Bohemia nugget. (Cottage Grove, Or.) 1899-1907, December 19, 1906, Image 4

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J. McKEAN I ISHIR. Manager.
.Mako nil i h. k lyl li" ! Ninfstfl l't.l i.
Krt.'rrd m thp jsit.Ch-o t IV'tWre Un-ve
Otki.ii m'iiiii riii.x iuil mutter
srnsciM i'tkin iiait.s.
t! months 51."0
I fl"
1 months ?-.,.l'
If p.ald in ndvnnco.
Clubbing Pates.
Tin Bohemia Nupm't one year
vlt li liny one of the following pub
lications one year for amount net
Pa. 'Ulf Monthly
Wtvklv I Portland I
Weekly Journal (
Pailv Mlnini; lass nl tlcnverl
Weekly Minima ltecord
Paclll.1 Homestead
Northwest Poultry .Journal
Irrigated Tracts in the Croat North
west Where Yields are Fabulous.
'1 ho orchards and i:u arvl- !
the Ciie.vt Southwest have. I ecu per
trayed as the place where lmuN
r.aeh their highlit cultural devel
opment and mot nstoundi-ig value
As agair-t the C;lMetn f.ut'.l. woith
one hundred and fifty or two hun
dred dollars an acre, choice orange
land in Soutlitrn California is
valued at one thousand doll. us and
even fifteen hundred dollars an
I 1 co-nmentmg upon i lit- ti.'t t!i-. CJovet lont nf is
', not atit ifoui itij; legitimate piivate
1 in ig oi,.n development, but tlnit.
i11 the other ll.llld, the I lo 1.1 lil.l
i tion Set vice is I iwi.iMe lo it and
even willing to assist, lingiitcir
Arthur P. l.iis. who in Chief I'n
ginccr Ncwcll's absence was tound
in charge ot the bureau ut Wash
ington, mentioned the case nf the
meets .it 1 1
S iturd f "f
W. It
W cnatclu e valley
c i tioiial.
sin. ill
us sonic what e
Thi rver is k.-yt n
.MIMV. t ON' .ins
uierce ItuiMiiitf
-l-li'ler. til 1-0
in it iBi-orn mm ihf r.
he w !!, a i :n i :
ni.' tr thk amkki
I'lintul.'-r ( om
I'o.n , w birr :r
mimne m. lieu el
litilH'V rtll.l tU! iiv r f ' I'X-
rHIf I'AI'KK Iski'VI i'N t::f l K I'. I'ruke'
lvertiinc Air.-ney. i-4it:il.-' Mer.-hnnls K v
nB!iK..-Hii I rHiii'H'o. (Miiforir.. ticro cm
rcu lr tlvoil..MU mn I uia.k' for ii.
aeri. And thm docs not m em so j habitable t uni
lnliiv unreasonable when it i le
menibfred thit I'tar'o", tl;,. al
monds, Malaga grapes, HMin;
ates find i thir tiopical pro bids
cann "t b ron anywhere.
Vet there are orchards iu the
great Northwest which teem as
highly and yield as golden a sticiin
from peaches, apprieols, bernes .v".d
other eointnoti fruits as cv t
been claimed for the ornnge. T.-tke
the Vi.kinia Valley or t! e Wena',
ehee N idi 'v or a doen other nioii'i-
e re. 1.
, . , j 1 . uiel u
companies, he ; . .
viid, "l.avo uovouiplishovl much i , i,kni;
od 111 transforming the iireat mi;
Vnieticaii dsett iut protituble and
1 1 1; i
The (..on .11 :
A.lalimii'l v
inten-Mil .11 :'
1 in-ill. u eure l .i
li.Min- t 11 . Il.i
.Old w (I pi. 'ii :
at. 'in
I 1 . 1 1 1 v '
I all l.i
1 h
oUuiSe Grove Flour Mills
M i ri 11 far 1 11 HI "I l-'li 'Hi' nnd l' '
i .1 in
1 1..11, ii.'
: agin;; '" ei ut
111 MIU k J. I
A vctv .ili,ible
object lesson tif an in-tnce where'' inlbii nee has stcpvd in
mi 1 leclaitned 'ami which vns fot
merly w istc in iy be found in the
Wen.itchce 'alley. This is not u
community coiisitiug ot hundrtds
of tlu'iisands of actes; it is a com
paratively snnll area, but every bit
ot it is ext.nsivt ly cultnated,
wte-ting from Mother l th every
partie'e of j i nit hie which the land
cm be made to give up. The "e-uatclie-
valley laud, before the ir
en 1 e. I.
1 1 1 1 -1 1 i C ' 1 '
1 iiian'.'1'.
i- t:
I 1 ;.
; 1
1 .
. r . i- I. , nil 1 ate "H t-lot-',
ilh th imip i te 1 v 1 ' 1 1 t U - and
M"t ' the dill i 1 1 II.
t :. r.
u 1
f th.
Spi i'gs Assooi iii "-.
ti.'ii nvi.s and opi 1
Mm nil Springs hp
lni-rt of I ,' Vl ( i. i 1 . .
nllie' I. r 'J."i l en! - ;
or :
Vetch Hay!
tain vailey-i in Washington or s.mie I ligation company stcpjed in, htl.
of the finely developed fruit reeions j rilk.;,t .,v. U) v iluc. U was hut
the h 'nie of a few wild aninrds,
with little or no semblance of plant
lite, l ikler the wise uduiinistra-
J P.
;.m -1
:w ii 1:1: 101;
Waterman. , :
live itelii-r
ter, alHi. ! ! i
1 1 .'I ele
et. h h iy, .pl. iiil d f..r i'ut
.1 loin 1
d h k--.
! It spri t I nf V,
Hai tun C Hansen.
1 1
The Car Situation.
Reports from Washington s a'e
ihat Interstate Commissioner Lane
is enroute to investigate the car
.shortage Pi
the Pacific northwest.
vVhile the commissioner has no
poer to HtTord any relief, his in
vestigation will bring reliable data
and will assist iu the struggle for
an aiequate car service. Data
gathered so far indicates that while
eastern roads are sometimes bother
with a slight car nhortage yet no
for lo-:g. Some of the bigger east
rn roids hare Is and -0 curs per
mile of t'ieir entire trackage while
lii'SPCo. has but :b The east
era roada have their territory of
course, closely built up, but even
then have immense mileage to
care for. The traffic aloug the thou
sands of milts of S P track extend
ing for along the southern border
of Texas, clear around up the Paci
fic coast to Portland has been lean
ttj TOTwnrn-Tn irnmense oounos,
which the railroad claims it has
not been able to keep pace with.
Thousands of new ears are needed
each year to replace worn and de
fective ones, besides the increase in
business. Many of the cars are
held by shippers at congested points
because demurrage ia cheaper than
storage. In Portland on one day
250 cars were counted, that were
being used by the produce mer
chants for storage. Their ow n war---
aouses were lull to overnj-.ving,
they had no room to store the goods
coming iu so insttad of seeking ad
ditional room at a big rental, let the
incoming goods stay in the cars un
til they can handle it and pay the
demurrage of SI. or Ho cents per
The railroad officials could not
r-ompell theso merchants to unload
the material as long as they paid
demurrage, but finally they had t-
refuse to receive outgoing stuff
from such merchants until they
emptied the cars they were using.
. iuch u tion brought some reli.'
there. 200 cars would make some
relief. .Such a condition exists in
J-an Francisco to a vastly greater
extent, thousands of cars are tied
up there, but tha railroads have no
way of forcin ? the merchants to mi
iood cars, for they are not shipping,
and have no place to store, their
Mores often doing a $loo,ooo busi
icssina $io shop, stacked to the
oof. The cars tied up in this way
would mean a big lift to the lum
I er shippers. The S. P. is going
after cars and will in lime have
enough, but the question is. what
affect will the present shortage
have on the country until the
shortage is relieved
ot Mont 'i tin or I'o'ora do. Th' f
you can find men growing w. althy
011 returns from ten ami even five
acre orchard- leihnps the va'd.-v
of the Wenatchte in Central W .-!i-
iugtou ulTords one ut the b- t ex
auiples of the trtiit pos.-ibibtu s ...f
the northwest situated in th"
midst of that region which IUr.n i
Webster described as fit t 11 1 for
the abode of w il l be-its and wiid'-r
men." The wonderful ! e me- t
of tins valley has be :i broaght
about entirely by private irrigation
developmint. yet the (iovenuuvnt
irrigation tigineers consider it an
almost ideal irrigation community.
MCI' 11 V TIIK VorxiwiN snows
In thr first place there is a splen
did water supj !y. To the west a:e
the gleaming snow-fields of the'
Cascade mountains who.-e ghi.-ial I
streams fee 1 the sw ift-nmning Weu-'
atchee river which as it emerges,
from the valley becomes a ui!u-
tary of the great Columbia. The j
valley is sheltered from the bleak j
winds by surrounding hills, so that;
fruit trees have uev. r been kuown I
lo be damaged by cold. There are!
no great farms on the Wenatche
tion i t th" company, the tract
enot inoa-ly iucic'ised in value.
The climate is ideal; no icy winds
c )tne into the valley to injure crops
before maturity, and the soil whi. h
has b"en reeking in fertility for cen
turies, only needed the kind tou.-h
o' water to make it and
!ring forth fruit We have con
sidered the settlement of the S'c
natchte valley so i leal that it has
been taken as an example after
which to pattern the Okanogan
project, in Washington, now under
coiis-i lt r itioii by the Reclamation
Service. ' '
I ;i i p-v. u a- i-'ip- I
Ntw I. lie I'll!. M..
ar .i.k for t 0 it In
b I V flea M--.T a I! I I
l I - . mi art Ii , a '
I I a
1.1 N ; 1 i.N :i-i
I'.U tvx.llU teal W
tell-. I'elill.. fuuui.t
i i,ii
s i
lie w I i!,-: ' t" if
t'-s.t 1 1 1 t . i ' - MY 1
I becau 1 J J 1 i'
Mill' I I I ll" -
lie M 'I e le -s - '1
, ..-.'ir, in. i' 1 .
ill el-te-H-e ' ..
mac v
h w el !
Clnssif icil Advert is. incuts.
Wood Wanted.
Will accept wood !
ubsenptions at this o
r 1 1.. -w 11
Y. ,V. C.
to Good
The fiitire vallev is nnf
some of U.e vast bonanza farms of'.and won the boys attention and
A. Men Speak
Saturday State Secretary I. L5.
Rhodes ()f the V. M. (.'. A. with'a
corps ..f rive young men, represen
tatives from the V. M. ('. A's (,d
Oregon Agricultural College and
the I uiversity of Oregon, came to
the (irove to speak to the boys and
young linn. Saturday evening
Sec. Rhodes atl lressod hovs from 11
to Jo years oi l on " p,ig Fight"
FOR sai.i: S-...r.
ington typewriter I
d pot
K cl J " t'd.
Tom A w brev 1;
Cottage drove .m l i-.
insurance polii ic
Fire Relief Asmi ,
and the Atna Fir
of Hartford, Com.
! II
iii i . i
!l -, I !
( If,
Don't Fail to catch
Santa Clans' Train!
eleven huie
the west, but every acre is made to
produce its utmost and land values
reach, Sr,'2oo and 5t.."oo per
acre, not based on the houses and
improvements but upon the produc
tive capacity of the soil. Apples,
peacnes, apricots, berries, car: in
uiog f.iriii..l
that will tight the "Big l ight".
Sunday morning the young men
spoke to interested audience at the I
! tbre;- churches in the morning, in j
j the afternoon a crowded house was
I filled at the mens' meeting, and in
'n- j mares, or will trad.- f.r cattle. l ..i-
MIL. -1
1-KANK J. I m : i I ;
Wild .v.
Phone P.tjhemia I. in -.
Toys arc now on display lor all the
I, ( )r.
loupes, prunes, pears and all the ! the t,veninS the Lulon i"f t--tmg ad-
large and small fruits vield a profit 'dressed ty .Sec. Khodes at the
i- T
4.4.4; 4- 4. 4-4--44' 4-4-4- 4444f
of from $20U to JoOij an acre. Why
then should not land, five acres of
which will rut one thousmd to
twenty-fiv hundred d..l-trs b-,
worth five thousand or ev.n t.'.ou-
sand five hundred dollars. The in-1
terestis liberal, is it not'.' j
There seems to be something very '
superior in the fruit raised in the
norttiwest. It tin is a ready matlif-t
in such tar points as Ronton, an t
brings a price which mr re than
warrants the heavy express charges.
Washington apples haw brought i
$4.00 a box, of less th.m a bushel, 1
at the Hub. X01 an the citiz'-ns i
ot, or many r-tljer jiros
ptrous frnit t-ections of the north
west tied down to a wilderness life!
in order to secure themselves large
incomes. Wenachee, for instance, i
is the initial point of navigation on I
the Columbia.
Here the (Jreat Northern railroad
meets the steamboats wh'-re rail
Methodist Church brought out
'many new ideas and endeavors fir
jth" benefit, of th" young m'-n of the
j nation. Th work of the V. M C. :
A is l-r i.l in its field, and is tin- .
i deicrnin ttional in character. It
i r'-aches men of all ages ami nation- j
I alities, of all creeds. The work of !
:the V. M. C. A. men will last for j
Sim" li'cta'.J stimulate more of 1
-uch V.OI'L.
ft. it
111 ASiJ'ih. mttmm
It has
me to know of
lari'.y upon the
and to hear, as
Thos. McClary.
ce:i a gr at pleasure to
your g' o'ving popu '
! ctu'e pla' b" ni j
I ha e heard in 1
f A
. : v
1C- j
- I
Fublic School Report for Month End
fng Dec. 7th.
Bovs (I iris
200 217
3 1X6
Tctal burollineut
.V'ew " .f
Days attendance
Days absence
Times tardy 44
Times truant I
Days taught 18
Holidays 2
C. L. Stkan'.j.;, Supt.
The Christmas holidays will be
gin Dec. 22 and will continue un
til Jan. 2 011 which day school will
hi re-opjned.
Miss Mabel Maekie who was out
of school for a couple of weeks on
a. count of the death of her aunt,
who hue been sick with consump
tion for a long time, and whoso
body was brought back from
Southern California to Walker for
and river meet. It is but a few
hours to Tacoma an1 Seattle, while
the local advantages are in them-st-lvfcH
very great. The orchards
and farms ure so small that the en
tiie valley resembles a great su
burb. It is but tailing distance
from one house toa ioth.-i. ICuch
has a telephone, ruuiiiui; water, the
rural free delivery and .-! in
lights are being insthla-d. Tie
roads are like streets and schools
and churches are at close intervals.
No more highly developed com
munities can be found in the world
than the irrigated fruit commu
nities of this country. Social con
ditions reach a higher plane than in
any other das., of settlement. The
owner of five or ten acres of orchard
enjoys practically all th advan
tages and improvements of the lar
ger centers, coupled with a breath:
ing and u growing space for the
family, and an occupation such uh
it was intend' d that man should
engage in. The w -ter for irrigat
ing the valley is drawn from the
Wenutehee River, through some
thirty miles of ditch of the We-
natcheo Canal Company. This
company is now projecting an ex
tension to cross the Columbia river
a great $100,000 combined bridge
and viaduct to carry water for irri
gating tight thousand additional
every place, tlx- most glowing
counts of your successful .ork
Matt S. Hughes, Kansas City.
I h'-a'tily commend the lecture
to those who desire to be both en
tertained and instructed. V, J.
Bryan, Miic-ohi, Neb., to Thos. McClary.
jlsw j.'-f
11 1-i-tfini- "-it tfi 11 i 1 t in ur-"Tiiirj"ii uriiinnii iti'i
Xmas and New Year Holiday rates.
One arid one third fare, round
trip to all points. On sale for
Christmas Dec. 22, 23, 2. and 2."i;
for New Vear Dec. 2o, .'Jo, Hi and
Jan. 1st. No stop-over privileges
on these tickets.
'' Co , J. M. M;am, Agent
1 . . i
1 V
Absolutely Puro
A Cream of Tartar Powder,
free from alum or phos
phatlo acid
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