Bohemia nugget. (Cottage Grove, Or.) 1899-1907, September 12, 1906, Image 1

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.jfflR&A -tils.
Devoted to the Mining, Lumbering and Funning Iru tc it; of this Community.
NO. 34
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Ami General Alining New
(iallicrcil from lixchangcs.
J on Pamowood and wifo curue from their homo on the
HiudKraMde on Tuesday.
Irwii lli'tk-y arrived in town
Moiul'iy ;i 11 I went ii to ca'np to
day. Mr. llaitleyis manager of
the. (licit IiiHt rn Mining Co.
11 of. J. M. Hyde, h a I of the do
puitiiK'iit of mining in the I'uivcr
si y of Oregon, ban resigned his
position to accept a lucrative o
Mtioii with a bi mining company
in Mexico
Judtfe Ilnrrl Kotvirna From IJo
homltv Judge Munis Attorneys
Mo Key of Cottage C.rovrand Wil
liams of F.iigeuu returned from u
trip of investigation to B iliemin. in
tlio Muit of tlio Iowa (loll Mining
Coiiip'iny vs. A 'ex I.uiiHerg et ul.
Mr. D.ivi' (lover. 'he principal wit
iicms of tlio phiintifT was present,
there was alo pn-t-eht in tlio in
terest f tin defense nearly all the
loini' i witnesses and Ht-veral other
miners fundi ir ith the diNtricf.
Wo do l ot know what Judge
Han is miuI the Httorns nay 01
think hut I'i'tli si Iih claimed that
they hud driven nrioun tunnels at
vuh shown in open eonit. Many
witnesses claim that thes (unnelH
were nt "ii ground claimed by the
Iowa odd mininir Conimnv whiln
Mr. CI v rtinnly asserted that they
wcro nnd that he performed the
work. Judge, lliurin hint expressed
no opinion nnd will probably re
serve his decision until the next
term of court.
Temporary Organization
At the meeting of the Will .1 ti i ttc
Valloy Development Ij'ngu.i ut
Forest drove the, inert .diunl-i of tho
state made a temporary orguuiuwon
(fthe Merchants St'itc Froiet.tivc
organization with (J. E. Iv.-iidt.-rn of
Albany, president; M. IMt-tfon of
Forest Grove, vire-pr fi den' ; find
Ceo. F. Rodgers of Salem, m-i retary
aud treasurer, as oflW-rs. The or
ganization iB to help tho gi-.n i d
good of retail and wholc-eilo busi
ness aud the handling i f uodit.
Snivel thoCaali.
The first National Hank has just
recoived the latest improve! pro-
nnd other business places use them.
'1'lie First in continually adding new
and improved nppliancos and de
vises for t tic Having of time and bi
bor. 1111 I making in rp p'.'rf.'ct their
wo 1 k.
Small Concentrator Plant.
The Combination Mining Co. ex
pects to put in a Hinall concentra
tor plant before fall, probably not
over ten tons, to thoroughly tent
it- ore, which is piiuripally hilver
uiel lea l. It is tho intention to
run tho plant by water power, if
the necessary flume can be built in
tun". A Miiall gasoline Hawmill is
Nt iiij; inst'dWfd to cut out the lurn-
Smos for Ilvor;o
'i'licie wen: three asfs suein for
divorte in the ('out ty Cf)'irt, on of
theru l,riti" Ui) . I'ottare (rove, of
Which til'1 ( l.l! d S'lVr :
J'.tti V. I'rcy'd Cottage Grove
hui HU"d V. K. J V' y for divorce on
Ther were
account of dev-i ti n
I married at Toledo, Wash., on May
lio, i'Ji)), an ! 0:1 January I5, i'Jo5,
Mrn. i'rey u.) ;; s, her husband left
her and has nee.- failed and neg
lected to prowd for her. Medly
A Joliti'-o:! ;:! licr a'.toriicys.
At .
Courthouse, Virginia,
a little" 'i:'o t!:e wotnen were
c-r init1' d t 1 V-t to decide which 1 good run
Andy Graham is in Kugc-nc
Mrs. W. 15. benni.s returned
from a week's visit with her mother
in I'ort T )wnsend, Wash., on Mon
day. Mrs. G- B. Dennis, a nisterof W.
13. Dennis, and her daughter have
been haying a visit at Blackbutte,
and returned to their Spokane heme
last wefk.
Albert Stocks came down from
Star on Tuesday suffering from an
! iujurv received a little while aeo.
I and will take a short
' The Star Lumber Co
Teacher's Meeting Saturday
Afternoon Examinations
Bohemia. Miners.
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' .; 'H, . ; ,.
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'...;; -'' i-.
J .. if r M.
T- nil ::... -
lla.rdv Thainpaort
()u .Saturday, Sopteraler H, ut i
p. m. Mrs. I'.muia Jorris Thompson
was married to Mr. Charles A.
1 lardy at the home of her nister,
Mrs. J. V,. i;ronaufh on Willamette
Heights in Portland. The cere
mony was performed in the presence
of immediate relatives and friends
by Rev. J. Whiteomb Brougher,
he noted Portland minister. The
couple left at once on a trip to
Jiritish Columbia. Mr. Hardy if
one of KuHene's well known attor
ney 'h aud the bride in t lie daughter
of Attorney ami Mrs. Geo. B. Dor
lis of this city and has a host of
friend who wish her huppineas.
Sunday Register.
v-. C, ,v'vL;. y,Xi-. - v., --,; r:; i,..: ......
lVof Strantre arrived on the
overland Monday morning from
jScdro-Wooley, Washington whera
'he has been visiting his parenta and
j recovering from an attack of sick
I ness which had laid him up all sutn-
rcer, but is now feeling strong and
ready tor a good years work. lie
states that the teachers will most of
them be hero before the end of the
week and makes the following an
nouncements. The teachers will have a meeting
in the principals room Saturday
afternoon at 1 for assignment of
work and preparations for Monday.
Examinations will be given Mon
day during the day in the
principals room in the east Bide
building, to all those wbo were con
ditioned in their studies la9t fall.
Clus.-iSeation of Dew students
will begin Monday morning and
lfssonswill be assigned, regular
recititiong begiuningTuesday morn
High School, Prof. C. L. Strange,
Miss Mary Mundy and Miss Lulu
Sevetith grade, Miss Vena Powers.
Sixth grade, Miss Hefty.
Fourth and Fifth, Miss Neva Per
kins. Second and third, Miss Jessie
First grade Miss Cordelia Grant.
Prof. Worth Har-
Witnesses for defonso in the famous suit of Iowa Gol 1 Mining C v-. Alex. Lundberg, et. al.
Fifth grade Miss
third, Miss Nora
tectocrranh. which is a machine to
stamp into checks or drafts th?
amount drawn, so tnat ine ligures
connot be cbinged by era u res or
any way. This machine stamps in
the checks "Not good for more than
one hundred dollars" or any other
amount, and iu stamping it
cuts and destroy" rhe paper, that
while the writing in perfectly
isable, it is not possible to change
the figures The old machine has
been turned in, and the new one is
No. 33707, which shows that a
great number of banking houses
' bt r for this work, aud then tho
preparations for the mill w ill bo '
cmiplated. If the water power
cm not be relied upon in time, a'
gasoline engine will be put in, or if.
necessary two of them, us owing to
j the packing it may be impossible to i
put a big engine in over the trail. 1
I Mr. Hopkins states thut they are !
I going to give the property a thor-:
ough test before going to any great
expense, in putting in a large plant.
of two is should bu retained
for tbu hi-di school
W. K. Green of Creswell was a
tit-itor in town Monday.
was held in the courthouse, thore
were regular printed ballots aud
the Iiiehirond Leader eavs that
this was ruhrips the first time that
ladies were permitted the privilege
of voting in this state. After it
was ail over lie district sctiooi
board n et and calmly elected the
teacher not the "pcoplo's choice-' ',
as indicated i",- the election but
the other one. A goM example of
the way that ' the hand that rocks
the cradle ruh s the world."
Esther Mitchell and Mrs. Cref-
Tho election i field will be examined as to their
f ...... In CarUIa )A1ati . . ) )l .
result depeuds whether th?y will go
to the insane asylum or fac- a,
with a probable death sentence 'or
the death of Geo. Mitchell.
A Corvallis man is said t 1 lie the
meanest man on earth fo'1 the
reason that he puts rocks in his
horses stalls to keep them' from
lying down at night in order that
he may avoid the work of cuuyig
them and the expense of 6traw. H
must be mean.
Kigbt grade,
Iourth and
Ella Anderson.
Second and
Firtt grade, Miss Gertrude Pal
mer. Prof- Strange expects to have an
even larger attendance this school
year than last.
During Uie first week of school is
the Cou ity Institute, which every
teacher is required to attend and
which gives the school children
their first vacation but comes be
fore they have gotten settled down
to regular work, so does not break
into their studies.
Fre 1 Russell returned from a
trip north and drove up to Dorena
on Monday.
Do you preper to buy your
T3 o
Direct from the factory where you
get to choose from a large stock?
If so, trade where we make this
our exclusive business. We also make Suits to order.
Our Fall Stock is now here
J V I.