Bohemia nugget. (Cottage Grove, Or.) 1899-1907, April 25, 1906, Image 7

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I'ortltiiiil Tiiitle tlnilory
Nrmi.s nit Ailifir In 'Uf llanU of llriir.
tri'IU lliialnraa f lima.
K "ilith ill- i-li il l in iiii'I l it I ul
Im.l, I I Hi I1 1 A 'i.
Hill ; M rim li.r itl
M.Milr I l). iism . i ,, , I'm t mil
lt,i.t ,i,,ati I.iiiiIi-ih Mini t'il
I A " I 1 1 ' III l I I l Mii.p..riiin. Ilrni" . It ml In
III; In tin nnm i'iiimiI lilmik. : ihmIhiiI, l inrki
llulir-I'.s nf nil h'n'N fur an'" itl vnr rinioiiiiin
prii ra. I i j 1 1 1 1 y,. front ri.
'I I' I M nil mi Hiriivitl I t iiiinritnlff HI In
mtial iI'Mn ul I i mm . : iM.ilni.) t Utr k i i u.
A ll I I I'll I A I. I' I n : i r I.H.I.- at.. I ; M
klHl lllfllt kl-lll mi ttt'r'VHl , IH..n, I lurk In
t III A M HI TA It A I Hit U'i rnuiitiilrn llin I' M
r-i t'niu'ui In liv ilii' iti i U r 1 1 m lr Ilia i win
IUi i n immI I ii . I lllli null link.
Kr.N'HI Mil IIIMl -
WH ti A II n t hijninn .V i 'n rinmt ii.l lie t
Hlt, .',.. i'i'. (. iklnMI.
( I K I t ott "mn i r ihr r 1 1 n
fnliMii m I. ( r- I Ifin nur. V nti- I...Ur.
Nkll mill Mi it If.r, It H ( 4hh . to, X.1
A lilat HI if i-1 , I i.i il m i, l if i K,,M
a mil tiiir Inn in mv
Ml 1 1 !'M I I '
Ai Hit Ml,m i it..
l ot I 1 It I Hi 1 1 If
hi N A I I lilt I M I
I'm i Mini, t m 1
'1 A I I.i lis i r u in M it U .mi,!! Mill t .i I', .ft: i...
I nnl ' I" i If it In ii tie In In mi unit t . Iii-mi,
nr kit int null ul Atr id timtm m-i e. in.
U r !! ft .r fr-f hkI ir it
I I A .NtiM .V lilt'i A uliltfil l.tNim liotisn tin I'm
I I fit i tiftf f t itn I'lnum i.ii riiif men In
l.rt 114 tint.! t m H lill. . Ail. U ,
, I'i rilainl, ( 'irtfiin.
JltllMail MlrdiNU Mllrlirft, I Oiimr1iilirii, Mr
'I IMlIM !) Mft ; Th ftt IIMlll?; ilitt .fM;
mmij n.r ir .ih Hi ; tiiml itnlr nt.. iwitv
1 ItU,
ritt f..i ui
ttin.rri ltmlit r I i
Nitu fur ir pm i t mull itttlfr ni
I'm a llmr Htr. Vhihgtu,i hi,
:',' .' n
W. i;i'i;m v rTT
1 ii-r
pROvcnn'j of Chinese
Inn l I'll
:;. . ' , , ,;i
.'-: -I
ipj your
Dr. C. Gee Wo
l i w..rvt. r f il Mil
I'Ci l4nr U (Niltll
itrnt !(.. KiiftK rir
itiio williiMil iior
iiiiii iiiii m tr
Ml V:1
lO 'H. H illir. .'iVV
IIM.a. Wiiiiili iful I hi
I. a.ka an. , i,;, . p-f 'Jfy
II. nl iitu,.t ..i., KT'.Jr
,... n I,. i.-l , i 1
In l h i- it i
I r I'. I h in iK ,i il.n ,,-.1. t.,.a i
liimua r Ii.! 11,1, I,,,,,, ui ilii i,,r ki,,i.
' " 'I f .. in r. iiii-il'a, hi li
I,- .... i -!, ,ur ii,... i n ,i,rt.i,n ii .... Ma
I llurulll, a.l.ii 'Har.ratfii nvtlimn, limk. !ir ,
iln ii lii n I.iii, in i .n ail, 4W. aliiiiin. h. lit rr , k l
II- I . nr., Im, liiii.ilmU i.l It l.ii(.,ti.i .
I tun. III i 1 1-1 air I ,,) . ,i, ,,,,
i. ul ,.( li... . up ,. i,- i,.,lk, ,,i , r. i.L.n
" III atMii. I i ..N .1 I A I UlN ri'.KI.
M,l , fir.l Sl., S. t. (or. Morriann
MrnilMi lai.T I'dltll AND. OUT (.ON.
Suffered Severely
Wilh lfentihes--
Unable lO Work tlm tlini- yvurn' li-nn of ol!li, nnvi-11 10
Aviirnr t Until
Nnllvn jifuvfiliM rcliilliiK to li-K'il 'if
fiilrn illvlili I Ih'ImU'Im-h rniiirlily Into
tlirill (-lllNKI-M lllhl. HjOKI' i i i - or ll'KM
ruiiiiiioii to nil ii-iiiii, mill iuiliij( wltli
Hint "oii-i- I.IHcii twli'i- i-liy" xort of
M lMitutn u lil.'li Ii-ihIh n mini to put ii
wllli cvIIh rnl ht-r tlniii ir lo liiw. Kmli,
for i'Xiiiniit, lire tin' follow IiiK :
If lillll flllhlly lit H II lllWKIlIt (I'll fit III
llli'H nri- Involvi'il In inliiiiilly.
If lint niic word of Informnllon
iiKiiliff ii ni'in K''IM l'ito tin- Court lllli"
liulliK'kn ciihiiot ilrik' It out iiiiln
l-t lioiiicliiiMcri noli HtlK'itlon, for
niii'ii kh to law iiihI tlwru In nolliliig
. lint'.
Win your InuKiilt iiml
I liiNtniii'cN of tliln lilii'l mlxlit Ik? mill
tlili-i. Hilt Ul' IllllKt iiihh on to tll!
iti'i'oiiil rliiMH - t Iiom rcfi'irluic ni lnlly
io iih' iiiiuhiii rum ; iiimi ihtc ii limy
In' hmIiI tlmt tlmui-'li tin miijoi'lty of tlm
r it!iIii 1 MiyliiKM nri' not t'oiiinlliiii'ii-
tiry, tliiTu nrc n fi-w to U-nr wIIiichh
to (ln kooiI tlmt ii K'l iniiii miiy do
I'M'ii In mi ollli-liil riiiui lty, w lilli; otli
it K've oliitiil lulvlri' . . "Never
In-lit If you muNt f 1 1 1 ; If you ilo, nil
flrii-H t ." Mont, liowi-vtr. fiN In
iinturiil, ili-iil with tlm iM-Miiiy ulile. TIo
following nri( it few fmm Iiiii-iiii :
No iiiinlriliineiit on tht U-nrh, no law
Im'Iow It.
Iiit i hc, hut don't Incult n innndnrlii.
Miu'k henrtM lire like Inm, ami the
rule of the inn ruin rl ui like a furnnee.
Kveti mi hmieiit ( 'hlh fulinny, durliiK
Mim Lucy V. Mrtiivney, 452 Mnl
Avn !rooklyn, N. Y.( writen:
"f or nitiny month. I Milfi-rrd fcrvprvly
from tu'iidiii hrs nnd paint in the side and
Inn k, Minu-tim-s iM-ing unuhle Id attend to
my dtiily work.
"I am Ix-llrr now, Ihiinksto I'eruna, and
am atie as ever and have no more
hi-adtti hvs.
"I he dy f'l-rund worked in my case
was simply marvelous."
We, Iibvh in our lllen iimny KrHteful
h'ttera floiu women who linvn Hilffi-reil
with the H) m jit miiH liRtneil xhovn.
Ijii U of nim n .fi'Mi:ils our Hiving more
tliHii one tt-ritiinoniitl lit-re.
It in iiiiiihHihl even to apiroxiinntn
thvii'ertt Miuount of nufTi-ri nj whirh
Tlir I lfr f O.--. 'Vr,,n, '" r,,l,,v,,(l. " the iinmher o
I III: LUC Ul 11 LJcIl wuii'ii wli hsvn heen n-Htoreil to
j health hikI utrenith hy iti faithful tire.
myrlml hiiow white tnlen of silver.
Mefore he (ninin Into olllee he re
jirovi'N ii thotimim fntilln; nfter he
iiHiii'H Into ollli-e ho i-ommttM the Hume
(,'uli kly my your tnxi-H, even If ho
nhotilil emiity your urKe; then you
will Ik inont luiipy.
WMiliiit to rrlmlnnte, no dldlmlty
will Im. mft In (Imllii ii pretext
With only rltflit to Imek you, Hiire
tin- j iiiih'iik hii'k j'nii,
iiiiii-liH tin- ili p it h the neu ; and
tlu-lr oriuptliiiiH lofty us heaven.
In llfi- hewn re of yiimens; In dentil
hewnre of h. ll.--N,.rtli China Herald.
drpenda oo how
honeilly it ia mad
r made on honor, of the best mater
ial.. That U why they outlive others.
You won't need lo order hag o often
If every order tpecifiet "BEMIS."
Made for
I uwrr lull) Harranti-il i.". All rlrn mi l i
t.i lit at .iHi-at rlifa. W rlir fur ralali.g
Portlfind, Ore f on.
Bcmis Bro. Bag Co.
"I have tried all kindi of waterproof
clothing and have never found anything
at any price to compare with your Fiih
Brand for protection from all kinds of
fTlia nina aa.l .1.1rM of lha wriiar af Dill
kaaull, n.a Uilar inaj. I 1.1 wpuu ,,llralla I
Hishfst Award WorU'x Fair, 1901.
a. J. towcr ca
BoMun. U. S. A.
Hakt-ri of Warrants Wit Wtalhtr Clothlnj
Turoiuo. fA.ta.
DTQ q a cine
Dear f-'!r My hfidy broko out with n rash or ortipflon
vhioh In, pit of ail efforts to cnri oontinuod togot worso,
Tho Itching, espeolfilly at nlht, was pimply trrlbl, It
would altnuftt disappunr at timen, only to riturn worse
than ever. I had tried many highly rinommo;ided prepa
rations without benefit, and hearing of H. H. f!. determined
to give It a fair trial, and was Inexpressibly delighted
when a few bottles curod me entirely, removing every
blemish and pimple from my body. I shall not f.i.l to reo
cmrnend H. 8. H. whenever an opportunity odours to do so.
Escondldo, Cal L. MAKNO.
Naiu KiraM'l.
.rihlf Fentlu'rtop (it thy play)
"IhwHii't (In1 air m-itii hi'itry in here?"
Mi Tnrtun "I limln't iiotirvd it It
tn.v l thnt you nr uuinuully er liflit
In' a In'i thia evi'iiiiig.
Uldn't Stake ti.i.ifl.
Tes-Ioirt you think Mr. (lalley In
awfully hiimlMiiuie?
Jess Huh! "Ilitnilsniiie Is iih haul
some due." He told me hint evening
thnt he wan Kulntf to kiss me before hu
Tess Tlie Men ! Weren't you Indig
nant? JeH I should say I was. When a
limn promise to do n thlnK he ought
to kvep his word. riilhiiU'lphla 1'rosn.
Sitrnrlf lirlfla of I ho Wrt.
If Hont'o (ireeley were alive to-dny
I doilht If he would Htlll Klve to ynunjf
Iliell the llll'llllllifled advice to git wttlt
and k'n.w up with th eountry, any a
Callfurulan. The west Is still n K'xxl
3 to t bor- ! lilnif to make Inoiiev. hut nut n ir,wU1
plai n to jfet rh h. I U-lleve a man can
hulM up a nuiipi'teni-e more easily In
the east than he can In the land be
yond the Missouri Hlver. It 1m too much
a case of "easy comes, easy joen.M Cal
ifornium) are the must cxtruvajfiint ler
anim In the world. San Francisco Is
the most extraviiKiint city In the world,
Youiik men find It easy to make money
there and they find It still more easy
to spend It. As a result they arc In
clined to waste early opportunities
There aro still a number of ,tok1
pliu-cr mines In the foothills not far
from Stockton. While I was out there
last summer I met a young chap who
wu workliiK a claim and making kxJ .
money out of It His luck attracted
huycr and he sold out for $n7,(NHi. Ho
took the first train for San Francisco,
and I saw him w hen he came hack, i
; sit weeks later, without a peimv. Ho
even had to sell part of his clothes to
j K'et together uimther mining kit. Ho
j hadn't the sliKhtcst regret over the
manner In which he had blown
money, for he was still talking of tlKJ
fun he would have with the next
"stake." Ills case Is merely nn nver
nz one, hut If he had lived In the east
he inlaid not have made so much
money, hut he would havo kept uut
of It.
Tlicrc is notliin;' more distressing tlian an itcliin, burn- PSORIASIS
inrj .skin disensi-, find upon the return f-f warm wcatlicr those OUIilHOIOj
who are afllitted witli skin tronUes find the symjtom.s appear- O A I T D II C 1 1 PA
inland knov that they will be tormented through the hot M " 1 C. U III.
summer months. The blood is heated with humors and acrid matter, and a. they arc forced
to the surface the skin seems to be on fire. The treatment of skin diseases with exter
nal applications is all wronjf, because they do not reach the trouble which is in the blood.
The most such treatment can be expected to do is, allay the itching and burning and cover
up the trouble for awhile, but as soon as it is left off the disease returns.
All food taken into the body contains, in some form, the elements necessary to sustain
me unicreut parts. jnc portion is used lor
the making of blood, another for muscle,
one for bone, still another for fat, and soon.
After these different properties arc ex
tracted from the food there still remains a
portion that is useless, or waste matter,
which is intended to be disused of through
the natural channels of bodily waste, the
Liver, Kidneys and Bowels. At this season
rA the year, however, these organs become
torpid, dull and sluggish, and fail to perform this duty, and tftcsc accumulations remain in
the system and arc absorbed by the blood to ferment and sour, producing burning acids and
acrid humors. The blood cannot properly nourish the system while in this impure condition,
and begins to throw off these acids through the pores and glands of the skin, producing Acne,
Eczema, Tetter, Psoriasis, Salt Rheum and skin diseases of every description.
EOZEMA appears usually with a slight redness of the skin, followed by pustules from
which there flows a sticky fluid that dries and forms a crust, and the itching is intense. It
is generally on the back, breast, arms, legs and face, though other parts of the body may be
afflicted. In TETTER the skin dries, cracks and bleeds, and is often very painful. The acid
in the blood dries up the natural oils of the skin, causing a dry, feverish, hardened condition
nnd giving it a leathery appearance. ACNE makes its appearance on the face in the form of
pimples and black-heads, and is particularly disagreeable because of its unsightly appear
ance, wdiile PSORIASIS, a scaly disease, comes in patches on different parts of the body.
( )ne of the worst forms of skin disease is SALT RHEUM, It discharges a watery fluid, form
ing sores and producing intense itching. The head and face are the parts usually affected,
and sometimes the hair falls out and a mass of sores forms on the scalp.
These and all skin diseases are due to the same cause buruinc: acids and humors in
the blood, and until this vital fluid is cleansed and made pure they will continue. The best
treatment for all skin diseases is S. S. S., a remedy that is purely vegetable, being made en
tirely from roots, herbs and barks, and acts directly on the blood with a cleansing, healing
ltect. It neutralizes the acids and purifies the blood so that the skin, instead of being
blistered and burned by the fiery fluids, is nourished by a supply of cooling, healthy blood.
It goes clown into the circulation and forces out every particle of waste or foreign matter,
builds up the blood and cures all skin diseases promptly
coo ,1 4. 1 t.
r v.i ri jr .-. . - u.uu pvi niautjiiLi . vJ. o. vj. uuw uul icdvt wit icasL uai-
titic inw: poibuii lur iuiurc outureiiKs, uui eutixeiy rius
the blood of the cause for all skin diseases.
S. S. S. tones up the system and regulates the
Liver, Kidneys and Bowels so that they will carry off
the natural waste and refuse matter through the proper
channels, instead of leavine it to be absorbed bv the
Nothing equals S. S. S. in the treatment of these troubles and for buildine up the
geiieral health. Write for our treatise on skin diseases and any medical advice you wish.
v c maKc cuargc lur cuiicr. jst SWiFT SPECIFIC COMPANY. ATLANTA. GA.
Whan Japan. audience wish to ax-
preea dleapBreral ef a play, thy turn
their hatha te lh eta(.
A policeman who had heen on the force '
ot Loudou six years ban been sent to j i
prison for stealing milk from doorsteps.
H we daa't heed prevention, we will need a cure. The OU-MorJc-Curo
to Jacobs Oil
la ready always far all forms of muscular aches cr pains, (rem
: :
Send postal for
"Vook of
Presents m
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right a-
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purer and
more efficient
than any Bak
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costs three times
as much.
25 oz. lor 25c.
All grocers
you know
the secret of
the Wave
Circle ?
J)on't delay ,
Jaques Tifg. Co.
CmJMl i J
lilt. W. A. W1BK
Whim yon it tlrntiil wnrlc ilnni-. Hyii
ti lll ami iii tK'Inliiu nil l In. way lliriiiia'li
In our ulllrii, Inn w ilu iniiin r tiulnt'a
with a lllilt' cuiiiiUMntuii lur u nervous
utli'iil. W. try lo uiuka It a itiilias
lr. HiiirilKvinil, niecliillHt ou clitld
reii'a ti-utli and rrtfuhutiitf.
WISE BROS., Dentists
KallliiK llullillriK, Third anil Wuf-hlimton
u. in. to W p. in. i Hiiiiihiya V to lit.
Main 'mv.
Sprrlnl Knviirn for Drummers.
TravelliiK men In IiiKdand have sjx-
clal treatment m-corded them In hotels,
says a returned American. When you
go Into the lobby of an English hotel
you niny be surprised to find n great
oiH-n tiro burning In one end of tho
room. Great comfortable chairs w 111 bo
found nlxuit the lobby and you need
not exclaim if you see several salesmen
smoking long Iih8 and reposing their
Stockinged feet uion largo footstools.
Empty shoes can lie found In many jnir
tlons of the room.
The English lobby Is n parlor or sit
ting room, n place of comfort, nnd In
no Instance In-ars the stiff, varnished
embla.onetl appearance of your Amer
ican hostelrles. When you go to tho
tllnlng room you may be surprised to
hear tho clerk ask If you are n trav
eling man. If you are you are ush
ered Into a simply hut homely furnish
ed room containing one long table. Tho
apartment Is more like a prlvnto dining
room, and everybody Is everybody else'a
friend. The meal Is esjieclally served,
tho waiters show especial deference
and everything bears a tono of homo
life. As each man leaves tho table ho
Is seen to drop a half penny In a Ilttlo
Nx. This Is an unwritten law of the
land, and the money thus collected goes
to pay for schools and orphanages for
tho children of traveling salesmen who
dlo without leaving sulllcleut means for
their 8tipHrt. Several of these schools
nnd orphanages are maintained
throughout Euglnnd.
Send Your
Eastern Friends
copy of our handsomely
illustrated 83-page book,
"Oregon, Washington, Idaho
and Their Resources," which
tells all about this section of
the Union, where there are
more openings in every line
of industry than anywhere
else in the United States.
Four cents in postage.
A Friend in Need
A tiivu l-M I ii it oil.
Mrs. Schoppen I want live pounds
of sugar, please.
Grocer Yes'nij anything else?
Mrs. BchopiK'U No, that's all; I'll
take it with mo If It Isn't too heavy a
Grocer Oh, It'll only weigh three or
four pounds, madam. rhiladelphla
Nearly every man has a fool Idea ho
wastes a lot of time ou.
aTTHAT thin, little, 10-cent Box of
When carried constantly In
your Vest Pocket, or In "my
Lady's" Purse it will ward off ninety per
cent of Life's ordinary Ills.
Eat one of the six ca:idy tablets con
tained in that ' Vest Pocket Box" whenever
you suspect you need one.
It can't hurt you", and Is sure Insurance
against serious sickness.
Want of Exercise, Indoor Employment,
weaken tho Bowel Muscles, just as they
weaken Arm and Leg Muscles.
The Muscles lose tone, tension, strength,
lo force the food onward.
And tho longer they stay In that state
the weaker they become, because tho less
exercise they get through tho slow pass
ago of food.
Cascarets contain tho only combination
of drugs that acts on the Muscles of tho
Bowels and Intestines, Just as Cold Water,
or Exercise, act on a Lazy man.
They act like Exercise.
When you havo Heartburn, Collc.Coated
Tongue, Suspected Breath, Acld-rlslng-ln-throat,
Gas-belchlng, or an Incipient Cold,
take a Cascaret.
Remember, all these aro not merely
Discomforts, but Indications of a serious
Nip them In the bud eat a Candy
Cascaret. Cascarets don't purge, nor
punish tho stomach like " Blle-drlvlng"
They net like Exercise on tho Bowel
Muscles that propel Food, and that squeeze
the natural Digestive Juices of tho body
Into Food.
Cascarets ward off, or cure, tho follow
ing diseases:
Constipation Pad Rrsath
Biliousness Diabites
Indigestion Headacht
Dyspepsia Diarrhan
Torpid Liver FLiluienct
Appendicitis Hives
Rheumatism Jaundict
Catarrh Nausea
Colic I 'ertigo
Scrofula rimpies
Womanly Troubles
Worms Blotches
Tiles Eczema
Ulcers Dysentery
In such cases a little Cascaret In time Is
worth fifty dollars worth of Treatment
later on, to say nothing of the suffering,
discomfort, loss of Business Energy, and
loss of Social Sunshine It saves.
A coming Headache can be warded off
In short order, by a single Cascaret, and
the cause removed.
Heartburn, Gas-belchlng, Acld-rlslngs In
the throat, and Colicky feeling are sure
signs of bowel trouble from food poisons,
and should be dealt with promptly.
, One Cascaret will stop the coming trou
ble, and move on the Bowel load, If taken
at the first signs.
Don't fail to carry the Vest Pocket Box
of Cascarets with you constantly.
All Druggists sell them over ten million
boxes a year.
Be very careful to get tho genuine,
made only by the Sterling Remedy Com
pany and never sold in bulk. Every tablet
sta ped"CCC."
We want to tend to our friends a beautiful
French-de.lined. GOLD-PLATED BUN DUN BOX.
hard-enameled in colors. It Is a beauty for the
General Passenger Agt.
The Oregon Railroad &
Navigation Company
X Write for it today. X
: :
W. L. Douglas
W. L. Douglas $4.00 Cilt Edge Line
cannot do equalled at any price.
- MOt -ts&J f. Vl
-c JQ-?--' Capital 2.300,000
dressinf table. Ten cents In itamps ii aked as a
measure of twa run n and to cover cost oi U
With which this dainty trinket it loaded, TIB
Send to-dav. menlionlmi this ojDer. AddretS
Sterling Keoiedy Company, Chicago or Mew York.
N. I n to snyone who can
tDIUjUUU disprove this statement.
If I could take vou Into m v three larire factorl.
t Brockton, Mass., and show you the Intlnll.
car. with which every patrol shoes Is made, vou
would reaii. why W. L. Doupla J.S0 shoe,
cost mora to make, why (hey hold their shape,
lit better, wear longer, and are ol greater
Intrinsic valu. than any other $J.50 shoe.
W. L. Oouglmm Strong Mmdm Shorn for
Hon, SX.30, 02.VO. Hoym' Sahool M
-Oromm Shorn; . bO, f. 7 B. $ 1.SO
, CAUTIQN.-Int mum having W.X.Doug.
las shoos. Take no subatitut.. Nun. geuuiue
without his mtiii. and price stamped on bottom.
fast Color Cualett used ; they wilt nut wear hrassy.
Write (or llluatratetl CaUlog.
W. JU UOUULAS. Mrockton, Mass.
P. N. U.
No, 17-0
I-IITIIEN writing to advertisers ylease I
I V nt.utloo tula iMap.r. I