Bohemia nugget. (Cottage Grove, Or.) 1899-1907, April 17, 1907, Image 8

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Trrmmrnl l or
The vt'torlnnry of the Atlanta Con
Mltut'on prpsrrlt'rs the follow Inn trout
mont for quitter of font In horse niul
mules: Clean the foot niul nut It luto
n cloth hoot oontiilnliiK' lruii imultlot
for several days, olianplns; the tmulUee
dally; then remove l parlus will)
a sharp Knife any oile of hoof that
may lo tu-ossim: on tlio soro jdaoe;
then prolio tlio oponint: or tNsure to
find Its depth ami dlroition. Take a
lira la of liohloi'iio of lneivury. roll It
up in a piece of tissue papor ami press
It down Into each oponlnff. Tut tin'
foot In a to protect It from soil
ami lot it alono for three days; thru
clean out tlio opcninc ami repeat tlu
Mchlorlde of mercury, ami so on for
two weeks or until tlio parts hoeotne
healthy; then make up a foothath
of one ounce of chloride of 7.!ne dis-
milvod In one jrallnii of water. Tut the
foot In the kith tw ice a day for twen
ty illiniums at a time. S nooii as the
fissures hao healed Mister the coro
net by ruhhimr In an ointment of two
drains of eanthaildes mid one ounee
of lard and repeat In two weeks If
necessary. When enred put on a bar
plioo for some time.
4 It'll n Yniir lirrnnii.
With a little tlnir put as many cur
rants as required iul a paper Vug.
After shaking them well emptv them i Fpworth l'acue, ti::U) p. in.
Into n e,.l a ii. lor. l:n! tliem well, and . meet Inn Thursd.iy evollinj
Won, except in so far ns the regular
military Inlloon servioo of tlie ar
my is concerned. In tlio tumr fu
ture. Cencral Alien cajs, the War
Department hopes to civet at Foil
Omaha, near Omalm, Nel., whero
most of the expnimcnt are eartiel
on, n plant for tho manufacture ol
hyiltocn pas. At the pte'ent time
tho Signal Corps is compelled to
purchase its ai nt 1'aslern points
atul ship it to the Missouri tiver.
In uslnr eoui,l syrup, why not ;ef
the Ik'sI? one that come highly nvo
mi ndo.l is Htv- Laxative Couh
Syrup, eontiilns Honey and Tiir and
is superior to other cough syrups in
many ways. Children tilw nv like It
iHrause It contains no opiates, i n
laxative and i- puarantee.l to jjlvo
satisfaction or your money refunded.
Try It. Sold by New F.rt. Priii; Store.
I 1 I-
For Benefit of Farmers
and Merchants
I liODt l K.
At the Churches
Methodist Kpiseopal Church. Kev.
.1. L. Ke.'itv. Pastor. Prvnelilng
services at 11 a. in. and :M p.
in. suimav sciioin, in a. in..
at 7 ::.
tou will find thev will U- clean aud ! Allan- eoruiauy inviien 10 no present
dry in a few minutes. I'.y this process
the full flavor
of the currants is re-
(Prices quoted are wholesale.)
Huttcr, fountry -'sc
Mutter, cooking j,v
nutter, creamery, U o
Hutter fat v V.-e
KRR i 7 1 .- c
Chickens 1 1 to i y
Onions, cwt. "r'.V.So
Apples, bushel, accorilin to
quality ?t--S
Chittem b:uk, old 5 c
Hides, (,'ncii 7c
Salt hides, dry .x,-
Potatoes $'..; 5
CiiMinjje, cwt -5
Turnips, cwt 5i..S
Carrots, cwt t 50
Parsnips, ew t 5- "
Loilc Directory.
K K.HKk AttS Crow,
:'l. Meet Hi!' ' 1st i'.rd and .Mil.
ilav iifever in. mil.,
I!i 1 ihu r, V (I.
K M il: It. I n 11, Sec.
and Mh -lines. 1. 1 i.' ruth niinitli.
M i;s l k I', vm 1. t M; I I .
Mus. C. i 1 u 1 , I.Vo.
V. O. . i;..heiMia Camp. No. :'iii.
Meet i'i'i V I I h I.l 1 i 11 1 11 '.
I .. . ! M K. ( '1 hi nl I': 'III.
Cll s. S l ,(., ( Ii 1 K.
Noi lt i: op APPLICATION
M. A. No, 17.-,
1.O1 .
Mineral N111 vey No.
K O 1. M.
Meets exel.V
P. K .I'.i NMs,
( '. ise
i II
li'e ( '.llll
.1 l I ( I - 1 1
I I 1 11
I .
No '..'1 ill
K. of I'
r el
Cll V -. Will I
i. ni'--. I.i in
s ;. Cii 1
1 1.... K nl I!
; C. C
.V s.
I. O. O. Cl!.. e ,... IN.
Meet I'M I V S.I 1 .1 1 . I.I infill.
1 i 1 1 1 t mil l:. ,N . ( i .
A. !'. 10 w 1 1:, Sc.
M. V. of A Meet ;ii -s l-il and V.
I'lte-.. 1. 1 ill 1 ' . 1 1 ' 1 1 1 . 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 ,
. S. I '. . I 1 1 , ( '. 1I1
c. W
M 1 m 1
l ulled States Lull, I Olliee,
llii iebui ir, Ire., I'eli. 7, I'.HiV.
Noliee I t hereby ivon thill In pur
"ii ineo i.r Chapter II, Tlllo II.', of the
I lev I -oil St litotes nf t he I lilted St a ten,
A ll.ei tiiii W'niiil liimii I'iihI Olliee ad-
I I im Is t'littaje liiioe, I aine CiiiiiiI v,
iiri'k'eii Iuin made P
S. i'atent tnr biiiil linear feet uf the
'I IMI' l.NI.
No I H I . l ot
(" .HM,:l, Is.s
Plllled Slate I. an. I I Mliee,
ItoMi biirn, Oi'ih;iiii, Mmii Ii s, I'.'Ui'.
Not ieo In liereliy iriwu 1 1 in I 111 ei mi -pllaneo
Willi t lie pn 0 Imhiih i if t lie ai t
of CiMIkIcms i.f .lime :l, s,s, entitled
"A 11 m l fin- I lie ale uf I under lauds
III the NOiIi m uf Calif. H iil 1 Olett.UI,
Ne Jlilll alld S" .1 mIi i I,;-. I ill I'ei I 1 1 .11 , ,"
lf( evleu le.l (.. nil Mie Put. lie Laud
States bv in I uf HKil I I. IS'U,
lilii; I II P.. SO
i.f lbaii , 1. 11 1 1 1 1 nl l inn SMloinr
A 1 1 1 1 1 ; : t 1 1 bide, Silf No 1107 beurlnn I'l'el lltnn I id Olip.ull.
i;i..l and nIIvci ; the m uiik bidnu N. I Hied In t Id- ulllee her w .
has this day
11 a l a lelueii t
M. l A - M .. I. in I'.i. nil. i-Ii.mhI in
Alnei ic.i. Mi l t llie . .1 i, l lib 'I'lles
d.i.v nl e o h 111. Hit Ii nl I.O 1 p. Hall.
T, . .1 1 u 1 s see.
Coughs and colds contracted at
this season ul the year should have
immediate attention. Pecs Laxative
Firit Presbyterian Church, Pastor .
K. C. Grace. Morning service, 11,
(evening 8, Y. P. S. C. 1-. 7 p,
I in. All Strang' rs and sojourners
I welcome.
Cough Syrup contains Honey and Tar j Episcopal Church. Services held
and is unequalled for hoarseness, j the second Wednesday eveuiuy ot
croup and coushs. Pleasant to take, each month at 7 :.'?(.) in Masonic hall,
mothers endorse it. children like to . There will ho services every fifth
take it. Contains no opiates. Moves j Sunday of a month,
the bowels. Sold by New Era Prnpf!
ston- Catholic Church. Father Carrol.
' " ( Services the second Suuday iu each
Wants Uncle Sam fo Build an Ariel ; month.
Fleet of War Ships. 1 . ,- ' 1, 1 1
r ! Christuiii Science services held
Inventors of aitships and dirigi-.over Allison's Barber shop every
ble balloons tire beseiging the sig-! Sunday morning at 1 1 o'clock and
nal Corps of the War Department, j Wcdr.esda.r evening at S o'clock.
Dozens of plans, ' drawings and i
, , , , rr , 1 i Christian Church. Kev D. r..
models been ofieied by aspir- . ... c. .11,.
3 x Olson Fastor. Services at 11 in
in,' invtntjrs, each of whom be- j ,he morDjD an j 7.30 in tbe even-
lieves his own idea of ariel naviga- j ing. Y. F. S. C. E- meeting at
tion is ll:e btt. If Uncle Sam C:3o p. in. Sunday school at lo
would atP tupt to build an ariel j o'clock, Intermediate Endeavor
i 11 ii. 1 Society at 2:io and Choir practice
fleet ne certainly will not lack for . , t
,. I very Saturday evening at 7:30.
suggestions. However. Brigadier i
General James Allen, Chief of the I ...
" I ........ . . 1. . . r. 4nn , i . 1 nil It
illll niuun iiaj. i.iu ciii.i 1.1111.-
Signal Corps, declares that none of
pie types submitted, is in any senbe
practicable. Furthermore the War
j freckles to appear. Pinesalve Carbo
li.ed applied at night will relieve that
! iinriun t i.iii Vo t iirn a t vi' r tiiiiiil i
Department is not empowered to. tjJliko a poultice that draws ou.t
expend any money in experiment- j inaiimiation. Sold by New Km
ing with the science of ariel naviga-1 Drugstore.
uw, ui. IX, i tv
(lietail prices are ipiotcd)
Wheat, 'bushel Sin
Wheat and vetch, chopped
ton 5.v..o.)
Oats, biwhcl pie I
Pr:in, ton J.m.oo j
Clean wheat chop, ton $f t n j
Oats and vetch chopped. Ion Js.oo!
Mixed, ton j.uo
Shorts, ton $ '
Flour, valley, cwt 5i.aii
Flour (hard wheat, cwt j 50
Rolled barley, per "'lb sack $1.05 j 1
Rolled barley, standard, sack 51.00 j
Hay, baled, ton f 1 :.oo
Cows ? ,
Sheep p
Veal, dressed 6 to -r
dressed 7 ' , ,
V. O. . 1. ill.Miti'li' Ci, le I I.
Alerts lt ..11 I :;r.l l'in"-.l.i in ea. !i
tin mi I It 111 W . 1 . W. Ilall. '
Pi hi: v .1. M 11 1 1 1:. ( h i I,
Foresters of Amrrlcl Meet evi i.v
M 1 1. id. I y ever !i.
C. C. Ci 11 1 u w i 1 ;
Pi s S s i ir 1 1, I ' .S
V F, S A M. I'l.tM'-i :r
..I. . !b 1st ,111 I :r I
day 1.! e;i. I. lie.', I ! i .
( : 1 1 1: Si 1 1 11.
. 1 1.S.I-.
K it.i
-;it I p. Hl.,11" lii'
Saturday .1 imcIi hi i til
Pi: l I. u
i i . W I : i ' i 1 1 -, ! i
P.. -t
W .
a' :i lulu. . o.ri(l ft. nnd s
dei; :il mill. P. ).", ft. frnlll the .11--..'M'lv
cut tlieie.yi with Hiiifaee
Ui iiuliil Cilil fi'et In Width. Situated In
I he M '., nt See. I I ill pen. led I T. L'.'i
S P. I I., i.f the Willamette Mi ildlall
III tile ll.hellil.l V I 1 1 1 1 1 1 IMhIiIiI,
Ii.uiuIjih tiiim, dvuim, and de-
i l abed bv 1 1 III. lal plat In lewltli
I led an. I l.y the lii ld liutes tin tile
III I he i illi t he I!. villi 1' uf t he
I 'nited I States Land Olhce nt K.ise
I ill 1 1', O i vu, i l I, lis t.illiWs, tn Wit:
PeiMutiiiii; at ('nr. Nn, I Vbetie:
111. I! S M . Nn. I CNlaHlMhed ill
-in . Nn '.'."I bears N. 77 de. .'N lira.
-i c v. . hit ft.
I In ST i 'nr. s, c. 1 1 i aiNiiendeil I T
.". S. K IV. ..t the Willamette .Me
ridian be. li s S. ,',il h-jr ;tj mill, .'in nee.
i:. l a'. ::n rt.
i In ure S. !',.". , 'K. '-". mill. V. ft.
t.i i '..r Nn. '.V
I in a. -e s 'M ,. u :; iniii. P.. I.mi ft
t . ( i.r N.i ::.
Thence N l". V mill. I '.. t'.IMIfl.
! dr. Nn. I.
Tin i'ii' N . 'Ji i loir. .".I mln. V. I .".no
It In Cm-. Nn. 1 the place nl bi m
i . 1 1 1 ,
:i i l it i..ii :'o tU'n. .'lo mln P. Cm
t i n I ii-j: I i nss aercM, ecbmie if ei in-
ri ct whIi Sur .Nn. .".r:i I 't r 1 1 bde.
I be adjnliiiiifr el. ilnn are the above
e. 1 1 1 I -. t ..I her- It nnv unknown.
I Ic in it . e i .f iiinei.ded I" ca t Ii in uf
P. nt M. c
Nil. !' Ml till II.
I the N.
I', i w 1 1 I 1 1 1
7Mi'i, fur I he pill ( ll.l e
b hi Nil. '.'V In
Kalli'i' Nil f, V. e l . W
l . and w III nllei piiM.f In mIhiw llo'l
the land Hnulit m inme V o 1 1 1 0 I '
it limber nl' .-Ii. lie than I I nc! Iclll
( II I'M t pulp. inch, and tii I. I a bill ib her
claim tn . .ll.l I i a. I bcbitc W. U . ( '.ilk
IliM, P. S, ill i in I bun I . ill hii mIIico
III Pliucne, Orcpnii, mi i'.i in" du.V ,
the ,',h d.l. i.f .1 , Put,.
S he mi men ii i w It iii'mm'-.
('Mllel.ili I : N,, . . A 1 1.. a II V, In '! .
Clwi I l.'M I ,. lib. hum, nt I li l, I
Kiin ; I' ii i, U SI W lie . i'l l .ni'i tic, I be
mm. .Iidiii . In. I., . t I u cue, llie-l-'i.ii.
n niul ill cr i.iim i I, ilniini: ,,
vi -r i y the a b, e 1 1.--. 1 1 nd In ud t lire
I 1 1 1 1 i-1 1 . 1 In tile their i I illus III 1 Ills
nllice i. II i.r bif..e h.iI.I .'.III d.iy uf
In tit. pin7
I' l V I N M I S , I .l .
Norin: im: 11 p.i.ii i ion.
I ep i rl men' nl
I ..1 1 1 1 1 1 iihce ai I;.. .
I lie I iilcrlnr.
bin;', ( Irivi ui,
l'i bv I.'. l'Xl7.
Nntlce i . h.-l. b pUeii that .1. Im ).
Pa liner i.f t'.ilt.n;.' I I i , ' b .w ill , ha
tiled II.. II. e I I, m I ii I 1 1 1 l.ll tn make
linal live i'iu pr.nil In )-iipp..l' nl hU
il.ilm, x,: II . i tend I . t it, Nn :i7;'7
liunle I . I v . s. I'inil (nt tli.'.sW1, See-
. ' I . - I I 1 I I I
'H"I"U I" "II lei'iil'il III I tit 1 1 III, '! iV li-dil p L'J N Pillu-eJ W
t Ii " ..nice nl Ihc Peenl.l.'r nf I ..llk l.i I , , , , , M . , , ., ,,.
! '. nut v a I Knebiiri;, Oieirnn, lb I f, .. i ,,. I:, ... a i- K t If
bill'L', t i'K"ll. mi M.I-. I. I'm".'.
lleuaiiicH the bill .wii'' -.s ItiiCHM's
tn pl'..C his rim 1 1 ii.mis n r.;. lice lip-
L. t I . M l.olv I. Hi.
I'.' .Meet M .and III
each III. .Ill II.
M i;s M A i.", s. (ii mi
' i -s la i S m i.i a.. 1: K ,
I' c
Hn. , N.I
I'nd iv nl
I C.
Getting Ready to Liquidate.
County Treasurer K:ist laui says
he is ;tltiiic ready to call i.i all
outstaiulitiK warrant- against the
county about next Saturday. He
thinks ho will be able to pay off ill
the lloating debt a:i 1 have about
$20,000 or f'O.OOO for ruiming ex
penses. As the next three, niontlm
will be busy ones fixing up the
roads, it will probably w out
pretty fust.
C K. S. -Cuttii-'e ir.
, I. M' .tin held .a
ll.l', I . I I ' l I 1 I ill! Clt 1 1
Mi.- i a i
I ( '. W in i i i
M lis. M l I'l Will I I I I.. -
' . 'Il.lpt.
I .an I I'!
I .1 ! "I- . i.i. I 1 Mill III'' licciilMH.
li. and all iersiim i -1 ; 1 1 m 1 1 1 v- ' i . I
p Ii x iTsi'l v Hi ' llilliinv; ul iiiind and pre.
Iili-i'i. .' 1 1 1 V . ill I , t hei i-id Hi i d.'M
eiilie.l ami applied fnl" aie helebv
m. titled nnli'HM their adM'fi-e
. I.llll- .lie .lulv .ei acci dllli; In law
ml tie' r ".nl.i'l.. t.iere under,
wlthlll the time pi escl Im'i by law,
with th" le'i'l tcr i.f the Pulled
Still, s I ,n nd I lltiee III Ic'Ni-biiri:, Ore
ui. t bey ill be barred by lituei.f
the p! I i I .i. ll l if Hill. I Htllt llll'.
C. i. vi wilt I.. Pimv, IteNit i.
r N.
. W M
W , P.
V. K. C. p nln all..'. 'A . I
1 '-', M eel il t I l III i .11 I lie
It II Sat I, I'd. iv i.fe i. Ii in. ill! I
M ;: lu. i i i
P. .Il AMI null ;. S.-e
. C. Nn
"d an.
i'l -.
Will accept wood for renewals of
subscriptions at this office.
w The m
Hor.lln an.l i!)r ur ..ur la.iir.
Mu-lc I l-.rhilikjr fnnliit!.. Art; i'oiiiilria
A.-ii.lrmie l'i. n.i: fi.r-il ii.1'i.',.n.rnt. 'ur
iDforMillkD ll.ltru HlKltir Funrrlor
fill the New?
fill the Time
Neat Job Work of
All KiDds Done
(i '
Ole'll treat Von Right
m mm t
WW ii H H B r3 inT: lki li H I , lir M Rill) i v
H 1. F1 '. 1".
The Original Lk1Iv Cough Syrup containing Honey end Tar. An Improvement over All Cough,
Lung end Bronchial Remedies. Pleasant to the taste end good alike for young and old. All cougU
bvruDS contelnlnd opiate constipate the bowels. Ilee'e Laxative Honey and Tar moves the bowels
nd contains no opiates. Prepared by PINE-ULi; MEDICINE COMPANV. CHICAGO. V. 6. A.
Ei, MmPiT's
For sale by New Era Drug Store
rTTjr (ii:ovi:
All till'
Ordinary Cases $1 2 per Week.
Tor fiirtlii r paitii ulari inl'lr. -i
Ir. II. V,. SCIIM'l'r.
Hi'. Hiring Ht' riur:'r.
All work xuiiruult'ii'l llrnl ciiimh.
Wati.'liuN,ri,i'U.4iiii. Je.viil ry ill I. mcI Trim
(oTi'AiiK (iiMivi:. tiiu;.
.1. S. Medley. J.C. .li.-liiMim
Mcdh-ij y- Joint son.,
A ( toriieyH-n t-l.i v
O'Jirt; Silitr . 1 ll ill, lilihj.
Spcrinl nl ti'iit ion kIviii to Mining
and ( "ori u ;it iuu , w.
s U 1 : 1 : 1 1 T's svi.i.nN -;;, ci n
IN l i
..ti.i' lureli.v k'vi'H Unit l.v
irtii...t ;ni I Iveeiii Inn nnd (lider id
S.i le i-vsmd nut u( tlie Cll. Hit Cii'llt
nT the Stnte i.f t r'ti. n fur the Cmiiitv
uf I ..-nn' mi the utli diiy of M.iri-li
I'X'T mi il )'.lk'lllellt ri'lldnri'd III hiiI. I
ei ' i r t of tln MM ilny uf Mun li I miT In
n Milt u Ii. ,. In Mm. . A. Ni lin whm
I'liilutifi nnd ,1 uli. i M . Swim-i.i'V nnd
I'l Jink A. Swii'iii-v, li-r lniidi.uid imd
V. II. C.i,. I in. I nnd M. M. Ciiieiiiid.
Id lie Wl Tl" ilefelldillltH nnd lltlllt
l-.lid ilefelldillltH. Jllllll M . SM'tl'lll'V
nn. I 1 liliik A. Swi'i'in-y fur till' hiiiii of
elidll ll 1 1 1 1 . 1 il 1 1 ilulluiN Willi llll.'ll'il
t In t'.'i.n friitii H.uld 4tlid.iy of Miin-li
I'" '7. 'i I llu rnti' ,f 7 jM-r I'i'iit n'r nn
iiiiiii ,'ind i 1 1 1 y ilull.iri iittonTi'yii fi'i'ii
Hi il nini'ti'i'ii ilullnrH cimtM mi I dli-luir-eiiii'litK
w Im li judilui'tit Wiisi'll
lulled iiu. I diii ki'ti"! 111 tlit- i li'ikHi.f
tin' of - il l I-, u rt nn I In- 1 1 tli diiy f
Mnivli l!ni7 iind hiiI. I l!xi'cutliiii mid
iiider nl Mnle lu ine dlii'i'ti'd I'.ituuiiind
iuir tne iu t In- inline. .1 the Stntn uf ( r-
v'uii. In urdi-r lu HulUfv Mud ludi:-
f Inelt I . .... I a i. ll.l ii .... t-i 1 1 - ... .1 u t . . u..ll
I I."' I' l1V I lie; l ll'ser: I Ii" I ll'lll .lllll'l ty
I', u it :
'I he m ii h ,- ( i 1 1 . t r 1 1 r of hit t mil
I went v riu'hl ILMIn t..iMiMlii. twi'i.iy
i - ' ) H'.utli I .iliKi' fiiur (It went of Wii
luiiiette in. I'Ml ui l.ntii' Ciiiinly. ( li'f-
Nn A t hrri fill', In t hf lliline nf t he
."lute u! ).i.y..ii nnd lu r uu.llniit'i
with -.ill 1,-ii'iiillun nnd Orilir i.f
-e.ili' I w ill ..ii W i'diii'Hiljiy t In-IhI d.iy
i.f Miy r.Hi7 .ilwifii tin- Iniiirs ul'ii
ii'i I.k k :i. in. nil. I I iii'(ick ii. in. to
wit ill i nn- n'rliiik i. lu. mi wit Ii I diiy
.it Hi.' Huutliwi'.-it door i.f tin County
(hiiiii liuu-f iii Kiii'iii', Iiiini' County
)ii''.n. offer nn' Midi', to tlin Iiimhi-w't
liiddi-i , Tor i'uhIi, Miliject to H'di mp
tlnii, nil ui the ili-ri'iuluuts nli. .i'
liniiicd liht, title nnd IlltefiHt 111 it II 1
to I hf allow ili'Hi'i ihi'd ri'itl iiTn'i'fy,
Dated llih 'JJnd dny i.l Mun li, l'.Ml7.
I'm n Fk-k,
Shcrill' .,f Lmih- C'oiint.V, OrrjTou,
I HI , II II. I III 1 1 I X i.iil. til the i ii.. I, .
I'llitll I', Chilli-.- ul i llil;;e l..'i,
l'i-e.i III, .1 .1 n.e . I I I.l W I- ul I 'uttiyii
I iruvi', I i hi lleiii i l.n. nln. of
Ci t lne.. t ; i , , , 1 1 , , . ii , .1 . .Ii it I i M n r-
I In. ul Ci i I e,. I j i , n ,. l ,,. ., ,,,
I' l S I 1 Ml I , I , ll ,
I!- r.
i;i;iii -n; v rii ui i. mi 1 1 1 i.i:.
Ill the I'lli llll I I, llll I.l the SHU,. ,,f
I lll l. Ill f .l I he C.llllll 1. 1 l.lllle
III III" IIIM ! tl I' i.f t he , lii It'll Iii m , ,f
I'.. M li.iy t'i ie.;iit. r ihe iii),. o.
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Trade Marks
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MUNN&Co.3P,B""1' New York
Umuuh OUltu. m V bU Wiwuliiiiiuu, V.Z,
Lriutlfully illuitiled,goodloriti
nd irticlr about CclJqiUUI
and all ll.e far Wcat
a monltily publication devoted
lo the forming interecU of the
a book of l'i paget, contaioinf
120 colorad pkotograplii ol "J
piituirvjue tpoU in California
and (Jrrgon. A -
To-l . . . $2.75
Ml for. .' $1.50
Cut out tills advrrturnteoi
And icud with $1.50 lo
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titled "All IH I ln the H.lle i, . r
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Ho niiim-N im w It iieRiii'H :
lieoi'Ke Fal'liiiili ill l.i.liilif, Oifeon ;
I'l'iinli lal-i of l.oiiuie, Oregon;
Siuiiiiel llnrtly of I,i .lititi'. tlttj;,,,,;
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