Bohemia nugget. (Cottage Grove, Or.) 1899-1907, August 22, 1906, Image 1

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T7X -fl T IS
Devoted to the Mining, furthering and farming Interf sts of tin's Community.
NO. 31
And ( Alining New
(ialhcrcd from lixchaiigcs.
Monday night, Hiipios"'lly by
tramps, wlio urctired f 100 and w re
supposed to be on their way ninth
(!. (. Winner was in town last
M-k fut'n his r.iiins in Bohemia.
I dm Cuiiin went ni Id camp
I iy t i do vc. in" work on !im
.Moiiltmi 1 laim.
C nt 1 iK am al out to Ik.- Ic-t for
111.11111I11 0 1 improv im-i ts on the
1 IiikIm i r 1 1 U- i( ad.
A I lnr.o 1 mid Martin Slna nre
dmMi fiotn i!k- 1 1 i.i at 1i 1 mine in
I'olirniia tlii-i wi(k,
I. A. ..!
e i aim- down to t iwn
If ' 'Hi th 1 ( )n -gi,n Si i'ui iti'-s camp on
I 1 iday on lunatic sh.
I 1 ink hit for Hdieuiiu
M'l'day, going to Inn idconda
claim foi a camping 1 .nt .
I laid 'in I ivif;' cii ia down
Iroin l!i" 'i su v a "ii l'nd iy, and
ma !e a !i .1 1 1 l hip to I'm I land re
t 11 urn to cam p v 'stt-i day . Mo is
11101 c m ti' 1 ln-tt-r ore nil
opening m,
t,he tini"
Win J . 1 a 1 1 t and his brother
I'll hdwauls hit Monday morning
fir JI. .Ik-iui In ic Will do Home
work on ln-i cliiini (in- peekalo,
w hiK' Ids 1 1 t-t !ic-r tikes some shots
.'it diMT a:.d hear.
'l'lu- I J' lien, i:i umil did not reach
the ramp n Monday as the stage
lntd to have on time and the train
w as n) late t!i:it li e stride had to
leave without the mail. This is
twice already this month this lias
happened. There ought to he soni"
leninly for it.
Ninlil Man al tho I'oM OfllcB
Time is a night man at the post
ollico now, so thut mail put in the
I ostollii c half an licnr before any
train will e on that truin. Thin
wall nave taking Into letters to the
hotels to he mailed. 1 he extra
man was made necessary by the
locul beginning to carry mail.
Hllk Cronk
The many friends of Icy
Whetdor ar j thankful mi l pl-ael
to hco him ubie to bi out ug nn
We understand that the pii-e in
now laid to supply the k liool
with water. We thir.k this h l.oo
Miss Amy Owens returned home
Irom Indian Creek liiday.
we learn iijii tic sui
Wat'-r for the sawmill Ins tad'dro
business can not be pushed ur.i'h
at prtHcnt.
l'rescott Wheeler aniv homo
from Coos county last Friday iiiht.
Mr. and Mr. A. II. Sweaney
ent'rtuined company Sit'irday
night and Sunday morning.
Miss Winnie Dresser an I broth' r
Shirley wore in our m i-h m hoo 1
Satu iday.
II. W. 15 dn- ck and wilo visited
at David h;st'n Wednesday, ia!!m
"ii Mr. and Mrs. Stephen' Harris in
the afternoon
airs. lompkins of
Heihtn made a tri) to
in day.
I. U Flliott is liberal with
hlackberties as ntvi ral ot Iiih n
boiH can testify.
Miss A'icc Whoeler was n t ! i c ! (
8 ck list Sunday. I
Mm U' K' UM.....1. i t 1,a ('
M. F. Hube.ock culled a while at lv. j
A. Wheeh r's Tuenday alsu at A. D. ;
Oregon Securities Company
Officials Make Following
Statement of Their Min
ing Business.
''- t New York, August ist, 1906.
supply of 'To Till' HTi C'K MOI.DFKS:
The annual iiU'i ti n if of tho Stock
holders of the Oregon Securities
Company was held at Uoom 510.
Ch imin r of Commerce I'uildin,
F'Ttland, Orcm, on July oth
1 '(. A lar'e majority of the
11!' tr.ndiny .tock wan represented.
'JI11 following gentlemen were
1 Ict'd ns Directors for the ensuing
Jf.liii W. Wheeler, Gustavo 15.
II!i;'n, (korgf French, Froilerick
J'., geit, Albert Hawkins, A. 13.
W.-od, C.eorge W. Crosby, Ussinn
1". Fax ton, Iferbett Ii. Smith.
After receiving and approving
the reports of the Treasurer and
the Manager (which oro herewith
danilt' d ). and a ceueral discus-
j ioii I iv the stockholders, the mcet-
j i" j, ai!jo;irn( d.
j The new Hoard of Directors then
j went ii to session, an elected the
I following named officers for the
Fat-a.t. ha
iven sectirel i
, (m l aplicatioTiS 1
j.riteiits on the bal-
by the end of this
' Maincd govi-rn-r
all the unpatented
I Hen w od
town Sat
on tin' '
are p 'id in
ance. W"
sen son t o !'
tuent ' '
claim .
Th'j eh ( ti ;
rated ai
operah :.,
Tho pe. . r
not ftuf.--: ' d
stamp mid
power , o,l
ensure, il.c
.1 11
ine n;
when 1 ci p; jrc
Diiiii: the
tarn;- "
ation, iiv! a vail amount of ore
was n. .!!.. i diairi.: May and June,
but owj-w t,, ;! ! of t'ower, tho
mill was 'l - .- l 'I i'.vii during low
wat'T, air! rvjjular ojier-'itions wero
rcs:n.:cd eai 1 v in c'-- 'her.
Daii:i.' lis-, pa-t l.iii'j months, I2,-
il 1 to;i- oi oro have
1 j ower plant lo-
:' a has been inconstant
'i gool service.
1 1 an iiaiM-iou lino has
.-is. .v serious interrup
i'iv: ir.'-talled at the
r.n auxiliary steam
'!' : t capacity to
r.tinu- 11 -i otieration of
a or, t'i" 1 criod of ''w
1-. !t"iv ior : .. e
i-pring of r.iO.3, the
i i rci 'iied for oper-
And General News Gathered
in a Rush for Our Readers
ll '! w'ni'.'h
:hcii milled,
ie net re-
. 1
turns .'rom the Mint
7!,1",,.-,0, an average of
pert.m, f . hk-h muM be added
the vahio of the concentrates saved
during tids po'iod, which we hope
to s!:ip to the faneiter this season.
Nor.-: Tl.- auiouut rA free mil
ling ! r-'irnings is given in the
i Chas. B. Duttou was in town the
! first of the week on business.
Ii. O. Brady of Creswc'd va-: in
town Tuesday looking for hop
Jas. Cosgrove of Alca was in
town Mouday but went back in
the afternoon.
Ernest Purvance left for (JrauH
Pass on Tuesday and will go
through the mining districts down
Winters Wallace has returned
from his camping trip on Mosby
creek, and is now in his new posi
tion as clerk at II. Venske.
Morris McKibben of McKihhen
Bros, sawmill attended the meeting
of the Oregon and Washington
Lumbermens' Association in Port
land last week.
The livery stables around U wn
are having their hands full to Uke
care of their trade. They have
President; !ofT.:"'r'-l
C.J. Howard and fninil.v of
tage drove took a ride out
Sunday evening .
hei 0
Help Wnnted-Feiorklo.
A solicitor aud demonstrator of
high clnss hardware novelty, pat
ented, household mcensity, salary
$2.50 per day. No selling required.
Address Mfg. Co., Cottage drove,
Or., care of Cottage Clrovo Leader.
I'lin U Wlieeler
fir" W (yritK.)w ict vlfp.r,rt-i:i. I 1' l,J
a 1.- t. - i ..: htp.l v. iiollv uii on
deut; (lusiave B. Ilengen, Secre
t try an I treasurer; C. B. Osgood,
as-istant secretary and assistant!
treasurer; A. B. Wood, manager;
J. A. Fide, Superintendent; Ossian
1 in the early summer
.. 1 . r a : i .. .i
:, iai Statement as WQ.jl, Va'n fi 11
!..T'.n :ue i' presenting the I tbey cnn hiL
i. r. jones, iraveung pas-ener
agent for the S. P. Co., who owns
a farm about seven miles north of
Salem, has befn spending his vaca
tion running a threshing outfit. He
a i.ucu uusie., uiu u u aw Cham ioQ builJia
in his hair and chaff in his pockets, TTm
and looks like the real thing Sa
. i . i
F. I'axton. counsel: Tames 11. nur. 1 amoi.-.uca io i,
net, eounsel. Kxecutive Com-I0
. ..'it. T I 11? 1111-1 II. IS
uiiuer. jonu u. v ueeier, iier-
jbert V,. Smith, Gustave Ii.IIc-t.gcn.
j chairman.
The tril iowin rr rpnnrla wliicli
.' ".in nro.,tr.'l .1 ttia Jf ,tnl Iml.lai' ! Ufting jll" Ml
'ding the
Tramps Kol Vonctvlla Ilutchor Shot
Marshall I'liderwood got a tele
phono mi-ssago Tuesday morning
that J"hn Mover's butcher shop at
Yoncal'u was robbed Hornet ime
The ladies ot the I.. O. T. M .
held a grand picnic at the I rove n
Tuesday, and the men joined in
with them.
C. M. Miller has sold a pardnor
ship ia his jtore toj. C. Corbett,
ami they" will put in a stock of
hardware, and generally enlarge
their stock. Mr. Corbett has con
sidernblo property holdings in the
Grove, but has not been n resident
Meeting, aro herewith
lor your consideration:
C.on Six i UITIKS Co.Ml'ANY,
( i i:.N I I.K.MtN:
As manager of the mines of your
company, I beg to submit n report
of conditions and operations at the
the mines, up to the end of tho
fiscal year, June 30th. 190G."
Surveys for pateuting have been
completed, showing that your corn-
May, l'.'ui'., the mill oper-
froni the Cham
pion vein, on the Champion and
Broa 1 vi v 1 im-;. Daring May, we
lx'gm deliv-'riii!" ore from the Mu
sick mine to tho mill, and tho out
put from the Musick for June
I tons. e will
continue milling Musick ore until
nov. full blockades the opera1. ion of :
the tk-ctuc lailrcad
wiiuer munth-.
pletion of the main
irk. ith the Ciiam-
pion, we will ir-ly upon our supply
from tiie Chauijiion and Broadway
In this connection, it is appropri
ate to txpliin that duriug the fall
of 1905, a s n arc tram road, 6,000
feet in length, was constructed,
connecting -No. t! Level of the Mu
sick with No. t Level of the Cham
pion. This tram has a maximum
one per cent grade, and is operated
by an electric locomotive, which
hauls the ore Irom the Musick to
the Champion, where it is deliv-
whilo in tho Musick there have
been driven feet of drift on
vein, and no feet ot upraise.
Owing to a large demand
throughout the country, labor is
scarce and uncertain, but we hope
to maiutairi a sufficient force for
regular operations. Under the able
charge of J. A. Kade, superinten
dent at the rn'mes, the conditions at
the properties are highly satisfac
tory. The present cost of produc
tion, covering mining, transporta
tion and milling, does not exceed
f .l ptr ton. Progress is being
made in the way of bringing the
property up to a satisfactory stan
ard of production, and the manage
ment will continue to put forth ev
ery effort to increase the output,
reducing th! cost wherever possible
Yours very respectfully.
A. B. Wood, Manager.
nr. bT.VTEmi-N'T, 33'nr,
Helena, Musick,
Champion, Broad
wav and Bonita
mices $5,076,219.52
Power plar.t and power
line 43,091.45
Clampion wagon road 20.GyO.O4
Tramways... 33,778.80
Mine and mill ma
chinery 14,5i7.G9
Sawmill plants 4,79249
Dam and llume io,577.52
Mill and mice con
lem Journal.
1 1 earns
' Warehouse
, men is ...
Telephone lino
440, i7
00 1- -
r,,1 fl, ..,,11 1,,. I 1 rilUUUI.O llliU
ictci uuu scui LUU lUill I '1 li.U 1
Luring the uouuie-wacK incline tram, wuicu , 4c,,71 fi0
has been in operatiou lor some ! r ., , - . n'j.-o-'
. 1 i: urniture and fixtures r. 72i.73
. i rime. ub i r np in i . ip c:iv. . . . t
lUUTiti euu- 7- 7 "
erea bj snow snea, cm be operated
throughout the year.
Development has not vet reached
a point permitting a regular output
of ore to supply the r.iiximuri
capacity of the mill, whh has not
run at over half its capa it 7, on an
average, during this period. Mu.h,
' Accounts reeei able.
Cash on hand
20.00:. 14
Prolit and loss bal. 53,670.09
however, has been acco.
ered to tl
hute extending be-
1'iinv owns 56 claims, comurisinir
here for ome time past, but has 77.15 acres, as determined by the .'tween the (th and Hh levels, and is
now como back to live. i surveys of tho deputy mineral sur- taken from this chute on the Uth
i Capital stock.
The upraise connecting 9.h aud ' , o,,i; "
Gth levels of the Champ, m vas m,t Accrued iotcrest
completed until the first of ust 0 j Accounts payable (in.
ober. During the past year, there dudi ba,aQCe
be? finf C:il'"l''ou count purchase
mine 1,888 feet of drift on ve.n. and ; BroaJw9v Iine).
I07 . feet of upraise or connection i v mil ;Mf
. . .5,5,000,000.00
tunnel, besides considerable surfaec
work aud miuor exploratio: s.
crued, payable July
(.Continued to last page.)
Whatps tKe use of
$10 for a Bjnch of Hot Air
You arc asked to pay the extra ten "because a certain name is sewed under the coat collar.
But not at this store. We have no interest in assisting egotistical clothing makers to make
you believe they are the only fellows in the world who make good clothing. You know
this is not so. There are many makers who produce "good" clothing and we buy our stuff
from several of them we only ask you to pay wdiat the goods costs us, with a small, safe
margin added.
W -. 1-1..-
v'ir- iv , v-.v,- iv , Vr,(lV