Bohemia nugget. (Cottage Grove, Or.) 1899-1907, October 03, 1906, Image 5

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    The Bazaar
Don't Overlook our
School Tablets, Pencils,
Folding Lunch
Perfumes, Soaps and
Toilet Articles
New Stock of
lli'.ir our new ?HM Phonograph.
Ni'W Mine k nl Machine HtUl
Iii-coi-cIh mii m;im
mikI Kuehjng kuIiiK', Tlt'H,
I I OMe, ( ; l-ll I -I I ''llt'lliHllillgH
I'oiiUi.v .' J n ri 1 Mcc Killer,
(ii'iici'ili'H iiml ( N iiifcci ioriH.
The Bazaar.
Collage Grove, Or.
Paid up Capital:
Surplus und I ' it'll v l'lcl Prolltn.
Money lit Ikiiii Kli Hiit(iVfl Hi'dlirity
Mxi'llHHCM -1)11 , ilVllilllllli' iinv
place la l!i I'nitt'il States
II rilHHHT I-' K IN , 'I. c WllKKMill
Prc"lili-iit. C'tmhlcr
and CURE the LUNGS
Br. King's
New Discovery
60c Ml. 00
Froe Trial.
Barest unci UiucBst Cure for all
Wc arc iiiiximis to have every Re
publican in 1 lose t nit It, and work
ing in harmony with the Republican
National ( ' mgri-ssii 1i1.1l ( '1 mmittce in
favor 1 the elect in of a Republican
The Congressional campaign must
be based en tin- administrative and
legislative record of the party, and,
that b ing so, Theodore Roosevelt's
personality inti-t ! a central figure
and his achievements a central
thought in the campaign.
We hire to inaiiitain the work of
this campaign with popular subscrip
tions of One I Mlar cac h- from Repub
licans. To ( .n il subscriber wc will
send the Republican National Cam
paign Text Book and all documents
issued by the Committee
Help us achieve a great victory.
Jamis S. Sin mi as, Chairman.
1', (). I'.ex 2e't$, New York.
"My motlcr linn suddenly Leon
ninilci young ut 70. Twenty years of
Intense Hollering from tlyspepslu had
entirely disulil"d lior, until six
iuontliH ago, when she begun taking
Llectrio bitters, which have com
pletely cured her and restored the
strength and activity she had In the
primo of life," wrltoa Mrs. W. L. Uil
patriclf, cif Danforth, Me. Greatest
reHtoratlvo medicine on tho globe.
Nets, Stomach, Liver and Kidneys all
right, purities tho blood, ami cures
Malaria, Biliousness and Weaknesses.
Wonderful Nerve Toulo. Price Mo.
Utiarantced by Benson's l'luinnacy.
Write to jour friends on Cottage
Grove tablets and use the souvenir
There's grave danger from the
plague ' coughs and colda that art
so prevalent, uiiIchs you take Dr.
King's New Discovery for consump
tion, coughs and colda. Mrs. (leo.
of Forest City, Me., wiUch: "It's a
(lodHond to people living in climate;
where coughs and colda prevail, I
11 ud It quickly ends them. H prevents
pneumonia, cures Dntirlppe, Ivcb
wonderful relief la asthma anil hay
fever an 1 makes weak lungs strong
enough to ward off consumption,
coughs und colds. TiOc and $100.
(luaranteed by lleusou' Puuruiuey.
rial bottle free.
Subscribe for the Nugget.
A lioino brand in the kind for you
to smoke C. (I. cigars.
TrunkH, valises for your minim' r
vacations at Veatch ik Iiwhodh.
Mr. Brown of the Brown Lumber
Co. wm a visitor in town on Mon
day. Mrs. W. T. Koptr returned to
town Monday alter a visit in Ku
Kcne. VVj D. Garm.m wan up from
Portland aud sent Sunday in the
The best selection (j Hchool tab
lets in town can be s n at Metealf
& Jlrunds.
The best Hclection d school tub-
lets in town can bo m--n at Metealf
iSt Hrunds.
VV. A. Hemenway'
s More west of
nidge in Kukin t Rritfow
1 m t II ! .
wan aim water Ms.
Veatch ifc Lawson have in a now
line of go-caits of tho best an 1
latest styles at reasonable ptiecs.
Jttilge Hubert J'akin ot
Iris resigned aa judge ol the Tenth '
Judicial diHtriet to which positicdi
he wan elec ted last June.
Ida Harding ia nick with typhoid !
fever at bis residence 111 tne hoiuh I
part or town, but Dr. Kimo expects ;
to b able to break the fever soon.
A. T. Ryderly and family of Oak
land ate moving up to take charge
of the Harding farm noitheast of
town, which Ira Conner has re
cently moved from.
Mian Elsie Leo was down on Sun
day and says her school child 1 en
are doing wonders in their k Ijo1
work. She enjoys her .vork very
much. Tho school ia larger than
for some time past
Rev. H. Ji. Memingcr has been
stationed ut Wild wood. He ia
going to camp up in the woods near .
where tho diw sawmill 1 going up ;
ai 1110 enu 01 tno t. vv o. i. line
ami will try and regain his lost
health there.
An old couple ot 7o and Co years
preeented themselves to tht county
clerk for a marriage licenae' last
week and the witnesa swore
that they were of marriageable age,
says the Register. I wonder it
they were.
W. B. Dennis left lor New York
lost week on business and will be
back again before long to hurry op
erations at the niinj. Several teanid
are now busy hauling rails to the
t,i!t,a tkcfnr, lrv.i tv (itfir. will 1 1
UV nun uu ilia MIIIM1ICUW III 1 'U
, . . . , ,.i . r,. I
tons, recently bid for
Mr. Geo. Ritchie wag a visitor in
the Grove last week after an ab
sence of ssveral months, two mouths
of which time he has put in a hos
pital at Portland, sick with tbphoid
fever. He now is recovered and ia
regaining his strength rapidly. He
Cottage Grova is on the move.
Baker, the Ivugene Tamale man
Is considering opening up a braueh
here and supplying the Grove
people with his Mexican tamulies
and Chili sauce. The editor has
lived down south and will appreci
ate a taste of a good tamale
once more, when the branch opens
Mrs. William Calvin Chilton, of
Mississippi, is considered a great
success in her portrayal of the
"Southern Darkey." Mrs. Chilton
was a delegato to a recent conven
tion of elocutiouists, ana made a
Jooided hit in a reading from Ruth
McKnery Stuart. New York Trib
une. Mr. Russel, president of the
Chambers Co. and Mr. Hussey,
mill manager were in town Satur
day and went down to Eugene on
business. Mr. Russel has just
finished the new store building at
Dorena, which is owned by the
oompanyandis run by J. II. Kirk.
It is a great improvement over tne
old store, and is supplied with a
pood stock all the way through.
Mr. Kussel is building himBelf a
bungalow that will not only be tho
pride of Dorena. but of the whole
Row River valley. Mr. Russel
will live there himself.
Miss Itoby Baker is working for
a mining company in Denver of
which she is a director and secre
tary. W. IA Morphy who was con
nected with the building of tho O.
& S. E. railroad, is the head man of
the enterprise, ond when ho was
here, Miss Raker worked for him,
and recently he eeut for her to
come to Denver to tako charge of
bis office. He operates (several
mines, so Miss Roby has a very
good place. She likes Denver and
says uobody is still a minute, and
that she has a great time, but will
come back home for Christmas
with her mother, no matter what
kiuj of a tiuio she has,
Hems of Interest in and about
Cottage (irove and vicinity.
( hildrc tis lints Katurdny ot Mary
Rat tela.
Levi Gcer nn ft
vihitor in town
'all oponing at the Uirtels Milli
nery Saturday.
ICugcne .Steam Laundry, Allison
and Ilastiuga ajjents.
Special Hale of hats or children
Saturday Mary Rartela.
40 bara laundry soap for Ir.oo at
W. A. Hemfiiway'a store.
W. A. Ifenu-nway Iiati bargain
countora full tjf buruins.
Tho Minstrel fthow brought a big
crowd to town Tuesday.
Kiigrrio in going after good pnv
ini' for her ri(icipal streets.
l'hotogiapher Gourley returnel
frV'V n rJ' notth,on
j ue i'ici H myns lor cniuirens
hats Suturdny at Mary 1'atteiH.
1'ien samples of Chaso it San
borti'u Tea or Coffee at Metealf.t
Ask for a free a'tmple of ('haso
Sinhnrn's Tnior f'offee at Mtcalf
C'.i 11 : t) fui i.i!ur' stols and rots
even thing t j make camp life coin-
' table at Veatch A: Lnwson's.
Lane county ia following Pres.
Roosevelt's policy. IIr birth rate
! tot r.'OT. will double that of !).,,
aays the Register.
The Slate Attorney is trying to
Coll et a p'Tcentago of the profits
! of tin Oregon City locks, which
the Hate helped build.
J. R. Linebaugh has sold to
Frank A. Morss and Henry S. Mc
Kilibeu loo a rea in seo '2, tp 21, s
;r .'! w, cuisideiation JH5 .
J. I. J ones returned from attend
ing the meeting of the Methodist
Annual Conference in Portland on
lniuliv Hn hii), I it. worn tlio
rraU.HVmeetiug he ever attended
a anmia, confereDce.
To a person who bad not thought
on it, tho number of new houses
erected during the past Hummer,
and the conuidorablo repairs made,
would be quite interesting. The
editor to k a short walk one day
this week, and saw no less than sis
houses that had been thoroughly
remolded, uul fixed up. in the
course of five blocks, and in every
direction new improvements can be
seen under way.
Geo. Lea brought in some fine
samples of ores from his Vulcan
claim in Blue river this week. On
i"" imnii lie hum
vein that shows
j outeroppings on the surface of 25
feet in width, and over J000 feet m
length, all of which he has covered
in his claims. In a tunnel which
he is driving oil the property tho
vein has been found to be I5 feet
in width and of goo 1 values, He
expects to go to the camp next
week and to drive 5O feet more of
work this fall.
W. R. Dennis came down from
Rlack Butte last week and left for
a harried trip to New York. Tho
work at tho Black Butte mines is
being pushed. Eight or ten men
aie now working in the tunuel and
the work of preparing the ground
for the new furnaces, the electiio
plant, the tramway and other im
provements are being pushed and
it will not be long before Black
Butte will be getting in shape to
become one of the great quicksilver
produciug camps of the country.
The Southern Pacific- Co. is im
proving the grounds around the
depot by the wideniug of the gravel
aud also by lengthening the space
along the tracks so as to accomo
date passengers ou the rear ends of
trains who now must get off on the
ground. An effort was made to
have the railroad company improve
the land around the water tank last
spring, but was not successful. An
other effort will be made this spring.
The Southern Pacific road is about
the only one the writer knows that
docs not go in for attractive grounds
around the depot.
Another Chaud In Ownership
L. Moras, an old time grocery
man of Cottage Grove has bought
out this general store of Z. T. Bow
man of this place, and will conduct
the store himself, hereafter, carry
ing a line of groceries, dry goods,
shoos, notions, etc. Mr. Bowman's
family will stay here during the
winter so that the children may
r.tay in school, but in the spriug
may mave to Washington where he
ia better known and where he was
iu busiuess for many years. Mr.
Bowman himself will probably go
north and get started in business
soon and take his family up in the
Mr. More will bo glad to have
his old time friends come to seo
him at his uevv place ofbusiuesa.
3isc Plows!
Now iv the time to do ; I y "V"'' '' ' V1 !' "'' " H
your fall plowing. f xl :-':'Ur'') 11' 1 M, I (U , 11
- c in iv i m; oest disc j 1 0 ' ' " ' ' ii'v m ?
plow that is made and V(?'lrr: "'':"''-:-:"--r ' f.
would he pleased to have W - U;s vvc;vrr
3ou e;dl ,'irnl ex amine its ; j--'v'cy-- 'vorry aud ;J
I I""., hjf:.?' n lix'; styIc 1 .
IX vortli more i
WVNXK IIWI). CO.!! 3f- - Jl
I ,r",;,ors i II Gents SIOws - ' - )
6 W. II. AI;l(M. II. I.eiii II, V. . 6 Hi ;'
j iliii.ii f!! GrOVft j i:TirAi;f' 70 ''y-- c,tiwk I
ti L t 'Hi I
9 W. II. Abrami - President 5 S " " ' ' t'
J B. Larch - Vice-President j
0 C. Ross Kintf - Cashier 6 V:Sai S33.;E3isS 'T 1 : V. ' ; .V T "finRSCTIM
9 A. H. Keko - AsiiitAiil CashiiT
Wc s'lli. it the account- of cur
porn t idiiM, finn.-f and indiid
ual.;, aud will ! jd'-a-ed to meet
with tlioc who contemplate
new areomits.
W" '.a v I r cent
po.-its iiiii-r A;.yu-t
will he in i cd tn
in-lit home on or
) oo-o-o-oo ooooo o o-o- aoo-o oooooo
Now Minister for Methodist Church.
J. L Realty will be the minister
to follow Rev. Meminger in charge
of the Methodist church at 'this
point. While rumor has had it
that Mr. Beatty would be stationed
here, it was only definitely known
with the appointments at confer
ence Monday night in Portland.
Mr. Beatty is a man of miid'e
ago who has h-en prominent in
church work for years; but is new
to work in Oregon. He was at
Klamath Full for a time and the
past car has been stationed at
Marsh !k-M. He ;s an able man
and will do with his might to help
build up tho church here. His
eldest sou is preparing for the min
istry and i cached at Lorane for a
time in the summer.
Tim withdrawal of the Willam
ette Valley Co's application for a
franchise should not be taken as
meaning that they will withdraw
their interest here, . for as they say
when the council and people are
willing to treat with them they will
be glad to do so.
The time will come, when such
an arrangement can no made.
SpriUvl Chntirois Opening.
1 wish to announce a special
opening ct ctnUtiens ttimmed uats
on Saturday Oct. (ilh.
Mauy 1 artels.
St.rts Loeslng Monday.
J. I. Jones commences logging
Monday for tho Ditson Lumber Co.
at the end of tho O. & S. E. Mr.
Jones says the railroad will reach
the mill by the last of the week,
and that he is going to have a big
supply of logs ready when the mill
ia ready to commence cutting.
Millinery Opening.
I tike pleasure in announcing
our opening of Fall millinery with
a selection of tho latest pattern hats
and bonnets on Saturday, Scptem
por the 2yth il'06.
Mahy Bartkls.
CClrtldo.y SurprUo
Saturday," Sept. 29th, a jolly
crowd of relatives and friends
quietly walked in and suprisod Mrs.
Harriett Ga.outte on the occasion
of her 71st birthday. She received
sevoral beautiful presents. Re
freshments were served and a good
time enjoyed by all. oho exhibited
a beautiful cpjilt (die hr.d unt
tpjilted, which was a .'rand piece of
needle work for one of 7i years and
could hardly be beaten by any one.
Rosulta fiviu chronic constipation,
which tj cjutclil.v cured by lr. King's
New bifo 1'il's. They remove all
poisonous neruis from the system mid
infuse new Hie and vigor; cure souv
stomach, nausla, headache, dlvtzlneaa
und colic, without grilling' or dis
comfort. 'Jfic. (iuurauteed by ben
sou's I'hannucy.
h wmwpr- vc,
5 n
n time le- $! J&&'tM - .A
,.i'.M, wc i mWY -' V' IwM
ahout that 9, iAM r hngjL
I I fill th? rbvs i i
i fill ) - i: , I I
r I
j ' jr: V-v of 1 I
AH Kii?,i:i DodgI I
Cw- - - Sfh
goods, A
supphc. ,
ctilt'.i! ;u
good:-, I
k'S 1 IU ! 1
FREE Knowing - what 1; v .
CirAHUK, to any atllicted a posit
cute for Rczenia, Salt Ivlieum, la
elan, Piles and Skin Disease,
staut relief. Don't. Min'.-r ! :
Write F. W. WILLIAMS, ! . : n,
tan Avenue, N. V. Rnclo .,
Chicken fanciers !',el. :. i
Journal, aud keep j..;r.i.-d.
Northwest Poultry Jdhh: -.!
Nut'get for I.70.
Souvenir envelopes iii.,.l
paper cost yon little moio iu
vertiso the Grove. Do you
t3 let people know what a to
v r Julian,
'' "4 ' . l"'V.U4S
' r ','u r:rf l;ut it 3.
Alt; t'(tuil'l
'Tu.Titii. l'or
; ft ; lor.
1 r j . .1 luvu a
tuner and re
late of
lory, t'hieago,
' 'iiimhiu,0;
' .-iiid mill
'"i tm.- um
i. n, ilefcu- M
I'll . . :'I1.,W, M
' t. ui.siri.iiy a
. i- 11 .'H'(), t I
i 1 . la 11 ! I 1 11 I
;..! If iua a
1 tablli tlid. I
" . -) , y blJ., I