Bohemia nugget. (Cottage Grove, Or.) 1899-1907, April 17, 1907, Image 4

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Northwest Poultry Journal
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Vkuni:sp.y, Aiku. 1", 1907
Local Alumni Active.
Tlie Alu nni association of tlie
University of Oregon in Kugene is
not going to sit idly hy and sec the
nfereuduni invoked against the
university appropriation and a
meeting has been called lor the pur
pose of formiug an organization
which omdd work effectively. A
committee was appointed lo co-operate
with the Portland Alumni as
sociation. The committee is com
posed of Alfred Cleveland, Judge
K. O. Fotler, lion. A- C Wood
cock, Judge L. T. Harris, W. B.
Dillard, L. L. Goodrich and R. S.
The ol-ject of the meeting to
authoiize a conimittoe to get to
gether Htatiatics concerning the ap
propriation and the needs of the
university which will counteract
any misleading statements. Register.
In the treatment ir Tiles it hecomes
neccessary to h;iv the remeilyput up
in su-'h form that it can If applied to
the parts affected. Man Zan Pile
remedy is encased in a collapsible
tube with nozzle attached. It cannot
help hut reach tlm spot. Relieves
blind, bkvding. itching and protrud
ing piles. ."0 cents with nozzle guar
anteed. Try it. Sold by New Era
Drug Store.
Norris & Rowe's Circus Enjoyi the
Confidence of the Public
The value of a good name as a
trade mark in winning the confi
dence ami esteem of largo number
or people cannot lo overestimated
and was never belter exemplified
thau in the case of the well-known
showmen. Norris A Rowe. Kaeh
season this really meritorious or
ganization comes to us again and
we commend the honest policy
which gives more than is promised.
The present tour is known as the
"Jubilee Souvenir Season" ,9 it
marks th twentieth year of the
partnership of Norris & Rowe. Sou
venirs will ho distributed to every
one as Norris fc Rowe wish to ac
knowledge the compliment of
mauy past seasons excellent pat
ronage of the public that has al
ways greeted their efforts so gener
ously. Time and again haye other
circuses with false names invaded
the territory of Norris V Rowe but
some how the public was quick to
choose the real from the false and
the well known western show men
soon had the field to themselves
Norris & Rowe promiso us a
great big new circus this year and
as their promises have been kept in
the past there is no reason to doubt
the truth of their announcements
this season. From the glorious,
gorgeous free street parade, the
special side-show features, the
comedy of the clowns, the clever
ness of the aerial gymnasts and
acrobats, the skillful bare-back
riding by lady and gentlemen
equestrians, the trained wild ani
mals to the exciting hippodrome
races, will be found the most ex
hibiting wholesome eutertaiument
for all. Norris V Rowe exhibit in
two rings and upon an elevated
stage and "under a spread of clouds
of snowy canvass greater tban ever
before. They travel in a train of
three sections of fifteen cars each
making 45 cars in all. Exhibitions
will be given at Cottage Grove on
Thursday April 25th. Two per
formances, one in the afternoon at
2pm and another in the evening
at 8 p m.
Commission After Details of Car
To obtain accurate information
regarding delays in obtaining cars
and the movement of freight, the
Oregon . Railway commission has
sent out postal card blanks to ship
pers, requesting replies to detailed
questions. The Portland chamber
of commerce is mailing the cards
with" a letter to their members.
This iB the first formal action taken
in Oregon looking to enforcement
of the new reciprocal demurrage
law. The railway commission
wants from the shipper information
as to date when cars were applied
lor, nanTe or the carrier to which
application was made and kind and
number of cars askel for, also the
destination to which shipment was
The shipper is asked to give the
complete result of his application,
the date when the cars were fur
nished fif ut all, Low and when
they were set on the siding, num
ber and initials of the cars, the date
when they were loaded by the ship
per and the date when they were
moved out by the railroad company.
The consignee is asked to state
when the shipment was received.
With definite information on a
number of cases of failure to fur
nish cars, and the delays incident
to movement of freight within the
state, the commission will be in a
position to insist upon the material
expediting of shipments and gen
eral improvement of the situation.
The commission men will probably
be the first to respond to tho com
missioner's action and in vupport
ing any policy that will spur the
railroad freight traflic und operat
ing departments to prompter ser
vice. Journal.
Improper actions of the kidney
causes backache, lumbago, rheuma
tism. "Pineuletj" is a kidney remedy
that will relieve these diseases. Pleas
ant to take and guaranteed to give
satisfaction or money refunded, "Re
lief it every dose." Sold by New lira
Drug Store.
Social Evening.
Miss Mamie Kiine gave a party
at her home April 11 th in honor of
Miss Edith Hastiogs who expects
to move away in the near iuture.
There were about 20 young
people present. The evening waH
spent in music and games. Pop
corn and cano'y was served and a
jolly good time enjoyed by all.
A Spring Suggestion.
Fiugal Hinds is adding to the
beauty of his home by dressing the
house with a coat of new paint, the
proper thing to make our city look
attractive to the many new comers.
To Mr. and Mrs. Joe Danaewood
a 10 pound daughter.
Revival Meetings.
The revival meetings to be con
ducted by C. M. Van Marter will
commence on Thursday evening.
April 18th at the M. E. church.
Mr. Van Marter was disappointed
in corning here on Monday last as
published in last week's Nugget
and being compelled to postpone
the meeting. A lady singer will
come with her and her sweet solos
will add greatly to the service.
Everyone is cordially invited to at
tend these meetings.
The Price of Health.
"The price of health in a malarious
district is Just 21 cents; the cost of a
box of Dr. King's New Life rills,"
writes Ella Slayton, of Noland, Ark.
New Life Pills cloanno gently and Im
part new life and vigor to the system.
2.V. KutUfaetlou guaranteed at lien
sun's Pharmacy.
win: m'MMM wiut-u
arc the most appetizing, health
ful and nutritious of foods
Much depends upon the Halting Powder
roy At fUKiNa rower n cr , ntw von.
Livery Feed & Sale
Tullar & Powell, Proprs.
Don't forget entertainment on
Friday evening at Masonic ball.
Cottage Grove
On Sunday evening last Apiil i
the home of Mr. and Mrs. iiaiU'.s
was the scet.n of mirth and gayoly
and also of a solemn ceremony, the
occasion lieing the nriniigo oi
their daughter Miss Surah liuteN
to Mr. John R. Gregg of Poithuid.
The room in which tlie ceremony
was performed was beautifully dee
orated in evergreen and ilowers.
On one side had been fashioned an
arbor of lace curtains and trailing
plants and Ilowers, in tho center of
which was suspended a bell made
of lillies of the vdley which made
a very pretty effect.
At 8:30 p. m. Rfv Olson and
guests having all arrive I, the biide
and groom tok their respective
places under the bell and arch and
Rev. Olson pronounced the words
that united the young couple until
death do them part, after which the
gues's pressed forward and extend
ed congratulations to the happy
pair. A tine wedding suppei fol
lowed and the remainder of the
evening was spent in music, sing
ing and speeches.
The bride in the daughter i.f Mr.
and Mrs. J. II. Rartels mid is well
known and universally admired by
a large circle of t.iends and many
acquaintances and the Nugget can
say nothing that would add to her
Mr. Oregg has served hotu'j time
in the U. S. Navy and wa i din
charged about a year ago. He is
a native ot In liana and by profes
sion he is an electrician which busi
ness he will follow.
The young couple will make
Cottage Grove their homo and will
go to house seeping at once. They
were the recipients of numerous
and valuable gifts 'including ut
glassware, chinaware, silverware
anc furniture. Those present were:
Chas. Iiurkholder, wif and daugh
ter, Mrs. StoulTer, W. F. Hart an f
wife, Dr. Kime an I wife, Joe 'a
routte and wife, Kd Wi'smi and
wife, VV. F. Conner and wife, Mis.
Sherwood and F. M. Ernest.
The Nugget extends hearty con
gratulations to tho young couple,
and trust that their voyage on the
matrimonial sea will bo one contin
ual honeymoon.
1 ' ----- '1
Collage Grove, Or.
Paid up Capital:
Sill'i'ltl ;iinl I ntlU i li 'l I'i'ililH.
Miiih'v t loan on appioveil M-cnrity
Kxeliiini'H M!d, avudal'li- .inv
I 3 place in Hi" l intel "Male-
I M Hkmusrt Kiir .. ' HKta.fR gJ
I j l'i.l"ti;. slili-r pj
1 'rggCTHsai gaasaaua aassKaeall
W. II. AUK !, I'.. I I I." II. w . .
II i: n m:, run. 1:1 1 1. i.i:v.
r. l.'os.s mm;.
Paid Capital $25,000.00.
W. II. Abrami I'reiident
O B. Lurch Vice-Preoident
9 C. Bo Kink - Cashier
A A. H. Kelso - AstitUnl Cashier
A rcpic.-ientul i ve bank l the
hllriilii' .:s plllilie of tills city Illl'l
Hurrnumlimx country. '
We Solicit your business.
OOOOO-O OO OOO o o ooo oo o 0-0-0000
There are many Kidney remedies
hut few that uccomplisli tlu result.
"1'lneulos" In a kidney remedy that,
contains no nlchol or uptiateH of nn.v
kind, complies with tin- Xatioiml
Food and Driij? Law, guaranteed to
give satisfaction. Thirty days treat
ment for $ l.tK). Inquire about "I'ine
ules." Sold by New KniDiiitf Store.
For legal blanks Nugget oflice.
Prepare for Irrigation, Sprayinjc
ami pumping .Machinery.
Fairbanks-MoiHe (Jasoline; Jin
gincK for pumping, npraying,
sawing, grinding. Outfit-
complete. Fair banks St ales
for weighing. Fail Imnks
JNIoiho Duiiuins and Motors
for power and light. I' a;t banks
Morrin indmid and 'J'oweis
Fairbanks-Morse luted Chop
pers, Orindeis, Well I'umps.
All fust ijuality goods at low
est prices. Always in stock.
Liberal terms, prompt reply
t inquiries, quirk shipments.
Write for catalogue and prices.
FAIRBANKS, Mofcsi: & CO.
v Portland, Oregon. 11
Eggs For Sale.
lirown Leghorn ami Vhito rlytn
outh Rock eggs, fifty cents u dozen.
Mrs. VV. T. Kavskk. tf
. Its No Wonder
THIS TOC;;iCKY tm-tm-tiso
MAT ti-julr wlu-n u "'
si.K-r tho Now Stvlrs nrriin;4 viiy
two witKs
V -i-
;Hi(jh (iradc
i; Fresh Beef, Pork, Mutton ancJ Veal
3 always ready. :
Our Refrigerator ,
is tho linost in l )i t ,UHii.
' l-resh Tisli each liicsdax ninl I riJay.
Soc our plant, i vt i vthin- now atnl up I" 'hiti'. ,;
i Fred Herren.
T- -T-
Mrttn H v
: -T..I;'
llcndqunrtcrs lJor
Mining and Commercial Men
C. T. LONG, Prop.
J i
at ova ssr&ME
While They Last
Sco Our ti$&ifimivi&c
Window Display
Wf ruv rrlfd a nt !, speflil ll of handsome, tinjl ..rrr. l..ll.. rr. -.n.l
B ..l.un.iic k J..r llul srll l li.W e.h al reUJl. lUi c a!e Ja
lulrly lire lnicNcili.c llic wuwlcriul
ludi ii l.stil, pUMc, JuuLlr, ninvmlroi. and aale. and wblcb It fevolullunllnf
Ibaartol ahavlng.
tin ri. it uu ii ft to tiaual all wltri lite uw1a lutl
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.4 ltr u4tomlU ItruM, ill h ttl Out luita IImi hnrt a! m.l .Irll.Ate la it. I Urf
li i.r l4hini i ..'. tint- ftti't tWttiflit, rrn t mm liA1naf !r hfttll lrt.
Thai rrrt f ft fjytrk rQ fthAT duM BOt lM Ul ft rMUf M U ft itmp. WHS
tl KAUlUi! ITt bTKOftt Ibe l.t tnlrrl r'r Mr Uotbl ua . hu e-lfr. m l Ibr nt.-. t i t H i
i.-. i. ii n finrtt ti-r K ti h rr llvem ftlftll ttm l ll. 11 p"lt-lt" otvlilt. m. r-v i" t.4vr
t i i i-tif.nlwrll, i,t .UIIft.tluIlT trk Rft4laviU iif op tol4 m4l Wa p.ltl rf nU
V-i.ilU uuot BftUitAttor-r mmOMj will to ruuted. T&ar4V luralUw Ordinary ut bftjr Kur
n.idlumlto Strops, BOO to $2.50: Razors, $1 in S3
,?r"tY"?Z HUH)!) ruJHOW. .0.... li-
1,1i.u'tl . Ily ll II If-'.-l 4-HlllllHll.' U"- I- iti lr i A. nil (I -t luik tu U toilUAl
i i - I t- K-. Kalff fthftvltlil Uuirt. ftB'l l llsrlf.
It. i. f V'f. t'.e nryfVAr- I.rar, il'rtitlr. ...ii.iif.ii .w ti M r"-fir4iiir i i. - i
rrv hi, t v u. 1 hrV ,,r v' l,l,H h rl)rr 9Ult ' ' :r
u t.ii.r triVrt out iifirn wilt
1' f I I . rlr. ft. It til ' 1fflU
fl n,V L v i Pl if UJ Uk UU luWUtUlft IM tUftlUf iw" laAbii.ult.C 1 b.4r . i -" VW iftlft lit ibft
JftCV Lttt ft i-fcdiBUaiU.
Griilln & Veateh Company.
Tho Greater
NOUS li ROWE cms
3Iuseum Menttfjcrie and
ILcatl R.oyoJ Roman Hippodrome.
r a.t 10 ft. m.
Performancev ut 2 und 8 p. in;