Bohemia nugget. (Cottage Grove, Or.) 1899-1907, April 17, 1907, Image 5

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prillB1TBBBBHHB5JB58B8fl80 88 IIII58BlIB8.nBBBBir(ry . V. Jhkrr has received from
home news "am " "'u'rts' iu """ ' 1 :;r:
,, living nnuj UIIhkc (irovc ninl vicinity. 31, ,,,,,, as a delegate toil,,
l'or legal blanks N ti ''t ofliin.
Hen Wood in jiiiMm mi
Miss (Jcorgclt Heig was v i h i t i i i i ;
it) Kugcuo tin's woek.
J. H. Hakor made a business t r i j
to Portland ast week.
Dr. W. W. Oulrnl.y in in port
land tr a fow days.
If yon want u good fat in talk to
Hinds tlir real estate man.
lDii't forget eiitcttiiiumcnt on
1'riiUy evening at Masonic liall.
New Htm k o lry goods and
bIkkw at Ollivor Watch's.
Mrs. V. A. Aliraiim is visiting
lior daughter in Salem tliis week.
Tin Kiowii Shoe Co. shoes can't
bo liat. Sold by Oliver Vriilch.
Miss I'runcis lleutty imiilc u short
isil to tlio nullity M'at Thursday.
.1. I' Fields of I'aigentt was do
in K business in the city during the
All kinds of logul blinks can be
obtnined at the Nupgt-t ofi'iee f)ii
Main nct.
Victor, FJison mid C 1 u in I ia
talking innrlniirs and I voids at llir
Jiaair. tf
tll.ints Pins d( laid it-, intcii
lion In ,iivc 11 I mii Hi i, July ( lc
bialioti. It will 1 1 r i ' i the
llll'plfl H ll t I i - l.'l I Mill, III' ll
has aluiidy M..i.iii i ii'. i ( nl I
committee. I hey pi'.pn'M- oin,i.f
it the best that Ii.ih i w i In i. h Id
in Southern (begun
Rv J. I,. Dcalty and wife,
MisHcs 'iiiiciti find Maiion li'idty,
Mr. and Mm. J. M. Lihaiu, Mm
V. C. Colllim. J.loyd l'.-hy went
to Ivitgeno 1'iidiy evening to hear
the ciin tat ii 'Out-en lydhn" .oven
by the High Si hool.
;et I ui ;;iav nii'i to noon t
ncsday Apid and tilth Dr.
Ijowp, the wi 11 It iiiw n iti(iaii will
be in Cottage (liovc, ni I if dos not
Ninth Annual Meeting of tin
Ijc.iii" of Anictican Si"i Ihiim-ii t
! In M a i Not folk, V'a., May 7.
Mi IliKti is tho j n "j !: man ,,.
the n.i"iiiltin-iil, and the f.'ovi rn
ni 'h on I hod or sci. din;', tin d e-
.ale, mined with f i );nt pan h
mi 1. 1 ., is i.i k'",jii; w i 1 Ii his wai
of do.ii to the iji-'it Snt- Ik -I
I ll("' iitn u believer Oppol 1 11 ml
Although lvasl,cr c nin- ;ii ly 'Ids
HpiiiUf, win 11 it in ciif-iiil cull-
hiii icd that Milling Ii'ih fairly set in,
yet, the wciilhei ck-ik h iw lccu pjiy
inj; ns a done of early March until
the ni',t. week. I'rilit trees are. all
ariaycd in their heautif ill Hiin,'
iMitH and all other sins iiow ion
vim i s one that njrm is imli-ed
Vicrfi. Th' inoniiiiKs ur dowdy
1 and thro.itenjii Iml townrdu noon
Ko rioni ::ons! to h'Mise run , nil Inin il, c,,,, .IU)i H and thn days me
nhoiil yiiir eyes and jd'iieH at ! ,l,-nH:ii,t aft,r u.
"''" ,,',f." j Our Imt. I arrival lint shows that
Ifnvo Mr l,),vi' ii li' i"- 'u r
hend and ee urlic with a inr "f
his su ei ior ehseM, 'J'hcy co il liu
tnoie than oiliets and von have the
, iiiiinaRrr of the O.
It. was in I'ugetie
A. II. Woo
V S. K. R.
'J'linrs lay.
C. H. Itaikholikr and Attonmy J.
lv Yoiin were llujenii viNituis
Thu iHUay.
II. T. Dow ami J. II. Ilawley. of
KiiKcno, were in Cotta)o (Jrovi
dining the week.
Mr. Cnvanaiih, who 1ihh hren
wpendinK the winlt r in town moved
today on to his ran li.
' K F, 'I'nevs, repreM mtiiij; the
IIa.Invoo l ereaiiieiy o l'oill.m I.
win in Cottage (rovi hint week.
Snpt. I'.ade of the ( Ingon Securi
ties company Iim returned from a
visit with his family in the I'.ast.
Kcv. V. II. Wallace will conduct
the set vices at tlm l'rchby tenan
church next Sunday morning at II
Mr. and Mtb. W. II. AbrauiM of
this city have hmn vjnitinK their
daughter Mm. O. O. McClellan of
i C"t1 i'e iiov is a small bandit no
longer, but town of hkiiio iiiipoit
Hiao and Ih vi recognized abroad.
Many of the arrivals ar straugets,
leiii itol his skill and IS years e -' lnintn.n homes, locutioiiH for busi-
pcru nce. ! ir.-H't, etc, and a large poition are
Mr. i'. II UoHenbeur ha i been I "'jucsentatiyi h from the tvliolesulo
..... . . I,..,., r.i- 1.1 I . .. I I .. .,,1 u.,,l U., ., I'r.. r..
rleetfil ill ii i'iit.- t., 11 i,r ;i ill liven- ' n..i .w
iIN L.,1,,,, v u i- ,,f . ,.1 ' 1 1 r anxious to unen aceoubts with
city i.t lli- l I.i? wl.n h i"" ' merchants. This of itself is a
meets in I'.iitl ii.d .May -Jls-t. ; ' i'( onnn. ndation for any town,
iaed is a sure wien of its niosicrity
W. !'. Ilnbbel wan in M.-dh.rd : h
the lnt of the we k wh. i In put Oo'i-irs urn oui nnnoiincine; un
vh:tm;l a bowlin;; iilh-y to I..- pla, ed , 1 ,!,i""U I;t ,() K'vt'" Friday
in the Coiiiiik iciM bib- new build '";'ht nt the Masonic hall by the
ieot;e Atkinson has s.i, j , in
tcieht in the ca! estate bu .inH'. of
Milne iV . 1 i I. i nvinii kiuf 1 n ; -u 1 1 ' r Ihc
firm imme will In- J S. Milne ,V
A nnir 1 i'K" liceii-"' ha I" en
ismicd t' Henry Ow..n a(,'ed and
Itettlnt Myrtle 1 111 a ha 11; aje Ki,
both of Saginaw.
Mrn. White, after a tv weeks
visit with her d Milliter Miss Mar
ion White at bii k-oiivilK- has re
tumt d hoinc.
(Jet in. Special dish Hah- closes
this week. Metcalf .V Ihund.
; Iiehi;.on I Illnntnted Concert Coni
pmiy. Mr. Albeit A. Rhhinond,
lllic manager has an cnMrely now
: lii.c of moving pictures and illus-
trateil Muni's direc t from the Sulli
; in Consideno C'rcuit which have
1 1 f 11 j.;athet inr lare ciowds in all
jtli" lar'e cities in fhe circuit. If
i you lilies this entertainment you
'' miss a pleasant evening.
1. I.' Ml M
N. v 1. 11 In I., : ; ,!, 1,1 w c. .u 1
';.V l.'H ', I . ,,,,. .,, I ', , I ;, Til , I .
I. Iliii I I S t.fT, in 1 ;M ,. .,,,,1
wil' . I '' , . I MM. .n,, ft hi
' I ' " I A. -w In, l1.111.v 1 1;. r
M"f n i I rn 1I111 I , 1 1,1, . i;(,i.,u,
I'ori .in I .1 . ( : I .ii . , r.,i ii.inil : C.
b. H O'l lei , !',! ll.lll'l . . I, .lulu,.
ill. Mill uH . II. I, i . ,. v V,k
M I . l..i . f'.i 1 l.ui'l w. r ,; .,1,1,. j
I "III.iImI Ii Wlu'e. t - ft lei . !
I n-1, 11 m 111 . 11, ,1 u . .1 r,. 1 mi, S,,, '
lillie , ll I ..I I . I',, I I !;,,,. I , I'. .1.
A I III I ..lie . I'm . I n,. I I I 1 r.elieii, j
b" -ei. m I; fi.,,1, 'V;i : ; ;, ; i: 1 :.
I'oUon l i.iiiei-. 1, A. M ,r. !
;:i 1 -'-. I 1 n:i .1 11 II. nips,, 11, pi ,1 1 :
I. 'l lei I Ii .1, "11 ll. 11 , II . I 1 il l I l . I'..
Voiilie,, pi,, f hi ll' I , I .1 I lie) . I '1 .ft i
lam! , 'I hoi Mulioiu. I-.hiic. ..
I I . .. . . 1 . . , . ix, , ii,mi !! ; r. r. 1 mm r, pit
kuie , .1. V. , I'ortlaiul : II. ('.
I,iiih r. Cile;i;ni: If I,, buford, Hfiri
I'l.iin imi-o ; V. I leliii'.nt, Poiilaml;
I'. M. .Maff.-y, I'i.iI la ie ; C. ,
Cult. i A.,rtli, Si. Paul, Win. p, nnnii.
city: I'. Siiii.-mi, St. I 'a 11 1 ; Clms.
Wiink. 1. I'.,i tliM-l , i;. .N.ii-.Imi.ui.
I ultl.iii.l ; ll, (innliiii, I'm tlaliil .1 .
N. Mixwi-ll. lieMar.
;i.i'l,s Mi.'eli.iy. I,,, mii, i,: firm -,t
WIIlM, bomlmi; I'. .Slieinclev, lili-
don; I . ;. vte Its. fliiicii.i - MIhm
.Mi'il" i;iil:. Ii hi :,a , f). I,. Kei,i,i.,v,
I'urtlaiid , A. 1 v I.t riii.iii, Portland:
J. W. MiaM'lt. I'.illl.iUl (i l ilCil,.
'!. I'"i ti.'in I ; .1. iV,-. lie, Poll-
liiul; Mis. Ilu-i.sel, lioicn.i ,rn. Hill
San Fram lien ; J. Wndwoiili. Port-
land . A (,'. lahv.udH. Portland ; (j. I,.
Dimail Poillaii.l. A t- r.ll-on
j;lu I, P.Ulte; Y. ,.. V,,..... port
land . '"h.-n. .MlulJef, Saeinaw ; ieo.
(I'iMstoiic, s.,ii I'laiH'iio: H. Van
Ta-M- I. wife ;un! . dild, Saina w ; T. I'..
KolnTtH, New VofK; i;. v. I.aimdoll,
Albany: p. f). ( if.l.von, A I.Sa ny ; ( '.
.Mallll, I allelic; T. ."Il.llj,, Jjlelit'; P.
1). liillicrl, Alliany ; Mr-, b. Wellrf.
Saginaw, Jf. McDonald, San J"iun
elsei;.l. I; (Irenlic, I 'ut t-inuii t Ii; C.
N. Dowiunii, I'm tlund ; H. Sunt bland ;
J . .1 . J ei iiue, I'.atlaul ; J. 1'. Diirfee,
Drain: A. J. burrow-, Drain: I'.d Clark
Pullman. Waidi.: ii. b. St.-uy, Pull
inati. Vali.: T. Wetnan, Aiu-jter.
tin tit : F. Wood, St. Louis: F. Willis
Portland; C Minkl. r, P rtland; A. 1.
Drow iH.'rry, I'm tlrnd.
mil. I. ON
Geutleiu's Summer Soils
fx ir.i i rm
Now is tlic tittle to
I'onic- rind lt.'ivc vour
measure taken for a
new suit. I Iimvp sritn.
pies from one of tlieji
V ' Wi l.'irest elotlnnstoi ts
-M'tA "m f'lni'M.r,. 'All .l..,.c
i ri j on .--u a.-i
anfl grades of oods.
i i t.-i
3 y i v i
A larre shijiment of 3
straw hats just arriv
ed ineltiflin. men's,
boyi, womens' and
girls', in all the lead
ing stdes.
Main Street, - - Cottage Grove, Oregon.
I. I . I'.ariet, ity : D." W. lliiffonl.
it V ; .1. W. eateli, city , .1. W. Whit-
The Cottage Orovo Whist Club I nev, eil.v ; .1. A. Field--. Filler).-; Win.
hthl one of its plensant meotings
hist Tiiendav ovetiing in tho K. of
V. hall. Piit,'iessiye whist waB of
eoiirso the feature of tho t venirifj.
C. Ito'-s King winning the gentle
man's prize,, a fountain pen nrid money f fuinled d after uliiLr Mrs. Allison tho lady's prize, a box
tliiee.fourlhn l l nt t lube of Man- ... , ..
Z.hi. von are di.-witifdiM. K' t urn I he "' bons. An excellent supper
l.abinee ol the ti,U' to our d ru-L'l-1 . w.,s servt d dnriiiL' whieh n sim ial
I n ml "in inoiie will In- I n i f ' 1 1 1 re-I , . -ii
lulled, 'lake 'ad :inl air- of t hi- of ''''at wa Uidlllgoc in by the meril-
('. F. Walker of the firm ofjf.r Sold l,y N.w F.r.i Di ux st m- j bers.
Campbell 4St Walker is b.lckatl.iHl . . , m.m(. of ,i( , .i A r,,rrpti,)n was iven at Ule
(leiuiH in the i ity for sale on good home of Mih. J. Haker on
teims. Tuesday evening hist by the W C
llurri. d meiiN. I n k .f . . n iw,. are 1 1 ' ) its new inemUorH. ill th,
lehk though considerably out
repair from tho HGvcre nccident he
siiHtainod fome weeks ago.
Mayor J. I. Jouen spent the lirnt
art of tho week at It in logging
enmp Dt DisHton and is now looking
over tho Hpring work at Inn ranch
south of town.
You arc afo if you wear I'r.
Iowo's glasses, eyo sife and price
nnfo. Consult him nbont your eyeit
neit Tuesday and to noon Wednesday.
iek o i . ii iwe are
the mii itii-ji n-es of ily-pe.sla. A j H iker mi behalf of the association
Klnex Tulilei ai (r ea. h l:lll0 an address of welcome, after
.uealldH,lle,tlo.,, i'.iproye. iheap-,Mil(.i(1)e pfeaHantly
petite. Hi Id bv New I )r,l I fill.' t . .re. , . ... .
;pased nt vocal and instrumental
l'.tigcue Meatn i.aumiry, ; nison i mnsili u.citalions etc.
anil Hastings agents.
l'.Ve- one kll'iWN that Spir i : (he
season of tlm .year when the hi iii
needs cleillisill-'. Dude's I.i 1 1 le I ,i v cf
I 'i 11m itre highly recnmiiirmied. Try
tliem. Sold Ity New F.ra din- stote.
Knbwles & Gettys
liohcinia, Oregon.
Knowles & Gettys
Orscco, Oregon.
Miners Supplies
at reasonable prices.
Our 'Motto:
Good Goods at Reasonable Prices.
General Merchandise I
Miners Tools and Amunitions
A delicious
liinen was served during the even
ing and a mont enjoyable timo was
had by all present.
The I.ane County Medical Soci
ety which met in Kugene lately
electeif the following officers: Dr.
Geo. C$'l. DeHar, of Kngeue pres
ident; Dr. ii. R. Job, of Cottage
(trove, vice-president; Dr. V. J.
Titui, of Jvugeue, secretary and
Wall, Drown and Seaife, all of Jat
gene, consorH or trustees.
M. Kebblebeck' is- in Cottage
drove attending to businesa mat
ters connected with his logging
camps at Wondling, Oregon. He
is foren'iui over three different
camps an l givea a favoruble report
of each one, everything going
The Dohemin Tavern, (formerly
Tlio (Irahnin Hotel,) are serving
special Sunday dinners from 12:30
to 1:30 p. m. Dine at tho Hohemia
Tavern with your good wife next
W. 0. Shcttridge, proprietor of
the London sawmill ten miles
south of Cottage drove went to
Portland Saturday to purchase a
donkey engine. Mr. Shortwdge
reports tin increasing trade and is
much p'oased with the outlook for
his business.
I'lnirio City Miner: Thero is
probably hot another town on the
map where there exist such a
charitable, brotherly, neighborly
feeling among the entire population
ns in oar own town. To see citi
zens love one another and every
body boostiug everybody is cer-
tairjiy just lovely,
Perinaii, eit.v ; .1. .1. (jut'll: tuns, Port
land;.!. Diadl.y, S. P. ').; I;. Kaee,
.1. W. .fetes, S. P. Co. ,.V, Fl.ikt ley,
Portland; b. S. Di.l.le, Portland;!
("laud Spencer, S. P. (.11. :('. I." Weber
Cre.swell; P. W . Mr I. end, San Fran '
ebro; .1. D. JJii' ll. F.uiivne : ;. S I
(ioiirle.y, i lt.y; S. A. ;:.i.-t. rd i , Drain;
V. I!. Tellingho.-t. Portland; L. P.
Faiii'liild. Portland; Win. Druiid.
K. F. .M a nil, A lliauy. 'nrH. Ywiin,
Poilland ; .1. W. bendy, ritv; Paul M.
Dimmirk; Dfam; ('. ( '. I lammoiul,
Fuene: W II. Shunt, Portland;.).
P.. Hopkins. I'uene: Pert Toimke,
eil.v; (ieo. ..-( .1 ml.ell, P. if t la nd : ( i . 1
M. Portland; P. D . Newel!, !
Falcone; J.aili.l e',ell. Fllt;-.'lie ; Lijry I
N'ewvll, Flljeiie; .1.1:. Hay, Filelie;!
.1. II. May, Norris Uowe's hIiow-;i
S. brooks, Norris .V Howe's sh iw; J.
Fa win, NonisA: bowe's .-how; i;.
Filzi;efa!d, Norris V Howe's show;
V. 15. boonum, N uiis kV Howe's
hliow ; Paul Ibu ris, Norris iV: Howe's
show; l'.oner Ib.lden. Niirria - Howe's
show; DeVore, Norris .V Howe's
show;.I. U. Dunn, Nori is iV Kowe.s
hliow; J. ('. Stuart, N'iith A: Howe's
show, Cieo. U'eukh.iiii, Norris &
Howe'w show ; ii. S. Toddy, Nori-is
Howe's show.
b. Wo.xlhall. lierk. ley. Cub; I. F.
liarret; D. W. Marsh, Portland; S.
(. Duhlinlr, Portland ;. I. A. Todd,
Med ford; 11. Mcl'ormick, Curt in; 1!.
bin litt. 11. D. Morris, Falcone: C. M.
lb-igen, Portiand; F. F. Uoeves, Port
land; 1. 11. Hin'liain, Ftiene; A.
Hiehards, Hugeur; tieo. Hall, 1-mg-ene;
II. D. Sheffer. Portland; C. lluyck,
San I'rani'isro; Chns. 1'. LIvIngNion,
Portland; M. K. Diu.n, Wil.Jwood: J.
M, William, F.ugene; Chns. Young,
Portland; Win. St. Tlu'inas Sou.
Portland; J. W, lien t ley, Alluny; 11.
Uomeffer, Milwaukee;.). A. Kniest,
Drain; T. C. Hradle.y, Kugene: W. 1.
Me.lirod, H. W. Davis, San Francisco;
.1, P. I lerscldcn, Kuevne; J. H. House,
11. A. Albright. Portland; F. F.
Heeves, Portland; C. 11. .loins, Sa
lem; 11. S. (.'line, Mineral.
Blaster Brown ,
New Ribbon Shoes for
Fxclusive Dealera in Hrowu Shoe Company's Ladies and
(ients Shix's. Every body knows they are the
Best for the Money.
A. Ileaton, Portland ;('. I!. Hiuler,
Portland: J. I . Horen, Loranc; D. D.
P.aker, (iar.liner; ('. (!. 1 taker, (.iardi
ner; 11. W. Dir. P.laek liutte; Wm.
Hiifcher, black Hutte;C. F. Somers,
Eugene; Mis. D. A. Pnniewood, belt
Shields, J. Morgan, Sp,inaw; 11. Mc
(y, J. D. Cole, Troutdale; M. Martin,
fi. E. Hard, Loranc: Fmil Curlson,
It. Patterson, W. (j. Short rldgv, S. E.
Fnmken, W. M. Hughes, II. P. Day,
EFCamaron, Halph Wilis, J A I'or
terlleld, .1, A. Lewi, L (leer, J W
Marlcsline,-. A Heeson, John (Jruy, L.
E. Hard, Ten Polk, b. Langdon. H.
bati)don, W. 1 1 ughes, A (' ISeesun .1 .
A. Stult, W M Hughes, bee Hubbard,
Allen Porterlield, A. Hlujiard, Leslie
Limgdon, M E (Jrassbecki Pert
Shields, T 11 brine, F Latop, O Earl,
A I teuton.
This sf ace belongs to
The school directors lit Id a meet
ing last week and selected teachers
for the next term, but as they have
uot yet been accepted the choice is
withheld lor the preseut. Auothor
meeting will probably be held this
The concrete work for tho new
biick on the corner of Fifth and
Main streets ia about completed,
ami the carpeuters have the lower
joists in place. The bricklayers
will commence their work in a few
days and with good weather thirty
days will probably see the buildiug
All the blank walls in town are
uovv handsomely frescoed with ill
ustrations of what will be steu at
the Norris & Howe circus on the
'ioth and is the admiration of the
small boy and nlso many larger
A full supply of legal blanks are
kept constantly on baud at the
Nugget office on Main street.
TIMHEH LAND, AFT .11 'NE :i, ls78
United States Land Otlioe
Hoseburg, Ore., April 4, 1907.
Notice Is hereby given that In coin
pllance with the provisions of the
act of Congress of June.'J, is?, en
titled "An act for the ealo of timber
lands In the States of California, Ore
gon, Nevada ami Wushingtou Terri
tory," as extended to all the Public
Land States hv act of August 4, 1 SDH
of Carlton, county of Yamhill, State
lor Territory I of Oregon, has this
day filed In this otlleo his sworn state
ment No. 7t)57 for tho purchase of the
W or S E V, N E yt of S E yt, ami rf
h of N E of Section Number
Ti In Township No. 20 south, Hane
No. 5, west, W. AL, and will offer
proof to thow that thu laud Bought
is more valuable for Its timber or
stone than for agricultural purposes,
ami to establish lus claim to said
land before W. W. Calkins, U. s
Commissioner, at his otlleo In Eugene,
Oregon, on Thursday, the 11th day
of July, P.I07.
He mimes us witnesses: William It.
Kelly, of Loranc, Ore-jon: Ed Kellv,
of Lorane, Oregon; Henry Cogill, Tf
Springlleld, Oregon; Frank Cogill, of
Springfield, Oregon.
Any and all persoiis claiming ad
versely the above-described lands me
requested to lile their elulms In this
otlieeon or before Bald 11th duv of
Bk.vjamix L. Eddy, lvegDter.