fi BS9.S1SJ) Ofi AAftilS RflJlBBBBBBSBBB BBAfifiQfiBflHBfiflflflff
KtiKcne Steam Laundry, Allison
nmt IlnstitiN nf;t nts.
I.cllny Wood of i in Wheeler
TlioiiipMon I'd. wiihIm I'm Hand In it
MI'M Ncvu I'i-i Mum 1 1 1 I ,Mim Cinrlii
ft I (I'liili'il I'.ol!!. ( ' i l 1 1 1 1 )' M i 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 ft!
I !iikciiiv
J : 1 1 f n (111-1 tap n( tin- Morning tg
Inter IiichiiiIii lluil paper nt I lie
I 4'llfiii Illi'CliliK.
Mlmi l'lln l!rlil;ri4 nf ,o .nyyr
' U ii i,w id tin- liiiiin nf Me. anil
Mri. .1. II. I'.itivti.
lion, li. M. Vciii. d .,f tlilM i lly nt-
lcil'i ( '"lllllli'Ui I'llli'llt lif till' II. O
). ill I iikciii' IiimI week.
Mlmiiuil II i mli-f I. Monday fur P.u
tfenn to in cept ft iihum in the tele
phmu' i'f liatii In I lint illy.
iCfjUfHfiilntlvi? .1. I!. Campbell of
Oregon ( lly atOmled lint Willamette
Valley liriigiiu i niif hiIoii .
Mm. N.J. Wharton nf l.nlo-vicw I
vImIUiij.', Iht lil'.l h'TH II. ('., Curtis
II II' I I!. M. Willi ll In thirdly.
W. ( '. ."Stewart, ii proudm art f.uin-
lf denier nf CiiliiMl'if l win doing
IiiimIiii'mh III Cottntfi' (llove Piidiiy.
Mr. and Mm. ul liunlfl M it 1 1 1 cele
brated iln liiMli iiniilvci-oiry nf their
tun rrliiK1' on Vi'1iii'mii v June l!ith.
Prof. Ilime.V llll licecpli-i a pn.
tlui In I In- 1 i r i t Niiiloiuil hank to
i 1 1 1 1 1 1 lil- linn iIiiiiiik t In- 1 1 1 1 1 h y m .
Mi. nii'l Mm. (!. i'. t 'lffmiin who
have been h 1 1 1 ii i' relative In Hut
i lly returned t V.uyw mi a!iiIii.v.
Mr. ninl Mtm. I-IUiv Woods, who
have U'cn enjoying a two week Ihi
In I'mlland n ixl other iliii'i4 n-tumcd
liniiic Sunday.
Mr, lieorgr Ciii iiis ill', editor f 111.1
Plli'llle Tlllll'f I IIIUII nf Poll land til-tciidi-d
liii' I 1 k u f meeting' WVdm-
Mm. A. ltl.inf l"iii'. if gnu. lifter
vhltlhK In r ini'llu r MtM. S. I'.. (' li
riiii In tlil- city for tln M! month,
re lutiii'il 'inlii' bmt week.
Mr. ('. M. .1 ink hi hi linn iiffi'i'ti'il ii
pOll lll III ill' pout IllllfC llll'l Is now
ki'IIhik cMit MtiiuiiM f ir a ff nt nii'l h
iiiiirt'i whfii a I'ithoii buy tlilriffii
lit oAe time.
In re hmiiihi In ii telegram frinii
MlHHl'lipi'li Htlltlllg till' M'l'iollH llllll'HH
of IiIm inotln-r, Mr. (,'. Piiul Joiicn Iff I
lait Tliurmluv afternoon for thnt
Ii. A . KooMlifll ami wife of Albany
are vlltinir at the honii' of Thomtm
I'm k r In I Ids city. Mm. I'rettyiuiiu,
Mm. l'urkiT' mother I nlso n tau nt
nt tlio Parker hum.
Pr. JoIj'h new rcKidenee on Fifth
street Is on the road to completion)
ami will he one of the luindsoinest in .
the illy. It 1 hnngalow in tyl a ml
llnlnh iinl lx tho only one of the Myle
:.. i... ..; !
in i in 1 1 i.i i
'1111' I i uirtli of .Inly subscription
committee whs nroiunl Tuemlny col-
l. t-1 i 1 1 K the varioiiH uinoiinti hIuciI
They found collection eiiM.v, which It
can be Hiild to the credit, of Coltfiun
. j.. .v..nMn.. i... ..nun i.. ,,..-!.
(.rove 4s Kciieniuy ti.e cne tor nc-,
.coiintH or all klium.
A .ff seven men of Company I wa pledged for evangelism of IV.u
I", uinler eonmiiind of Coiponil!., , , .
.. . .. in ! 1 ,i . 11 land and state points. I he couveii
1 1 ..i. 1 nu. w 1 1 1 1 lint 1lll1t111a .
JliUchliiMon will join ('apt. illlaniA ,
Company .'Id HcKhnent O. N. (I, Hint
to to the encampment at Seaside for
in days after which they will join
theh Company here and k" to IIohc
burK for the encampment.
I'lneules for t he kl'.ney'H and blad
der. They brlnn yiilck relief to back
ache, 1 lieu ma t ism, hunbiiKo. tired
worn out feeling. They produce nat-111-11I
uctioii of tne kiilue.VH in tillering
waste mat ter out of the blood. :i0
"hiys tien.nient $1 (XI. Money re
funded 11' I'ldeiileHiire not satisfactory.
;Sohl by New Kra )xvt Store.
Mr. V. H. Matlock, wife mid sl-iter-iivlaw,
Mrs. J 1 111 Matlock have been
visltliiK Mrs. MeMurray and dauKhter
Mrs. Frank .Ionian of CnUHge drove.
Mr. Matlock has been state senator
and mayor of Pendleton tud Is a
brother of .1. D. .Matlock, mayor of
Kugciie. lie spent a few days reviv
ing old aciiunlntaiices and school
ma tcs.
iii(e a .number of our citizens are.
showing enterprise thi. hi. ring and
Hummer in the way of putting in
new sidewalks, new renees and paint
ing iholr lesl'lenceM. The now con
crete walk In front of the Hotel Ore
gon and adjoining lot is completed
11 lit 1 the old Hide walk ill front of two
buildings Jm-teast of t.hs bridge bus
been removed and thn gravel beiUyyt
In on which concrete w ill be hiUI.
Ami .11 many uiuereni pans in town,
mud especially along Itiver street
good new substantial plank walks
has been laid. All this Is much to
t ho cre.lft of the property owners and
jt is to be hoped that the Rimd work
will be continued until nil tho old
rickety sidewalks disappear.
....... . ... x
On Wednesday evening last a most
unlovable time was had at a Inwn
party given by Mrs. Hnrtiiug in
honor of her daughter, Miss Alnia'a
uteenth birthday. Tho youiiR people
tpnuseil themselves with various
''cms o. Inlcrcsl in and aboiil
Collate (irovc mid vicinity.
milieu on the licaut ll'nl ninuinl fur u
couple of hour ninl thfii cut li'-r"l
oil the fpnc lolH iorh oT I he I"' 4 .1'h' lire
Where lil' r renin ninl cake wn f I .
after hlh oilier iiiniwiufnlH u if
I'llKiiK'1'! III lllllll i'llti' ii III I" limn.
ThoHn iieHflt. Were: M i '. Sophie
I'litlt, MI'H Mabel Corriii.'in, Ml"" l.'ilo
Wllliinl, MW.f lla.fl llnlfioii, M i k
Vernle It row n, Ml m Mabel n'.en;.
S-n liollii) llnwkiifi, MfHHi '.. Ilu'li
(lutrlii, l.onli mIh'Ik, AIiiiiI Mat
(hewn. Illlll'!' W'lll.llil llliil I ' ' ' 1 1 off
J. line Will mmll Ii' Immle III;'.i '
UlintitieN lieiir itofebm i! if I'll 'fill j
phoii Ilia t (il'liille. A limcHtone imxuii :
I H I ll llii'i' inllei "initli il !- ii :iinl!
I'lKht. llllll'M fl'nu. l!n"f bill ). , t ty.i t hi'f
with elKhl.V inifM of Inn I hiix bfii ;
H'iM to a My nillfiite of eiiplt ali t hpI
It, In exjiectcil thnt the mine will be
opi'lli'il Up, fiimaeeH built, ali'l III 't
h 1 1 tlin eijiilpincul in I'e-H.n v l'i linn
out lime on n lar'e ninl' will bf put
In. A Mpiir from ii'-i hm' Htatlon will
Ix' built to th' propci ly. Cinynii
vllle I'rlio.
I'lrieiili-H for tin- kiilue.VH et nic t bf ii
I lie mi nivalis iiii'l ii'i.'t 111 'liawiii::
poMoii from the bl'in'1. 'I ry them inr
rheiimat Ihiii, kl'lliey, I . I m b ! r lioublf.
for liimbiiK" ami t Ireil worn out lf-l
llig. They b: !liH f ul k re-f. S.-ilis
bi'-tlon (mirmiti-e I. Sol. I I. y Ni-w I'ra
I riiK k-'tire.
1 the ijuai t'-r .nil Minti 11 to bTI.'Jli.
Weddinq Annivcrsajy. i i;. t f,,,,,, n,,. M7i et f .imnit'i
ThttiMil.iy .liine 7lh wan th" l''!th if -'iu 'n ;', th- improvement "I
wiahlin iinniversary of Mr. ninl Kivi-t oti' it h 'l toa lijii:,' ilisc ip; ,j(,n
Mrs. Will Mutt. Some of the J,. O !i' h l.ioin:ht out th- f id that tin
T. M'h accidentally louml out about . ntm-i .'oi imiiioveim r,i of sanlMicct
it snl plminfil a ple.iHint snt pi ic 'was i-fctivc nreriiiiih us it r- -I'pon
Iernin Mrs lint wk l I' lO 'l to Kivi r ito-' t as In nitr
tnci't with t lie K. () T. M mi I pit' ! the ohl Tcrritotiii roa l.
cotmnll thir comnnttfc alemi a'wlpfh it h clujuu ,1 bv tho-e obiftt
Maccabeii flout fur the I'oiiith, tlu-y
took ailv.intaixn ami while the com-;
luittre wrie Italkin, in nmr'lial a
jfreat ctowil of I.mlifs an I Sii
Knights, who bewail t-liaAunij; I"
quets to Mr. ami M.s Unit, thn.
carrying out their ten hiiifs of e n
ryitiK flowers to brighten ami w 1 1
en their lives while hue. The Or
der presented them w ith two pn ( -
of lovely china wate, also sevi-tal ; tii-tit and f ia. clhe w.,rds ' I'eni
individual preents were pjvcti.' tonal 10 d" whitii sirinl.
I'pon learning it w ih aho Mis ' ( hdin ui' N' i lso ivih lead for
Alma Teeter's birlhday, ilm Ilive'tlu- tii-.t trip- and on u.i.tion w.i;
presenteil her with 11 cup iiml saucer
also Mrs. Miirgut-iito I.curn was '
Kiven the Hamu for f.iilhlul wot k in j
the Hive. Ifefieshir.eutH were scm i ;
ami a L'nod time enioved bw all I
" f
Christian Church Convention
The llhristuui Llntrch convcnlioit 1
in session last week at Turner, laid
plans lor a $10,000 home for aged ;
preachers ami their wives to be hi
cated probably nt laiKene
nese mission costing -f 40,000 is t
. .
l(e estabijsi,eit ; l',,,-,!.,,,,! XN,
.i,wi,,, i 1.. ..... 1 1 f -
Tiw.o iiiicnuv iiieoL-eii . ,iu ip
. ' ' " .
11011 wan wen niiemieii ami rcpr : . i inu ,-.ou m o m up.- aiuu
HenlativeB from Ohio, Kentucky, ! ority vested in him as Mayor, he
Indiana, Idaho, Iowa, Illinois nml would w a pio.diiin!?tion and
every state of the Northwest. Thejlavth same punted and posted
delegates were stirred to great 1 d. lining certain bouu l.irieH where
things by such speakers as (ieorge
U. Renshaw of Cincinnati; (leiuge
W. Mtokley of KansaH City, Mo.;
James II. Mohorter, St. l.ouis and
many from the racilie. Co.iHt.
At his home at I.orane on I Viday
night, Juue 2S, lt()7, ol heart
iw,..K1 Will;-... 1 r.r.
"u""-i milium v-iuw, iieu ""
yeRrs' !
Deceased was one of the pioneers
of the comity, having couio to Ore
gon in bis young manhood across
tho plain.-, with ox team. He was
better known by his nickname
"Bob" than by his real name. Ho
leaves a wife nud four children,
Klizn, Klmira, Oral and Miss Pearl,
who are all at licne. IIo Iiuh breti
in poor health for ionic tinio but
his death was unexpected and was
a great shock to his neighbors and
friends. Mr. Crow was one of the
most widely known iul rejected
citizens of I)rnne. The funeral
was held Sunday.
A Happy Man
Is Amos King nf Tort l.yron. N. Y..
years of ago) ; since a sore on hi
leg, which had troubled hini (ho
greater part of his life, has tieeu en
tlrely healed by J.ueklen s Arnica
Salvo; the world's greatest healer of
Hoies, Hums, Cuts, Voiimlsaini piles,
Guaranteed by lleinioii's I'hariuacy.
Trice i'ii cents.
Council Meeting.
On Moiiilny rvuniri 1 lio rily
'cuuiiiil nut in ieMiat '-enHion ilia
nciyor ami mini' ilnieti all la-inj;
r M-nt .
'J'llf lillllllUH of J'lfViotlH, t II 1 i T
nii'l iii'eliiics Wf-rr: rcnl ami
approve i. A petiti'in win rci'l
from J. T. I c,Siinn fitikirif,' perniiH-
li.lrill Iri I'r'tMfiVf. Itlf 1 . I f 11 ClrillI
iiihv i 1 npviiift a po.iition on tlie
(niii rof Main ar,l Tliinl sfuct to
lil'ii aliuh ca-t of (he lepot. 'lb''
pftilioii was ilfiiifl.
A 11 111011 Irati'i lioin property
o'.vti'TH on 1'iltli '.trci t ie;.;ai 'Imij;
t lie I ) iii; of a He w r n'in;j 1 1
'i'leol w.ii I hi i eiil vvih r-ad. This
'an--' l a l.-ttjMliy 'lis' if ' ion aii'l
Will ilc'-luli 'l nut of 'ei lioill the
:.i't a 'ii. ii' l penlaill lot Ha ll
.'wet In.J be -li all i'Vf'1 ami ljl .
a l i MiHi-il oi an I that thos" s!;;u-
in;; tin- I-ni.. ii 'it in"- IitI slcpl fin
II '-ll MMI'-. Ill t.I.e cave It 1 1 I llHil Hot
i ijini l ine i.t of the law
ami OMlinaii'-. '1 he tcnioin-t i -in,-
':n tin lri)H: Purl on the t'lbi'.' III
'lelimlel v.
A f i i I inr tip- r on '-traction of a
evvf-r on fifth stii-et from Mr 1 1 a 1 1 '
was opened ni. the contra' t award
I to him f'.i I in- Hum of'.Htl.
ll'-poit n thf Mty fk hhow'al
thit r.ilieci ions hpI b-en lnaile for
in;; ! the impiou in- nt wf, n .t
'ou"i t. City I aiiueer .Mr "lii
T.iv lr a k 'l fur his opinion,
'who si iled lliit lol foity uaisth
toil III 1 1 llfst li ,1. hid ben used h
a pill In hih'Vas and
IllVi't ' Mi l I, I Ut ll'' ill
known a
not think
that it wa-
A ill lion
11 i ill si i I
W I'-
"!d T.-iiitf ri .1 paid.
therefore in. id'? to
older f a improve
put tin. niy,h the mvhii-I and third 1
it rebuts an I pas-ed. I
Tin- 11 mi oj.Jinnnee nmendin; 1
S.i turn I of irdinance N. r, and
imooses a licence of i 1 11 n e 1 !
. 1 ' " ' 1 '
'each bill.ird ,ir pool table, tegard-, ''" le the;
less o . hot li 1 there is any charge'1"''
. made I'm- pl.-iyn y, on them or not. l",w' ' lU-v
1 oum-iun m i-oitet inane a mo
'i"u tliat on account of the long
... Kx-Ch.ef rn'erw"oil, j
"'" i"' nor. 1 euii at to pa water !
rate, until Mnh 1 inn.- as he 1 1 1 i ' h I ',
ru-oi-is, and t he sauu-cai ricd . i 1;
mat t 1 of I he shoot jng of ; j
u,.. ... ,,.1
uid other Fourth of
July Ion necessities (V) be
ne 1 '. in 1 1 flei 1 lii i-ftt lltl dislrlftc
, .....
liiewoiks of any
would he allowed.
The following bills were read
I. Taylor
( lias. I '.1 iiniMii
lillllill .V C.lteh .
Veatch A Sch 1 it 1 1 f z
II. I!. Il.lllev
I leet I le l.mllt Co.
It I) l liekel'
Powell !'lllhir. ..
!' II Snodur.'cs
1 ,-.n
j-.'i .,-
1 r.o
en no
': " 0,0,,
F. A W ilUns
( (aimer (1
(louueil then adjourned until
Monday evening July S
Wins railing Prize.
The many liiends of Miss An
toinette P.urdick of this city join in
congintuhtiiig her on her success
in winning the first prjzo known as
the railing prize of f,o0 in the
senior oratorical contest at the U.
of O. last Tuesday evening. Miss
r.uidiHv'H subject was "The lilight
of Precedent" and was dclhered in
a clear, sweet, declamatory style.
Thn second prize known as the
lh'ikmiin prize of 10(1 was won by
Max I landman ol Portland. The
judges weic Rev. Mac IT. Wallace
of Detroit, Michigan, Rev. Her
bert Johnson of Massachusetts and
Judge Slater of tho supremo court
of Oregon.
If you .suH'cr from bloating, helehiug
sour stomach. Indigestion or dyspep
sia, (alien King's Dyspepsia Tat. let
after each meal, find overcome the
disagreeable trouble. It will Improve
(he appetite nud aid digestion. Sold
by .New Km Drug Si ore.
Lookmri for Oregon rruils.
'I'lio a;;Mit 01 a l.ijr fruit -import-i
i f f lioir-ifi of l.nixl'iii is tonririff (rc
C'iii, iip.pi ( tifij oiih inlH to ascer
tain th" f Inr.i' t" r of thf coming
' i"p II; -p'iit nnifh lime in Med
foi'l ami vifinitv, m the U'ilhm
i !( valley ami 1 1.,, Jiv-. M
i 01,1 1 n if s Iustiii I hroii;!) Wash
ington till Vaip-'itu"'!-, Ilnlish Col
uinliin, is i'liili'il, vvhili lie -v 1 1 1 re
(lltll I" IlilJir.lli'l.
Tin- ni' i'h i.t is !'i;'iii(i' aiil of th':
inipoi fa nee o Uh'oii ninl other
' "a t Mate-, us a l.'i' t'T in tli" fruit
ptoilu' tioa of 111- w , j 1 1 . l;onitfii
j tli'Misiiirl mil'", of journey to riM-cr-
tain the r i ,nr 1 1 io:i an'j piospc'l of
!thf crop ni-aiin that th': stuto'a trail
. ptoiet :n- ill Hie uoiM's I )''. It
; m-.i ir. that ) ;;on a pples fim I otlnr
, jt.,!w vv. inh le livjy in the I) lnli' H
wh'-n ' "in pr.t :i I ion , foi the si nfcon's
pijfi s nnl bi. , f..r tlio Heason's
.erupt .lie t b" l!)l I'-. It
the n !;; has i nl' r'il. 'npl
i' will If easy for Oict'ou
lor.eis, by 'kill in pr'f bp limi ,-m 1
lie in iiiaik'-tiup, to'liivf; It liotliU
ml 1:' c p :t. th if. It i-i universal
I f -1 imun y thit, ni '(uality, no other'
appie i ti.- . .ju-.l of that f io.vii in i
il( lM., oi,-is ru t v be ms large,
but no I. a- do tlu-y have tlio mi- j
pf i Ii i '.lot ii..',, oi the .'i lt"iite liber
and flivir ii it ii ;ii n-tii of the Ore-!
L'nii i"dii I'. Claud foiirnai. i
I'.y Ucv. 0. If. Wallac'-, .June 2,
I '.lil? at thf b ale's patents, (Jeo.
C. Srhnci'ler an. I f'.llt M. Addi'on,
al-.o H' Mauri.;' I t v and
Il'l'.-n Hunt Jicks'iM, all of Ij
rit'c, Cifoon.
At tin- M' lh 'dist ji ir-'ona'e at
I'.ujoiif "ii S'dui'iny, J line at 4
p in. by Kev. I. H Tiirnble, Mr.
.Momh A. McKil.ix'n t- Miss Net
lie Vafci-v. The If'ppy couple arc
li..!ii pi'iminvul uM'liiits of this
v ;,n'1
iav a 1 1
I .,1 fi if nds who 1
j 'V and Llis.
HI' ll
1 1 1 m inii'
' It on the liver List S.ituidaV
evening lor I'd ifnid am! a trip
through ll. Si, mid r-iti n t r y after t:. will r.'t'irn and reside
in tlii city. Mr. M-'Kihh-n is a
1 roim-iit lnml.T le.ih-r .f this
place. l ttii; a tiiembt-r of the tirtn
"' M KdnVn lho- , ami the West-1
l'' " ( h' ''u Lm'i-r Manufacturer J
A a '' i at i'Ml x t -nds to hi m and his
hearth -t coii'.Mat uhtiolis
w i -. 1 1 - - m lor long life and
A Memorahle Day.
jjl'," ,. asvith'nrotii''li)"raVr
In alt h. 1.-1 he one "ii w hn-ii we liecam
, . . . . . . . . 1 . . : . 1 I , . 1 . ' v- ... f :i
iH'o 11 111 ! 1 'I w 1 ! I, . Klilj .-i New IjU
is, lie- piiinie-- I'lirili.'i's thai eiire
I'hiehf'l blliiil-aie--, ami keep
bow.-N rinhl. I'.'ie. at I'.eiison's
Mr. and Mr
have returned
John Dunewood
home Irani their
('jiandpa and (iiaudina Wheeler
came home the last, oi the week
Idiom a visit to Mr. Henry Drake
nud family.
Mr. Cutis Veatch and family and
Mr. Henry and wife were
aiming those present at the closing
exercises of the school.
The S. D. Adventist quarterly
meeting was postponed Sutuulay,
as most of the people went to I.o
rane to attend the funeral ot Mr.
Wlli. Crow.
The closing exercises ot our pub
lie bchool was laid Saturday night.
The attendance lioin the neighbor
hood w iis good and there were some
present from Cottage tlrove. The
exerciiies were very interesting and
showed that Miss McQueen had
spent time ami effort to have them
11 success. Miss McQueen read a
neat little poem composed and
wi n ten by Mr. Prank Obet holser.
There were several very protty tab
leaux. Miss Amanda Poster hud
the honor to rcctivc. the first eighth
grade diploma ever given fiom this
school. Mr. Pakcr Sl.iglo and Mr.
William Medley pii'sented it and
Mr. August Heiniich helped with
music. The exercises closed with a
tableaux "Crowning tho Queen,"
where the teacher received a crown
of llowers.
Mrs. I.ennie Lee and children
utul Mrs. 1'TauL Taylor of Divide
K "
ft 71?'
Main Street, - -
Wynne Hardware Co,
Don't Wait Until Your Grain
1 is Ripe
and ready t be liii 1 V't. d Ik-Coi- buy
ing 1 1"' rnacli im-ry mi' will ni-.-d. We
ui-" liaii'llint; .'unl have on hnnd, tin
old reii d'l"
McCormick Line of
which lnahelins i'.ir inany vinr jinov
ed i( snperi'iiit' I v iis work. So it
y f ii iii-ed auy i o n J i 1 f in lli.-it line. ir.
w ill U' ;i w is" x.-li-et jmi in buying this
make. Come ill and tall; it over.
Wynne Hardware
headquarters For
Mining and Commercial Men
I C. T. LQNG Prop
were in our neighborhood Satur
day. Mrs. John Oberholser went Pri
day to visit 11 sinter who ia very
sick .
Mrs. liable DreHSfr and d:uit;ii.
ters from Lvnx Hollow attended
church here Saturday.
Misses Miutie and Kuth Miller of
Dirl'j visited their sinter Mrs. Al
fred Wheeler, Friday.
Mrs. Werth has a brother and
family lately from Russia visiting
her at preseut.
Mr. Sanborn left for Minnesota
Sunday night. His wife and son
expect to go later.
Mr. Irwin McCord of Creswoll
visited at the. Babcock hoiii'.' Satur
day und Sunday.
Mrs. Walter Wheeler has been
suffering with hay fever lately.
Hundreds oi people yearly no
through painful opernliuns needlessly,
beeiuiso they never tiled Man an
Pile. Itemed)'. It in put up in mcli 11
form that it ciin lie applied rilit
where (he trouble lies, p, relieves
the pain and inlhi mat ion. It is for
any form of piles. Trice aiic. Sold
by New Kra Plug Store.
For legal blanks Nugget oilice.
ii s Miier Suits
i Xow is tlic time to
! come and liave your
tiH.'isttre taken for a
new suit. I have sum
Spies from one of the
largest clothing stores
in Chicago. All styles
and grades of goods.
A large shipment of
straw hats just arriv
ed including nic.i's,
1 103-;, womens' and
girls', in all the lead
ing styles.
Cottage Grove, Oregon
And the celebrated
Co. coEGorvE'
Coltage Grove, Or.
Paid up Capital:
Surplus and I 'ndlvided I'rotitfl.
Money to loan on approved security
Kxchangea sold, available any
place In the United States
Hkkiiekt EAKirr,
Two sehocnera are unlondinK ee
mentat the Onrdener Mill Co'h wure (or the Southern I'uelile Hail
road Conpany, which n.nUea over -0,-000
barrels of this material to lie nlilp
ped there oy the Southern raelile. It
is e-(linateil that the cost ot the ce
ment now on tho ground arnountM to
more than if I'JO.OOO.
Man an Pile Reniedy eoineH put up
in a collapsible tube with a lm..le.
P.asy to apply riKht where Horenea
and inlhnnation esistu. It relieves at
once blind bleeding, itching or pro
truding rileu. QmirHtiteed . I'rlce fiOc.
(iet it today. Sold by New Era Drug