Bohemia nugget. (Cottage Grove, Or.) 1899-1907, October 10, 1906, Image 6

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    Between, Two Fires
"A wise man will r.:ake n?r r-ppr-ctunltiee
than ht f. cda." Francis Bacon.
riiArrr.R ix oa: .a-j j
I lj oi-i::i to sy. 1 f
In t ':.! r. rd g-il at tb C :-'
At b . .- gjo.t.-. a I.-V1-1 T-y I
wbit :rtj-4 on ty ir. T-n I b-t-2
tb '.. cir t 1 krj
"I'l; j-nt i'v.-zr'y b!-3 f-r rr: -Mr.
JoT5. I a! b.Ti ttr h " fr
irij'l for a i j . tr I t f ,r a r..
!a. a '. C--'! :; 3 :c.,k is
:,"3 :
b r-
I hi-i r't r,'t -"r1! ?o r' ;
a:o it 4 'irn an.aTi-i tzi t k
r ? tr f'.-iT c: ;ii-':.T. i.k '"-7- a;.
t rjt wirb in t:r n rh it's tH :; 1 if
a zriB. tik ' ? hr --. to nt tb
rri.. r. r srr:'iy.
A: '.: I i"3 ir!T!
"H' a voril'r?: r.jj! II w ii i y'i
Cr? it rj. Co!tr:i"'" '
"li.-i J;iz:.j Orr t7 ;." that
..:-.-!. -w:ta
siii: ht.
I j; ;
r. i a i
on !.
"H kr.." .: :1 Slr-or!-.!. "asy-
:3 th js-v- w-;H t".rr b:m :
l. 3 J, harry triulln't if b -.iii
bip It. H unrrit"l your j"-5-r.
I? Mj 'JirTora ;ii T. torl- ;
ht'A'rt .;) Bat bow d-a it bar: '
Tb Colonel
atsd tb S jnorina both
"Toa do I: rry Mirln." H tV
f j rnj-.-, "bit t: w:.'! ut tin; if I -a
ttat both Sijrnorics N :?r:t asi !r. !'
ar p-rvv-j of th (i-taii rir.J;r.
tb (-be Coifl ps j!. aaJ atrok
"Ah, a'l bow d J voj Erj.i tbat oat?" !
I ak-L
"Sht toU rr;," sH tb C'jlon!, inl;
catij b; fa:r r.-iSjr.
"Ari l may I tut bow yoa fo-jnl it oat.
ftiynoriaa '
"Tb I'raiJat told a," uid tbat
"U'eil, as yoa both know all abont it.
!:' no fA kitg op prr.v. It'a
rry kind of yoj to oo and warn
"To'i dear Mr. Mirtin." aald tb
F.ynoriaa, "oar ino:iva are not purely
tb' of friendship."
'Vb. how do it matter to you?"
"Simply thia," asid ah, "the bank and
Ira xo!;nt manager own mot of tb
d-bt. Tb Colonel and I own the rest.
If it in repudiated, the bar.k lo ; yet.
but the manager and the Colonel and the
S.'norina Nugat are Joe:!"
"I didn't know thia," I aail, rather be
wildered. "Yen," aald the Colonel. Mwhn the Crat
loan waa raiaei I lent hiai fl'AOOO. We
were thick tbn. and I did it in return for
my rack and my eat la the Chamber.
K;nce then I're bought up aom more
bare a."
"You got them cbap,
aid I.
euppoae T
"Yea," he replied. "I arerajrd thern at
about 73 inti the fiveijllar ahare."
"And what do you hold now, nominal?"
Three hundrod thouaand dollara," aaid
b. abortly.
"I understand yoj- lutereat in the mat
ter. But yon, SijjnorinaV"
The Sijrnorina appeared a little em
barraed. But at !at ahe broke out :
"I don't care if I do tell you. When
I decided to tay here I had $.70,000. He
j-ierauaded me to put it all into bin horrid
debt. Oh! waan't it mean, Mr. Mar
tin T
The President had certainly combined
bualneaa and pleaaure in thia matter.
'DxjfTaoeful !" I remarked.
"And If that ?oe, I am pnni!ea
I-nnlleaa. And there'a poor aunt. What
wil h do?"
"Never mind your aunt," aaid the Colo
nel, rather rudely. "Well," he went on.
"you ae we're in the tame boat with you,
"Yea ; and we ahall eoon be In the aame
3ep water," aald I.
"Not at all," aald the Colonel. "Finan
cial probity la the backbone of a country.
Are v to atand by and ee Aureataland
enter on the ahameful path of repudia
tion?" "Never!" cried the 8inorina, leaping
op with aparkllng eyea. "Never !"
She looked enchanting. But bualneaa
la buaineaa; and I aald again:
"What arw you going to do?"
"Wa ara going, with your help, Mar
tin, to prevent thia national disgrace. We
are going" be lowered hia voice, uaeleaa
ly, for the Slgnorina atruck In, In a hih
merry tone, waving ber glovea over her
head, with theae remarkable worda :
"Hurrah for the Revolution! Hip! hip!
hurrah !"
The Slgnorina looked like a Goddeaa of
Freedom in high apirita and a Paria bon
net. She broke forth Into the "Maraell
Ihi." "For merey'a Bake, be quiet I" said Mc
Gregor, in a boarae whiaper. "If tbey
bear you I Stop, I tell you, Christina I"
"Kindly unfold your plan, Colonel," I
said. "I am aware that out here you
think little of revolutiona, but to a new
comer they appear to be matters requir
ing mo me management. You see we are
ouly three."
"I have the army with me," said he,
"In the outer office?" aaked I, Indulg
ing In a sneer at the dimensions of the
Aureataland forces.
"Look here, Martin," he said, scowling,
"if you're coming in with us, keep your
Jokes to yourself."
Ion't quarrel, gentlemen," said the
Flgnorlna. "It's a waete of time. Tell
biui the plan, Colonel."
I saw the wisdom of this advice, so I
"Your pardon, Colonel. But won t this
repudiation be popular with the arm7
th dbt s!.V. b ran pay
tSit a;--t vf
Tfc.T ar Ijr.-al.'jr
rt.rt. to I : ,r -n 'in a mT :r.y
';.! Si'in t.3""'f l'r. Va:.
Hit ; i C art tn -.. Mart. a?"
" V' .; I I. "a ii-.'.."
- H w la j b
k; ri it fir tb in-er-:."
"Ah. joa m -a't want it now."
I f..r tb "3! Urn.
r ,? kt ."
I.---'-k br. Martia : r'r ie tbit ta
h -tui! f-r tb tr ;. Star J ia w.-a
t'.i tb- ij I twi ir lr:t I'i'
l.t t -j !a k t -zt $ipnii. Jut ! k
z br j a is ! now. I iz't waut to
rj i-. bat :a't it a - vf "
-:fa7"' I. thvjxbtfa!-
!t. ". .. Bit 3'r d toj
t -j'r t i.r.t : jr'. !',.',,. to j
b.r.t of j jr owe bir';""
II- :.- Ii ib.r c:-:fc-r t-j ra:-. aal.
" il
S i .: ari. kii j :
r.-r ;-t :'-. s-'C'y. II'a
:t -X' a b.e ; x-b tb? j.-ar jart, at
" ! 1 "err t.i t:-3 tbit?"
"!!- ,i i ! " t hot fr .-rtala : Vat b-
r ,!! T ) nik it ai:aa: rvrtaia.
!'.-. L eii-I. bar otbtr ta
!. fr uv-':.;.j It. G:v is tb ta
Voa ni'.l bit yvjur I-aa Na'.
j ju .:. you .-a.. o:
isa. 1r'-t:i.. r kaow tj i3oajr a
:hr.-v, 3 n't . jriaa?""
"If e fi.IV" aaid I.
H irw a nat l;rt rTolTr froai h!i
-rit. iiI it f,r a aaiat agiictt
bi rar. acd rj--k:.l It.
"M: ij-:::y Coioael." aail
W;i: yva rir
baif aa boar to
k it ot-r':"
"V-." b aai-L 'You
ray :a
tb uuvr o.5l
Mania, but
Of rca.-sa I
tbia jrt of
I trj: you.
-a:: r:r
bt. I a." aaH I.
'Aci yo-i.
"I'll i!t. too," the aald.
Tb--y both ri and wat oat, and I
h-ard theia ia conversation with Jonea.
I at thinking hard. scarcely
a rrjoiLi-r.t ha I pi- i. wben I heir J tb
d.r Iv-binl me oa. It waa ;b Sig
r.orina. Sbe caxe la. rv beiind nj
cbair, ar.d. leaning ovr. put ber arma
rund ej wi. I looked up, aai aaw ber
face lx of xaivbief.
' fhat about the rot. Jack?" abe
B-i:ird with delight, and believing
I had won hr, I aaid :
"Your soldier til! dath. Sijrnorina."
"Bother death!" aaid b. aaucjly. "No
tdj'B going to die. We iball win, and
tbn !"
"Ajri then," aaid I, eagerly, "you'll
marry in, jreet?"
She quietly atoopd down and kiaaed my
lipa. Then, stroking my hair, abe aaid:
"You're a nice boy. Jack."
"Christina, you won't marry him?"
' iWiregor." aaid I.
"Jark," aald Bbe. whispering now, "I
hate him!"
"so do I," I answered promptly. "And
If it'a to win you, I'll upet a doien prei
denta." "Then you'll do It for m? I like to
thick you'll do it for me, and not for the
"I d'.n't mind the money coming In," I
"Mercenary wretch !" she cried. "I
didn't ki. you. did IV"
"No," I replied. "You said you would
in "ia minute, when I conaented."
"Very neat. Jack." she aald. But she
went and opened the door and called to
MoCregor, "Mr. Martin aea no objection
to the arrangement, and he will come to
dinner to-night, aa you suggest, and talk
over the details. We're all going to make
our forturjes. Mr. Jones," he went on.
without waiting for any acceptance of her
implied invitation, "and when we've rnado
ours, we'll think about you and Mrs.
I heard Jones make some noise Inco
herently suggestive of gratification, for
he was as bad as any of us about tb Slg
norina, and then I was left to my reflec
tions. These were less somber than the
reader would, perhaps, anticipate. True,
I was putting my head Into a noose; and
if the President's hands ever found their
way to the end of the rope, I fancied he
would pull It pretty tight. But, again, I
waa Immensely In love, and equally In
debt. To a young man, life without love
Un't worth much ; to a man of any age,
In my opinion, life without money Isn't
worth much ; It becomes worth still less
when lti is held to account for money he
ought to have. So I cheerfully entered
upon my biggest gamble, holding the stake
of life well risked. My pleasure In the
affair was only marred by the enforced
partnership of McGregor. There was no
help for this, but I knew he wasn't much
fonder of me than I of him, and I found
myself gently meditating on the friction
likely to arise between the new President
and bla minister of finance. In case our
plans succeeded. Still the Slgnorina hat
ed him, and by all signs she loved me. So
I lay back in my chair, and recalled my
charmer's presence by whistling the hymn
of liberty until it waa time to go to lunch.
The morning meeting bad been devoted
to principles and to the awakening of
enthusiasm ; in the evening the conspira
tors condescended upon details, and we
held a prolonged and anxious conference
at tike Slgnorlna's. Mrs. Carrlngton waa
commanded to have a headache after din
ner, and retired with it to bed ; and from
ten till one we sat and conspired. The
result of our deliberations was a pretty
plan, of which the main outlines were as
follows i
This was Tuesday. On Friday night,
the Colonel, with twenty determined ruf
flans (or resolute patriots) previously
bound to him, body and soul, by a dona
tion of no less than fifty dollara a man.
a !!3. te
,: at-i :' oni
ti ;-:s,a
1 I'.-r. i
r.J w-:::.-t ca ii ;rf-3.; r s t . :-.g
if .1 .vaM i i. :W tot cn tb ob.r
1&J tj ;:;. Mtrv- r want!
to fit tit l'r. J-tt . f ti y t
o--. t j" : --.t J Tt a j -. b-j! I
rsrf'T nr:.J tS.s ;!. and. frtj-
sr. j a-.;::;
rs k
-r in-! !ct r
inry. aa 3 I ! Si (
t t- ?-jt cf Tb
(.". r-
u at a'"
'.a tiii tb
bo );:i f
My ta.k
k-; tb'a fty
w 1 a. wba
' I ra" ijaarrara.
tri!- ia bt-.L a-I --inI tbir a"-f:aa-.
Ihf kr;'w!-!r -f tb r.arartr
of tb trv.r-a r V u rtr3 tb r-j't
c a r" in ' t. .f t lr. Vnt wr
a fr--r tr! tS '..'.ir ifr tV.r
iin. Tb CV -m ! r. I t, tr ; wr
ta jr" '"1 :b ,"'T n' :: -';n. ani
c Tr 'Vm i:f - I -r. n. r !-a:b an!
.'-.r-j .. 1 1. r r n w an:!;a.J
th'.r -b-,.'.- :-b i.-'; Tb artny
wa tVn t- : pars !-I in tb tVatta. tb
tn ot raw. or --n :!. an J. Nrb : J.
tb Bt w "'3 ; b i '.
Tb of :b' V r nt;r!y 4-
:n ! I it x::n" rri:n:.r!t a dVaj
:r a th on
on tbat , r ana "
i-r :r!! at 12 ' !
f . in, 1 aVr: anj
oo Briiiy r.rbf.
If b i:rJ tb ; i 't. w wr ) t.
If b t :,k i: :n: i b. bi 1 to attr. 1 tb
. . i
j . : .
4i J b frratiy
;-. -r-!. At tbi r.i w tjrr.I to tb
i.r."r ti. an-1 I : I. br:fy :
"Tb i;;m t t- mhr y-a coro fa.
S:xa--T:-.a. I'Tn ! r. to in r it to-j to
p-ary I'r.ity ia-
!r. at j-re. .y.
"Yoj tr.-e b vd '. w!y. "tbat I
am to kp blm at horn on FrMty?"
"I d!
t;i! I
V -
,er It rrtt d.3.-u'.-
ty" she sjil. "but I J -n't like it; It
b-k vi tracbrous."
Of cour it d. 1. I !i lat like hr dv
ing it myteif. but hw '. was the Pres
ilnt to t -jr-I?
Hatbr la to think of that. Isn't
It?" akd M-Grrjr. with a mr. "A
a won t run on a ca emotional
Think how h ckyel you about tb
rr.ony,'" ssil I, atfjxir.j tb part of lh
T.j -b wsy." said M-Gr-gor. "it's nn-
derato."! tb
.:on of t
. c'.rs Into pos-
Pr-: lent's country villi.
isn't it?"
Now ej poor Sijrnorina htd a longing
for tbxt choi" little retreat, aai btwa
rr.ta-.n fir br 'ct money and a d-
ir for tbe prtty boj. b was sor
bset. Lf: to herself. I tel;eve she woull
bar y.eiiei to br better feelings and
spoiled tbe plot.
"I'll do It. if you'll swear rot to to
hart blrn," she said.
"I've promised already." replied tb
Colonel, sullenly; "I won't touch him. un
lets h brinzs it on himself. If he tries
fo kill m. I snppose I needn't bare my
breast to th blow?"
"No. no." I interposed ; "I have a re
gard for his excellency, but we mutt not
let our feelings betray us into weakness.
He must be taken alive and well, if
possible but in the last resort, dead or
"Come, that's more like sense, said
tbe Colon-!, approvingly.
The Sijrnorina sighed, but opposed us
no longer.
Returning to ways and mans, we ar
ranged for communication in case of need
daring the next three days without the
necessity of meeting. My position as tbe
center of financial business In Whifting
ham made this easy; th ptsssge of bar.k
messengers to and fro would excite little
remark, and the msags could easily be
so expressed as to reval nothing to an
unlnstructed y. It was further agreed
tbat on the smallest hint of danger reach
ing any one of nt, the word should at
once be p;isd to the others, and we
should rendezvous at the Colonel'a
"rnr.h " hleh lav citna seven ml-es from
tit town. Thence. In this lamentable '
case, escape would be more possible,
"And now," said the Colonel, "If Mar-
tin will hand over tbe dollars, I tninir .
that's about all."
(To be continued.)
Ill WeaU-Knd.
Mr. Melville Insalls, the Western
railway miiK'uite, 'h Induced by a
friend while hpetidliiK Sunday with hliu
to attend service at a church, the pastor
of which Is rioted for the extreme
length of bis sermoim.
As the friends) were lenvlnj at the
conclusion of tbe service, the Boston
lan, with a touch of pride. Inquired:
"l)r. Blaiik It a uoNt elojuent minis
ter, is he not?"
"Very eloquent," van the dry re
siinse of the railroad man, "but he hna
ixir terminal facllltlea." Harper'a
Xot Tbat Asilont,
"I'd give a million dollara If I could
keep from getting bald."
"If you will nib a raw onion on your
hair every day it will keep It from fall
ing out."
"Gee! I'm not that anxious to keep
my hair!" HouHton Pout.
Tbe Hest ha .Needed.
"Yes," said Mrs. Popley, "I'm going
to take the children away to the coun
try for a month or so."
"You'll take your servant girls with
you, of course," said Mrs. Nexdore.
"Most assuredly not! I need a rest
myself." Philadelphia Press.
"JlKfoy B"t an awful scare last
"What waa it?"
"His youngest boy fell out of bed."
"What did Jlgsby do?"
"He woke up and screamed 'Earth
quake!' "Cleveland Plain Dealer.
A Others Vs.
The Maid Now there's Fred Hug
gins. He's a man after my own heart
The Man Well, he'a scheduled for a
hitter disappointment
The Maid Why do you aay that?
The Mai Because you are hearties.
tb u
it in --,, rr avs:.,-y ms-x- I,i YtOJ"-' r
..n 'be m-i b j '-L I I ''S S JL" A J
ti.s B. J-.'gM bat ilvVf djty 7 J': TJ7"?V V "NT'
r J y irr;.. Tb-s- .it k ( .Y-T- JJZ-J
n'a ;rf at 'b ?rr ks tbat -
-g. tt no:?, -n- -r in.-! !ct or OfV -s---.- .- e-
t rn t an J to r
lii in
f-J TA
, ?f?
fc C,
ST'" I-
rrrmairal Trrllla f Wlr.
Tb f t- I f' rno
t M-'rt to i tbT tiican ft k!!h2 ni
t'rt t my I nn l-on. a irlniT
!ti Farru an i Klr.-i !. At ot; tlnif I
t-uicb: we iui,t icvt arnun-1 t!i il t
ft.-uity t'.v j : .i :i l : !. tb r,-wrr t-ti !i
i'.:ii.iv Tb Isttf-r h,ictff lin it
ni ::)n. Vi.n fra-ltti 'f tlio
r-; tbst I -i:i aril .V r-t fr't:i my
";!" r.nn. ai.,1 now I !.i!it t!i lat
tor i.-:a:v!y. Tliy n "v tra'.iul t
-t. !r? ti I atr!:." trrllla.
j !! ili uM N Ml firmly, an 1 n"t
j t , far a. srt. I uv "atranlzi-l !rc
; ,., ... i ,. I? f.r a
:.ur!il-r . f ysr. It h.ia t dt.m.I iniito
a trai:i. at t!- 1 a I .f tbr'.fty rltica
11 t I
3 f arJ. inll"''7 Uy. aii.l I. t!i.rrf..n. ci
n-.u-'a :!.'; rt. l.y .';. ftiieutsry T,ikn
j -tw -n tb ."tt. a l (Mtirniirtit.
Tb wrt ar m.vlc to tvt In a rrt' h
at tb- t:;-;T : t tbt j-! or st.tke.
T, n;.ie the trrll.t stiil str -ti.T. I
i t i
.s SC
UM a Btt TRtl US.
now put several rows sl,l ly side, and
c:;:it--t the r.s:s and slakt htum tli
r" t by crt strij't fattcnol hlli
fii.-u.-h to allow tb born lu rultlvat-
to mI r It.
I'or -a-li row 1 striti-b two win-.
ouv a!eut kIx liicbf.t alnne tbo groutul
urfaiv. tin.- other atut flvt fft from
the jrrouti'L t'oi:iti:oii bln.b-r t!tu Is
tsou:id aroutnl the two wlrrt. It
zu.tke a uxful aiil quite or:i;i:inMit:il
u;i rt fr the l!iin. and the vines
t.te raJ;ly, pa rtli-ti l:i r!' an.l re.-jnirk-a!
!y . t the .tr'.!i, even without
:..u Ii atistaiii-e or ivalLi oil tbe part
of the jjrowtrf.
ttaperlorl t r -I the Mai.
Tli? mule It les.t iicrviim than the
b'lrt? and therefore lon-a les energy la
u.-Ies.t frettit;;. In f.n't. one tf the
chief etiara. -tensile of the mule la bis
ability to take care ft bhiiM-lf under
all olnumstaiKfs, says Fannin,. Much
of the uj'pareut s!i;rkltij which I.t
charged Ufe' the mule 1 nn Inborn
tendency to husband bis strei;tli nnd
make every effort count. The re-sult
of this Instinctive cure on the part of
the mule la that be 1 able to turn out
inore work than would Its possible for
a horse of tbe aame weU'ht umler the
same conditions. The mule lustinctlve
lly avoids holvit, sharj' obstacles, barbed
wire feiiii-t and various other forms of
danger which are not v sucr-etsfully
avobled by horses. It Is a matter of
common observation that In Instances
where muli-s run away they seldom In
jure themselves to any serious extent.
Kamlaratlon to I'roleet Orebarda.
In Germany some intertntlnjj; expt-rl-nienU
have recently U-en made In the
protection of orchard treeu a'aiiit
nUht frot by mean of fumigation. A
. part of an orchard In bloom was thus
, Buoeessfully tf'iardej against an April
frost by tbe dense smoke of naptha-
Hut ttie e v iMrl men t u-nrf vert. ..v.
. kl,(,ram), of ,ial,thtl.alene
belli, consumed by seven flames lu one
hour. Later a new preparation of chem
icals was tried, producing a compara
tively large volume of smoke with the
exjetidlture of only two kilograms of
the material per hour. These trials are
under the direction of an experimental
gardening association.
Palllnar Old Fenrat Posts.
Fasten chain to post close to the
ground, pass It over the wheel of an
ordinary corn planter, hitch team to
chain and go ahead. It don't damage
the wheel and the broad tire keeps it
from sinking Into the ground.
Setting; Fence I'osts.
Some farmers argue that it Is host to
set posts early In the fall, when the
ground Is solid. Of course, a post care
fully set at any time will remain In its
place, but the fall season is really a
much worse time than In the spring.
Digging the hole makes the soli loose,
and if done in the fall It has not time
to become compact again. Water fil
ters down through the loose soil, which
will raise the pout a little every year
until It throws it out altogether. If
the soil has time to settle It absorbs
less moisture, and after the first year,
If the heaving out has not already be
gun, It will rarely begin.
Anlbrai and Karth Worms.
From recent experiments it la cer
tain that earth worms are responsible
for couveylng the spores and anthrax
from rarlous burled carcasses to the
surface of the earth and thus bringing
about a reinfection. This process of re
infection was urged by M. Louis Pas
teur, but without success.
M.I.. a. .."... "
llcrr- Is a rm!-!.-r from ona who
nldei.tly the il-l thing
r-ry farmer my bavr In I'ls gsr
H n.!lii ewrjone to make an as
paMKU t-t. "'"I w"r' ,rulr U
ra.llr and quickly l-"". Am"'"-"
needs a rich, mellow, warm r-.ll. Ma
nure the ground thoroughly "Kb ''"
rotted stable manure. Plow eight to
ten Inches deep or deeper. Plant III
long row. Pulverlre thoroughly IH"
l;.k and harrow. ure s hundred i!
year old plant st a ot of from M
cents to $1. 0n a row with i-b-w or
a ,-ultUator. Het plant two feet npnrt
In row with crown three Inches !-ow
surface. Press o! firmly niiuit plan',
nil up the row- and cultivate sainu as
orn or beans, mid i"'t year will
hate an al'iiiid.iin of delicious and
healthful f "t. mid th same will con
tinue for years if you keep free from
weeds and add each jenr a frcu Blip
ply of farm f. rt!l;x r.
ala "t a silo.
It I very lui;. rtaut to provide some
means by which the dairy cow can be
supplied with good fH-d at all s.s.iiis
of the year in order that she may yield
milk m.-e-t eooiioinlcnlly. Such medium
may If found In the silo which fur
nlshet a place for the storing of f'l
In the f-rui of silage. It I a well
known fact that the nearest an Ideal
f.-od that can le obtained for the dairy
cow It g.t pature; but f-r eevernl
mouths Iri the year green pasture It
not available. At such timet the !et
substitute are corn allage nnd such
roojs as inangelt and turnip. Corn
yields nn average of twit- as much
dry matter -r acre at r.e.t crops; and
s'ri'V the latter Involte much more la
Is. r. and greater expense, silage Is far
more eo-noiulcal.
Hot to Grutt Itbnbarb.
Hare the ground oil which rhubarb
I Krowu tery rich. It njulres well
rottel manure. Divide the root, al
lowing otie tuU-r to t! h'.ll. This
sliould Is? done every other year. Ks-p
the d!rt h."l tip loosely nroimd theiii
and a sin as the first leaves come
and I leg In ' dr.-p over on the ground,
cut t!.-m off; this will start the stalks
to growing the taller and stralghter.
All talks should t' cut when they In
Kin to dr-K.p toward the gr md. Never
pull them, for If you d, yu take with
them the !i-N,ts for the next stalkt nnd
nli break the oinll r.'ts that help
nourish the plant. Cut them one Inch
nl-ive the ground. Always cover with
slut thrH Inches of straw In the fall.
Follow these rule mid your pieplant
will )!eld abundantly t'll frost kills It.
Ilnnae-Made Cars Shelter.
This Is a cheap way to make a gnd
corn sheller. Get a jM.pIar plank six
Inches wide, one Inch thick and three
Tite iioMtMAi.r ( Hiirnik.
feet long. Dress the plank smooth;
drive some H -nny nails Into the plank
to within one Inch of the heads; put
them one-half Inch apart In rows lu a
square six Inches each way.
Urea and Smoklnsr.
Many times lH-e are smoked more
than Is necessary; perhaps, because not
every one knows that during a nectar
flow some honey Is lost every time a
hive is opened, says Farming. When
In-es are smoked they fill themselves
with honey and If so much smoke Is
used that most of the U-es In the hive
at that time take honey, It will be
more than an hour before It Is rcdepos
ltcd Into the cell and the regular work
resumed. Bees sometimes gather nec
tar enough to make a pound of honey
an hour, so one can see that It would
be quite a loss If every colony In a
fulr sized apiary were smoked enough
to Interrupt the work for one hour.
To II I pen Oram.
Cream left to Itself will become sour
spontaneously. This la the result of
the growth of lactic acid bacteria,
which feed ujon tho milk sugar, and
as a final process convert It Into a lue
tic acid. Other forms of bucterla are
always present lu cream; some have
little or no effect In tho ripening proc
ess, while others, If allowed to de
velop, produce undeHlrablo and often
obnoxious flavors. To cultivate and de
velop these "wild" germs Is called
"spontaneous" rljienltig, and Is often ut
tended with uncertainty: Good butter
making demands the ue of a "starter,"
either home-made or a pure culture.
Tho former should be made of selected
skim milk.
Keeping Hons Clean.
To give the pigs a thorough scrub
bing may appear to be lubor thrown
away, but If two lots of pigs ure treat
mi alike In every reflect, except that
one lot receives a thorough scrubbing
with soapsuds once lu a while, there
will be a marked difference lu favor
of the hogs that are washed when the
time for slaughter arrives, a clean
bed of straw with a dry house, so as
to afford them comfort at night, will
also promote thrift and growth. The
bog la naturally a cloauly animal and
enjoys a bath. If considered a filthy
animal, that devours filthy food, it Is
because of the treatment given. Hogs
will select clean and wholesome food
If given the opportunity to do so.
Hll. John, Duke of Burgundy, mur
dered. 1 I1C -4'oluftihus salte.l from Cm, try
lat.lfl. It oil V)Sg of d. sinter),
',XZ Pnarro landed in Peru.
First church found---! st I'htrl.-t-town
and Boston.
I 1 '..'! 1 1 trt ard College founded.
hiii: British .ef.-!r. the I r : ti at -be
haul of Lis--arm!.
P',1.7 Nrta- Nefheflalid Colony ii'.u-r-.H
thanksgiving for rratorailoa of ; ,i.
ta.lli (lie Indi.ths.
li'i.M Cromwell's first parliament ss-
Semhied at We-nl tllll.s! er.
IT'1' --Montreal surrcii lerrd to tb ll:i
li.b. 1774 First Continental Conjieaa n-:n.
bled in Carpenter's IUH. I'l.-l-iM-plus.
ITT'1 Nathan Hal executed ; .'
1777 - British marched upon I'll. 1 .i l-' ;-!i t,
nn. I Americans retreated a. r.-
Brandy iiie.
I Benedict Arnold's treason d a -uv
1 7S 1 - Naval engagement o.T th Vir
ginia cn;et tM-t.seri the British nn I
French Meets. ... Port lirisvto! ) t,i
en by th British unovr Arnold
lV.'l -Treaty of prsce, arktin I'-dgmg
iudepa-iulf-nc of the Cnite.1 .N!,it.a, witli Great Britain.
Jsitl S-,,nn resulti-'l In great loss of
!:fe and pr.qn-rty at Savannah. G .
1S1.1 I'mtisI Stale l.rig Bnterprise ,-n;e
tured brig B er oT S, 5 nn. I! t ii
cotiiman-ler killv-1. ... Perry's 1 1. t.,ry
on I-tke line.
l"vt --American and British Ian I ani
water forcva mgaged in battle ,,f
Iike Clismplniri.
ISpl, Kia King, ll:ii;eror of Cliina, d-
throned !iers surrend.-rs-d to
British and Dut h t!.-. t.
lvtl Warsaw raptured by the lt is:nns.
1S37 -'ongrr cinvrurd In rvtrs ses
sion to levise measures to relieve th
financial embarrassments of the coun
try. 1SI0- First safety In-acon on G I
win Sands, off mouth of Thaue-a
l'sll Two hundred lives lost In hurri
cane at M.-tiiiiiurnt.
1M7-Battle of Kl Mulino I K-l K--r,
1S.V House patted bill ndmlttltig Cali
fornia to statehiHMl.
IST..1- Uellgiotis liberty adopted In Hol
land. llCel Great loss of life and prornrty in
tornado at Iuisille, Ky.
1S-77 Isa of the ship Central America
and -1.71 lives off C,i May.
IV51 Gen. tlraut took possession of
Paducah, Ky.
lsi!l! Confi-dcrate army cronsesl poto
mac river and enter-l Maryland.
1 ."ttl3 Jen. Burnside mvupied Knoxville.
1S1 Tin? Confederate Gen. Morgan'
forces routed nt Greenville, Trim.
1S7I -The mare Goldsmith Maid trotted
mile in 2:17 at Milwaukee.
1S.3 Irish Home Itule hill rrj.sct.Nl by
British House of Lords.
1V.W William J. Bryan notified of hi
nomination for the presidency....
First National bank of Helena,
Mont., closed.
lSJIS British troops entered Khartoum
. . . . F.mprrss Flizals-th of Austria
assassinated. . . .French occupied Fa
shoda . . . .Cznr unveiled monument to
Alexander II. at Moscow.
l'.N'tti New York legislative Investigat
ing committee began examination of
lifit Insurance companies. ... Japan
ese and Russian envoys signed treaty
of peace at Portsmouth, N. 11.
(osa-'onf Ineut Auto Itrroril,
Tho recent automobile trip made by I
L. Whitman from San Francisco to New
York, over a 4,1100-mile route, was coin
pleted In fifteen days, twelve hours and
two minutes, at an I'lnensu In lint com-
1 lianv (if SX.OOO. Diirlnir th.. ioiirnev re-
" - re at - " V
lay of men kept paco with the car by
rail, but they were not ueeded ; nlso a
complete outfit for repair was sent along
by rail from point to point, including a
complete running gear and duplicates of
every part. But no part of that gear was
required, ns it was out of reach when
the smash-up occurred at Counciuit, on
the Ohio border. The gasoline used aver
aged one gallon to fifteen miles. Whit
man received $2,rsK) for Ills services.
To II reed a Hare or llurTnloea.
Major 10. I' Merrisy, supervisor of ths
Wichita, Kan., forest reserve, In prepar
ing to receive a herd of twenty-seven buf
falo, a gift from (ho soulogical associa
tion of New York, to be used for propa
gating the aperies.
ICfTert of Industrial Combination.
A new census bulletin shows that the
nunibor of manufacturing establishments
lu this country Increased only 4 per cent
from UHHJ to 11MU, wh"o the capital In
creased 41 per cent. An Interesting com
parison Is made between the Iron Indus
try In this country and Al
though England has ru2 furnaces at work
and the United States S'A still almoot
half as much more product U credited to
the American Industry. Another eeonomlo
effect Is said to be the steadying of prices.
I sj.
"ss4, ft-"