Bohemia nugget. (Cottage Grove, Or.) 1899-1907, August 01, 1906, Image 7

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Is It Your
Own Hair?
i f. J pi
Do you pin your lint to your
own linlr? Can't do It?
I lavcn't enough hair ? It must
be you do not know Aycr's
HairVlcor! Here's nn Intro
duction! May the acquaint
ance result In a heavy growth
of rich, thick, glossy hair! And
we Know you'll never he gray.
! ll.lnk si-rr'a llitr Vlir-ir Ii II. e
w..inl.-' f ol l'o 11 "in i-r 1 1 4 1 w 14 in i. it f
tiavn lin-.l n f'.r ...inn linn- t i in iiiitIi
fill f VHV III'. I I NMr'r.lttlV l N.,-, Hllll II I
tl,-.fil!lT "-e li'Mi. I"1 II .! -. I. -I.. II. I I ti'.
I4lli.ll" Mi m V II inn ll. J . l.u.,1. M,, I,,
Male Lr C r-r c , I... will. Mesa
Aal Inanura.itorftrs of
; Mjers at
till IKY t'lCTIIUAI..
I mans laLlim I uilrr IMlftrnlllre.
M lake I In ceiiMis of tin Mrllltli
empire in n mutter in Uim.iiiiy in err
"I - n It I ii t k-1
"" "ii, ii, hi
"landing." Judge.
Hit Hinge. Mrs.
dors Mlii' lull, about ?
lirblge iiihI Itrlilget.
' There's. Madeline. Kin'
l' Ii. t ng(., (mii I m 1 1 1 '
she' beginning Ik hidi) Ii
I In .nr.
I rummy Papa,
pb Hill, 1 1 ' J
Ii called In nt Hi.
. Hi'' blame. I. lie.
I ' I llllllllllall hll t,y
" e-i, lilt, nil- e umig
t'i drink, if Hints wluil
'inn an I Cniiul ry.
J'lllill lo oi believe In
form' '1'i'iii'inT In iiiir r,i
About i'ii'i'j. oilier one ni ymi
pelled wrong. J let roil J It-..
II Scat In till I'lIM hi-
s ii complalnl or loii''
K nicker Wliiit
Mii lioi kiT -Harper'n
Soil llli'illl
w lint Is a oiinili Ii,g
Hi U a ilui tur h ho
hist moment 1. 1 mIiiiii.'
li t of luiiiior.'
Ii I ii ill ni1 mii
Jo, I IIIC.I Ii."
spelling re
e.ite 1 do.
woliU U
How fur In U U(. ai,d ,.r ( on-
telll," ' J I 'h 'iiil'dlll' tiT lion nilli ll
faith you got. l,r Jl(ii think you In It,
.ilar you U. Kn if Mm ilon l well. It a
1 J it iiieirnm. A native nlllrlill M Ihi
ritrri'il to tnke census of what wm
known to l a populous v 1 1 1k In I'Knn
t Hj returned with the report that
there wat no iKijiiilntloii. tli iiilium
t ion Ix-lriu tlmt thi liiluililtnntji bml f
o:i lii'iirliig of hi approm-h. Mori pr
rlM lntruftlona wrro iflvpn to lilm nml
li pnld anothrr llt to tli vlllnj,
'I'lii result f hi linjulry wit rlva
f liui In tin tiilitiUtwl form: NiiiiiIht ol
lull, II." 7 ; InliiiliitniitR, rnrii orer 1J
jrnm of it go, (i; woiihmi nmliT IH jrcnri
of nk'i'. 0; woini'ii, 0; cliililri-n, 0; to
tal. 0.
Catarrh Cannot b Cured
llh Ilil'AI, A A I lus'1, (1 tlirjr runiint
I'-m Ii llin ' l ni llin iliMnnri. I atarrh la
IiIikxI nr .us 1 1 ( ' 1 1 ! m I ii.. . mn in uriti r in
(.no H )ih inn. I lain I h r ti nl riiiirl'F.
IUII a i'i arrli I hip la Inkin lnt.-rnall , an.)
ai l .llin, 1 1 y on H.o ,,. .1 ni, ,,, .,, , ,u, ,,,r ,.,
Ill I'll maul, I n i. I I n i,iti It iii. ill, i hi..
it W a .l,-ll 1 1. t.y nlii if I ' i let I'liMl! ni, a
III I hla i nun 1 1 ) li.r ' a i a. an. I la n fi-u i Jar .i.--ill.lil:,.
It la ri.ii. ., .. .1 if II,,. Unt Innlia
III . li, r.itiiMHi-il Mi ll llii. ,,.t t, (inn! i t.
I i-ra, hi UtiK Iinilyon II. i. iiitii'i.iin aur'arr...
'I In- ii." In I i ni., I . Inn ii.ii i f t tin I wn Iiik-i-iIii t,ta
la lil .r..'liiri a an. Ii w larlul nmln u
(urliiv i a'anli. i-i-ii.I lor ii iiiii..i,lala In-i-.
I J i III M V .. i ii . I r.ij.a., loli J.i.O.
H .1.1 l- 'lnit- tal-, prlrr
Hall a r-'iul I K, a am Ilia lt.
Not In Mia I. Inc.
A tptt pirlty jroung woman allnoJ
n. I I'll oil thff vtolu atrpai In front of
liir fnllii-r'a limiaM. apralnlnic lirr knit.
Klii (llnUkfil (loi'tora, hut tho kni-4 Dual
ly Kriw w liui I ahr wan piTaumltil
t i-nil In inIlrnl mlrlri'. Khe wouhln't
have thin d.K lor or thut oiit, luit 11 n ally
-Hit ahi- woiihl ronai-nt to liarlni; nihil
In a riTtnlii apriii'i looking yoiiui; iii.m.
t Trying n li'Miionpnrhli' int'illi'liiu cum',
who pa-ixci! tin' hotiHi' eviTy tlay.
Tin' fuinlly krpt a atiarp lookout, n ml
V 'lIMI III MIII nllll flllhsl lll.'ll In.
Tin- yoim:; l.nly nio'li'.xt ly ralicil hir
fklrlH ami hIi,kai.. tin- il'.Halilril ini'inlirr.
'I'Id u ii in. 'in looki'.l nt It nn, I anl. I :
"That i-i-rtalnl.v I ipi.ti1 sitIhi."
"'i-:i." h.i hi the yoiii'.K Imly, "wlint
h.'lll I lloV"
"If I :( you." In sn'.il. "I wiiii I.I
a.'ii'l for n .i h-l:ni."
"I'.ut ran ymi not nttcnil t It?" nil;
i! l!n' t'lrl.
"Not very wi'll." n;iiwiTiil tin yotins
inn ii. "I a" "
Por Infanta and Children.
The Kind You Have Always Bought
Honrs thu
Bluutura of
An I m iirraalon .
"I'm klinl ii' 1 1 i . r . i vr-i t 'hout tint
now Imiii'iliT," halil Mi'M. ( 'orntoKM'l.
"Cln'ir ii,," niiHwiTi'il tin1 fariniT.
"Tlion iilu't no use ' try In' to milt
lit iii. Urn hud thosi' fi'lh-ra that
wrlto polltlral iirtli'Ii'M for the nuiKa
i4iu'i.." Wiif IiImkIoii Star.
A u loinolil li-a.
At thi ! inc of I'.mi.'i, 'ij;hty II vo thou
mill iiutiiiiuililh'M wire In iit In t lit)
I'liltiil StutrM, or one to fvrry one
Ihoiisniiil liihahllaiitN. New York Statu
li'.nU wild tvtiity-tlini thoiisaml six
liiiuilrt'il nml llfly iii.irhliii's lu Ut',
Willi Afly.oiiu Iuim only thiit'.
IV ii I'liniiri'.
Si runner I f ymi think a eurfi'w law
wuiilil lit. n Kooil l It 1 n iff for tin' town why
don't you liriiiK tho inattiT up Ifforu l lie
city falhiTaV
Native Thnt'a tlif trouhlo. Wo linvt-n't
any city fiithi'ru. Souu ;,f 'i"i nrt old
tiiii'liclora, ntul llm n-at of Via livti in
ii part incut hoimra,
Young MEN, Old MEN, Mid die. Age d MEN
K'lul for Iri'o I'liinplili't in ulniii cover.
Telia alioiit nn nppliani'tt that in hutch
llllppilU'HH, It'll t It llllll Mlt'l't'rH in li'.
l rie Hi-mi loiliiv.
P. O. Box 25 Portland, Ore.
iiillw furtlt-r on." .V t In ii tit Conntl-
tut loll.
"l'o joti . : MImh Joui'M nml Mr.
Itniwn will marry 7" ".No; they've hud
a falling out." "How 11 1 It ImppenV"
"They met olio tiny when ein h wna
(Miking tho other up In Uriulatreet'a."
- 1 let rol t Freu l'reim.
"You linveu't mnilo any apeeehen
lately." "No," uiiHweritl Seuiitor Sor
jjliuni. " I I'm more work thnii ll mini to
U- to uinku a aieerh. The puhllo l
Kit tin); no that It tnki-M nn orator ucrl-ouaiy."--Vnaliliijtiii
(lMlioy - I wax run tlowu hy mi nuto
liiolille the other tl.iy. lie Vhiiii -Wert!
yoll hurt? tllilltoy - .Not Ulilli ll Tool
hj Mtainli-r reuiarki'.l that It w as it
hhiiuii' to M'i' an i, I'l liiaii howled over
like that, t'hliao I Lilly .Newt.
1'uliil intf to li.-r nous, ('i.nic'll.i had
Jllsl erl. limed, "Thene are my Jewel!"
"llllll," replied the heart lent J.lliilor,
"you'll lime to keep the.u In the Hale.
An iliililrcii, tiny ain't nllowt-.l lu tills
apartment house."-- ll.ifper'a lla:ir.
Youiij; Iluiliiind It'8 very pretty, hut
('ou t you think It wiw extravagant to
apeinl f- on u rln' lining wile
l;ul you hiH. ilnrlliij?, 1 had nlieady anv
eJ the f-S hy p'ttlxK K"W ll that w in
redincd from fss to filo. lirooklyu
"lo you take any Interest In rare
am! heuutlful UHikaV" "No," iiiiKweretl
Mr. Cuiurox ; "1 used to; hut now If
you auharrllie to nn expensive puhlltn
t loll ptople think you did It to keep
aoiiiethlng out of prlnL" WaHlilngtou
llleka How do you happen to Ik;
goliiK HhIiIiik on l'rldayV I thought
you ladlevetl I'rhlny wna nn uiilurky
tiny. Wleka Well, I always have. Hut
It iH't'iirred on me this iiuniilii that
perhaps ll would lie uiilurky for the
ll.ili. - Soinerx llle Journal.
"You will understand, sir," Ir. I'rh'e-l'rh-e
benu, "tlnit 1 cannot undertake
t) cure your ease w ithout n diagnosis."
"That's all rllit." Interrilliletl Nlirlteh,
haughtily. "I s'laise that's the medical
word for 'fee III ndviiiice.' Name yer
Ujer!" rhllndelphla l'rcss.
"What we waul," said the reformer,
"Is a system hy which the olllee seeks
the man." "We've ot It rlht here lu
Cllnison liulch," answered l'lllte l'ete.
"The whole sheriff's olllee was out last
nlKht huntln' the feller tlmt pit thu
wronx lioss." Washington Star.
"Is IT. Hhink a li .iiieopathistV" was
asked of the porter who iinswered Ihe
rliiK 'f the door hell. Hesltatini: for a
liioment, lils African features llj,littnj
up, the porter replied: "No, aali ; do,
sail. Dr. Wauli goes out nu' treat
patients right along, nah." Ex.
"leireiice McC'iutey, do you awenr
that you know the applicant, Michael
Murphy, who lias iniide application for
an Increase, of pension inu may
will say tlmt I do," said Ti nciice.
"Me and lilm wt-re shot In the same
It'K at Aiitlctam." r.oston Herald.
"So the mlllloiiiiircs gave a mask
luill? Was It a success-" "No, hut
It would have hecu a success save for
Percy Lavender." "What did he do?"
"Why, he went disguised as a process
server, and all the millionaires Jumped
out of the window" Chicago lally
A Chicago mother waa trying to net
her little hoy to K" to hetl. "Kun iiloiiK,
Johnny." she said, "mid Ret Into your
Willi pn i onillllixia i m i Ailnpla
llona IHi-lMlfil lif llrnaoii.
Aliioni,' the fiimllliir examples of tin
chiiliKes In the hill. lis of birds whlell
have ri'Hiilteil from association with
Inn lilt tin) lire those of the chimney
swift, or popularly limned "chimney
swallow," which formerly in-stcd In the
hollowN if Irei's and now In all Mellled
legions llsliiK tin chimney of the
house!, ii ml the hum and cave swal
lows, the former originally nestliiK In
eaves n ml now hulldlliK on the beiims
and raflera of bariiM, nml the latter,
oiieii a cliff dweller, now attuchlliK Us
curious mud lenemeiit under the ahel
t t of the eaves of barm and dwell
ings. .
In a series of Interest IiiR liotini In
the Auk on the changes In the habits of
birds lieore F. ISreiiliiK'T records hnv
llitf observed III Mexico the old ft 1 1 I the
new way of awallow nest iii(. In the
ancient town of Tux pan he found nu
morons Instances of barn swallows
nesting In the IIvIiir rooms, mid In the
unsettled portions of the Slate of Chi
huahua, I'M) miles back from the rail
road on one of the larRe haciendas n
ri'k'loii devoid of the 1 1 me honored
adobes burn swallows still nested on
the rocks.
Mr. UrciiliiKpr notes other ehaiiRea In
the nesting habits due to the removal
of larK! timber. There Is, for exam
ple, thi' Lucy's warbler, which normal
ly nests In natural I'livltles In the
trunks of trees, most commonly In the
inesijulte, but lu the vicinity of Tlieaon,
where the larger trees have lieeii nit
away, the warblers have lu Home I it -stances
had reinurse to rebuilding tlielr
ni'sts In the abandoned nests of other
species, and, most curious of all, among
the mm II limbs of a iiieHipiltp tree.
In timbered countries the Dickers cut
hole lu the trunks of trees for their
nests. In Home sections, where the
larRe tri-es have ls-en removed and the
lllckers have no longer such nesting
sites, they have taken to the telegraph
poles. "Along the railroad between
r.ens.iii mnl Itlsbee, Ariz.," writes Mr.
Itrciilnger, "Ihe telegraph pules ami
fence p.ists show evidence of the work
of woodpeckers, ji hy the Texan Wood
pecker. Throughout this legion trees
are few and the woodpeckers are forced
to use anything that Is dead and large
enough to permit of a nesting cavity
being cM'aiiti;d in it. I'eiul stalks ot
the century plant are often used. About
1'hoeiilx, Ariz., this woodpecker Is com
mon. Timber to their needs is still in
ahuiiilamv and the jsiles along the rail
roads and elsewhere are untouched. In
some parts of Mexico the work of wood
peckers on telegraph jsiles has reached
the .stage of a nuisance and a source
of much outlay of money to keep the
line In repair. Over a piece of road
running between San Luis l'otosl and
Tamplco the nuisance has liccoiue no
great that the iiiitiiitgemeut threatened
to dip the jsiles In a solutluii of creo
aote." Forest and Stream.
The very name, Contngious Blood poison, suggests contamination and dread. It is tho
worst disease the world has ever known; responsible for more unhappincss and sorrow than
all others combined. Nobody knows anything about the origin of this loathsome trouble,
but as far back as history goes it has been regarded the greatest curse of mankind.
No part of the body is beyond the reach of this powerful poison. No matter how pure
the blood may be, when the virus of Contagious Blood Poison enters, the entire circulation
becomes corrupted, the humiliating symptoms begin to appear, and the .sufferer finds himself
diseased from head to foot with the vilest and most destructive of all poisons. Usually
the first symptom is a small sore or ulcer, so insignificant that it rarely ever excites
suspicion, but m a short while the skin
breaks out in a red rash, the glands of the
groin swell, the throat and mouth ulcerate,
the hair and eye-brows come out, and often
the body is covered with copper-colored
spots, pustular eruptions and sores.
There is hardly any limit to the rava
ges of Contagious Blood Poison; if it is not
driven from the blood it affects the nerves,
D!ir Klr3 : I had a friend who had a bad case of Con
tattlo'in Blood Poison and was In a tsrrlbl condition. H
trl'id all tho rneiiioins ha could hear of, but nothing did
him any good. lie vm. o Hot 8priT.r's but It waa lik
this other treatments he had used, and he was in despair
of a cure when he heard of H. H. H. After taklncc it for
awhile the cores all healed, his hair propped falling out,
and, continuing with It, he soon fonnd Mmself cured en
tirely of this hidoous disease. JOHN LESLIE,
Kockford, III. 710 W. State St.
attacks the bones, and m extreme
I was afflicted with Blood Poison, and the' best doc
tors did me no good, though I took their treatment faith
fa. ly. In fact I seemed to get worse all the while. I took;
almost every so-called blood remedy, but they did not
seem to reach the disease, and had no effect whatever, I
was disheartened, for It seemed that I would never be
cured. At the advice of a friend I then took S. 8. 8. and
began to improve. I continued the medicine, and it cured
me completely. W. U. NEWMAN.
Hamlet, N. C.
Inalalenf I'olltrnraa.
(lioil tempered, kind hearted, and
liked even by the Russians, Is the de
scription which the author of "With
Itusslan, Japanese and Chuiichuse" ap-
piles to the Japanese soldier. He also
gives an Illustration of the determina
tion of the Japanese, even when the
object Is courtesy.
Wh"ii. after the Battle of Tushih. hia,
the Uussinil garrison evacuated
Niuchwang by order of General Kuro-
ta t kin, the Japanese were not long in
taking command of the place. Two
scouts were the llrst to enter the town.
They rode straight to the civil admin
istration buildings. There, In one of
the smaller rooms, they came upon a
Itusslan soldier who had managed to
get left behind his
He slowly rose from behind some l'ur-j
niture ami faced his captors. They '
smiled amiably at him, and, reassured, !
he pulled off his cap and commenced to
fun himself with It.
Now it la a common custom for the
Japanrst soldier, In war and peace, to
carry about with hliu In the hot weath
er a small fan. On this occasion a fan
was forthcoming, end Landed to ihe
Ho refused to take It, preferring to
use the cap.
Still with an amiable smile on his
face, one of the Japanese, a short man
w Ith abnormally broad shoulders, again
proffered the rejected fan with the !eft
hand, at the same time covering him
with a revolver.
The captive took tho gift without
further reluctance and fanned himself
with vigor. It cooled lilm far more
than the cap.
causes tumors to form on the brain, pro
ducing insanity and death. No other dis
ease is so highly contagious; many an inno
cent person lias become infected by using the
same toilet articles, handling the clothing, by
a friendly handshake or the kiss of affection
from one afflicted. But no matter how the disease is contracted, the sufferer feels the
humiliation and degradation that accompany the vile disorder.
Mercury and Potash are commonly used in the treatment of Contagious Blood Poison,
but these minerals cannot cure the disease they merely mask it in the system. All ex
ternal evidences may disappear for awhile, but the treacherous poison is at work on the internal
members and tissues, and when these minerals are left off the disease returns worse than
before, because the entire system has been weakened and damaged by the strong action of the
Mercury and Potash. There is but one certain, reliable cure for Contagious Blood Poison,
and that is S. S. S., the great vegetable blood purifier.' It attacks the disease in the right
way by going down into the blood, neutralizing and forcing out every particle of the poison.
It makes the blood pure and rich, strengthens the different parts of the body, tones up the
system, and cures this humiliating and destructive disorder permanently.
The improvement commences as soon as the patient gets under the influence of S. S. S.
and continues until every vestige of the poison is driven from the blood and the sufferer
is completely restored to health, b. b. b. is not
an experiment ; it is a success. It has cured
thousands of cases of Contagious Blood Poison,
many of which had given the Mercury and
Potash treatment, Hot Springs, etc., a thor
ough trial, and had almost despaired of ever
being well again. S. S. S. is made entirely
of roots, herbs and barks, and does not in
jure the system in the least. We' offer a
reward of $1,000 for proof that it contains a particle of mineral of any kind. If you
are suffering with this despicable and debasing disease, get it out of your blood with S. S. S.
before it does further damage. We will gladly send our book with instructions for self
treatment and any medical advice, without charge, to all who write.
o Kiy o o
tfodera Lsft Slory Dolleat Dona.
"Miss Jones, allow uie to present Mr.
'Delighted to meet you, Mis Jones.
Will you marry me?"
"Y yes."
riTf V tiiK Ianre ana all Nervous Dl3.-ae.
1 1 0 r-TrnHiiflilly run-d bv Ir. Kline's tir-Hl
Nfrv- Mnil f..r KUKK 2 trial tmtU- and
In an sc. l.r. It. H.lvl.n . lxl..UJl Aiv!l tSU, I'Llla.,!".
Will lion 1111 Jiiilnmrnl I)r.
There is a shivery, shaky legend
among the people who live along the
Hudson Kiver which Is to the effect
that that stream Is the everlasting lioat
ing waters of a specter w ho Is person
llied as Knmhout Van Iam. Away
back In colonial times Kainhout and
his frl"iids were drinking until late at
night. Finally this man Kainhout start
ed for home, some distance up the river.
In his boat, swearing that he would
row the distance If It took "a mouth of
Sundays." Kainhout never reached
home, and the superstitious people say
that ho has boon condemned to row un- '
til Judgment day.
! Afraid of ihe Smell.
Bill Although birds are credited
with a sense of smell, an English ex
pert finds turkeys Indifferent to all
Jill Well, I don't know; I've seen
turkey trying to get a long distance
away when a motor car was In the vi
cinity. Y'oukers Statesman.
Mothers will And it--. Window's Soothing
Byrup the best remedy to use for their children
during the teething f riod.
HOWARD E. BCRTON. Assayer nd Chemist,
Leadville, Colorado Kpei-iruen pm-is: Go!.,
Fllvpr, I-ad, II ; liold, Hllver,7 : Oolii, boc; Zinc or
.ofwr,fl. Cyanide tts. Aittilizig envelopi-s andl
full prici-llst sent oo application. Control and Um
pire work solicited, lteiereuce: Carbonate lw
iional Hank.
power lully warranted. 1J3. All sizes ami
i! les at lowest prices. Write for catalog.
Portland. Oregon.
Solved Attain.
""on think you will have a cook
nest week, sure?" asked the caller after
a prolonged discussion of the servant
"I shall, if the girl has any regard
whatever for the amenities of life," re
plied the hostess.
"What do you mean?"
"In order to be sure of her favor I
have arranged a little dinner In her
honor the first evening she Is with us.
Can't you come?" Judge.
The little chickens have all goiio mnrkable
TllK IIAIHY KI.Y KIM. Kit ilimlroys all tha
llli'D and amirua
ooiiili rl lorVKry
liuma-lii allium
ruoin, slttfpinf
room and all
iliu'i-a wiifti
llli-aar Iroublw
aoina. Clvan,
mat and will
not null or lu-
iira unyiniiiK.
Trv tlil'lll Ulllltt
ml yuu will nnvt-r lir without llii'in. If not knpi bf
'';''. "i, I pmimui lor -;ou. lUrold Boiuera,
Uvkalb v Utuoklyu, N, V.
to lied." "Yes, mother, 1 know, saw
thu little tot, with a tpiivcrliig lip; "but
tho old hen went to bed with 'em."
Old Woman (awaiting magistrate's
signature to her declaration that she
lllrd Snrtteona.
birds seem to jkissoss a re
lnstlnct for surgery . Thu
woodcock, the partridge, and some oth
ers are said to be able to dress their
wounds with considerable skill. A nat
uralist observes that he has shot sev
eral woodcock that were recovering
from wounds previously received. In
, i ....... ...... i... .1... .
has lost a pawn ticket' ah uwuwiiru every unuimv m- nnuiu iiie injury ui'iit
thing, yer honor, to lose a pawn ticket. y dressed with down plucked from the
1'ollco Superintendent Sh-h h ! Old stems of feathers and skillfully ar
Woman (not to be suppressed) Ahem I ranged over the wound, evidently by the
It's an awkward thing, yer honor, to long beak of the bird. In other cases
lose a pawn ticket. Magistrate My ligatures had beeu applied to wounded
good woman, 1 never lost one. Old or broken limbs.
Wonmn M! Buiv. I""""'' ,,u0 a t..,.i in.uai.
people ore very careful. Punch. Thlg ,s an lllterest,ng c,0,k M,
The department store salesman had guld Uje 8aUsmiuli ..yosj rtay Bhou,d
taken twenty-nine rolls of dress goods haye ouii es,HH.laly ,f lK(tluired
from the sheir and wus a trlile Impa- wUh tlnsome
tlent. "Madame." ho said, politely. lt.,, Ilim.y n cucktw ckHk, luu't !tr
.Isn't there anything here which suits M,s8 May j..,
you?" "N'." nulled the fair s hopper. ltyeH ,)Ul iu.B,I1UI1(f at 10 ,
-I guess I won't select the goods now of ng .(.U(.k.koo.
You see, 1 m jusi n...a...j, tor wmr tt yells, 'Co home! (Jo home!'"
Twice as Good
One Third the Cost
Will Cleanse Every Article in Your
Kitchen or Dining Room
And Make It Bright
All dealers Free sample Ilornx and I'orax Snap,
Jiookli-i d Souvenir i'le lire in colors, for 10 renta
and Hea. HrH name. fAC'lJriU LUA61' UUKiX
Co., Otikluad, Cat.
1 -iS JuMW-,
& G
Every day is bargain day in the
Wave Circle. Come in and get ac
quainted. K C will help you cut
down the living expenses and make
doctor's bills a thing of the past. Do
you realize that you can get the best
and purest baking powder in the world
at one-third what you've been paying
for anywhere near K C quality. A 2$
ounci can costs 2 sc. Think of the saving!
Can you make money any easier ? Get
it to-day. The grocer returns the
price of can if you are not satisfied.
Jill Grocers
Send" postal for the beautiful
"Book of Presents."
v 11 1 unuo.
Dr. G. Gee Wo
Tlrs wonderful t'tal
i'e lioctor Is callrd
great bei-ause lis cura
pt-opli without opera
tion that are kivoii no
to dlv. lie cures wltii
those wonderful Ctn
mst heron, roots, bud,
barks and vegetable
that are entirely un
known to medical sci
ence lu Ihiaoouiitry. Throimn tn uso 01 UiosJ
harmless remedies this lamou dootor knows
llieactlou of over 600 different remedies which
tieauccessliilly uses lu different dlseaon. He
yuuranleentocurecutarrh. asthma, lunir, ihroat,
rheumatism, nervousness, stomach, liver; kid
neys, etc.; has hundreds of testimonials.
Chariies moderate. Call and see htm. 1'atleuta
out of the cuy write lor blankr and circular,
bend stamp. CONSULTATION 4'HKli
162', rirst St., S. t. Cor. Morrison
Mention paper. PORTIAND, OREGON.
Portland Trade Directory
Names and Addresses in Portland of Repre
sentative Business firms.
"There's another roll on tho shelf." said
t..o salesman; "I'll take It down ir you
think your friend U likely to bo la U."
Philadelphia Press.
detectives should be good-
Dli. W. A. WISH
When yo i trot dcutal work done. Sys
tem ami ure.'ialou al ihi wuy tliroiinh
In our office., out we do U'iner I usluess
Willi Utile compa.islou lor a nervous
Iiaileui. We) uy mi make II a paiu.ess
lr. H.utdevant, sieclalist on child
ren's lee h aial rtnulailiis".
WISE BROS., Dentists
FamiiKBullilliif.Tlitrit and Wa-hlmiton
a. m. to a p. in.; Siiiidny V lu li
illalu W-J.
Pit. I. f.
CKKAU HKFAKATOHS-Wn nuarantee the U.H.
M-paruior to be the beat. Write lor true catalog.
liuieiwood Co., Ifth and Oak.
j MKN'BCI.OTHINU HulTum A Pendleion, sol
axeun Alfred henamln Co. 'a correct clothes.
I Kverythlnic to men's luriilshlnKS. Murrlsou aud
j bixib al reels. Opposite posiollice,
J'lANtIS A OKOANM Many flue Ins rumenls re
; vert to us ai coiim a ckuess or removal of buyer
I Write for Uencr ptlon of p alios now ou hand,
j tortus, eta Write today, llllocrt Co., l'orilaud
j W AN'I'KO Men and Women to learn Burner trade
I .tnelchl weeks; graduatea earn Iroiu to IJA
weekly i expert Ins ru.'iois; catalotf fr.-e; Moler
hyat. m ol ColleKca, Hi S. r'ourth si., l'orilaud.
P. N. V.
No. 31-06
11 EN nrrltlna; to mdvertlf ra uleaso I
lueniiou luia paper.