Bohemia nugget. (Cottage Grove, Or.) 1899-1907, July 18, 1906, Image 7

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    My Hair is
Extra Long
Feed your hair; nourish It;
give it something to live on.
Then it will slop falling, and
will grow long and heavy.
Aycr's I lair Vigor Is the only
hair-food you can buy. For
(SO years it has been doing
just what wc claim It will do.
It will not disappoint you.
' Mr hslr In he er slmrt. tint aftar
llfth'U Ayer's M m1 r Vi.hi u .limt ttltm It liessit
to prow, atiil now II li fntirtwiiit llirhes loti;.
i hli rriii. a piano Id rt-atilt i' me after being
luio.l IU, 1. 1, 1 njr II. MrU,
I (dorado apilngs. Colo.
J A Made hy J.O. Ayer lo., Lowell, Hhi.
I fl Also waiiureeturers of
Central I'arlAx t 1'lerre lb Mlerrst
Netada Mountains.
"Tim tHirtiiK of what will le ttii Ioiir
ft tunnel In (In. I'nlti-1 Htat-, nml
out of the loiiKcNt In tln world, has
very n iil.v Ix-en determined upon y
t ! Central I'm Iflo Kallnmd 'uinpMriy'
" J. May n Ititlt Imor lu the Techni
cal World Maiciulue.
"Chief Knjrlneer William Hood liai
flnlahed lan ami report fr the pro
posed Klifintlr six in lit holo .) h bored
llinnujli tliu Nlerra Nevada Mountain
In California, a short distant' west of
tln town of Tnnkee, Arli.
Tln ohject of IIiIk jirent tunnel la to
rut down the preacui niouiitiilii climb
of 7.017 feet hy fully 1!.mio feet, iintl
thus eliminate many of tin- present
rurves nml 111 11.I1 of the grade. Chief
J'.iik'iiieer IIimkI'h icjiiiitH coiil it In hiiiiip
IIK . H M II t 1. IH of III f-Nt NITICM Of Nlir-
tr.VN. iiiniti' some yeara n Kit, mill these
will iIimiIiIIiks le approved by Presi
dent llarrliiinu: nml work. It U expei t
i'il. will wry xoim m t'oiiiiiii'iK'i-il on ihii
great 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I .
"It U estimated Hint the tunnel will
rout not kk Him 11 $ Iu.ixhi.ikhi M rl,l tlint
llliioliK other thlliR It will 1 Im-Ui-I) the
iiiiiiuiil exeiies of iiiMTiitliiK trains
over the inouiitnlu iIIvIhIoii iy fully
(IINI.INMI. H.-llIK' OVIT :iH,(HH) feet III
length, the tunnel will Ih one of the
longeat In tho worhl iitul certainly the
longest In tlu I'nlted State. The long
rt now In fxUtciii-o on this continent
In the 10,KK foot I -ore lu the Cnseade
range In Washington, ou tho Great
Northern Itallroad."
rrnlrrllnn of Amrrtrnn nirde.
The. movement for the plotertloll of
htl'iU III Alliel'li'il Iiiih long Kllirtt UN
Nllluril fol'luliliililo pi'opolt lolls, mii.VH
Ainerhnil Homes, mid (linden. Much
of tho eieillt for the work accomplish
ed U due to the Audiilioli aorlelleM,
wlilrh exUt lu llilrl.v live KtntiM, mid
which for a 11 1 1 1 11 1 r of yeiim hnve cur
ried on nil active work for the coiinitv
lii of hlrd life, ', e reNiilta iiccom
iMhed lire coiiNlileriihle. A "inoilel
law" drawn up hy tliu American Ornl
tholnjjUtii' union l now In force In
Ihlrly Slnten nml the IMatrlct of t'o
liiuihlii. '1'ho l-acey Inw exeludea from
liilci'Nlntii coiiiiin rce all IiIpIn killed II
li'k'nlly lu any Stale, and iiinltc I hone
leulllliiMtcly killed Miiliject to the law
of the Stale lu which they are hoiuht.
I.awa irohlhltlnif the Hale of icaiuu
out of aeaaon, even when killed In Men
Hon, look toward I lie name end of con
NervlliK hlrd IITe. Public ntleiitlon him
la-en armixed 011 the aubject, and even
tho manufacturer of air rlllea no long
er rnlla attention to the fuel that they
will kill muall Kame wltlilu abort dlx
taucea. Ahaolute rotectlou hut not
yet been given tho bird everywhere,
but a xreat ami Important work hna
been well begun and la being carrlud
f lr Thick Ink.
On tho Houth Hide la a Chinaman
who hna not been lu Chicago I011K
enough to mnater the KiikIIhIi liwiKtiaKc,
live that ho him grni-d the mennlng
of a few worda. Tb.e other lay ho
went Into tho atore of a tradeamnn, but
waa unablo to make any one lu th
tore iimleratand what ho wanted.
To the rlerka lie kept aaylnjc "tllnjt,
tllnic." After all had given up In des
pair and when John waa almut to make
Ida departure, the proprietor liapix'iied
to make Ida apiMartiuce. At once
"tllnic" to him waa airing and he pro
cured a aectlon of rope the alze of a
John looked at It for a moment, tooli
It In hla yellow llugera and then aald
"young rHng." Then the merchniit
went to a cubluet, pulled out a drawer
mid crime hack with a Hpool of thread.
The Moiik'ollnn'M fiice waa at onco
wreatheI with NiiilleH. He handed over
bin nickel nml went about bis buxlucKH
with the (i I r of a mini who had accoin
plUhcd U greut lllidertiikllig. C'hlcagj
Kuronrailx Ilia.
Young Man (anient, but bxtiful) .
Mi llov. I Khali try to uliotv you
Hint I am not -r aa lug a Tool a I
rriu. You iiiuntu'l Jii(1k uie ny appvar-
'rin Young Woman Certainly not, Mr.
Wrightaort. You don't make your tip-j-'HrnniiH
here often enough for that.
Fortune' Wheel.
"See that old chapV" remnrkil th
rliilimnn, K)inting out the window to nn
old peddler, who curried a bilxVi of nlioi)
lace. "Well, h rami? 'o t h . n country
from Ituia ten yrnr ago. lie borrowed
aoine inouoy to purcliunf a banket and be
gan to pciblle ahoe laceii. How much do
you think bo'a worth to dyV Jut mnk
a guerni."
Several larg luma wer nientloned ex
pectanlly. "Wrong," aald the clubman. "He Un't
worth a cent aod b itill owi for the
banket." I'uck.
Had Tried It.
ought to try taking
on an empty utomnch.'
a long walk
"Why, doctor, I
ter the raccn were
worae for It."
did the other day, af
over, and felt all the
Send postal for
"Vook of
Presents '
for KC
right a
way. It's
purer and
more efficient
than any Bak
ing Towdcr that
costs three times
as much.
you know
the secret of
the Wave
. Circle ?
Don't delay
25 oz. for 25c.
A II grocers
I'reaenc of 1,000,000 Worth
( ntiea l.o In lloinfnlon.
Our lielghbora will aoon have relurn
ed to t Iiciii the Kinall change that baa
drifted out of their circulation and baa
for yeara been loaning about lu oura,
nn y h the 'J'oronto Mull and Kmplre.
'J' be nlckela, the dlmca, the 2 cent
plecea, the f0 cent plecen mid the dollar
pieced that bear, If not exactly tho
linage and Kupcrxcrlptlon, at all eveula
the emblem of I'licle Ham will ViiiiInIi
from the (Micketa and the tllla to ami
from which they uk" to pax lu thla
couulry 011 eijual terma with our own
allver coin. I'uder an arrangement
made by the finance department with
the hank the hitter lire nrreatlng all
the American allver coIiih that 11111111
Into their lunula. At the beginning of
the preaent month the plan for tho ex
IumIoh of thla nlleii money came Into
operation. All of the American plecea
:hat reach tho banka will bo irted
u Jul ahlppod to New York, where they
will be received at the agency of the
liauk of Montreal. It la not becauae
they will be ajH-clally benefited by the
riddance that the hunka are helping the
coin out. Though tho amount of thla
American metallic money In Canada la
cMlmated at $ J ,(KKi,(aai, It doca not com
pete to any appreciable extent with
bank currency, which la all In the form
of notea of 110 lower denomination
It la true If we give facility to the
circulation of American coin we Invite
American paicr money. Doubtleaa there
would be lenn of the latter here If the
allver of our nelghbora were alwaya
refuacd In Canada.
It la dominion government money,
however, not bank money, that la dla-
placed by American allver paaalng In
Canada. And with the dominion gov
ernment the loaa la 110 mere lutereat
charge. The government loaea the dif
ference between the coin value and the
bullion value. The metal In n Mtccnt
piece coata the government nlxtut 2.')
centa. The piece of bullion for which
It paya out I'.'t centa la Htainped Into
coin, w ldcli In accepted by the credltora.
auppllera or employe of the govern
luet.t iim payment for W) it'iita' worth
of tu-rvlce, niaterhil or cndit. If tbt
H.IKIi.ihni of American allver had not
la-en lu the country J1,(HK),(H) of Cana
dian allver would have been required.
To provide thla money the government
would have had to Hjn-nd about I4.V),
U.0, but aa It would have got $1,(MK,(kiC
for It there would have been a profit of
eMO.tHXi. Thla ahould not be foregone
becauae of Indulgence toward our neigh
bora or because we are too cureless to
look after our owu Interest. By keep
lug Ita money here we were really con
tributing more than f.ViO.ofiO to the
revenue of the Tutted Ktatea.
IM 'flj ' W W TO
Jaquesfffg. Co.
Every reader of this paper can get a package of "20-Mule-Team"
Borax and a bar of "20-Mule-Team" Borax Soap,
with a Beautiful Souvenir Picture 7x14 inches in 10 colors;
Absolutely Free.
Kor n limited time only, on receipt of 10 cents in blimps or hilver (to pay po-taf;e
and pucking) w.lh yoiii' mime und address mid your dealer's name, wc w ill send you a
full hize package of Ihnt nidveraally us. d Household Ne e-sity, "LUM ULK-TKAM"
ItOltAX; alsoa bar '"Ai-Ml'I.lvTKAM" IIOUAX HOAI', free; ami it elude a beautiful
a. uvenir 'picture 7x14 In 10 color-, called the "OLD DKIVKU'ii HKVI0U1K," wilh a iW
puge b ioklet giving lmm valuable uses for llorax in the Home, Farm, (larden and
Hairy; ltorax in the I.aiipdiy, Nursery, Siik Kooiu and Kitchen; 1'reservutivj uses t f
llonu, and hints on "How to Have u Clear Complexion" and art el a on the "Hair mi l
Hands "
WHITIC NOW I enclose a dimo with your name and addr ss and dealer's name,
end recelv- by return mail Ibis free olb r ami souvenir Addiess, I'ltcillo Coust U.irax
,, tiitklaml, Culif'oinia.
DR. W. A. WISf.
Pulling Teeth
dviilal work. Hut
iiothliiK Unit nioili-rn duntlHtry lu aecimi
pllslied U urenlfr llin eliclln Im-lli
will. out pain W hv in y-"t' xirl
iit lu ilolni thli. Wiiciui hmuily nlmot
mr touih wltlimil luirllng you. Dr.
Hiiirdevant, pft-lalliti ou cbililruu't tuotb
nil rc((Ultttlii.
Falling HulWIIng, Ttilrd and Wwhlngton
I A. M It I I. M. Hiiuduyt u 1J.
Xala mm
f fijt .rs
DR. T. P. WISt.
HcqalremvBi to B Mt bjr Amcrl.
ran lu Kalaer'a Laad.
American ahlppers of goods destined
for tranaportntlon over the railroads of
Germany will gave expenditure of mon
ey, annoyance and poaalble loaa of fu
turo business by exerclalng great care
lu the preparation of the shipping docu
ments covering the gooda, stating with
exactitude the net und gross weights
In kilos, and If the contents are Inflam
mable or otherwise dangerous In char
acter their exact nature ahould be sten
cilled on the caae or package, as well
aa stated lu the freight bill, says the
New York Tribune.
Heavy fines are Imposed for Infringe
ment of the regulations governing
freight main the Germnn roads, as em
bodied lu the freight tariff of April 1.
liaai. The ahlppers la resiHinslble for
the correctness and completeness of the
statements found lu freight bills and
incurs all the consequences arising from
Inexact or Insulllclent declaration.
If, at the ahlp(Mr'a request, the
freight bills are filled out by railroad
employes, the responsibility of the ship
ler 1 lu no wise lessened. If, lu car
load shipments, the weight quoted In
the freight bill shows no greater devia
tion thau 2 per cent from that ascer
tained from tho railway scales, the for
mer Is considered correct. In cases of
an Incorrect declaration of the contents
of a shipment, or of a too low declara
tion of the weight of a carload, or of
the overloading of n car beyond Its pre
scribed capacity, by the shipper or his
igeiit, In addition to being obliged to
pay tho iKissiMe freight uirrerence and
compensation for the damage produced
fines may be Imposed and made payable
to the companies concerned In the
transportation of the ooda, the
amounts of which vary from $2.85 a
kilo (2.20 pounds) to various minor
If flnea are not paid by the shipper or
his agent within a specified period, the
goods may be sold at pnbllo sale, and
tho proceeds derived applied to the pay
ment of the fine. Should they not equal
this amount, the shipper will still be
held accountable for the difference.
If fl
1 1 Lry-AAika
Laftt Summer I had a severe attack of Inflamma
tory Rheumatism la the knees, from which I was
unable to leave my room for several months, I
was treated by two dootors and also tried differ
ent kinds of liniments and medicines which
seemed to relieve me from pain for awhile, bat at
the same time I was not any nearer Retting well.
One day while reading a paper I saw aa adver
tisement of S. S. 8. for Rheumatism. I deckled
to Rive it a trial, which I did at once. After I had
taken three bottles I felt a great deal tetter, and
I continued to take it regularly until I was en
tirely oured, I now feel better thaa I have for
613 32nd Street, Newport News, Va.
While the damp, cold, ch.minp weather of
Winter intensifies the pains and other disagreeable
symptoms of Rheumatism, it is by no means a
winter disease exclusively. Through the long
months of Summer its wandering pains and twitch
ing nerves are felt by those in whose blood the uric
acid, which produces the disease, has accumulated.
Rheumatism is a disease that involves the en
tire system. Its primary cause results from the
failure of the elinunativc organs, the Liver, Kid
neys and Rowels, to carry out of the system the
urea, or natural refuse matter. This coming in
contact with the different acids of the body forms
uric acid which is taken up and absorbed by the
blood. This acid causes fermentation of the blood,
making it sour and unfit for properly nourishing
the body, and as this vital stream goes to every
nook and corner of the body, the poison is distribu
ted to all parts. The nervous system weakens
from lack of rich, pure blood, the skin becomes fe
verish and swollen, the stomach and digestion are
affected, the appetite fails and a general diseased
condition of the entire system is the result.
Not only is Rheumatism the most painful of
all diseases, with its swollen, stiff joints, throbbing
muscles and stinging nerves, but it is a formidable
and dangerous trouble. If the uric acid is allowed
to remain in the blood, and the disease becomes chronic, chalky deposits form at the joints,
and they are rendered immovable and stiff, and the patient left a helpless cripple for life.
Every day the poison remains in the system the disease gets a firmer hold. The best time
to get rid of Rheumatism is in warm weather; because then the blood takes on new life and
the skin is more active and can better assist in the elimination of the poisons. With the
proper remedy to force the acid out of the blood, and at the same time build up and
strengten the Liver, Kidneys, Bowels and other organs of the body, Rheumatism can be per
manently cured. External applications relieve the pain and temporarily reduce the inflam
mation, and for this reason are desirable, but they cannot have any effect on the disease.
The blood is poisoned and the blood must be treated "before a cure can be effected.
S. S. S., a remedy made from roots, herbs and barks, is the best treatment for Rheuma
tism. It goes into the blood and attacks the disease at its head, and by neutralizing the acid
and driving it out, and building up the sour blood so it can supply nourishment and strength
to every part of the body, cures Rheumatism permanently. S. S. S. is the only safe cure
for the disease; being purely vegetable, it will not injure the system in the least, as do
those medicines which contain Potash or some other mineral ingredient. S. S. S. tones up
every part of the body by its fine tonic properties.
While cleansing the blood of all poisons it builds up the
appetite and digestion, soothes the excited nerves, re
duces all inflammation, relieves pain and completely
cures Rheumatism in every form Muscular, Inflamma
tory, Articular or Sciatic. If you are worried with the
nagging pains of Rheumatism, do not wait for it to be
come chronic, but begin the use of S. S. S. and purge
the blood of every particle of the poison. Write for our book on Rheumatism, and ask our
physicians for any advice you wish. We make no charge for either.
Cottonseed Oil Iaed Instead of the
Ordinary- I nitredlents.
"When Trof. Stlllman of Stevens In
stitute gave a dinner to two friends,
at which most of the viands were made
artificially hy chemical means," writes
Lawrence Terry in the Technical World
magalnft, "he had small Idea of the
furore his efforts would produce. lut
ho li.-i.( received hundreds of letters
asking how different dishes were pro
dticcd so many that he has not had
time to answer many of them.
"The chemical processes which he
employed were some of them simple
and some quite complicated. To make
vanilla Ice cream by artificial means,
for Instance, the alchemist took
Retort Coorlfooi,
"Aw captain, you used to be a whal
er, didn't youV"
"Would you mind telling me aw
what kind of bait you used in catching a
"Dudes, when we could get 'em, youaj
feller." Chicago Tribune.
I am prepared to purchase First or
Hecomi Mortgapes or Equities in Con
tracts of Sale ou anv class of Keal Es-
Mate. A Inn make Loans.
M. C. NOBLE, 312 Commercial Blk, Portland, Or.
TITO V. tils' Ian-e and all Nervous Dis a-e-
ll I W permanently cured by I'r. Kline's t.r-at
erve Restorer. Send f,.r FHKK f2trtal bottl and JI.Kliu , Ld., D-il Arch ft., l'Uila-.l'j.
Divorce Inrrrsalnar.
Divorces seems to be growing more
prevalent every succeeding year. In
lSnrs there were -U- divorces in New
York City. In 1004 there were S43.
The same Increase Is true of Chi
cago, where In 1S!5 there were 1,143
some ' livorees, and In 1004 there were 2,350.
HOWAKD E. BC RTOX. A ssayer and Chemist,
ladville, Colorado. Kpeeimen prices: l.old,
Silver, l-ad, 11 ; Hold, Wilver.T V; Gold, SV; Zincor
CopjM-r.JI. Cyanide tes-s. Mailing envelope and
full pru-e list sent on application. Control and I'm
pire work puliclled. itelereacet Carbonate fa
tiuual Uank.
power fully warranted, fl.',j. All sizes and.
It) les at lowest prices. Write for catalog.
Portland, Oregon.
triple refined cottonseed oil an 1 placed
it in a centrifugal machine which re
volved at a velocity of .'1,000 revolutions
a minute. A beautiful emulsion was
thereby produced, which was then froz
en, chemically, of course. The flavor
was obtained by the addition of vanil
lin, glucln and nltrobenzol. They say
that Ice cream composed as above Is
sold In many Southern States where
cottonseed oil Is more plentiful and
consequently cheaper than milk or
cream. It Is far from harmful, tastes
good and does not melt as quickly as
the genuine Ice."
In Philadelphia in 1004 014 divorces
are on record, against 304 In 1S05. In
Boston there were 2(50 cases of divorce
in ISO.', and 512 in 1004.
Nearly all the larger cities show a
corresponding Increase of divorces
Btati or Ohio, City or Tolbdo, J
Lt'CAS county, i
Frank J. Cheney makes oath that be Is 1
senior partner of the firm of K. J. Cheney A j
Co., doing businessln the City of Toledo, Coun- J
ty and State aforesaid, and that said firm will
pay the sum of ONE HUNDRED HOLLARS for
each and every case of Catakkh that cannot be '
eured by the use of Hall's Catakhh Cchk. i
Sworn to before me and subscribed in my ;
presence, this 6th day of December, A. P., lht. j
fi'otary Public.
Young MEN, Old MEN, Middle. Aged MEN
Send for free pamphlet in rjlain cover.
Tells about an appliance that insures
happiness, health and success in life.
Free send today.
P. O. Box 25 Portland, Ore.
I)hIii) 1. title Aaleo Women.
The feminine direct descendants ol
tie famous Aztecs are tiny creatures,
e.Miulaltely formed und refined In fea
ture. They carry the head with th
upbearing grace of the full-blooded In
dian; their hUIiw are not red, but a
ilcur, smooth copper color that shines
like gold In the sun; their, hair Is
coai'hp, and black os ebony, and they
are decorated with bright feathers anil
giiy ornaments. Theso women niakf
the most wonderful pottery that come
o us from Mexico, for they have ke
the old Aztec forms and decorations
l.i their art, and they also weave won
derful luiKkets and do e.xiulalte em
broidery. New York News.
If the parents of a girl want her to
mil rry a certain young man all thev
have t ) do Is pretend that they have no
turthly use for him.
Mothers will find M-. Wlnslow's Boothlnv
By nip the best remedy touse for their children I
ourlag the teething rjrlod.
Couldn't Deny It.
Prospective Investor The earthquake,
of course, has disturbed property values
out here a great deal.
Sau Franciscan Well, sir, to tell the
truth, our real estate fluctuated like tha
mischief while tho quake was on, Chi
cago Tribune.
Vitality Sapped by Years of Suffering
With Kidney Trouble.
Capt. J. W. Hogun, former post
master of Indiauola, now living at Ana-
tin, Texas, writes:
"I waa afflicted fot
yeara with paina
serosa the loina and
in the hips and
shoulders. I had
headache also and
neuralgia. My right
eye, from pain, waa
of little use to me
for yeara. The con.
etant flow of urine
kept my system depleted, causing nerv
ous chills and night sweats. After try
ing seven different kinda of climate and
using all kinda of medicine, I had the
good fortune to hear of Doan'a Kidney
Pills. This remedy has cured me. I
am aa well today aa I waa twenty yeara
ago, and my eyesight ia perfect."
Bold by all dealers. 50 centa a box.
Foater-Milburn Co., Buffalo, N. Y.
Approved Korest Reserve and Jta'lroad Scrip lor
surveyed, unsurveyed, timbered or praire land;
air. ved United Mtaies Military Bounty land
Warrants; Recertified ISolillere' Additional benp;
all kinds of Land bcrip rxiu. tr and sold.
J lie I'onlund, .Cortland, Or.
THK DAISY FLY KlI.I destroys all the
tiles and affords
com it rt loevery
nome-itt dtninir
room, sieeplnif
room and all
Hall's Catarrh Curs is taken Internally, and
sets directly on the blood and mucous surfaces
of the system. Send for testimonials, free.
F. J. CHXNEY St CO., Toledo, O.
Sold by PruKgists, 76c.
liall s Family Pilli are the best.
Decidedly Improved.
Mr. Snagsby (rummaging in closet)
Maria, this is a new hat, isn't It? Yhy
don't you wear It? It looks better than
r. t-tli I r ty vrm rinv wrtrn thin aejiHOn.
I. c i ti ii u. it and you will never be without them. If nut kepi bf
Mrs. Snagsby That S my Old hat. It i ea era, sent prepaid for aoc. Harold Soiuers,
hi cm nfT mv henrl the other dav and was ' l"" ieKalb ave., Brooklyn, N. Y.
over by a street car, ana i tninn
I 'tiMit, - mm mm i m
flies H
s are trouble
some. Clean,
neat and will
not soil or In
jure anything.
Try them once
you are just as mean
Chicago Tribune.
as you can be !"
Portland Trade Directory
Name aad Addresses In Portland of Repre
sentative Business rirms.
MAORI UNTK1IN8- W'etater To., Portland.
Lowsal prlca on Lanterns and Slides.
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prices. Inquire 176 r'ront au
CKKAM BKPAKATOHS-We guarantee tha U.S.
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Uaselwood Co., Hull aud Oak.
MEN'BC'l.OTHINU Ruffura A Psndlston, sols
agents Alfred Usnjamla A t'o.'s correct clothes.
Kveryililug la men's furulshlnKS. Morrlsoa aud
Until strseta. Uppoelte postollice.
I'OULTHY FOOD- If you want your bans to la'
more eges writs us lor tree particular
lllNA I'OULTHY h.h.Wa-Acui
I'orlland, Oregon.
lartlculars about Pu
tt Ills Co,
PIANOH UlUIANS Oldest plsno house on Fa
I'lflo coust. Organs aud Pianos ou easy payments.
Write lor list. Let us quote you a price, AUeu A
Ullbert-Kaiuaker Co., Portland, Oregon.
WANTED- Men and Women to learn Harber trade
Inelsbt weeks; graduates earn Irom 16 to iJ
weekly ; expert Instructors; catalog free; Moler
by win of Colleges, Hi Si, t'ourlh st Pox lleud.
Dr, G. Gee Wo
This wonderful Chi
nese Doctor la called
great because be cures
!eople without opera
luu that are given up
to die. He cures with
those wonderful Cul
lies herbs, roots, buds,
barks aud vegetables
that are entirely un
known to medical sci
ence in lulu country. Throng n the use ui thus
harmless remedies this famous doctor knows
tlieacllou of over too different remedies which
he succeasrully uses In different diseases, tie
tiuaranleestocuie catarrh, asthma, lung, throat,
rheumatism, nervousness, stomach, liver; kid
neys, etc.) has hundreds of testimonials.
Charges moderate. Call and see him. Patients
out of the city write fur blitnkr and circulars,
bend stamp. CONSULTATION i'UKU.
162't first St., S. C. Cor. Morrlsoa
Mention pper. PORTLAND. OREGON.
P. N. U.
No. 29-06
WUKIi writing- to adTortlsere yieav
mention this paper.