Bohemia nugget. (Cottage Grove, Or.) 1899-1907, December 19, 1906, Image 1

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    BOflEpifl $h NUGGET.
D-v,P-d i ' i tin- Mmiiiir,' I nn bering mid J im .in- !; !s ' f tl.i:, Community.
Cottage Grove Takes Over
50 PcrCent of Poul
try Show Prizes.
The i )l til i;c ( '. I ne fx IllbltorH lit
Mass Mcctiiifj Well Attended.
" Mas 1 1 1 r : : 1 1 1 1 at ill'-' "per a ;
laud wtoatn k1ioviIm to handle it, und
nun wie rompuny win k1' p ui'-i
pinny in operation for t tt 1 "i l";i
yenrs tidy. Thi will uhum 1 1 1 1 1
n considerable money j - 1 1 1 m
I.flHt Hilling the- S I' lie;-o'li!ed
i for i piece of land juwt ii'itn ui tli
bridge acrosn tlm Count 1 n It i i v-i
below Cottage (Jurvc u nnlc, m
I wh icli is- u rugged lull i in I of
'rock that is said to in i k thi
nnest buiiast in tlm whole ..unity,
but tho price the owium asked lor
the bind wan ho high 1 1 t t - com
panr would not puri'lnine it. ll the
tin I, an" County poultry Show InHt I hind had been Hold to the S. '- C"
Week had u .U);( I u I 'icsi-ti t a lit ion i " side t r'lt'k would have le n pill
evliibtots of dil-! '"i ''id a permanent on. in v m id'
the So. l'.H'ilii' Co
that nil the other evliibtots of dil-
lt k rit kinds of liirdH, and i at ricd supplying
oil .'!., I le'i out t ,f die Co ofTt ted.
So lunch ciithiiMiisiii wnswotked
np. that Colpii'c ( will have a
witli luilhiMt. Such a plant would
have mount a good pay roll n i l'. I '
to Cottage drove's Iiuhjiiikh hut. tin ;
"I hei nvii within ii short opportunity wuh lost, unfort'niaP
Try our c:iiilix, Holm leu
Mr. an.!
hi IW
It is will known that there ale
ilozeus of ( hi. ken i ainers hei e tliut
1 ii i , i ii i.ii i,. 1 1. . i ....
' ' 'ill i' a . I 1 II I I m . .
i .i . .down from Djtenu
-ii'iM"- i hi i in- oo i ii'itii iiiim sfi'iion. i
'1 he i;t Jihiv t (n iv,(.v, p, In) n ;
hiiiuuni, mi every hi Inn man in i
lldvi'T'l tu li jo'IIiii;; fl'llily for till'
ue t I'how
The awards won by Collage '
( ove l aiKi rH w el e :
V. IIM II ll i.lloKNS.
Mrs. Fred Knssi I c rue
on Tiles. la v i .'I
Don't thiow uway your ni T'oii
calendar, (lit 'i new l'.'OT .-a', n
dur pud at Tho ltii.iuir and utt i i'
to your old ( "ileildur.
'I' if I mile? at I lie era. um.. t is m a ; 1 1 . . ' 1,1
a leak hiHt Sat u rd ii y nci that the
H e;.- on Monday ni:;li', was ut
I' n I' d y 11 it " "i w ho
Ii !,.-d willl niie 'i i. U '!(m to lid
'In i l,y K v ':. oflll Slltll-
i hi I, lion. It. M. V- t' h, Kcv.
I' ( V ( iia'c and othi ri)
Mi.' ohject of tho meeting was tr'
i' -iv Hi- e'eclifjii of Tiiendny and
tin- el'd-et ol local option on the
t' aii The sp' ak' ts were u unit in
I'allii ;' lor voting for prohihitioti.
Mr. Veatcli voi' ed the sciitimout ,
ill ! i .piesMOn ol Hie mef tll 111
st ilH'.' that since local option Wilt
in i" :!' t the town h.n hi t n ( lOner
an I la lie ten j , : i 1 1 i that husinc M
' 1 ' ' ' 1 1 1 1 , tha' ni' n a i ' i a) in;; thi ir
Ii 't , tha' never p ii 1 t hem ho.'oi'e.
T ' il I ai oj.linii he. dorie joiO'' 1''
Him d welfare of the t'm n and
In H li'iaticjal v.ilfaie as well, iu
'' el ol injuriii;; either He cited
lip l e t that Hull" ol the people who
h. l ite th" J'lne e!e tion ntat"d they
W'lil I 'e!l mi' cheap if th" t)n
w- nt drv w in! I si ll no v at any
l i; i -e.
p" -'kin:: "f th" financial t-i 1 of
!i- pi! -lion In.- slated that, if th-j
t .n v-!it ' wet" on Tuesday the
.nil n. i!:in n i onld do nothi-w hut
h ' I
i mate
iN . . I
that, ll i- .,
no i I ion
yeai a' I' r
llinn the
Purse Found.
A f.urse wh found in It :,'
u,;ht iir the point (iarman-IIenienway's on More
ion I iw sayn that (wuer can liavo name by appl;.
h Id within tw'o :at this office and pnyin for :e
- ' u,ty has voted I
I".' ". 'i . - n:n;j Huh
l.'ii Mi':
y f x
II ! i I
Jurch'H disnliy of China, wp.ji
ion wai- pjctures of Cottage Groe, ivc. an
I opportunity to do a Lit of 0;e;-on
' ndvertikintf in your Christmas i!i-.
Latrj Ar,ci,nif:n! Work Many of tho merchmtde avoirs
A e.i. ..t many -!a:::i owner-, in have recently put on now r.leik-,
the j, )h-inia l;-!r;' t .ire husily and on questioning the owner3 tle:v
at w - .tk hnishMi thvir a-, cessment state, no it is not just for Chri .1-w-oil.
for 'he v i . It is an un-. mas our trade is growing so that
lort iiri!" linn tint uv-n who own 1 w-" find it necessary to have in ,ie.
th. a;
General Hiriing News and
',i -
P ire
t !!.!
.r. i ..
1.'. IV
I'. Wallet, Vi
C'lekeiel - Ml!
i nres- were put out. l lie poi! r w a
R. C. Alii", 1st; Mis C. i.Lii it.iwn i.n.l oi, KIi.m.I.v a . , ,..
t lid n es to any saloonkoetx-r ! Tt inim' d hats as
nt .i ; !- I for u license and pro-1 Ideal Millinery,
M, I tip- proper paper and bunds, red.
i ii ii a .:eiu" -was ir ranted and "
M in P.
Hen K '
l'u'l. t- Mt
Pen- K C
( )i j di 'I Unison, ji ;
Walker. :;d.
A til", .Ml I.
i C. Widker, 1st.
An,", 1st; Mrs. C.
Walk.-t, :t,i.
.s. r. ii Mia ka ,'.
Cnek Mis. J. 11. Warner, 1st.
Coekeiel J. C. JohnMoii, ;nd; I).
II. Cham!" i lain, dd.
Pulli ! Mis. .1. II. Winner, I'd.
Pen It 1! Chainheilaui, VH.
I paired at the now foundrv and put
i in Use again Tues hiy afiei n -ion. j
; 1 tirili the shut down a great .pi m i
1 1 it v t cream wan colk t d, !m !i
' will kep the ereatnriy bu . mi!.
; iny up for a day or so.
The Haitoln meat maiket addi
tion in being piiHhed as fust as pas
Mine unuer llio pit-Kent weather. .('oifi;
II. Hartfds in now in Portland look-i 1 1 y in;
ing upth ice pin nt proposition. iion'li
- ih i in I
Keeper ope tie 1 up, then j 1 1 1 iio:i-e
be ai tested under the j Wa:,hiu;;.o:i i.
in a ii-.iii t i-1 1 1 1 I I"nve ( ,ie'P ail the time.
--s n.'-n! '-voik nut.! the hiHt j Ilunilrods of pounds of
:l"n tl:-. work home-made canny that is w'.atiif
I i d-ii '.-t ev- we have in Btoek -and by the w iy
I: i very poorly it is going we'll have to make hun
ht.e I t'nroughout. , dreds more. You will never havr- a
1 ist th" least j better chance to get the best tUn o
you have this year. Call at thelw
now store by the bridge. Ilolrndcu.
Portland ih Laving the pleasure
of a strike of the electric car nr n. i '-'
Hot h sides claim a 'victory. The':-:
street ear officials claim that aim ,st '-'
all of their men know nothing of'''
auy intention to call a strike until
the papers brought it out and tint
they do not want to strike. Alb
any rate the cars have been run ir- I 1
regularly during the day and not at -
all at night.
: a.'no'int
. i ml e ;i
the la",
it's a ,)' r i
Sui Ii in-'-t ho. i -i m ist
: aillli'iii-,.
I '.viik that can
'ulti'i the tuean
: it her than clo a
! of wnik.
f rieces-itv
Bi;j C ! 1 1 islrnas Sale.
it t i iiO
o! 1
help as $1 .
I a I'ranef s
at cost.
Representatives at
i 'i il i v voted to in-
iptioii law, then a round of i erease the salaries of the members
i. t i . K i e tin '"-i com llielice.l whieh
. w.' i' i iv; ntirdty end up in a great
.cxp i',-e t the city. Mr. Veateh ei
j pic'-.-d his (ii-.;t jiprovul of the action
taken in calling for this election,
j an 1 stat d that he did not Mint
e (', row t i go on record as
to make laws that would
t v. ith st a,, laws and setting
d the in . , : .. (, the cabinet, the
viee-pu-siiiei.i and speaker of the
llmis - to 5'-." 'J p'T year, but re-la-ied
l ' ni' 1 1 :i- : thv; -i il iries of sen
a'.or.s, i e j ' r sentatives, and ded.'
gites from vO'Mi to 7"',iti). Their
net step should Le to give the pres
ldent Sio i on ) a year
"r i do a a troiii his
il; r... i J-iistrict for
ai' Lis ji'in hascd
.i'i; i i iiiii in Iio-H'.-nry
- . in fr Jia the
propm ty on .Sat--peud
;: - i; .i
:ry ! a
-.- ir:j :
;ia Dis
now and
have been
a:;d (Jettys
Mr. Doyle, the timekeeper of tie.
S T Co. who lost both legs by l,e
ing run over near Divide a few
weeks ago is stated to be gttti;:.;
along very well and will soon be
out of the hospital. Father O'i'ur
rel was in Portland and saw Doyle,
who Baid, "It might have been
worse, I have two hinds yet."' liis
pluck will pull him through a;: I
instead of i will find him a different way to earn
a living than by beggiug.
is :'
'Vi i
t i
C'i "i
11"! I I'. Ni,
l;d .sui iiiKht, ml und
'ol lit N WAM)olTl.
Cock W C. Conner, 1st.
Ill I I' eot'll I N-
l'ullels 1'. II. KoHeuburg, 1st
and 'Jd.
Pullet -W. C. Conner, Ibt.
v. II 1 1 I. ANl-oVl'MS.
Hen - Kobeit (liilVm, istiiiul 2d.
Cock Kjbeit (iiillin, L'nd.
:l. K M.NCl;Cs
Cock .MiH, Orjdia IhuiHon, iht
Ilcii Mrs. Orpha Ik-nson, ist.
Hen Mih. J. II. Warner; ist and
Cockerel --ladwin Ihight, 1st.
1'iillet Ildwin liright, 1st. 2d
and ;d.
I Wl ltol I. lis
Coidi.nel Hairy K. Metcall', 1st.
i'ull'-t llariy K. Metcalf, 1st
and "Jtid.
asaacsasEsaaa ! be
Running Out of Wood.
The S. I'. C" is lunning out of
wood and in Mailing to burn coal,
at the 'dipi't hete only miough
wood i-s on hand to bum until the
lirst of the year, audat that time
roal sloyes will be installed and
eoul will be shipped here for heat
ing the depot .
At find thought it seems very
.strange that tho wocd HUpply
nhould la- ho hhm t with a thousmid
hills on all sides covered with great
foroMH, but during tho paft yoar
'very man and boy has found two
jobs waiting for him, and almond
ready for hi in to name his price, so
there was no money in cutting
wood, w hen such jobs weru to be
had, coiiHcijuenlly no wood wuh cut.
Next summer many nay there will
bo lots oi wood cutters, but many
of the nu n who uro making eare
f nl preparations s.iy that noxt yoar
will be more lively than this, und
that not an extra man will be
found and that wages will still bo
higher, und help is searce, with a
prospect ol fewer wood cutters than
ever thin year.
An Opportunity Missed.
The H 1' Co. has juwt purehused
ioo acruH of Drain Mountain, cIohc
to Drain and will at once put a
crew to blasting out rock and
crabbing it for ballast along the
now road. Tho Drain Nonpareil
Mates that several cniHherB will bo
j ut to woik blaKiny cut the rock
i rig nin ai f m ,
f1 H ti ffl M W h B m U H HHirtlHfi riHBV r
rj rcir n ua n cf ei vai m u voa uxn v?sr k ji r- .
.DEG 20th
Wo have arranged with a large Manu
facturer of Furs to make a full display
of every immaginable shapes, including
all the up-to-date special designs that
could be shown in New York at prices
direct from the Factory to the wearer,
including the new throw scarf and mulls
to match, childrens sets, etc. While we
have a fine line on hand and a credit to
any store, we ask you to come in on
Dec. 20th whether you desire to pur
chase or not.
Yours very truly,
n TUflMFiOflM
i" numrdu n
First National Bank Bldg.
tr,. l '
ii I ea i ;. Ii ;
5 i Cat;;.; in.-,. : 1
have ; . ia ; i;'
p 14 St,
4 , Efiecv'vc A.:rbsii,q
. A w .;!' i:y M .: t
j has been visiti!i..' ;
I reeentlv pai ! a vi-i
I oriee to h'ek at
i. mens i ; 1 ,!n v ,; i
; displ.ivi il i;i on!
I I fc'-'t-i"'S !
H eti- !I'o:a li e ''le:
I Kivii-; !e 1 Hi.
I ' ! i ty Ve u's et !
j t yen iv s i . :l
has in.; bee- :n. l.t
j c.iin . In M.):.',-i ii. .. ;,.r M
o ei 'v 1 . v i . llie I ii
59 I'l.i.'v, . on '.'... i:...!
H!dor..i:r. 1 be 'n s: . a;; 1
J tl'.e 1:-)! d-'.'i
j ortli . ;' ;..
1 j sliuw'n : : -
i lb-- I- ...-.;. !'
been p; ,.
j llevaii . -..i
St i inui'.i. ; .,, pe 'pi t lunk
9 j not n' , ; i , '..-.n willdu
tin. , ' - i 1m ; ti ii..; 'Iii:
ll l) ll : .e' e: l..'. ' I
s inluei.e.. vV i ! 1 '. '
I Tho filp.'.ie ' i. i
I of fact, !.'. :.
II vl;i..' ;.) ; r.ipef ph:e
j ih j Cih i '!'.;, ,S Sale'.
I lb.- a' lie I i
Christ!:: I- 's u I ',; e , plicCS.
lish Holly i n- t, lie at The
Millinery storc,
i in. ii ii ' a I
111 lill in ll i.
oi the last
e.'i greatly enjoyed.
: at this
iy : 't':. :i a 1 vantage
i Ii days mean
!: :;: . At the Ve
. : i :'i-j: crew are
1 Si m.i J'-r Hard ex
work com-.r-.
1 ' -- run over
ii . avy -".ows ol the
1: -' ma'io it very
'..- v. o;k a- was ex-.I'.-vs
have done
' i:i a tl;e trestle
i ai can b-i laid
f.iea it will be put
the c irpeuters go
1. -i :.g over th
'"-. ' V.: s !u::.v ns
steadily and large
1) .ye been eotten
;e c:e gotten out, the
re is fr.:-:! and Mlunager
;r:i:ig lor f long ana
run ol the miil eoramenc
oi n.
Luck in Mining.
.: :e ijt e... !Ue ct the
t..o notary ol
::: ! by those
of these things;
' .'netiraliy re-
I kingdom. I
-:'.e:n by which
II h.ivo luck lo-
you man,
i can prove I
f I -eft prove it
'.i t '.ic.ilars for 2-
unieson, room
Denver, Colo.
a' Bohemia.
:r. i 'woman who
i Cut'.aoe Grove
. lo the Xuggot
!.' ! t!ie speci-
'ii.-. that were
window-. After
vi specimens of
oi' 'ra.j.j. the
Ve--'.!vi'i, she
f i ! ihe'ii ia tor
. it'.,' known ii
a. i ii. nine, aua
v ie, t he carup
. a a great
we have tho
r-t liu District
; v;uu?s went
us of
vet in
i v a dollars
' - e.nples
.'.'.. . .such a
- i.inge that
his never
i ge e ipi talis ts.
is .-.o easy of
t Tab r oi l com-
theie is
a short
e by a
t-. in big
ti-r ore
tii'i;i ite'in her
e fell, and its
e of the -itarter-i.
mi - a matte"
l ' take a good
Geo. Dung v:h in town
I d.iy mi busin s .