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3K8X B
Devoted to the Mining, Lumbering and Panning Interests of 1 1 j is. Community.
NO. 22
TI10 Annual Convention and bus
jiicBH meeting of the Willamette
Valley Development League was
held in this city Inst Wednesday
ami a goodly numltcr of developers
from all over the state were in at
tendance. Of it" proceedings tli Cottage
drove Leader write an follow:
The convention was railed to or
der at 2:.'lf) p. in. by president
Hinds ol the Coniin.-icial Club, and
was tinned ovor to Col, I). J'.. Ilofi-r
1'renident of the League. J
Howard, on behalf of the Club wel
coined tb" delegates, whi h was re
Nponded to by Col Ilofer, who es
pecially thanked the ladies (or the
many beautiful 'lowers and hand
Home decorations.
In the absence ot Walter I. von,
the League secretary, Mr. V . ll.
Kosenherg, of this city, wa chosen
secretary pro tetn.
On motion the pieiddent appoint
ed the following cuiniiiitlecu;
On N'ominationa 1. M. C.Gault
of Cotla.?. (hor, J. H. McNeil, of
Marshtudd, W. C Hawley, of Si
On Hesolutions I). J. Dulhuille,
ot Cottage ('.rove, Louis Harzee, of
Roseburg; L. II. Hosenhurg, of
Cottage Grove.
On J'lrclrie Railroada J. H.
Kheltou, of Puritan 1; .?, A. Cham
bers, of Cottage drove; Peter I
gie, of North Hend.
On ICqtiitios -('. J. Howard, of
Cottage drove; J. U. Campbell, of
Oregon city; J. d. draham, of Sa
lem. Preaid.'tit Hofer introduced Con
grcsmnan W. C. Hawley, who
spoke cm the subject of 'The Tub
lio I.and Policy of the Future," in
which he stated that after thor
oughly investigating the matter it
was his oi'iuion, and also the opin
ion of Secretary Honaparte flt
WnHhington, that the law regard
ing the Railroad Land dranta
could and would be enforced, com
pelling the railroads to sell the
lands to settlers ut $2.50 per lu re.
Representative.!. U. Campbell,
of Oregon City; 011 "The Kquities
of Development," and Prof. . L
Young, of the II. of O. ol Kugeue,
on "Oregon University and State
Development," wero listened to
with interest, both gentlemen put
ting forth some good poirts and
puggestions f"r the development of
Alter '.irief talk by Hon. Thou.
Kay, of Salem, Piosident Kerr, of
the Oregou Agricultural College
was called, and spoke interestingly
of the work of the O. A. C, and
its relation to the development ol
the commonwealth.
The Christian Church was filled
to overflowing at the evening ses
sion, a number of ladies being pres
ent. After music by the orchestra,
Governor deo. d. Chamberlain was
introduced and spoke onv the
"Cause of Progress," stating that
one of the main causes for the great
progress being made in Oregon, is
due largely to the Lewis and Clark
Exposition, that being the first
great effort of the people of Oregon
in advertising their great state to
the world, the result of which is
now Bhowing itself. He also spoke
encouragingly of the grea, good
being "done by the Development
Leagues of the state, and urged the
people to eputiuue to ask ,and de
maud of the National Congress
sufficient appropriations for the im
provement of our harbors and liv
Hon. U. 1 Jiiiiim, of Indfp'ij
deuce being absent, his Hubj'ct.j
"The Untile for an Open River,"!
was ably prrseutcd by Col. Ilofer.
Col. Ilofer is an enthusiastic be
liever in water ways as 11 menus of
transportation, and ho say; he bc
boJieves the only way to solve the
high freight rates and car i hoi lage
is to build water ways and open
In- liver (1 r I r.'iiiviuii till uai th-il
the railroad companies are moj tally
afraid of water trrnsportation, ami
all that iw 1 en Haiy lor the j 1 -opl-of
Ivigeim and C'.M.igef'rove to do.
is to build a stcamliout and anchor
it somewheie in the tivtr, and the
car Hhortawe would immediately
T. K. Campbell of thd city,
chairman nf the railioa 1 ei.mmis-
sion told wliHt the coiumission is;
doing, and lion Louis litiie i
Kosebnrg, tol I about th I-.N-i Imi
spirit of Houfbur and i.'oos I ; 1 v
Hon. l'eter Iij-ie of Ncitli l!--n l,
was present, and npoke bnetly ol
the wonderful rcHouices o Coos 1
liny and its excellent harbor, con-i
teudiiiK that Coos I lay could :iial 1
would b made one of the !e v-.t
hat Kirs of the world.
After the reports of the various
committees and the election ol of
ficers, the Convention adjourned,
and a reception and banquet . w.i ,
held in the Commercial Club room i
which was greatly enjoyed.
During both sessions of tho Con
vention the Cottage drove quai-;
telle was heard in a number of n
lections. Thus chmed one cf the
iiiont Huccessfut meetings held by
the Willamette Valley Development
League, and no doubt much jood
will come of it.
The new ollicers are:
rresidenl IC. Ilofer, of Sab -in.
Secretary K. II. Koseiibnre;, ul
Cottage drove.
Treasurer Walter Tooe, 01
Kails C.ty.
The following resolutions wcie
adopted by the Convention ;
WhereiiM, the requirements nf 1 he
Willamette Vulley tlmuml adlitloual
i'litlwny faeilltlfH to t I'lewjit'-r a well
iih to the terminals of the triiiiseohti
nental rnllroails at I'oi l luinl, iireui,
II ml
WliereiiH, nni'leetrle line lian heen
projected from onelniiK to Coos I'.a.v
which will K've an outlet, to a deep
water hnrbor, and
Whereas, the const met Ion of .said
line If extended throiiKhout the Wil
himetto N'nlley would Klvenu niitli t
ancS facilitate the HldiinentH of the
products of 0110 of the richest valleys
III thi) world which has heietot'i ue
been hampered by the luck of ade
quate transportation fucllitlcH, mid
Whereas, the count ruction of n.ud
eloctrli! railroad from Coos Itny to
KoHcburtf, and from Ivoseliui'K to
J'ortluud, will have an Important
IteiiriiiK on the IikIiihI rial develop
mentnf tin entire WeHtern (iii'on
country, and
NVIierens, the banks of the Wil
lamette Valley now contain a surplus
of over :t,0(M.0(l() which could he ad
vantageously placed to the hid tel lilelit
of the hankn and the people, therefore
bo tt
Resolved : The Willamette Valley
Development J.cynueiu hcmhIoii assem
bled does hereby declaro Itself in fa
vor of such project ami does hereby
pledge tho moral support and assis
tance of thia I.eaKiie to see this object
consummated at the earliest posslblo
moment, ami be lt further,
KeBolved: That wo do hereby re
K'ret that the road from Drain to
Coon Hay has not been pushed to the
early completion that the people of
Oregon wero led to expect, and he tt
ItcBolvad: That a copy of these
iCHolut lona he Fpreud upon the 111111
utea of this LeuKim and published in
the public, press.
Whereas, the Willamette Valley
Development League recognize the
Importance of rendering the physical
(Contliiuud to fourth page)
Wijf, Fourlli of July Celebra
lion al Collage drove
hoyraut of the Sports and Exercises
ol Hie day Amusements (or all t
Both Old and Young and Handsome
Prizes for the Lucky Ones.
I In- v.i 1 ii it -v I'cuitli of July com -
iij it !---, li.-i'.n 0111 1 . 1 1 'I I lit ir woi K ,
ali i I li iW 11.;' 1. 1 lie ci 11:1 union;,'
1 . 1 1 1 1
ployjuiu "I i.-v-l;ts provl led. The
-in' f t'ii- ( cleluntiou is now in
ll.-- ! 1 ' ' i 'I 'hi- ileik ni the
, W,.:1, M , :in 1 lt ,,i,:v ne Iik inc-1 str,tt. c;( ( .t ic th" l'n. om liver
,,,, ,,, , ,t. ,, minivcuiiy one - 'a,,, j,s tiibntaiic
'lie 'MMie-t ever b.ld ill Cotl.lei .j,. ,,,,,. o) allli, was
j i.-.v- Vh- committers h .v- don.- ,1(jli;,lt i,.:)11, j( n,(, ,,.t l-jisla-
lh ii wnik w-li and nil . ho r
I . ih's ci'-,- to cehhrriti ' - a 11 be a
.mi I mi li iin;; a 1 '"u- i 0 tune.
foll,,n.- is the lui" of l.lis. overe-l th'.- i ffect of the amend
Onh i of 1'ro'csMon an I ; mi ni while noting in th.: judge's
Mai. h
I'l OJ I ,i III lof t llL- l!l
Celebiation to
be held in Cotl.i;:c drove July 4th:
I ti.- proi - ssi, ,n will I'-riii on I oiirth !
t ivi I 111 fl-o-it ol' t In-cil . h ill at1i::!0l MAC' ll
! Mo Main I r. ei we-t to I; 1 ver st 1 ect ,
; I Ice lire 10 .it ll to Second Kt feet , '. lie II cc
; uot to A -tlcet, thelicc south to
j W a II wl I . I he 1 ice to t he frove.
uit 1 i : it nr i'i: x'i ssiun
( '1 it I :ii.'e ( i love I'.alld
I aln-1 ty al
I'licle S;om'h I'm
(''mplliV I'
i A. II.
Si. iis - i Vi-leraiis
Women's IJelicf Corps
( i i-- drdeis
I loan
I i ':in -Lip'-,' bii i li s and autoinotiiles
1 1 'it izen on hoi si back
I On mi 1 i al al I h-park the following
1 cvrcis.-" will l;ike place :
! Musii- bv the I'. tiid
Pi -iyci liv I In- (. ' 1 1 1 1 1 I ; 1 i 1 1 . UeV. .1. Ii.
Ileal ly.
Music by the Hand.
Kcailuio ,, 1 lecl.aiatioii ,!' Inde
pelldetH'e by .Ml-s (iellril'lc I'alllier.
Music by'lhe I ;.i ml .
I j aiiou by l!e . .1 . It N. Itcll.
1 . 1 i KA.sKlil' hlNN'l'.i;
u 1 i:u""N 1 -n u ; ii m
Al l::iu tin-re will be a. concert at
Ha- park followed by music by the
city ch oil -, al'tei which the following
contests will take place :
I'.ase I'.a II ',; me - 1st prize $.'!(! ; -lid
pl'i.e S'-'il, oldv one t'ottilv'.e (il'ove
1 1 am lo cnii -r
oil ;nd foot race, free for all, ?."
7' -yard loot race for boys under Jl,
;j .".n Mini 1 ..'.11
."iil-yard root race for hoys under I'i,
U'.IM) ; 1 1 1 I il.oil.
u yard foot nice for girls, :.(HI ,-ind
l .."1O.
'niice-lei;v;cd race, $:j Till and 1 ."().
Old men's race, contestants t. be
r.u vears old or over, t-'.T.oO jind
Sack race, t.un and l.iKI.
Half mile I'.icycle race, if.",. 00 and
jf'' ."in.
IMui? I'.nlics, I' -J .-.u to he eividcil as
worked out. Iln- niiinbcris to be a j
1. . . ... . .. . . 1 t . . . 1. . .. 1 ... . .
hi 1 011 iiiiiiii i o ' 1 n 1 11; it-ftiiiit.
The baseball name will be plaed
on the ball ground south-east of
(own. The otter events will take
place on the ni-onnds at the grove, ex
cept the bicvele race which will be
dow n l-'ourth street, south of Main.
At .1 o'clock the Ancient Order of
1'ow .lays w ill hold high carnival on
Main street .
In the evenino a rand display 01
lire works followed by a Hruud "ball
in the 1 1 I fellows 1 n i 1 1 1 1
Long Live the King
Im the popular cry throughout lairo
pean count l ies; w hile in America, the
iry of t ho pit-sen I day Is "Long Live
rr. K in's New liseoveiy, King of
Throat and Lung Remedies!" of
which Mrs Julia Ryder Payne, Truro
Mass.. says. "It. never fails toive
Immediate relief ami to ipitckly cure
a cough or cold." Mrs. Payne's
opinion la shared by a majority of the
Inhabitants of this country. New
Ihscovcry cures weak lutis and sore
throats alter all ot her remedies have
failed ; and for coughs and colds It 's
the proven remedy, tiiiaranteed by
Itenson'H Pharmacy, ode and $1,00,
Trial bottle free.
Vico President Fairbanks will b!
me guest 01 me wsioria v nainoer i
.1 . -.1 .1.. A . 1 t .
of Commerce July 15, with banquet
at iSeuside.
! No I'rolcclion for Game Fish
lixcepl in the Umpqua
Came Lav; Revoked by Amendment
at the Last Legislature so That it:fll.(.jC(i Uj lnake xhl. mihu7, of the
Only Applies to the Umpqua River , road an assured f.v.t, and a mass
and Tributaries. j meeting is called to meet in that
city on July 3 . when it is con
- - : fidently expei ted Hie f ill amount
1 Tln-.i
1 . ii' 1 a los' d seas-
i,ii (, ui h-
lnti'r in
1 he ?tnto of
. . . .
( ;r . oil . :;(( ;,! i I II
ri.ii.qua river
and l' : 1 1 ! ' ,11! 1 1 i
, .
:nd an lers may
i f,,r 1 1 ' 1 j at any litiicof tho
1 yt.;ir iii ruiv 1 i ----- t or cork in the
'' ' turn by rm ,t t nliii-h amended the
OM 1.1V.-. IIS Ii :: I W
ll I l.iw. Its li ::t was not. iliscov-
ted until I it' 1 V 'A heu Itol. el t Shaw ,
In1;:" W'.-i'siet 's piivatc 'c'C.rc-tiry,
ii,,. elmiiL'Cs in the laws ma Ie
,y nlt.. idatuie. !
'phe closed s-asoiiloi troit was I
, ,
lormeilv .Nov -mtier. I ecenner, j
lanuarv. 1'ebraai v url March and
was pti-"ctibed in section -O.'Uofi
the co.U. !'',- an act f the last leg- !
Islature thi . section wri- uuiended, i
so that now the- only statute provid-
ing a do'cd sc'ii-on for Uout
as 1'oUoa.-:
- -y
for any
or have
"It -ll ii i b? Uld'iwful
pel son to take, catch, kill
in poss,.s-ion any t.out except -
mini Hint,
diuino the months of
I )ci ml ei ,
of :,m e-ii
lanuarv "lid l et ruary
til-en horn tho voters
of tin- 1'aip.pi.i river or Us lribu. (.ra total of thirty miles. Alter ; and the first ten miles will be com
tai icy, 01 at inn time to t ike, catch, ! the thii ty niih s are built r w ill be j pleted before the rains set in next
kill, 0! have iu ,os'esion any ! :' easy in.Vlei 'o sv.-ur- money j fall,
trout, chai or salmon less than five ' --r-
inches in length, or to tal e, catch PACIFIC COAST GROWTH K'tat cb,u;es which ure taking
or kill the .aim- bv any means what- I'b'ce in the South, in Wall street
over except with hook and hue,; is not alone m this ignorance. The.
conin.onlv called un.:li:iu " Is Ranked by an Eastern Journal as oa of people east of the
1. :.. 1 .... ,1, .. ,1 i.,...i n.o ! n.m nf tt,A Wnn.ure f tho no Reckies have but a dim realization
11 l-i mill t llii l 1 1 1 v v. - i iw 1 1 (
provision of this amendment of the;
old law applies only to the Umpqua
river and its t: ibntat ies, leaving no.
law whatever
-,- , , i,.,iiine oeven i oiiH-ni 01 uie tia.iue.ieau lar more umu tuarcii any oiner
piovrung a lose 1 1 1 1 y
season for t rout li-duii!
1" in mv other
ri. 1 ;n i.-.u
strea-n in the state. , The bill WHS
introduced by Representative
, I 111. Ol 1 I It.T
m utative
Hirg and was passed j 'l:co t'lf l'us wne" ,'oId dis-. ity to financial and population cen
The amendment coVer'es ' al'fonj'a tevolution- ters of the Hast, with its great sea-
son of Roseburi
without change
is found on page 5 of the l'.H)7
session iak'.s.
The old section, which was su
nerceded by Tackson's bill and is
;,., ,. U1 (ClHC ua ; .
Section iii .t j It shall be tin-
lawful lor any person to take, catch
kill or have in possession any trout,
except salmon trout, duiing the
moidhs of November, December,
January, l'ebruarv and March of
any venr, and it shall bo ""lawful
lor any jicr;on to tale, c itch kill or ;
have in possession at any timo any
trout, char or salmon, less than livo
inches iu length, and it shall bo un
lawful for any person to take, catch
or l.ill at any lime in the waters of
this state any trout by any means
whatever except with hook and line
and any one fishing with houk and
line who, upon lifting the same shall
find any trout, chat, or sahnon less
than five inches in length caught or
entangled thereon hIiuII immediate
ly, with cure, and the least possible
injury to the fish, disentangle and
let loose the Hme, and transmit tho
I fish to the water without violence,"
t. ... o 1.1?. ...1 .i..t:t
R tia, y-. -V
Coutinued to fourlli puo . I
I'or some time pad '.n;- lias
ben (jnietly at work getting nub
; scribers to stoc k to build a milroad
I from that . rjiy to ti'lf writer in the.
ISiushiw, and it iooks aw though
; th' ir efforts nr-to be crowned with
tll.,. ,,. .
needed will be raised. Stephen
Carver, who recently built tho
t 1 . i r t if . tn 1 ! r 'i 1 I ro '. , i fi .m Wl
" " J"' '-" l"
; ntni 10, in Lantern (Jrej'on, is the
' - u
man who 11 ueiuini inn new eiuer-
The. proposition he has made to
the? people of Lugene i; published
by the Juigene dunrd as follows:
"('') 1 itu' to llunir! he was at
'once btruck with 1 h- rviK-iiLililipt;
, . . c , ,. . r
for busine'S for a road troivi Lu
,'ene to the Siuslaw. He inter-
vie-v -d th' leading en--ns of the
city and the matter was at once
taken up by the .Merchants' I'ro -
teetive Association and the Commer-
cial club.
Mr. Carver made a proposition
for the people of Jvugeue to take
: i : .. j I
nn-n 111 i t-'Mii j.i ny 10 oe ., aui.i-o
and he and his asnociates would
take a like amount of the stock.
The terms upon which this -toi.-k is
made payable, are liberal and en
tirely reasonn'olo The first 25 per
cent is paid upon the organization
1 of the company to be; the second
j I)t.r 4.enl Up0n f, completion of
: ,e first teu tmles id the road- the
,ihiT(i per cent upon the -
itiou ot tli t 11 laiN-s an I
lho foulUl o.-; ,.l llt
,.oh j.,;,,,, (J, ih. t!iiul
upon the
ten indes
y 1 1 v vi tut iiuimuid vi hi ny v.
ivity which have treated the era
Withiu the last ten or fifteen yeiir;,piie of the Pacific Coast. The South
.e .1 -.1 ... ,r .1 i.
1 ' asiuueiou, aegon anu
t'alitornia. has come to be rauked
Jack-!aso,,e oi l,,e wom,,-,s "f U,e age.
Iack-!asol,e 01 l'le womb-is of the age.
Ji.odthe business inteietits of the
'world and turned to the Pacific
i Const a mighty stream of the most
! active, viril" people- of America
; there has been continued and rapid
expansion on the other side, of the
pUKky Mountains. Put within the i
1,., )ltC()de t,,iU wboie ,Cgiou has!
;iovC(, (rwai.j witu ft marvelous
prtJ,reB8 kuown ot in general, but !
only sIiR;,tly eonipreheuded iu the
: K,ls,t aui elsewhere. A few dsys ago !
uue of Wall street's ureal specula- '
. . ...... ...... v ,rH .. .
thoroughly familiar with the Paci
fic Coast, where ho had lived for
some years, returning from a visit
to that section after a long absence,
could scarcely find words to express:
his amazement at its progress. His
' h
lailure to keep up with what that j
section is doing aptly illustrates the!
condition of tho whole country!
east of the Rocky Mountains. It j
has been well eaid that "Wall street
knows the price of oveiythiug andjyo;lr wiu ieave tbo l)ands of the
tho value of nothing," Wall street
which pets tho pace for much of
the J'ast, knows compaiatively
little of the real foundations on
wldch American development i'
founded and kuows but little of the
with which to.ejfend the line on to
tidewater on the Siuslaw river or
clear to the mouth of the river at
I'lorei,re if it is deemed btht."
It is intended to operate the road
by .steam, Although at some future
tune it may be electrified, if it is
deemed best to do so and if it is
found that the heavy trains can be
operated f-uccessjully with electri
city. However, 11 railroad is what
tho people want and it makes no
difference whether it is operated by
steam or electricity, just ho there
is an outlet to the sea and a mans
whereby the billions of feel of the
fmeft timber in the world can be
marketed is furnished.
In the agreement which is signed
by the subscribers to stock in the
enterprise is a clause wherein it is
stipulated that the road shall never
be told to the Southern Pacific Co.
It is also agreed tht a majority of
the directors of the road shall be
j ,esidents of Lane county ns also
; f- secretary and treasurer. It will
! be a local company and will be
j rnl, trolled bv local cmital
J v
So sure was the committee of
success of the project that the work
1 of securing the right of way for
the rosid was started some lime ago.
The committee in charge of that
part of the work haa pet with very
food success as far as it haa gone,
the fanners alon the proposed
route leadilj signing the contracts."
If the people of Eugene and
Lane county are iu earnest in de
siring a railroad to tidewater now
is the time to secure it, by subscrib-
' liberally for the stock anu rais-
ing the amount necessary. If tbia.
1H ,in0 tue Work of building the
I railroad will at once be commanced
of that marvelous energy and act
r . 1. . 1
eouuiry ou eariu in 119 nuvauiages.
In coal and iron and cotiou and
other natural resources, in proxim-
other natural resources, in proxim-
coast, haviug on the South Atlantic
: and on the Gulf nearly one-half of
Ihe ports of the United Slates, it
j has limitless possibilities. lUit,
; great as has been its progress, it
: needs to eateh somethiu!? of that
breezy atmosphere of activity and
energy which have wrought such
marvtU on the Pacific Slope.
Manufacturers Record.
The Charming Woman
is not necessa.ilv one of perfect form
: and features. .Many a plain woman
who could never serve as an artist's
model, pussessi's those rare qualities
that all the world admires; neatness,
clear eyes, clean smooth skin and that
spriKhtliness of step and action that
accompany nood health. A physically
weak woman is never attractive, not
even to herself. Lleetrie Hitters re-
'! "l l,k "omen, givestrong nervea
bright eyes; smooth velvety nkln,
beautiful complexion. tiiiaranteed
,U 1c"""'a l''""'imcy. ',0 cents,
It is th- concensus of opinion
,,,n0j, the best advised grain men,
lhat ,i,e vvhcat crop of llie reBen.
farmers of the Pacific Northwest
from Sno.OOO.OOO to $10,000,000
assuring good times.
If you want a good farm talk to
Hindu the real estate man.