Bohemia nugget. (Cottage Grove, Or.) 1899-1907, December 05, 1906, Image 4

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J. McKEAN riSHr.R. Manager.
i placed upou the cougar, wild cl
j and timber wolf.
'The law should Amended tnak
; in it in offense Against the game
lw to have in possession when un
lawful to kill or t.iko any protected
game of Oregon (except for scien
tific or breeding purposes) or any
pait or parcel of the flesh of either
game or nlivc.
Making it unlawful for any H?r
son to have mote th in ten China
phc.isents, quail, grouse or Oregon
Nitivo l'he.istmt in hi or her ios-
J ywir-.v tl'isesfion nt one time,
is month , ... . . .... ,
should I e required. The fund aris
ing therefrom to he used iu provid
ing and nuiutnihiug a trout hatch
ery. This fund could be eularged
Mk Rll ehei'kn ftbti to Ntifvt I'ub. Co.
K.nteriM t th poKtoflk-c t Colt nee otvvo
O tkku wvtul rl.i in nil nisltot.
SUHSCKirTlON i;ati.
! month ifl.ou
If paid in advance.
Clubbing Pates.
The Uohenita Xug.uet one yevr
with any one of the following puh
ligations one yenr for amount et
l'mllle Monthly S'-'iH)
Weekly On-jrontau (Portland) ?:.."0
Weekly Journal ( Portland I f iMHt
Paily Mining Ktrord (lenver) if.VM
Weekly Mlninsj IVvonl ?2."J
Piicttie Homestead !?-'..'.
Northwest Poultry Journal fl.7."
riii pl'fr is Vort i
I on ni lv l ilt AMMSl-
iltl'.ss, Clmmt" r of t om-
meroe HiiiMiuk. IK'liiit. olo . vmerp our
. railer w ill t eli'o-ui' to the it, of tli l-nil-i
i papers from t ho urioiis nr. mug Mvlioim of
i ri W est, ft st -irmitic library mul tumor1 -Dibit.
rltlS PAt'KK in kept ti Mr At K t'. lrnkt'
.1 Ivrrtinintc Am-noy. ( Hint MeivtiHtit K
.nature. Sail Kruiu'wo, t 'aliforma. tu're oon
nu ts (or ailvort;s:nit can liemaJc for it.
Wkdnkspay, 1i:c.
I ooJ
Would Have State Own Printing Plant
The Capital Typographical I'nion
is asking suoport for two bills to
before the Oregon legislature for
the erection of a separate building
at Salem for r. state print shop, for
the purchase of a plant to equ'p
same, and making the state printer
a salaried officer drawing J;,ooo a
year, the btsta paying for and oper
ating the shop under his direction
and fixing the limit of expense
that may be gone to in the years
190U at iS,ooo and in 1910 at
5o3,ooo. It is al-o incorporated in
the bills that the same building
1 -ny be used as a heating plant for
the capital to thus take from the
ai'ital the danger of fire, and by
the removing of the print; shop
from the '.niilding, do away with
the noise and vibration of the ma
chinery in the eapital. For the
building and the plant the bill asks
lar $30,000, and provides the
method of its expenditure.
The idea in a go:d one tnl;
should be pushed along. It w ill :
save the state expense, ana win
uiore iuuui iu tuc siaic uuusc T?VTTn-
tor tne wotk 11 was duiu ior, ana
which is needed.
! by placing nil moneys collected as
1 flues for violatio'n of tho trout law
to the credit of the said fund.
Salmon trout should be taken
with the hook and line at any and
all times and seasons ot the year.
! Ten days should be given to all
j hunters to dispose of game taken
in open season.
Non-residents who pay the teu
dollar licence for hunting should bo
permitted to take one days hunt out
; c. f the rate.
1 Define what constitutes under the
game law a non-resident.
Provide for the sale of all deer
hides that now are or may be iu the
possession of the game warden or
his deputies.
Repeal of law protecting Heaver.
The limit of one days catch of
trout is now one hundred and
twenty-five per day. This should
be changed to not over fifty.
During the year io4 persons were
convicted of haviug violated the
game laws Thirty-four shipments
ot game were seut out of th state
for exhibition and scientific pur
poses. HNANi IAI. ii TATtMtN I'.
Appropriation for salary
of game warden $ I200.00
Appropriation for expen
se" of game warden 500.00
Appropriation for services :
and expenses of deputy
irurue wardens
Reach Grtvrxd Old Ait.
Sim Ptiand had a letter from his
father at Turtle Lake, Win., l'ri
da.v morning stating that lie was
feeling very well, and was looking
forward to a visit from him. That
same evening Mr. Httml received n
telegram slating that his father had
died very suddenly that ruoruing.
Mr. and Mrs. Hratul limi expected
to have left Nov. ITqh for a visit to
the lather, as Mr. Miami felt that
with his father's yeart of life, ho
had not many more to slay in this
woild. but on account of Mrs.
luand's sickness they were unable
to g As it would take a number
of days for him to get home, and
the fuueral could not bo delayed he
did not return to bo present.
i.onu ti;nnkssi:k nuiiT.
Por twenty years W. L. ltawln, of
Pells, To an", fought nasal catarrh.
Ho writes: "The swelling and hoio
uen In-dde my none was fearful, till
I Uxan applying Pucklen's Arnica
S:lp to the sore nurface; thN caused
the dorenoss and "welling to disap
pear, never to return." Best salve
In existence- L'h" at Pennon's Pharmacy.
Prcp.irc for Irrlgnlton, Spr.iy inj- H
,.,.,. i
ana ptiittiiiiiK m,h iiiihtj .
KaiibankMi'txr 1 1 .1 ! i 11 Kn
ginos for puuipino, -.p: tunv, ,
sawing, jjiindmv;. (i.itliH
oomph-to. Kan hunks Si a'.es
for weighing. l-'aiibunL
Moi so n.iiiim .mil M"i, i .
for j'owor mid hi; I 1. 1' mi !"n,;,
Moi'no Windiuilh and T.nii-is
Fairbanks-Mofe '( , d t'linp
pers, Ol indel s, W i ll PnmpM
All lilst quality g"ids it ln -est
prices. Always m - tiK.
Libet id t 1 ins. pi niept t epl y
to inquiries, qnii h f-1 1 1 ; -i t, t .
Write for catalogue and pp-
Porll.ltlil, Oreifim.
11 ftiAWuahV'm.ftrfcEamp-crTTi '.
See us for holiday
baskets, jaidini 1 ih,
Veatcli & I. a a h ii .
Balauce on hand from
Hunter9 license l'.05
Received from Hunters
license 1 006
Grand total
: Salary game warden
Annual Ganwwtrdin Report
J. V. Baker, state game and for
estry warden has justmade his an
nual report to Governor Chamber
lain. He makes in - this a number of
good recommendations, which are:
The law requiring each man to
take out a license should remain
upon the statutes. This is the tru e
principal of game protection, those
who enjoy the hunt -'should pay
the bill" and by this system the
people who do tot huDt are not
foroed to pay taxes for game pro
lection. Provision should be ma le for the
printing of Hunters licence and the
county clerks should bn allowed a
small fee for issuing each license.
This expense should be paid out of
the game fund without decreasing
the same in any way and to do this
J should recommend that all fines
collected for violation of the irame
law be placed in the game fund. J5y
bo doing the only appropriation
necessary would be the salary and
expenses of the game warden.
Aside from this the game protec
tion would be self-sustaining.
A reasonable bounty should be
Expenses and services of
Estimated expenses and
services of deputies for
Nov. 1906
10325. 15
34OIG.1 5
East Side School Boys Win.
The Uaskct ball game between
the Hoys of the lvist side school
and those of the Eighth Grade.
Weduesday night was very interest- I
ing and w.n a very good game con - j
pideritig it was the first game o f I
the yeaa, The score at tbo end tit 1
the first half was 12-8 iu favor oi l
the Eighth grade. Iu the secoud j
half tho Eighth did not score, while
the East side boys made 10 points, 1
uiakiug tho final score t8 i2 in j
favor of tho East side. The game
was clean and free from any squab
bliug. Tho boys will do much bet
ter in later games.
Marvin Jordan, ceuter; Clay
Mosby, right guard; John Cooter,
left guard; Jessie Lewis, left for
ward; Chas. Coiner, right forward.
Elmar Hastings, center; liobert
Sherwood, left guard; Chester
Baker, riht guard; Hud Lincoln,
left lorward; Allen Baker, ri'ht
forward; Umpire, Albert Griffin.
Heferee. Albert Zerull.
candy making, has
A New Candy SI010.
Ilolnidcn, lately Innii the
with a 1 on eiei ience m
opened a in1. it
candy Mote at tho entrance t" lie1
bridge, where he makes hii umi
candies of the purest materials.
Ml ,
you win uiwnvs mm tiietn iviic
fresh and ihlieioio
peanuts are freshly
day, and ure as cheap as thr ordi
nary peanuts, you hav t shi-H.
If you look at his t"te you wdl
have to buy some candy it i-. mi
KemeinUr right by the btidge---Holm
Cottafjc Grovo Flour Mills
M'lniifuclinciH of Hour and I
sack ,
Hutu f.M i" i ton. averaging f0 cents por
Shoils $2:1 per Ion; 80 IN. Hack 1.
K'!lid lui 'ev $1 or, p"i m.icK; special late on foil litM
I'.Miqiuie 1 u 1 1 1 11 1 1 v wilb the imp uled vaiiefics and
the illlli 11 nee.
Vetch Hay!
11 ye it l"l ol 1 lean Vetch hay, sploiidM for cown.
1 it r h ai'ohonso.
it "l
I cents foi He. 'ond hand feed t'.li'ki.
Hespet 1 1 'i 1 1 v
Hcxrtung & Hansen.
ii'i 1111111 p oe
is. His salted
y masted each lj
to Dollville
Classified Advertisements.
Wood Wanted.
Will accept wood for renew t'- of
subscriptions at this office.
FOR SALIC-S'coiid liand K-m-
B 1 If ffS ffl (fS
ington typewriter
S 1'
Don't Fail to catch
Total 30C13.W
lialance ou hand 33117.20
J. W. Baker, War leu.
J. li. Waternmn, of Wntertown, ().,
Huml freo delivery, writes: "My
iluughtur, nflllctet " (or yeurs with
epilepsy, was cured by Dr. Kind's
New I lie rills. 8he has not had uu
attack for over two years."
body cleanser and life Hiving tonic
pills on earth, L'.'e ;it Hensun'M I'liar-niuoy.
R tvirid.
Tom Awbrey has reiumel t
Cottage Grove and is again wmi:
iusurauce policies in the Oit,"i.h
Eire liulief Assn., of M - XI 1 1 1 1 1 v i 1 1 " ,
aud the Aetna Eire I us-irauce Co
of Hartford, Conn
C 4
Clans' Train!
For Sale
Span eleven hundred iiin.
mates, or will trade fur cuttle. I',:i
quire of, or address
Ekank J. Dwukwo n,
Wild vood, (Jo .
Ehono Bohemia Line. 1 1
T, . ! 1 . .
lovs arc now on tuspiay lor all the
The following ftfiternt-nt by ff. M,
' Adams and wife, Henrietta, fa., will
j Interest r'arentn und ttthern. "A mi
i raeulous cure has taken place in our
: I,. .rn ll.i ..l.ll.l l.n.l r I
in'uir. iiiini iirii i-vtriuu .1 J nils
I and was pronounced lncnrable,vnen
1 we read about Klectric Hitters ami
j concluded to try it. liefore the second
bottle was all taken we noticed a
o-hange fur the better, and after tak-
iiikf 7 bottles he wiw completely
cured." It's the up-to-date blood
medicine and body building tonic,
(iiiaranteod. .r,m: arid .!. at IUmi-kjii'h
Spcll School Mooting.
Notice is hereby given to the le
gal voters of School District No.
45 of I,ane County, State of Ore
gon, that a special school meeting
of paid District will be held at the
j Kast Side school houce on the loth
day of December, lOOb', at 2
(O'clock in the afternoon, for the
1 following object to vote au eight
j mill tax for school purposes.
I Dated this 1st day of December,
J. K. Barkktt, District Clerk,
C. H. Vandlnhckg, Chairman
Hoard of Directors
Last week two Denver young
men sold a mine located by them
in Nevada for The mine
was discovered by Edward and
Nicholas D'Arcy, last May, aud
has netted them considerable money
before their sale of the property.
Qui' k fcU'cess is seldom attained in
mining work, and the mine that
takes years to get to a producing
stage, generally is the one that be
comes the greatest producer.
Mmam0 'Pwmesr
Absolutely JPure
A wholesome cream of tartar
baking powder. Makes the finest,
lightest, best flavored biscuit, hot
breads, cake and pastry.
Alum and ' alum-phosphate
powders are injurious. Do not
use them. Examine the label.
Or Thomas McClary,
When a man can completely cap
tivate large and critical audiem-en
of the many great Chau itaiiqua As
semblies which employ only the
best taleut only, and when he can
repeatedly appear in such city en
tertaintnuit courses ae those con
ducted iu Boston, Atlanta, Buffalo
Detroit, New York, Chicago, Nash
ville, Toledo, Indianapolis, Port
land, Seattle and Ios Angeles he
certatuly is a ster entertainer. Such
has been the record of Dr. Thomas
McClary, who comes fourth in the
series of attractions offered by citi
Few men possess similiar char
acterist. "He has the humor of
an Artemis Ward and the oratory
and learning of a Weudell Phillip."
He has dono as much to make the
lecture tmpular us well as entertain
ing ana in.sti uctive us uny man on
the plutf.ii m. Hh f,Cr) js like that
of Lincoln and Jvinerfon, homely
but pleasing, lie pohsesses their
power to make men laugh and cry.
- His ideas are fresh , his illustra
tions apt, ami his wit keen. Well
has ho boen styled by Uioho who
know him 'The People's Fu
vorite." Ai the Pacific drove.
Placerville und Shasta Ktreat
Chautauqua, as well as at Ashland
aud Gladstone Park, Oregon, he
hah pleased Lis people greatly.
Many people on the coast have
heard him aud all who have very
highly praise him. If you like fun
and souud fcCnso hear Thos McClary
011 fcaturday nit;ht 22nd. Anv
long-faced man who comes aud is
not cured gets his money refunded.
rices are 25, -io and CO cents.
Sale of reserved seats begius on
Tuesday Dec. 18 at NewlJra Drug
Store. You cannot afford to miss
hearinir McClarv. He is th
greatest humorist making the coast
I this year,
44 4
r -S V- -(Si
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