Bohemia nugget. (Cottage Grove, Or.) 1899-1907, December 19, 1906, Image 5

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I'll" It in tin iii i' (i mnin MMf.
Inl Xiila'i .l(i.i)lt 111. Ill ll
l'liDi!iM,iili. I 1. 1 ie.hhns thn
li'Miif and l l piijuyi-l by evoty
member 1. 1 ic home. Vii't'ij ,
l ."II .111.1 'ollllilblail Ill Mof k
j The Bazaar.
'V IV ill I I It I ill
.inL' R
imiwiiu ;i
Collage (irovc, Or.
Paul up Capital:
S 1 1 r j 1 1 1 -
1 n i 1 1 1 n i i. . 1 i'i..tu.
M.iii. y In I mm ..11 ,i n 1 1 r. nritv
Kxdiaiip-M ;lvilll,il'!c llllV
"... in tl,i' I mt.-.l Mates
Hkhi iti'.i 1 .hi- : .
Or. (ii'.e's
fc Oiscowsry
0U1.H6 n.T
60c Aft. 00
Free Trial.
Hiircit utid U mhint Cure for nil
I'rcparc lor lrriatiuii, Sprajiuu
and pumping Muchincry.
I'uii hark-Mi 'i e ( iasnline lui
1 m i- 1 1 -1 pumpin;', fprayiii);,
sawin;;, ( r t i in I i n . OntlitH
coinplitc. I'iiiilianks Sialt'H
for wt'ihiii',. 1'aiihiuiks
MorNi Dvnanuis and Motors
lor powi 1 and liht. I'uirhnnks
MoI'hc indmi'dH and Towers
I 'nil h.inks-M01 hc pYrd Chop,
pern, (ililldcls, Will l'tllnpH
All Hist quality ooiIh at low
est pijieii. Always in stock.
I.ilii inl ti rms. I'roinpt reply
to in.piii u s, quick shipments.
Willi- lot ciit.'ilujMie and prires.
INirtUnd, Oregon.
n 1 .1.1.11 11 1
111 1 1 Hi
Knowles & Gettys
Koliemia, Oregon.
Knowles & Gettys
Orscco, Oregon.
Miners Supplies
at reasonable prices.
Our Motto:
Good Goods at Reasonable
General Merchandise
Miners Tools and Amunitions
W I 11 C
ifolindcri's foi ciiii'lict'.
Subsctibo for tin- Nuejot.
Homo made candies al tlifij.-ti'.
l'Cnh suited peanuts al I li
W. M.
Woodard is moving f
Minqucrade hall ut Ope, a Ik.ii ,
Get in. Special ilish h.i.. , lose.,
this wk. Mf-lcalf .V Jiritud.
The FoiosUth iniisqui lade hall ;it
(In- Opera lioii .c Cluisltiiini i c.
Moll's litnl hoys caps :ilidf:"l
lmtH at less that cost at Mot ie'.i.
Photogjuph urts fur all kinds of
Ooeorations at New p,rn nu," stun
Ate you Inkiiu' ml vantage
'hi 1 big clubbing clfi t . It i .in't h-
Christmas niv'lil 11 in 1 ,1 1 in r.i' W
liall at til" Opcia hou,e ly I'lm-;!
crs. I -''..
S'dioll would ho glad to have you
''linn' in his stoie 1111 I look over Ins
Mock .
Mrs. M.C. Willis is inoviii" to
Cottar (iiovc 1111.I will m.iki- li 1
llOUIC llfll!
Dr. Sdilnf ictimnd Irotn .1 j.i...
cHuional rail at S'itiaw ot: 1 1 1 - af-
tt riioon tiain Monday
Scud a pi.'linc ol tlic (liovc c,i-t
N'onr Ictti 1 uiii r should liavi- s'udi
11 In-i.l on it, :ni. voiij 1 n vi-. 'i's
Till" C"lt ic DlMVi' holiVi hii tuli
litsatld f-n v il ijKH ('in lie ind at
tli'i l'11.a.'T Advtti-c C"Uai;i'
(irovc liv usintj tln in
A 10y cfirin r with your j.h'jtn
Kiii'h in oir- o( (,ur .hito in ts ih
th! vi'ry Inti-ht tiling out. N.u
I'.ru diii'' htori'.
Miss Ncvu 1'fikins was nMc to
f'o hack to her si-hool wolk Moll
ln moinuij;. During 1 1 -1 alisi m 1
MisH J C I k i c Ii'-a lia-i h' en tca. l in,;
in her 100m.
Jt M ll.iwlcv ol SIkim.h' Creek
has just received live 1 eL'tsh n d I
Angora K"ats '""'i Moninoulli, N, r-V l'1"1' ''
Oregon, which lie will ad I t his 1 Sim I'.raud with his wife and lit
luchent ll" k. it)., daughter Muriieritte left for
I.. Ii. Wood,, tuner I n All. 11 - s 'l"e Monday morning to mako a
Ciilhcit Hamaker Co. l'oill.nid, iUiv" lh hiends tbero over
he in Cottage C.rove dining the t,,;,s- I Iiih is Mr. Jiraud'a first va
holidays. I.eavo your name at ' f'tiou for over 11 year, ami ho lids
Vnutch V LawKon's 1'iano House j ,"'c" )'J"kig 1 'rward to it for
and hc will put your piano in tunc, ! s"llu' l"n' -
No extra charge for yo icing pianos. ; If the car shortag'j does not get
-5 I hctti r within a shoit timo Cottage
Some peculiar results wire no- j r ",vt- will face 11 hhut down of the
, lieed at the poultry show. II. K. j ,U1"S- M'tn tlic mills are rnn
ilhiL'ht recentlv nurchased s"ine ; n1"': under ordinary circumstances
; French HoudaiiH fioin C. S. 1-rank
I at Ktietio and with them del' ated
, Mr. Frnuk's entries. W. C. Con-
j hit with Ins I.atigshams, reared
j from eggs purchased from a Cor-
! vullis hreeder, defcntd HieCotvalli.s
, . ,
, 'Annual Convention A. net .can
II.ivcHtock Association Western lave-
j stock show "
i Denver, Lolo.. Jan. 21 -.'. i' .
Round trip tickets f-r this occas-
...ilt I,., mi uil.i til tliihi iifll. 'e
ion will he on sale at this oflice 1
Jan. 14 i", jyCi. Round ttipOilh
ways throutrh rortland) 5r)t!.o".
: Hoiin I tt iu (one way llnoagh l'oit
! land mid one way through Calif.,
J, M. IfcllAM, AgCllt.
.. '",
,cms ,nl-,rcs " ou
Collie drove :wuJ vicinity.
'I he l:t idgn candy Moto r fine
1 ''""'1'-
I . V C,,M;,,,,S
S I I i v v in s.
bookn, bO',;s.
o 1 'hoi mai y.
I 'f rl 1 1 1 1 ... f r -I f 1 1 mA
- ,,,,, h A. Lawon.
I 'ii"-, j iu re, sweet
I .1 Holm-lcii's.
lvu:nc Steam Laundry, Alsou
nd I lasting agents.
I it
N' f.v stock i 'li j:;"'Ih, md
' ' nt (.'iirrin '- ii li.
U . A. Hcmeuwuv 1 i . t n
jiountcrs full of bargains.
Sjii'i'ial n.ih
"HI window.
Indian luinkets, sto
I',' iiHoii's I'hai ni'i'ij-.
'I'l r Hiown Shoe Co. hIioch rutt
'ii"il. Sold ly Currin iS- Vc.-it'-li
Wynnr IIdv. Co.
i;ivH phow
1 ii -h nway
with trinl". Jook it
i.. I.. iJtiht and wife spent
Sunday in Kuciiu an quests of C.
S 1'iank ati I wif".
Sic iik ,,r holiday (,'oods, waHtc
!'t-.!;it-, j ii'liii' ci h, pidiirrs, etc,
I'.lU 1 1 iV IIWMI.II
,' J'i-t thiiik'
1 ! tc win kn for
Shakihpeais oni-j
v"j othorH in jiro
, I utinii Mi-nson h rharinar''.
(id your cocoaiiuts, rhocolitc
cui tan''-. niiMiis and I.ouiH.ina Mo-
l-oudav pastnes at th
I! 1
M ik'- your sdei lions now wdiile
out holiday lino in full, we will
kc p them for you, hooks arn fjoiij;
!'i-.t I!mi-.oii'h rimrmacy.
ii' iimoh'h I'haruiaey liohday line
! t!ie I .-!-1 111 the city. Tin simply
.1 liii- o) hJuple things that can le
U'.cd vciy day in tlic year.
Mi.-. I'rid Russill ri turi.i'd from
-San l"nn cisco the latter part of the
Ai ek find with Mr. Russell went
up to Duicna on I'riday. They
exput to spen 1 (.'hriHtmiw iu their
",!W ,""U,'kl"'v
of which Dorena is
l,,0-v ;'rloy "'t '". i" 'ho
"U"1 and woods, who receive
: Sss.oou per month. The
tle mills average from
to fl.fSO per day, while in
w"ods the wages vary from
h?1-? ' to 5.1, and it is couscrvn-
Itivtly estimated tLat thrv earn
;ll)OUt (Q mimlu. Several of
thc. tnin ro ulout lo shut down,
some already have done so and the
I ,lilT( rcno is hpinc f.-lt ;
st(i;t., a(1 jn .sl'ipmellts of
... I
Tlu. (irent Northern Railway aud
(inat Northern Steamship Com
panies have issued a new edition of
playing cards. They are printed
on exceptionally line stock, and are
hetter cards for the price asked
than can he had elsewhere. The
advertising, consisting of the trade
mark, is worked into an oriental de
sign and is confined entirely to the
hack of the card. The Steamshin
1 . 4
icaul is the moie elahotato of the
jtwo aud is finished with gilt edj;cs.
j (ileal Northern loiilway cards lif
1 teen cents per pack. Stoatnship
j cards twenty-live cents per pack.
Mailed to any nddiess 011 receipt of
A. Ii. Ck.i;, rassenger Trnllic
Manager, St l'aul, Minn.
A paity of people who have been
thoroughly investigating all parts
of Oregon were here last week and
stopped at the Graham hotel.
They were much pleased with Cot
tage drove and will return again to
look further. The party was com
posed of C. A. Pearsal and wife and
daughter Miss Annabel, and Miss
J. F.. Hell, all of McUregor, Iowa.
The editor romembers McUregor
very well, because 17 years ngo
whilo on n trip east with his pa
rents they were delayed at Mc
Gregor by 11 lato train for half a
day or more, and during the time
took n row boat aud rowod up the
Mississippi river to the world-wide
famoua painted rocks, of which
pictures are seon everywhero. On
the ride back it rained, rained,
rained-Oregon would hang its
head iu shame at such n raiu, it did
not cotne down iu dropa or shoots
or pailful, but binrolfuls, it
Kocmed. Wo nover go so wet be
fore, nor biuce, nor expect to. If
the McGregors locate hero our
mists will be naught to them,
' I I AM h M (I
i .vn;.) crime JOii 1 .1 WZM U
litl )! 1 WHO g
V- i and IIROODIiRS! Christmas ':; ecialtiesi
r.lTiOlt'rt I . . .... . , . H- ' i. a
II I ; 1 I ( 1 1 1 1 1 1 ( i 1 1 . i 1 1 s 1 1 1 1 1 i s: . O H
L ,(t t.'il.e. 'I'lnii record cannot I
I, jftnc Silhii ant- Sicss Goobs I
4 thf; All sizes carried in stock. I E
: ! jrivc your wile an on; ( ' .'lerfor a fine
I ' :. c r ... , . i ci.,.B
1 A Di roc I firs
. H. Abramt
B. Lurch
C. Ron King
A. H. Kel.o
A r. r - 1 1 1 .-1 1 i v hank ol the
l'iisiiii--s puMic of this city and
r-1 1 it' i u ii 1 1 i r ir euuntrv.
NV'c our business.
4 v.
Hr AKIoN KA ll li
11 rii.'iic ', i:'. ri.iHK.. Maiu 4i 4
I'ui I,. i m hi V..i(,.)i a I jiw n.m'n.
'A. . -A. -fy 9
John Hull of I.ntham sold quite
a quantity of hay in Draie last
A. K. D-juohueof Merlin has
been in town for several days and
is now at Orseco.
I). W. Hutf ir caine in from Di
vide on Monday and Maid to the
big eitiens mass meeting that same
I,aue County's total ajsCfiSaient
roll for i '.); has been completed
and the total is 5Dj, lc7,ooo. The
value of tillable lands was assessed
ns Ji.IS'J.Too and of uon-tillable
lands $."),(i'2S,ijri.).
Prof. C. Ii. Strange received a
telegram at midnight Friday night
stating that his brother, editor of
the Medford Mail was dying
and asking him to come at
once. He left, that same night
and Saturday evening word was re
ceived that the brother had typhoid
pneumonia and was not expected to
live. Prof. Stiauge w ill he out of
school tins week, and hii studies
will be taught by tho other teachers.
Mr. Strange died Tuesday morning
and will be- buried on Wednesday
Votes Eight Mill Tax.
At the called meeting of the lax
payers Saturday afternoon au eight
mill tax for school purposes was
passed, alter tho readiug of the
financial btatenient of the schools by
Clerk l'arret. Tin statement .show
ed that nearly $.1001) would have to
be raised to pav up outstanding
wai runts and the expenses of the
school to the end of school iu June
'07. Sixty live persons were pres
ent and voted, tho vote being to for
and 25 ngaiust the tax.
Silk Creek.
Mrd. William McCoy 'and family
went to Cottage Grove Thursday.
One of A. D. Oweus horses got
its leg broken last week.
Mrs. Mary Uuuch visited with W.
N. Wheeler and M. V. llabcock's
families Saturday and ulnday.
Hamilton Vox spent l'Yiday night
nt the homo of Henry Long.
Cljde Uabcoeh rpcut Friday
night and Saturday in Cottage
Misa Nina ItaudolpU is now
boarding with tho family of N.
. Ahnoii Owens and l'rank Wheel
er made a trip to town Friday.
Mrs. T. Uielnudson wont to Cot-
Itnyc Urovo vSiituiJa1.
W. II l:if M-. !. I t K II, W. A. I B II
II M I I No. I llll hl.i M.I.V, SB X
lijiik ol'ColliHie Grove 1 i c w wawwtxi r
, Paid Capital $15,000.00. rMsseKsmTr-jimwx -r.?.r wTri. ; - ."tic-v: ?rsm MMuaaJ
new piece ji i'ie ; , ... - jiieeue. one j
6 I will appreciate it, aul ,; .. o t l.ave to select it. i 6 ft?P , J&l
m tiip m
I I I . . I si
tvH IJ nit , v . if
II nil UK ltrw I
H I 1 I I I " n n ' i T i ( i I I II
; 1 All the Time 1
1 j 1
. t
Neat job VniK of
We'll treat Voa Right
We hive received a fine new, upeci.M ' T. ' 1 in
Radiumite Kaxnrs that usually sill at c.u'i a
lutcly tree toaJvertisc Uie wondcrtul
Inch ia light, pliable, durable, convenient. , ' ;ti.-
1UCUI llll .11 H A .
Uit mtIU at li 00 ar rrt.ul.hmi .nut all with the in !,.
Iritirs of the KdlnmlW Btropn, whi. hi will u. t h m:i
niire ftiuvint a convcaieiv t aul a .1 lunt. r v-n t-i r
tm gM-ri or a nun. rlNUI uuvvilooa not us to na il m a
llr KAU1UUITB BTKOra we U..M mini,; i.. . ts . It
tt..'l uh.n the tium ra.-.its Is f. ker tho n .-.till tfii . . i .
Ihr Int. Irst lM?.itils raslly an,! tllilittullv Ktrli o.i.;
Uut U it U not utl.lkctory tnoiny U1 l)j xu;
Radlumito Strops, BOo ir-
llottil lc Miln.ii. cis. s. u, h as CANCER. BaKbEK.. I l
Hiniitfcs:tly ittopetlrsturs lh.ll . ik-il tl
lrts "Ishavlo Sixl4. Iwif thftvint; Lrushes, an.l iu tl.c j.r .1 , .
IVo't lite the WOf tiitct. heavy, duuMr, t uiiiiimii i.-iv mi - ; .
try to stflict you. They are fouiuih obi junk, pint an.l miho! . I
Niaklni. Hny A Ra liumlte strop aoiiuke uu iuUututC i j
M of iAV itiop but Ka41ualie.
Grillln & Veaieh C nnpuny
Subscribe lor the Nuggel.
FRPF KnoAlng vh;Tt ll to
1- suffer, I will give KKKi: Ol'
ClIAUOK, to any alllkled a po.Mtiw
cure for Mczoma, Suit Kheuni, I-T i- - I ,
elus, l'iles uud Skin diseases. ' In
slant relief. IKm't suffer Ion.;, r
WriteF. W. WILLIAMS, -liti)
tnu Avenue, N. V. lhicloso i .-1 1 m .
!..-' .H..ifiVi'f f . .-' ' s ..
I' : .in, ,.. ... 1 . -
1 Mllm. II..' nil l ' '! li .! '
lit AIL'S iHJJ
111 11 .t I ', , I! .,,
.'inl l,.il ir .11 i.e.
O.'H'i.ll Vl.Nl, l. jii 11 1h. w lu ucij'ili.. u p rl, . I
nklii y lluiiiil, , uunoilil... .1 iih lli.Mli 1
' ''"' I iiiii'lilcl. iii n i'I..lii
.'... 1. 1. ., KM11K nil I :.l I l.til.,rn. II" ,nl
vo lli. ti.iliiy. I ly,. i.-nm rhl.ilillOi. ,1.
MAIJAMt HUDSON, i.'n7 Muclt-uy tUtf.,
Vsil W.i.IiIiikI.'I. l . I'm 1 1. mil, llfeuoii.
.1.7 TTV'-Il-.J
iy a. o-
8t THE
RA200 STKOP Rstrop
I- -t
I v 'i rwv . UUtni.tng; u 1 n A I
FAST. n ' V"-V't I
r uh I -
' J I'-..- li'..
.-y r
t t.s . l.:
)1 10 S3
.- 1 : - :U ip ia the tali
. : 1 j. in iha aiiiuaa
Jriscutwf ten will
s.- tu n in strop
! ....iu y.;! rt.ty iL-hor-l ror youiiif laJie.
? ' ' ritithy t-H Oip.M, Art; Contlei
, -: :i'ivl !i.liii--mat. Wot
1.1. . 1:1. ...6 fit.u-Ljj t-'iiier Superior.
; . . i; 'i)iii:i:.
: Houie, Tex.,
v : ; m ; l.ivl year. This
'o . . wliii from a
" i' ' li.i s giown to
-.'.. - "I siiilcred with
1 Ii .' ii.t i !,c ilov'tois guvp
' cf :i s:u,i,t.ioii. j vun
' ' . a ' h. u lien I begun
. i c - v' l'i ;covery for
'' ftnil CoIiIh.
' -' I hiivo
I "i 'led in weight uud am
o l '' Only sure Cough
, 'til- I'..''; ,
! I 1 , ; I ( ' 1 f.
: w o , : : , ,
Wi'O.i! ' l
t.v.-r i - i
i a 1. n , .
tu..- .. ' . 1 , :
1 iv. i .1 . I - :
' t,i!,,..'. U: .
' 1 'ii',.111
! 1. . nv l ! 1 " : 1 '
1 coin-;' i-'A .
and 1 oi l c,
iiti.iiMinee.i i,y lien-
in . 1 ii.irui.iv v,
;.!id 1.00 Trht
Jlllo lice.
!-"-r v, 1 '.v- . 1
r. ;:, v.- :. g.