Bohemia nugget. (Cottage Grove, Or.) 1899-1907, October 24, 1906, Image 8

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    Lodge Directory.
A. F.&A. M.
Cottage Clrove Lodge No. 51.
Meetings 1st anl iird Wednesdays
of each month.
L. F. Wooloy, V. M.
J. H. Lurch, Secy.
G. A. R.
Apporaatix Tost No. 34.
Meets at 1 p. iu. ou the 2 ml ami
lib Saturday of each month.
Dr. P. L. Woods, Post Com.
G. VV. McRejnoUls, Adjutant
w. o. w.
Bohemia Camp No. 200.
Meets each Friday evening.
L W. Baker, Consul Com.
Chas. VanDeiibiug, Clerk.
O. E. S.
Cottage Grove Chapter No. 4.
Meetings held on 2nd and 4th Fri
day of each month.
Mrs. C. H. Btulvholiler. V. M.
W. S. Bennett, V. P.
Miss Celia Lurch. Secy.
K. of P.
Juvenilis Lodge No. 4S.
Meets every Wednesday night.
S. H. riper Chr.ncellNr Com.
Chas. VuuPenburg, K. of H. A S.
I. O. O. F.
Cot I age Grove No. OS.
Meetings every Saturday night.
S. S. Shortridge, X. G.
Gus P. Gross. Secy.
Royal Neighbors.
Meets 2nd and 4th Wednes day ol
cacj month.
Ethel Bisby, Orac:e.
Mrs. C. W. Wallace, Recorder.
M. W. of A.
Meetings 1st aud 2rd Tuesday.
Lei toy Woods, Consul.
C. W. Wallace, Secy.
Cottage Grove No. 21.
Meetings 1st, 3rd and 5th Friday ot
each month.
Etta Baker, N. G.
Katie B. Veatch, Secy.
Modern Brotherhood of America
Meets 2nd and 4th Tuesdiy at I. O.
U. F. Hall.
T. W. Jenkins, Sec.
w. o. w.
St. Valentine Circle 121.
Meets ist and 3rd Tuesday in W.
6. W. Hall.
Flora J. Miller, Clerk.
L. O. T. M.
Lady Lamson Hive No. 42.
Meets 2nd and 4th Friday of each
Mrs. Mary Schmutz, L. C.
Miss LetaSanford, K. K.
K. O. T. M.
Cascade No. CO.
Meets every Thursday night.
O. H. Veatch, Com.
R. K. Bennis. Cooter.
We are anxious to have every Re
publican in close touch, and work
ing in harmony with the Republican
National Congressional Committee in
favor of the election of a Republican
The Congressional campaign must
be based on the administrative and
legislative record of the party, and,
that being so. Theodore Roosevelt's
personality must be a central figure
and his achievements a central
thought in the campaign.
We desire to maintain the work of
this campaign with popular subscrip
tions of One Dollar each from Repub
licans. To each subscriber we will
send the Republican National Cam
paign Text Book and all documents
issued by the Committee.
Help us achieve a great victory.
James S. Siikkman, Chairman.
P. O. Box 2063, New York.
Cottage Grove souvenir tablets
at the liuzaar.
A Sacramento county dairx 111,111 hai
a ooxv that ho a rkht to ho cmhit
ulnstlo oxer. Tills cow has a tivM l:il
ly enrnliiit capacity cxc-odini, tlial of
the nvcrairo man. We are told in the
Census IYOrts tll!lt llie axela:'.' daily
wage iiiKl to men for their lalor Is a
little oxer Well. Ih: co.x. a pure
bred Holstoln Fiiosia.i. lias produced
milk for her owner xx..r:li as ItUh a
J3.S0 ft lay and for sexeral mould- sho
fciH-S rllit on liudoti'. over xxorih of
milk a day. will. Ii le - IN ai 1 t i I at
tho usual price of .. t ents a quail. Of
course the feed and cap must K
cLnreil against tills, but x 011 can't
very well ootuvlxo of 11 cow eating S"
worth of food a day at present price,
or one third i f tliat amount. m (here i
a hljt bargain left for tin owner. SI..
Is 8lx years old and 1ms never t 1 1 dry
since her first calf, lids eoxv is not
kevt for hr line breeding, but is one of
a working herd xxhose owner made up
his mind that tUe kind of a cow tvi
make the most money from Is the N-st
producer you can possibly He tot
this Idea lonu enoiudi ;u.. 0 that iy
tho present time the herd eon fists of
several hundred pure bred and hkh
grade IlOl.-deln 1'riesiaus and 111:11, y
there ure lii the herd the dady xaiuo of
whoso int'.t. exceeds the earnings of the
averaso man.- ract:.- lalry u-.-viex.-.
A Sbwrthoru'K I'iiif Ilrooril.
The Shorthorn eoxv;n e Airdrie
VI., owned by Nebraska c.xi-eri-
ment station, has jut compl'tod a
milk and butter record which is a load
5U4 .M Ni
Florence AJrdrle I. : iruneity of
Nebraska experiment station.
er for coxvs of this lreed, according to
Professor A. L. Iluecker, who pixel
the following aceount of it In rreoder's
Bho prcnluced betweeu April 7, 11 "Ci,
aud April 7, 10O!. 10.4S7 pounds of
milk, 413.01 pouuds of butter fat and
481.81 pounds of butter. Her averao
test was 3.94, and she wan with calf
during the last six months of her lacta
Florence was purchased from Wil
liam Ernst, Johnson county, Neb.. April
20, 1003, and from that date to tho pros
ent her milk and butter record U as
Milk. fat. Uutur.
, 7,537.5 358 51 4IS.24
7.112.5 310.03 3w.70
10,157.0 413.01 411
Total for three years.. 25,137.0 1.057.55 l.W.vj
AVgo for three years. 6.379.0 3C51 422.93
IToreuce was calved Juno ', IV.tS,
being now about eight years old aud
In her prime. If she retains her normal
condition she will uo doubt produce a
still larger record next year. During
tho three years Bhe has dropped three
bull calves aud Is due to freshen again
tn July of this year.
Goad a Government Bond.
The real thing Is 'the Jersey eow. If
you milk her for tho Cuero creamery
Bhe la a mint. If you offer her on the
market for bale she Is as staple as a
government bond. C'uero (Tex.) Star.
Arrabtres Preferred.
My thirty cows are pure bred Ayr-
shires and grade Ilolstelns, tho former
preferred to any breed I have tried. It
Is the poor mau's cow. I buy ull feeds
In Juno while prices arc low. A New
York Farmer.
Clean Milk.
Tho filth that gets Into milk 1:1 to a
large extent readily soluble In tho
milk, aud no nti ainlng, fllterhn,' or een
trlfuglug can remove It. Folloxvlng
milking, however, the number of bac
teria is constantly being Increased from
unc lean and unsterlle utensils uud ap
paratus used lu straining, cooling and
transporting the milk.
There are of course many other ways
In which milk may beeon e Impure ex
clusive of deliberate adulteration. The
greutest amount of dirt comes from
tho exterior of the eoxv during milking,
and much of this may be kept out by
using a covered milk pall.
A BanlneM I'rupodll ion.
The feeding and handling of cows
and cow products is u business proposi
tion, tho same as handling dry goods or
groceries, and bhould bo done on busi
ness principles. The Uabcock tester
and tho milk scales will show where
tha leaks come In and lu which direc
tion the efforts should be directed to
remedy tho trouble.
To Produce u Heavy Milker.
To produce a heavy milker continue
to milk up to within a few weeks of
the coxv's second freshening; then, be
fore she hiiH had her third calf, dry her
off for two months. After the third
calf you xvili have a well developed
cow that will continue to bo a largo
milker. Mrs. A. Howie.
Am a Food Producer.
As a producer of human food a good
dairy row Is about equal to two beef
steers, and the eoxv lias to give only ten
quarts of milk per day to do the work.
And, besides, tho cow Is left, while the
steer U uot. Lxchauge.
There U a kind of stall known as tho
model stall. Some people call It
Hoard's model stall, ns iJovcrnor
Hoard, through Hoard's Ihilrymun. has
advocated this stall long and pc lst
ontly. Helow Is given a cut of ,hls
Stall, redrawn from King's l'liys:. h of
Agriculture, with slight modlllcntlons.
Tho manner In which tin cow U foil
nslftigo and grain Is on a level xxlth
Uio platform the tow stands upon. The
feeding alloy Is lu front, and (he ow Is
fed her grain through Ihe opening from
the fivding alley. To prevent cows
reaching through Ihls openiiu: lino the
feeding alley a door hung upon hinges
is used to close the opening. This s
swuiilc up against llie hay innnriv
when the ensilage and grain are belie;
fed. Txxo feet itloe this manger I.
the bottom of Ihe hay manger. This
bottom is made out of eight Inch or ton
Inch plank ami Is boarded up oa the
alley side. The front part of (he hay
manner, or that part toward the cow.
Is made of si its, the top of xxhleh pro
Joels toward tho cow at an iukIc of
about forty the degrees. She eats tin
hay through these sl.its.
It x ill bo noticed that. when the cow
Is eating the grain or ensilage out of
1WSM i
' ' W h M V
MolKL COW si'At.L.
the lower manger she Is Just as far
ahead as she can possiWIy get. When
she raises her head to eat hay the hay
manger forces her back a step. Now.
the philosophy of the stall Is this:
When she Is eating grain or ensilage
out of the lower manger the at teudant
notices xv here she stands xvitli her hind
feet, and he places a '' by 4 edgewise
across the stall jut In front of her
hind feet. It Illllst bo understood that
tin ensilage and grain manger is only
four to six inches high on ihe side
to. aid the cow. Now. the space be
t xv eei i this manger ami this 'J by I in
front of tho cow's hind feet Is tilled
with straxv for loddiiig It gra lm.l y
bei oines packed in there o that ti e
cow has a mattress of straw four
llli l es deep to lie Upon. This is l,, r
bed. When she stands up she cannot
get into It xvitli her hind feet to soil
It. The manger prevents her from get
ting ahead, so that the droppings xxill
not at any time fall la this bed; co:i
seiiieutiy it Is al o ays lean.
When the eoxv lies down she must lie
up ill this lx d or else lie right over tin
edge of 111 ; by I, xvldeh is so uncom
fortable that she s.Mii learns to lie far
enough forward to lie comfortably on
the bed. The construction of the bed.
then, compel the eoxv to keep herself
clean. I have put Into lay barn fifty
two of the-ic stalls. They are giving
entire satisfaction. The cows can be
tied xvitli a halter to the plank which
forms the bottom of the hay manger
or with a rope around the neck or with
a eoxv chain.- Michigan Farmer.
Keeping the t'ow'n Tall Mill.
One of the most unpleasant features
of milking Is the sxvltohlng of the coxv's
tail. With many cows this Is a trouble
both winter and
summer. A sin
gle circle of
heavy rope laid
over the rump
helps Homew hat,
but u persistent
cow will soon
free her tall. A
double rope,
kept apart by a
HWITCI.I.SO 1'RKVK.STtO Wt of n Htlf.k OI1
either side, us shown In the cut, xvlil
securely hold the tail, according to
Farm Journal. The two ropes should
be tied together where they pass over
the back.
How the Com 'Mine Home.
"For the information of those who
are In the habit of sending a dog for
their coxvs I wish to report a little ex
perience which I have had along this
line. I tested the milk from a cow
after she was brought to the stable by
a dog, the dog In turn being In charge
of a small lwy. She was considerably
excited and ipilte warm. Her milk
tested 2..'1. The next morning It was
4.1, and a week later, when she was
brought In by a man and perfectly
cool, her milk tested C.2. Now, you
can figure out whether or not It i iys
to use a dog around a dairy herd. I
should state that the pasture anil feed
were exactly the sarno In each In
stance," says an Iowa man.
llmt Time to Make Cheene.
The best time to make dairy cheese
Is Immediately after milking, says lro
fessor A. Ii. Iluecker. The various
changes that take placo In milk nearly
all develop In the milk drawn In tho
evening and kept over until tho fol
loxvlng morning. So If milk Is made
Into cheese Immediately after It Is
lrawn no dlUleully will bo experi
Separator For Small Dairy.
If you have as many as five cows it
will puy you to own a separator. If
you expect at any time to milk as
many as ten cows you ought to buy
about a No. 2. which will cost $125,
but If you do not expect to keep more
than live cows a smaller sl.e will an
sxver, which will ningo in cost from
$50 to $75.-Southern Cultivator.
A VOl Nti MdTHF.It AT To.
"My liintler lias sii.blcnlv been i
innde x nun): at Vo. Txxeiitx xcusnl!
Intense suffering f I iti dx-p'pda bad i
entirely di-nld'l lei, noli! six
in i 'h t lis ago. xx hi ii she I .eg i ii I :i k I Ii:;
Kloclrh- I'.itti is. xx hi. h liaxe coin
pletely cured bet :nu lesloied the
strength ami net Ix 1 1 x she hid in the
piinio tr life," xx til Mis. . ,. iii.
Patrick, of hiiiifoith. Me. (.lentest
rcstorntlxo im lieim- An the gloU-.
Sets, NtutiKich, I ,ix er ,i ml K I lnex s nil
right , purities the blood, and 'cures
M.'ll ll i.'l, Itilioiisliess uud WcilUniMses
Woildel lid Net xe Tonic. I'l lee -.He.
dil.iiniiteed bx- Iteiison's I 'ha i iii.ux
HANOI. I; I i;ii i in; I i . t ; i i :
There's gl'axe d.iligir Iroin the
pi iglie oT coughs :i 1 1. 1 eohU th il .-lit
so prevalent, uiilc-s inn I'r
Ix lllg's New iMseoxelx ,a e trump
t Ii HI . coughs mid ell. Mr-,, too
of Forest City. Me., xx i iu-s;
(iodseinl to people lix ilig in
xx hen- coughs Mild Cold- pi
tilld it iilckly ends th in. It
I I h 1 1 1 1 ii ! 1 1 ; i , cures I ..-iiiripp
II - .1
id I III. 'I I CM
ex. III. I
pi ex cut s
e, gives
ml l,:iy
XX olldel flll ll-lie' ill ,st ll"l l
fexei oil I iii.'i'kcm v i-..k lung
enough t. xx.'ll'd c If eoi 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1
coughs and coll- .VV .rid .100
( ! il.'ir.Ultecd by Felisioi - i iiui in.iev
Trial bottle dee.
no i ii i: km. i ri'.idCA 1 1
I 'epai 1 1 1 1 - ii t
I. Hid dltice at lb..
i th
- Inli
( )r.
use I ill i i;
( ).
tt Ii r h:i
t 1st. I'l Hi lie-
tiled le.lic.
Not ice is In ivb
loxvini; named -c
oi hi- intent ion ti
ll J IOI t ot ll IS (
i In.iK' tin. I
Liilil, ,'H.d
ll I : I I
i it-
i not wiille iiii.I
i- I ie lo re
S. Land
I Mli,
and lleceixi r. I '
I lose I ill i ii. ( ''ee. i oi .
I 'toil, xl:
iiomi- i: .;.
ii. i:. o. iv:! fi. r,u
l;i K
::i. I p -j i s. i; i u
I le n,i iocs the fill XX i 1 1 LV w 1 1 lie
prox e his con in nous t i hiici
and cult ivat i if Hind hi ml. i -
.1. F. Ke.lfofd. of A II hill f. Ueii
.e- to
up. 1 1 ,
ii. M
I i...
. M.
I'. Stexvart. of 'olil-toek, K
1 .-L 1 1 1 1 ; I y, of I 'otust. ick , 1 U 'v 'li.
Kitchey. of Aiilnut, diion
I'.cs.i X XI n I.. I' I 1 1 x . I.'e
Hi-In 11 Jl
-I'M Ml .'
Ill t he ( ircl; t ( 'oil ft ol I he Mate of
( li coll for t he t 'oiint.X o l.alie.
Abliei ll. I'.l'.ntliex . I 'la int ill. xs
1 I.I IX ex- F. Mnitll and ('l.ll.l ilelj
Smith.' defeii. hints.
To ll.-irvcx F, Siui'h ,ind ( I.h.i
Hell Slnit ll, ib f. nd.ilit-.
Ill the name of t he St.Lte ol ( i . e. , ,,,
Voll nil- hereby lillire. .... ,.
and answer the col:ip!.ili,t I i 1 - -1
ULLUillst ,V' .11 iu tie- aboX e ent it . i n 1 1
within six xveekis fioin the lir-l puli
lien 1 1, ill ol t Ids h 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 . . 1 1 s ; and if X' o 1 1
fail so to nliHXVer, for Want I heieof t be
pliiintlir will take jiidiiinent and de
cree ,x on as pinx e.l oi ic
i omph'iint, x'i, lor the foreclo-uic of
the lllorl H'iin'e tfivell by X oil to i l.i in
tifl' .1 line L'-Jlnl 10(1.-,, I o -e. llie xoiir
prolnisory note of h.iid to pi. nil
tiff for tli' Hum offjo.; xx ilh interest
at pel cent per aiiiiuin .ni l that tin
lands (i-mci ii'i d in said uc irt li'.i.-I ,.
sold to p.i.x' and H.itisfy the n mi
due on said note xxith interest , co- ts
I llcl inline; at toi nc.X s fees ,u. . lid ill i -e
lliculs i if Hlllt.
This simiiiioli- i- erxed byp d li
f.i t H ill t III -i e. d for si nilcccs-; X e xveek
ill the I'.oheliiTa Nloj.el by order of I,
T. Harris, .Indue of ,.u, eoiiu made on
t he Jit Ii day of September, Him;, and
1H pMlilished the lil'st time ill -aid
patier on t he Jii li day of Scpteml icr,
A . F. 'ill.l-:i.i.i:,
Attorney for I'lidnliu
In the Circuit Com t of the Slate m'
Oregon for the county ol Fain .
I.exvin (ileasnii, plaintill, xs '1 lie
CryHtal Consolidated Minim.' Com
pany, a corporation, M. I'. W'yatl.
d. II. IS'jllard, Noah Koi'iinaii, .loim
II. Ill.itt ner, Daniel Snapp and
Ianie I',. Smipp, t ril-tee, deleiiilants.
l'o Noali Kofiinaii, .lolinll. I'd. it
tlier, Daniel Snapp and Daniel I-..
Snupp, trustee, defeiidalits above
named ;
Vou and each of you are hereby re
quiied to i.ppear and aiisxxer t lie com
plaint filed aeaitist you in theuboxe
entitled Knit, on or liefotenix weeks
from t he ilato of t he fust publication
of this KiimmoiiH, iiinl if you fail ho to
appear and answer said complaint
for want thereof, the plaintiff xvili
apply to t he court lor the relief de
manded therein, to-xvit: J udj-'meiit
aguiiiHt tin; defeinlant, tin- Cryntal
OjiiKolidated .Mining . ompanv, T"''
the sum of Four Hundred Ninety-five
(if l',)."i 1X1) dollaiH with interesi thereon
at the rate of hix (t;i per cent per
annum from the loth day of April,
I'.KX), and lor the further sum of live
($.r).0(l) dollars for preparing a nd re
eoi (1 i nur Hiild lien, ami fm th'j furl lier
hiiiii of lifty (.." U)0 j ilollai'H at toi ney
fees, for the foreidoKiiie of Ihe lien net
up iu plaiitil'f'H complaint upon the
properly therein described, to-xvit:
"The Mountain Moll. I'he Floala-
do, I'lie lieckv Sliarp", '"I he Friar
Tuck" mid "Tho Knickerbocker"
mining claims, a ll hituated iu Hie I'.o
I, inl.i Mining Distiht, in Fane
County, Oregon, tooetlier xvitli the
htamp mill, Haxvmill and machinery
of every kind and ih,'Hcript ion nit it
a ted on said inluinn' clainiH coniieeteil
therexvilli or appurtenant (hereto,
mid iiHkinn' tlmt. mini property be
Kohl by the Sheriff of Fane County,
Oregon, according to law and tin
practice of lhin Court, and that I he
proceed.-i of mich wile, after deducting
thu costH and expensoH of thin pto-
ecedlii'jf and ll.e costs and charu'es of
wild Kale bo applied lo Hie payment
of tlie mini due laiiitilf as aforesaid
costH and disbursements and at
torney foes, and tlmt the ilcfeiidaiits
and cacti oftliein Im forever b irred
and forecloHed of ull rlht, claim, in-
teroHt or I'liulty In tho Haul premiHCH
and property mid every part I hereof,
except tiioHttilutaiy rl;lif to ledeciu.
and that plain! iff have kiicIi ollierund
fu it her i ell I, auto the Court may
Heeiil jilht 111 the premiHCH.
1 liH HiiminoiiH In puiillslied once
tfuch wti'k for bix Buuceualvo weeks lu ,
0 P
of llie
privacy of your liomc Thccomforts of a club
The luxury of a first class hotel.
Oriental Limited
Afford you
Daily between St Pan I IV1 i ri rioopl is. Piujct Sound .md Intermo
diato Points via tho
I'or detailed lllfoi mat loll,
S li Vi rl e-, . Ii.
o S Dakota sails
ILivery Feed & Sale
Potts & Powell, Prop.
Cottr.!c (-rove
'Ihe Uodgc Jis ivcti pcrlcct sepxiration
ofinc I. cad Ores
lc4 HlAUe'St.
,e I o die In l.i ntv
I i . . 1 1 n r of -en. ro I
Ii-Ih.I at (utt.i;-.
t. ,1 XXeokl.V lie -AS
cir. -illation, imlj
-e (iroxe, III I, llie
bx order of Hon. I.
of the above on
i i e 1 1 . a-. I r bears
. of - epl em I ll I1, 1 'JOli,
I ie a t . ., i litem I .el- ,
1 ( 'on n I x
I'l. I
( lie;.', ,l
. Ju.U-
"oiirt ,
i I It led I
tin- L'tli !,
of III -1 pi
I " .
r 1 1
I. .V. l'o I I I. II.
s for I'laintllT.
1 I Mill i: l.ND, ( I
I n ('I'll i: i (ii id I
I nit. d Stat.
I Ko-ebiil ;', I (i-,. .
.11 Ni: d, s,s
i.ll'A I Id.N
.-. Fan. I llliee.
Sept . V. I'l.Hi
i Nollee IS her. Ie,' i , ll ( III I III
pli.iii.-e xx it 1 1 the pi n i - ions of t he act
( ol C ..';n-s oi .lime a, I-7-, entitled
" ll net for I he ,.,-ile ol t i 111 I e- la nds In
j llie SI. lies ol ( 'alii. 'llil.i . (Ilee-on, Ne-
x .i. I i . i io I a 1. 1 u.'i on 'I'ei 1 1 1 oi v ," as
J extended lo i,! I he Fuldie ' Fatid
I Slates In act. of Anus! I, 1
..f ( ol t.e'el i i ove, (In. of I , a lie, SI ale i or
I leliilolvl , f (lie-on, has this d.lX'
hie I la t his olhee her sxs . .rn mI at ciucli t
No. 7osi',, tor t he pinch. isc of the SW
', n i: . si: w ..f s.e pi, iii town
shipNo.'Ji .-. Ihinee .o.:; W. W. ,'d. and
xvili oiler proof lo sh ov that Ihelaud
soil-Ill js lilole valuable for Its timber
of stone than ..- am ieiilt ural pur-po-.
s, and to ibh-h her claim to
said land b.-ioie W. W. Calkins, F.S.
CominiHioner, at Ins oil'ii-e nl Fuejeae,
dice;, ,11, oil '', V ,,. t, ,;,y ,,
DecellllHT, lOOH.
Sin- iiaiui-H an xx i I 4 :
l.'lineH N. Wallace, John K. Cooh-y,
loha C. Wallace, .lauii-rt Fl nielia uh ,
of Colt.'IO (ilove, Ol'eJioll.
Any and all perHnns claliuini; ad-
el sil y I he aliove-described IjiiiiIs nro
re(UeHli'd to lile. their clainiH in thin
office on or before said Itli day of De
cember, PlOU.
r.KN.IAXIIX F. Flil.X, lie'ister.
'TU n Joy to rat T xvr Votin- my iliinirr linnr;
IlL-oni!,.-J tout iii.i.,i -,lh,ii wild Aniiht 1'luwer
JfConstii.iticii is the icsult of indigestion,
biliousness, flatulency. os:i of iippctitn!
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flfWhat a foolish plan, when nature could
be aided by the use of ('.rein's Aiumsl
l'lowi r, which is nuture'soxvii remedy foi
coiislipatiou and nil stomach ills.
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icr tiic Orient Oct. ?0
.1. S. Medley, .1. C. .IoIiiihou
Jl cl I cy , oh n.son,
A t torneyM ut law
Ofirr Stiltr.l l int, lihi,.
Special attention ulvni to Mining
and ( orporatloii Faxv.
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All tin- till. .st tri':itini.its.
Ordinary Cases $12 per Week.
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